My Review of REPO MEN (English, 2010)

I didn’t know quite what to expect before I sat down to watch REPO MEN, however what I walked away with left me totally entertained and enthralled.

When childhood friends turned military brothers for life Remy (Jude Law) and Jake (Forrest Whitaker in one of his most entertaining and massy acts in a while) take to repoing, it becomes a lifestyle that they have mastered. A job is just a job is the motto they parrot as they casually taze and slice open overdue organ holders to turn in to the Union – headed by Frank (Live Schreiber) for payment via “pink slips”. Remy’s wife has a hard time dealing with the dangers and immorality of his job and threatens to leave if he doesn’t take a job in sales. This puts him in a place of indecision as he ponders on giving up a career that he has grown to love alongside his friend. When Remy decides to take on one last job before changing positions to save his marriage, he is injured badly and awakes to an artificial heart beating inside his chest. Knowing that he is now under the same harsh law that he had exacted on hundreds of other people, he tries to return to repo and realizes that he has lost his nerve. In a fight against time, Remy decides to take on the entire Union and put an end to the Union once and for all.

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~ by prazzero00000 on July 17, 2010.

One Response to “My Review of REPO MEN (English, 2010)”

  1. 1 short review:

    Dnt watch it

    really bad film!

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