Raavan Off to very good start at ticket window, Mixed Reports

Raavan opened to quite a very good response in morning shows, occupancy at multiplexes ranged from 60-80% and few high end plexes reported  packed houses. Despite mixed reports, more on negative side, movie will see good first day. Advance booking for rest of shows today is going strong. Though single screens reports are yet to receive, First day business at multiplexes can easily be in range of 50-60% nation-wide[Raajneeti was 59% and Kites was  47%]. If it happens, we are looking forward to very healthy first day figure. Keep your eyes at Bollybusiness for rest of updates.

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on June 18, 2010.

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    • Just read his report, As i didn’t receive any reports from single screens, His report is more on that side. But his multiplex report is in synch with me, As i reported 60-80% , He is also saying same, 70% …



  4. but yazuka i think u will see the collections on sat same thing happened with kites

  5. i mean the collections will take a dip on sat just like kites and come back up on sun

  6. yakuza, is the WOW as horrible as kites or CCTC??

    • Yup !! But when i talked to some level headed persons, Movie will take time to absorb with audience, Just like Dil se. But unfortunately, Now days boxoffice is just for three days

  7. raavan is flop….surely drop on monday….
    in north india collection will surely drop on monday….
    big loss to bigcinema…..

  8. taran and boi are gonna pan this alot

  9. Everyone is saying Raavan had a bad start and the reports are even worse. This movie seems on its way to be a big flop. May be bigger than Kites! Lets wait and see the results.

  10. yakuza, what is the second week collection of Rajneeti?

  11. as expected, Raavan failed with its script. all u got is some good music, cinematagrophy breath taking and aish looks beautiful in water scenes.
    first week 30
    second week 9
    third week and rest 7
    over all 48 crs.
    I SAID IT!

  12. yakuza is IHLS hot in the market?

  13. Raavan Opens To A Poor Response In Early Shows

    Friday 18th June 2010 15.30 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Raavan had a poor start today in its morning and early afternoon shows. The all India opening average was around 40-50% with some multiplexes in Mumbai, Pune and South showing 60-70% collections but on the other hand there was Gujarat, UP, and Rajasthan with collections in the 30% range.

    The film still has chances to show improvement especially at multiplexes in the evening and night shows but overall it looks like day one will be below expectations. The film has managed to get a heavy release at some prime multiplexes with 24-26 shows so that could help overall collections a little bit especially if it was to pick up today and over the weekend.


    • BOI and BollyBusiness are talking same ………. 60-70% opening …… But 70% opening is poor for BOI while good for BB …….

      Surprisingly 20% oening of Prince at Multiplexes and 60% at handfull of single screens was very good opening for BOI ……… Bloody Bachchan Haters …….

  14. Who wants to watch a movie in which the main lead is dressed & behaves like a monkey?

  15. donot go by boxofficeindia they r anti bachchans world knows even if raavan gets 100% they will underreport

  16. well raavan is g8 movie for me though i was not fan of abhishek

  17. where is chengez?? hahahahaha..flop muvee

  18. those who hated raavan movie actually donot understand cinema and i pity taran adaesh who calls himself reviewer for 30 yrs who made him critic he should retire as his mind is off flop movies are good 4 him

  19. [****** Comment Edited ******* ]

  20. Abhishek Bachchan in films from last 10 years and he is still not expert , reason is he is not enjoy his work , he take acting as a joke . he is not hardworking actor and this show in his all films .
    Oppossite Ranbir Kapoor Film Records is excellant and he enjoye actor . Truely Ranbir Kapoor is True actor of current times . Abhishek bachchan must learn lessons from Ranbir Kapoor .

  21. Abhshek Bachchan Get out from Acting

    I give Half star to this movie . Abhishek Bachchan is Worst actor . If d o n k ey get these kind of opportunitys and thats sure he is Actor . But Abhishek Bachchan is bad from D o n ke y .

