Box-office Miracle (1977 ): Two Blockbusters/Two SuperHits–One Director(Manmohan Desai)

Bollywood’s dream merchant Late Manmohan Desai was one director who has set of records to his credit. In this section we will discuss only one of such bundle of records.

  • Four movies(Amar Akbar Anthiny, Dharamveer, Chacha Bhatija, Parvarish) released in single year directed by one magician – Manmohan Desai.
  • He was also producer of one of these movies (Amar Akbar Anthony), which went on to become biggest hit of 1977 and one of all time hits.
  • Business range of successful movie in 1977 was 2-3 Crore. But all four movies of this magician collect more than 3 Crore each.
  • Amar Akbar Anthony celebrated 9 silver jubilees in Bombay alone. This record still intact and will remain (looking at contemporary trend).
  • Total business of these four movies was 23+ Crore (AAA – 9 Crore, Dharamveer – 7 Crore, Parvarish – 4 Crore, Chacha Bhatija – 3.25 Crore) which is approximately 45%  of entire business of all bollywood releases in 1977. One man is responsible for 45% business generated by entire industry is biggest share ever.  
  • Sholay was still running across the country in 1977 when AAA was released, AAA got humongous response at box-office and both movies were competing each other to overtake for next one year. There was speculations among trade pundits that AAA will either be equally successful or even overtake Sholay at box-office. But Sholay box-office run was way beyond any one expectations. Still even sholay wasn’t able to beat 9 simultaneous silver jubilees record of AAA.
  • AAA celebrated 100+ silver jubilees and 50+ golden jubilees across the country.
  • For entire one year after his second release (Dharamveer) in 1977, at-least two movies of this miracle man was playing at 100+ centers.
  • 23 Crore business of these movies was against merely 4.5 Crore investment, this is biggest ROI of any combined directorial efforts.
  • Coincidentally Amitabh (AAA, Parvarish) and Dharmendra (Dharamveer, Chacha Bhatija) was main protagonists in two distinct movies. Both ends up having one mega blockbuster and one Superhit in their hands.
  • All movies were among top 4 hits of 1977. Means top 4 earners of 1977 were belonged to one man – Manmohan Desai (though one can argue of few movies was in parallel range like Hum Kisi se kum nahi and parvarish earned similar amount and Adalat and Chacha Bhatija was on same page).
  • All in all 4 releases in single year, 2 blockbusters, 2 superhits. All top earners. Biggest share of entire collection of all releases in 1977. Highest ROI of any combined directorial venture. Who else on this earth can have this sort of miracle ?


 — BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on July 19, 2010.

54 Responses to “Box-office Miracle (1977 ): Two Blockbusters/Two SuperHits–One Director(Manmohan Desai)”

  1. cool..i was just a 3 year old kid at that time:-)

  2. Yakuza, you reminded me of my childhood times. I liked all these 4 movies but it was Dharam Veer who attracted me most. Saat ajube is duniya ke…. song I still remember.

  3. my first seen movie on cinema was laawaris in 1981 when i was 5 yr old i got afraid to see the crowd outside and inside theatre and coins thrown by people on entry on amitabh bacchan

  4. i think tht madness which was in bacchan era will never come again

  5. few directors whose movies work in oversees then india tries to give impression tht few million NRI are bigger and better then over 1 billion people of india and their verdict is final SHAME ON THEM ITS NOT NRI ITS NRP NRB ALSO and for me they are nothing indias verdict is final

  6. also actor famous in oversees think they are bigger stars even if they are not as popular in india THEY LIVES IN FOOLS PARADISE

  7. AAAA – I rememebr r relaesed in Kolkata in 1990 – and ran successfully for 50 days.
    Raj Kapoor and MD are the only tow directors who can read the public pulse like anything.

  8. pakistanis are now giving verdict of hindi movies on net who gave them right its indian people living in india whose verdict is final and must be considered final so stop making films to please few millions rather make pan india movies like AAA


  10. wow man , this guy manmohan ddesai was a master in masala movies nad knew the viewers in and out . i loved all of them

  11. Manmohan Desai magical records doesn’t ends here, it was just start. Very soon i will post his another legendary achievements which will put all contemporary directors to shame.

