Outstanding Teaser: Dabangg

~ by Yakuza on July 21, 2010.

66 Responses to “Outstanding Teaser: Dabangg”

  1. again its a remake of Vikram’s SAAMY and the background score reminds of Tarantino film…hahaa Slumman is desperate for a hit after multiple flops and might garner a few bucks from Single screens just like his another south remake Wanted….if this one bombs then it will b hatrick for slumman and might run over a few on mumbai street again after getting drunk ..u never know still;-)

    • Chengez stfu u piss me off. What is it with you always abusing Salman. Ive had enough. Can someone plz do something about this person.

      • Even his parents failed, they tried to get him aborted 😉
        what can we do!


          • All Khassis like you have only 1 wish. To become a father!

            (And in case your language skills are as awful as your charatcer then khassi means a person on whom a vasectomy has been performed!)

      • true he indeed does need to shut his effin gayass dickface mouth.

        Chegez, y dont u gooo and care abt ur lameass filthy lil bacchans.

    • lol…that was quite funny actually

  2. WOW- on youtube the trailor of DABAANG looks kickass. The last action hero is back. This is bigger and better than WANTED.

  3. The background score is different to anything we’ve heard before in Bwood. Plus around 44 secs the way Salman dances is hilarious.

    My eyes are transfixed on the beautiful Sonakshi. I have a feeling were gonna see some electricity in their chemistry.

  4. ‘thapar se daar nahi lagta saab, pyar se lagta hai’ great dialogue.

    ‘ab to sab ko nilayaa hai ab sab ko dounga’ magnificent dialogue and great delivery

    ‘hum yaha ke robin hood hai, robin hood pandey’ lmao.


  5. Sorry for posting so many comments. Im just excited. lol

    People can criticize the trailor however they want but what Chengez said is unacceptable. Plz stop discussing personal matters of an actor. I just hope that when I go watch this on Eid I enjoy it to the max.

  6. abhi tak sabko nehlaya hai .. ab sabko dhounga… kick ass… promo

  7. Yakuza:When will u put prediction for Khatta Meetha?? How much it need 2 be hit..Someone said it need 20 crs sharing?? is that true?

  8. good promo….biggest single screen hit of the year. on the way..

  9. Salman for best actor award this year

    Title is different & catchy but most have to Google the meaning of it

    • hahaha slumman cant even dream of a best actor award in his whole filmi carreer …just like our Dharam paaji..so the excited fans of this non actor who is just nothing but only muscle show and there is no award for best biseps or chest in bollywood..so stop day dreaming about this thug getting any award..so most he can achieve is get nominated for his whole carrer the closest he came to gat an award was only in HUM DIL DE CHUKE SANAM…and that too BHANSALI MUST BE CREDITED..TRUTH HURTS!

      • atleast salman is one of the biggest superstars of all time…not like puppyshek who is still dependents of his father..loser kahika….if u hv been a fan of srk or aamir i cld hv undrstnd ur point…bt being a fan of a loser talking abt salman dsnt suit u

  10. according to promo Dabang looks like Wanted 2. It can work like Wanted and it can be come back of Salman after 3 failures,

  11. Rajeev masand on twitter

    Havent enjoyed any recent trailer as much as Dabangg. If the film’s as much fun to watch as Salman appears to be having, could be a riot!

    Anupama chopra

    I really enjoyed the Dabangg trailer too. Not a fan of Wanted but this looks like Salman in epic-self-spoof-rock star mode.

  12. Yakuza bro

    hows the advance booking of khatta meetha

    detail main bato like HF

  13. and yeah keep the updates coming like u did for HF

    appreciate it

  14. @chengez-ab baby has one solo hit in his whole career…only coz og ravaan big pictures made a loss of 40 crs…truth hurts:P>>

  15. the trailor was AWESOME!


    Salman looks rocking here…enjoying himself there – the single cinema love that sort of stuff. I think Sallu is on his way to another hit.

    Btw what is the cost of this movie? incl. PP?

  16. where is Yakuza now a days, After failure of Raavan he didnt turn up

  17. all these critics who r praising this trailer will be the ones who will criticise thie film the most mar k my words . the movie’s target viewers are masses . this will work great in small centres and siongle screen bt wont work in multiplexes and these critics will be the one who have some really degrading words for this movie . I’ll be surprised if this doesnt happen .as previous reviews of these reviwers are anything to go by then what i said will hold true

    • Manish – I understand what yor saying. BUT critics are already praising the film (first time ever for Salman). I just hope they be fair when the film releases.

      If WANTED had worked at multiplexes then that would have been humungous. This looks bigger and better and I am confident enough that it will surpass WANTED collections easily.

      • Naved just wait n watch , i have seen this kackass masand . he is chameleon who changes his colour quickly . he only like hollywood movies except a few bollywood movies like Udaan and surely dabangg doesnt fall in that category 🙂

        • Manish- you are a very intelligent person. I have never bothered with any of these critics. I don’t really know any of them coz I live in England, so don’t give a damn about them.

          You are spot on about this Masnad. I remember when he interviewd Salman recently. He was acting all nice but his reviews largely are pathetic. He criticizes almost every film. He needs to evaluate himself before he discusses a film.