    • Even Ranbir kapoor was critisized for Raajneeti … He was misfit in that role .. While Abhishek portray same role in Sarkar with utmost perfection …

  22. ranbir was praised you idiot

  23. “those who hated raavan movie actually donot understand cinema and i pity taran adaesh who calls himself reviewer for 30 yrs who made him critic he should retire as his mind is off flop movies are good 4 him”

    lol whats great??? its like modern day Koyla.

  24. so abhishek son u r gone no doubt those who r friends of srk r getting destroyed 1st hritik with kites now u with raavan

  25. though i liked movie but it will be flop

  26. Thanks for the update Yakuza — I’m hoping to catch the film tonight or Saturday…

  27. abhishek bachchan is tweeting @jrbachchan all the best to those who r getting results today he meant to say all of u will fail like me

  28. i think abhishek has no shame left in him otherwise would have retired till now but it happens only in india tht u get chance after series of flops if ur dad is superstar

    • Untill his movies will get good openings and directors see a good potential in him, He will get work. Superstar DAD can help only upto first 1-2 movies.For rest you have to run on your legs.

  29. hey guys donoy u think dharmender had much fan following to him then amitabh thts why sunny deol gave best opening to all his films while abhishek is struggling from beginning dharamji and his son sunny were gods of cinema in north india much much popular then amitabh so WHO IS MOST POPULAR ACTOR OF ALL TIMES ITS DHARAMENDER NOT AMITABH AS MEDIA UNDERRATED HIS SUCCESS HE GAVE MAX HITS AS DHARAMENDRA WAS NOT POLTICALLY CLOSE TO TOP LEADERS AND ALSO HE WAS NOT THT WELL EDUCATED BUT U REALITY WILL COME BEFORE COUNTRY BY ALL OF US

    • HA HA , You really make me laugh … 🙂

    • Dharmendra was never in number one race.. it was First Rajesh khanna in 60’s then Amitabh took him over in 70’s but there were other actors like vinod khanna, shashi kapoor, Jetendra but amitabh was miles ahead in popularity. infact till 1998 he had all top 5 positions from number one to 5 and SRk, sunny deol, govinda followed after 5. Amitabh had few scares in between from anil kapoor for a year or 2 but his popularity was never affected.

    • And also Sunny Deol was popular on his own credibility and not becacuse of dharmendra, he had smash hits from the very first film betaab, followed by Arjun, ghayal etc if Dharam was the factor for his kids then bobby deol would have been a bg star too and would have worrked with better banners, but in case of Abhi, he is in the industry for ten years all because of big B if it was not big B then he would have met the worse faith than Vivek Oberoi

  30. its great job to make someone laugh

  31. but dharamji u were great in 1960s and 70s


  32. ok yakuza will raavan fetch 10cr nett on day one of all versions and one more thing u said 60 to 80 % in morning shows at plexes then on average should be more then 70% average at plexes as evening shows have always more occupancy

  33. I havent watched the movie yet but going by the reviews(experts and general public)the movie is critized more for Abhi’s acting rather than the content

  34. donot go by expert see urself movie is better then flops like kites and mnik and hits like housefull

  35. well parents of abhishek were good actors his dad best in buisness mom good actress then why he became such a bad actor is big question as acting is in blood

  36. dumb katrina shd be thrown out of industry

    • i agree with you… its unfortunate that she is the number one female star and here only for her good looking face, cant speak hindi and gives wrong expressions

      • she doesn’t give any expressions at all,it’s a shame these dumb non actors r being hypedv as if they r talent powerhouse,she has cxome in india to earn buckets of money on basis of her pretty face and dumb ppl r hyping her

  37. kkkkkkkkkkkkk wo kaha jooooooo rahe the raavan record tadegiii,,,kaha ho okkk and wo kon tha .,., charzes tha shayad.,.lo ho gyi flop promo dekh hi pta chal gya ye comedy pic,.,.,producer ko le dubegi

  38. kkkkkkkkkkkkk wo kaha he jooooooo keh rahe the raavan record tadegiii,,,kaha ho okkk and wo kon tha .,., charzes tha shayad.,.lo ho gyi flop promo dekh hi pta chal gya ye comedy pic,.,.,producer ko le dubegi

  39. Raavan had a poor start today in its morning and early afternoon shows. The all India opening average was around 40-50% with some multiplexes in Mumbai, Pune and South showing 60-70% collections but on the other hand there was Gujarat, UP, and Rajasthan with collections in the 30% range.