  12. Again i wanna repeat. WHo the hell on this earth can generate 45% of business generated by entire bollywood releases. One has to generate business of around 500+ Crore to come close to this record in this era.

  13. legend if you ask me

  14. can you predict the Khatta Meetha economy please and budget, cost and how much for hit business.

  15. yakuza bhai , this piece also reimpose the fact that if a masala movie is made with right ingredients and good direction , it will work most of the times as manmohan desai did, but today’s director in the wake of paying tribute to this great director and also hrisha da ,make stuff which is not even a patch on Manmohan desai and hrishi da kind of cinema

  16. Yakuza, can we say that it was 1977 that made Big B the biggest star ever with AAA, Parvarish, Khoon Pasina) or was it 1978, where it was Big B best year ever with all releases scoring at the BO (Muqaddar Ka Sikandar, Trishul, Don, Ganga Ki Saugandh, Kasme Vaade and Besharam)?

  17. Randy, Amitabh has 4 hits in 1977 (AAA, KP, Parvarish, Adalat) and 6 Hits in 1978. He was unquestionable number one in 1977 itself, 1978 just strengthen his position.

  18. Manmohan Desai committed suicide by jumping off a building

  19. yakuza bhaiy any nes or articalo n km plsssssssssssssss

    • KM will be a plus movie for sure. It should find its place in top 5 of the year. No wonder at the end of year if top 5 consists of Akshay movies only … 😀

      Though Anjana Anjani/Rockstar and Golmal-3 have fair chances (specially when Rohit Shetty is well known face now after judging Comedy Circus).

  20. @ yakuza : hey u do u have ur own data regrading how many hits , superhits etc Big B and present day superstars have ??? if u do have please post some good article on that

    • Manish, i do it occasionally. Check lists of “Actor career this decade” from side bar. Very soon i will publish Abhishek boxoffice graph. May be today only.

      • hey yakuza bhai , i read them , i loved them thats y asking abt that but wd love to c ur take ur report atleast abt 1990s decade the top stars and so on and iam not talking abt nahata’s report that u published and iam talking abt urs . wd wait for it whenever u come up with it 🙂

  21. yakuza stopped reporting on box office after the debacle of Raavan.

  22. ABHISHEK WAS RATED 7th among top 10 stars who have boxoffice pull overseas and was in the top 10 stars in India…not bad for someone who has done different kind of roles,right from yuva,guru,dostana,sarkar,raavan etc

  23. yakuza bhai any idea on how many prints Khatta Meetha is releasing??

  24. whoever rates above emran hashmi or shahid kapoor are fools. He’s not a star at all just a star by surename. King khan gave is only biggest overseas hit KANK.

  25. Yakuza, Amar Akbar Anthony was a Blockbuster or All-Time Blockbuster in the Mumbai circuit? Also, how did Amar Akbar Anthony and Dharam-Veer fared in all circuits of India?

    I’m pretty sure that Dharam-Veer beat Amar Akbar Anthony in Punjab due to Dharamji popularity there?

    • Randy, AAA and dharamveer were declared super-duper Hit at that time. BB and ATBB term was not in use during 70’s/80’s.

      AAA celebrated 100+ silver jubilees across india out of which 18 was in punjab including chandigarh (32 weeks). I am not aware of Dharamveer jubilees though, but i heard from my father that audience full of TRUCKS from their village came to see dharamendra movies. And i witness same humongous rush during screening of Naseeb and Ram Balram. That GATE TOD RUSH is just seen to believe.

      • Thanks for the reply Yakuza. But I do agree, AAA was a rage in India. But, there is no doubt that Dharamji popularity was huge there, and he practically ruled the Punjab circuit. So I’m sure that Dharam-Veer was the biggest hit of 1977 in the Punjab circuit, whereas AAA was for Mumbai. But, I’m wondering about the other circuits in India, but what you predict or guess?

