Top Multiplex Grossers : Diwali 2006 To Diwali 2007 (FilmInformation)

~ by Yakuza on July 29, 2010.

14 Responses to “Top Multiplex Grossers : Diwali 2006 To Diwali 2007 (FilmInformation)”

  1. Wow, this is great information Yakuza. But one question, except for one cinema, Partner is amongst the top 5 grosser in each of those cinema, why is Partner a Super-Hit, and not a Blockbuster, according to your classification.

    • That verdict was based on my ROI methodology which i dropped now. Otherwise even Komal had Partner as Hit only. But his Hit verdict means a lot (that’s a different story that i even don’t agree with his reported collections many times, as i do have my own and i can see clear contradictions).

  2. Although this question is not related to your posting, I’m just wondering, what is the classification for Wanted in each of the circuits of India?


    • Wanted was not great in multiplexes, But was blockbuster in interiors (did better than OSO, Welcome etc).

  3. Yakuza….please give box office update for KM,many contradictory news are flowing.

  4. Dhoom2 leading everywhere

  5. who cares which film collected wht matter only couple of films were good rest were crap movies in last 15 yrs bollywood is coming with crap movies barring a few ones

  6. khans should taking acting tips from ajay devgan who is getting miles ahead of them in terms of acting abilities

  7. way to go ajay if any one who is in indusrty purely on acting abilities he is AD once called heir of big b but he is definetely best after big b since cinema is acting not media salman n srk r u listening

  8. In Londom Dreams Salman kicked Ajay’s ass in every which way possible. Ajay has just 3-4 set expressions- in raajneeti his face was like plaster of paris- set in the angry mode… brooding angry kind of stuff- that’s what ajay devgan is… Atithi kab jaaoge was the most pathetic comedy to come out of bolly- I dont know why some people liked it. Just watch Ajay in Sunday, u me aur hum- in non angry roles he overacts… his best stuff was Pyar to hona hee tha and Legend of bhagat singh

    • Well piyush, I am not sure about movies which i haven’t seen. But he was brilliant in TLOBS, Gangajal and Halla Bol. He need to avoid comic stuff which is not his forte. Though i liked him in Golmaal returns. But he was pathetic in first installment of golmaal. Ahh i forget his brilliant act in Omkara (though Saif overshadowed him).

    • I really like Ajay Devgn and he probably is a more complete actor than Salman and many others. But like Piyush said in LONDON DREAMS there was only one person that really stood out- Salman Khan.

  9. You can never rule out Ajay, his current and upcoming film Aakrosh seem awesome, in terms of pure talent he is up there. In comparison with Saif and Salman Khan, I see Ajay being more intense and skilled actor. Just give him the right roles he will do the rest.

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