          • i never believe in reviews although i write reviews myself as well but i believe what u may like , i may not like and vice versa or in some case we both like same thing, it is very personal just becoz a critic says bad stuff doesnt mean that u wont enjoy the movie .

            most of these big reviewers are paid ones with soem agenda , its better to read reviews of ppl from general public.

            For akshay and Salman i never hear Critics criticism and for SRK i never give any importance to praise from critics becoz i dont believe in all 3 of them . prefer to judge myself 🙂

  18. “ The title ‘KHATTA MEETHA’ adds up to Number 41 – this octave of Number 5 is a lucky number usually associated with combinations of people and nations. The person should hold to his own judgment and opinions, if not, his ‘plans are likely to become wrecked by the stubbornness and stupidity of others. It is a favourable number if it appears in connection with future events ” explains Bhavikk.

    “ So, it seems the ‘item’ should be well made and may turn out to be a ‘palatable’ fare for the ‘consumers’ ” predicts Bhavikk.

    Bhavikk continues “ Talking about the main ‘ingredient’, Akshay is a Virgo ( 9th September 1967 ) ruled by Number 5 ( Mercury ) and his destiny number also adds up to the same number. To top it all, the film is releasing on 23rd July. No prizes for guessing that he will be widely appreciated for his role as ‘Sachin Tichkule’ and awards / rewards will follow soon thereafter…and that’s like truly the ‘icing’ on the cake ”.

    “ South import Trisha is running in her 28th year ( 4th May 1983 ) and that’s not so good news for her. Number 1 ( Sun ) happens to be one of her weakest numbers and so she might have to face a ‘khatta’ experience in her first Bollywood outing. Luckily, the year 2010 which adds up to Number 3 ( Jupiter ) also happens to be her destiny number, and so that would save her from complete disaster ”.

    “ Last not the least, ‘hot-shot’ director Priyadarshan is going through his 54th year ( 30th January 1957 ) which is the best time for him. The year 2010 has proven lucky for most Number 3, 6, 8 and 9 people and Priyan is primarily a Number 3 person in numerology ruled by Number 8 ( twice ). He is an Aquarian ( ruler Saturn – Number 8 ) and his destiny number also sums up on ‘shani’s’ number.

    “ Finally on a ‘garnishing’ note, I would just like to say that this film is likely to experience ‘safalta ka meetha swad’ at the box office ! ”.

  19. dabangg means fearless it should be rock the nation

  20. its a sure shot winner at the box office. “The last action hero “is back with a bang.. n thiis time its called dabangg…

  21. slumman khant please dont torture us by coming in bakwas bihari style films and do us a favour …please retire we r sick & tired of ur ugly transplanted taklu head face with one big eye…who is a trouble to the public after a single drink of beer and can run over any amount of poor people and is ready to do fake charity to garner sympathy in public eyes and should be given the award for “best abuser of womens”.. KATRINA & HER SIS ARE ALREADY DOING THEIR ROUNDS IN THE XXX WORLD AS A PROOF…MY 2 CENTS FOR THE OVER EXCITED FANS OF SLUMMAN!!

  22. awsm promo,.,.veer ka promo aisa hota to shayad veer bhi hit hoti

    • no as a Salman fan VEER was poor product. This looks way way better. Salman seems charged up and am sure this film will kick ass.

  23. The teaser no doubt very good, it should be more profitable than wanted. The lead role brings back the wanted film but with a slight difference.

  24. Very good promo, hardcore Salman Khan fans must be absolutely eager to watch the movie on Eid. It should outdo Wanted at the BO. The promo brings back memories of Wanted with Dabangg having almost the same type of mannerisms of Salmans character in Wanted.

  25. Good news for DABANGG salman fan.

    Dabangg iss saal ki sabse zyada dekhne wala promo ban gaya internet par in few hours of its release.

    Dabangg rox.

  26. Hey guys pls check out the link for DABANGG title song.

  27. DABANGG will easily earn 85 Cr. nett from India .

  28. Wanted – 75 Cr.

    Veer – 50 Cr

    Dabangg – 85 Cr.

  29. It will be salman’s biggest hit so far above 80crore if liked by multiplex aud…then expect hurrican… Cheers sallu fans,,,

  30. Dabang is set to boxoffice fire this EID .. ready to super hot Dabang. will b smash HIT

    all PAKISTAN waiting like last EID realse Wanted

  31. no sallu ki power inni h k kuch b kr skta h

  32. dabangg shoulb break some records n do some serious damage at the boxoffice from pakistan lahore

  33. bhai jaan ye toh india mei b dhum machaegi

  34. Dabangg will be Blockbuster

  35. Tere mast mast naina just amazing song from DABANGG.

    Sajid- Wajid rox.

  36. lol….

    i saw sme1 here said..dabangg is remake of Sammy…

    sammy hve no relations to dabangg…itz totally diff story…

    i’m from south…blieve me..

  37. dabangg ko suppppperhiiiit hone se ab koi rok nahi sakta. Salman bhai u r really rockstar of bollywood.I hate abhishek bacchu.wo sallu ke samne abhi baccha hai.Sallu uska bap hai

  38. Dabangg will definitely smash 3 idiots 1st week 180 cr gross guarantee

  39. This film gonna rock nt only in india but oversear too

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