        I’m pretty sure in the 70s, the only films that were Super-Duper Hit+ at the BO were:
        – Johny Mera Naam (1970)
        – Haathi Mere Saathi (1971)
        – Zanjeer (1973)
        – Bobby (1973)
        – Roti Kapada Aur Makaan (1974)
        – Sholay (1975)
        – Jai Santoshi Maa (1975)
        – Sanyasi (1975)
        – Dus Numbri (1976)
        – Amar Akbar Anthony (1977)
        – Dharam-Veer (1977)
        – Muqaddar Ka Sikandar (1978)
        – Don (1978)

  26. yakuza mere pyare bhai and BO guru can u give the economics of KM

    • Hey farhad, Yaar this month i am on leave (to take care of my mom) and will not able to put any boxoffice news. But i am equally excited by KM and this movie is a sure HIT .. 🙂

      But we will analyze and discuss the boxoffice outcome for sure .. ABout its economics, KM is budgeted @ 22 Crore and with print and publicity cost it will be around 32-35 Crore. Deducting 15 Crore revenues from other sources, 20 Crore DS will give it a break even. It will be an easy hit @55 Crore in my books.

  27. Dabanng Promo is out and its outstanding….

  28. Chulbul pandey tere badan main itne ched karega ki tujhe samajh ni
    aayega…ki saans kaha se lu aur paadu kaha se…..Hud Hud Dabangg Dabangg Dabangg!!!

    • dabang is a sure shot flop…sorry for slumman..hope he doesnt run over a few after being drunk & this debacle will b a hatrick of flop after mrs khanna,veer,rajkumar etc..please retire taklu haklu slumman khant!

      • lol Ravaan, Teen Patti, Rann, Delhi 6, Aladin, and Drona ki tarah? hahaha
        Apne bacchans ki naiya shambal tuuu
        Dabangg is a blockbuster material and it’ll be a typical bollywood masala entertainer 🙂
        oh and yeah Rub it on your face

  29. after raavan,abhi fans r not feeling well,happens. 😉

  30. thnx yakuza bhaiya n …look like km gonna samshing records on ss

    as they strt booking frm saunday on ss

  31. yakuza bhai, tell me what was the verdict of khiladiyo ka khiladi ??? when it was released i was all gungho abt that movie

  32. BTW yakuza bhai , sorry off topic comment ke liye 🙂

  33. Yakuza

    nice to see you back yaar

    is your mother better?


    is IHLS a clean hit?

    And for the last time is MNIK a hit or flop?

    • Thanks KM, My mom is not really much fine. She was improving but since last 3-4 days she developed some complications again. Tomorrow we might admit her again …. Anyways .. we will see good time again , she is brave women and will recover fast … 🙂

      Anyways, how are you man ? I am on leave from office for this entire month to take care of my mom ( disadvantage of nuclear family) . So no boxoffice reports any more for few more weeks. But you will see some old stuff quite often .. 🙂

      • i hope ur mum gets better yaar.

        Have missed ur presence on Bolly & NG

        is IHLS a clean hit?

        And for the last time is MNIK a hit or flop?

        • Looking at collections from BOI/IBOS and others, movie is above average in my books. MNIK is good grosser and can be compared to some high grossing underperformers of bachchan like Agneepath, Khuda Gawah, Shakti etc

  34. Dear Yakuza,
    first we will pray for ur mother health,soon she will be better Insha Allah.
    And thanks for posting superb Artical.
    Really Manmohan Desai is awesome director.He is the number 1 director ever in indian history.He made super films with Amitabh
    AAA (Super duper Hit)
    Parvarish (Super Hit)
    Suhaag (Hit or Superhit)
    Naseeb (Super Hit)
    Desh Premee ( Semi Hit)
    Coolie ( Super Duper Hit)
    Mard ( Super Duper Hit)
    Ganga Jamna Sarswati (Flop)
    Toofaan ( Average).
    Superb combination between Amitabh and Manmohan Desai.

  35. @yakuza : hey man , its so sad when some complication derail the recovery phase . hope ur mom get well soon and ya i read in some of ur thread . i think it was bheja fry that khiladiyo ka khiladi was hit . so gt my answer 🙂

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