    The film still has chances to show improvement especially at multiplexes in the evening and night shows but overall it looks like day one will be below expectations. The film has managed to get a heavy release at some prime multiplexes with 24-26 shows so that could help overall collections a little bit especially if it was to pick up today and over the weekend.

    Raavan had a poor start today in its morning and early afternoon shows. The all India opening average was around 40-50% with some multiplexes in Mumbai, Pune and South showing 60-70% collections but on the other hand there was Gujarat, UP, and Rajasthan with collections in the 30% range.

    The film still has chances to show improvement especially at multiplexes in the evening and night shows but overall it looks like day one will be below expectations. The film has managed to get a heavy release at some prime multiplexes with 24-26 shows so that could help overall collections a little bit especially if it was to pick up today and over the weekend.

  40. Maniratnam is an idiot

    He should have made one version & dubbed it

    Movie sank & flopped because of Abhishek & this will be proved by the other version doing well most probably

    • i guess you are right. if aish can b dubbed then y not abhi baby? if he wants a super star in tamil, y not in bollywood? offcourse the movie will b hit in the south there ppl supports their super start no matter the movie is good or bad. but here ppl goes for quality. emotions dont paly a role in bollywood when a movie is concern.
      bachhan fan’s, khan fan’s there is nothing like that. a good movie always finds its audience no matter what.
      LIKE KID’S YOU GUYS FIGHT OVER HERE FOR NOTHING! comon guys grow up! appreciate what is good n viceversa. if raavan is bad, accept it and if it is good cherish it. in ma views its bad and i do understand cinema n i mean it. as i watch cinema from all aroound the world not only hollywood or bollywood. btw the cinema that facinates me is the french cinema trying to compare it to bollywood but they are far far too superior.

      • now…u r saying ppl in north india go for “quality”?…like housefull & SiK?…would nayone watch those “quality” films without Akki?

    • you said it right. The tamil version will be a super hit becoz of vikram while the hindi one will sink becoz of Abishek. I think Mani ratnam has given a death-blow to Abishek’s career. It will be very difficult for him to come out of this. In case of Guru the script was good, the role had substance. It was not a case that abishek acted well. Any other dud in Bollywood could have essayed that role.

  41. So according to that biasd yakuza ravan opnd better than rajneti coz u said rajneti opend wit 40 to 50percent..any coment yakuza brnther..accept it yakuza..ravan opening is poor cant be calld gud by any means.it ll not cross 25cr lifetime DISASTER….starnge u said kites report negtive nd ravan mixd..cmon bro ravan reports r v v bad .kites at least got huge first weekand which ravan ll not be able to earn in its life time..m feelng bad abt u yakuza.i hope u ll now know how much star power abshek had.out of 1200 theatre ravan managed 50percent occupany in just 40 50multiplex..m not talkng abt ss coz in ss it was a disaster from day 1

  42. dear Yakuza,
    I saw Komal on etc,he said in some places raavan is over 80%,which is good sign.I think ist day will be 8 crore.

  43. beingsalman they r pro pakistanis so stop visiting this nonsense site

  44. yakuza hai haiiiiii

  45. he is hiding his face pakistani agent

  46. @naveed first just read wht ur nauman wrote yday abt indians..nd yakuza instead of deleting nd blocking that madarchod paki deleting our comments.yakuza hi hi

  47. hey i thought this website was good in giving early reports but looks like this bias site doesnt want to report that raavan has bad opening day and set to be a flop

    BOI has stated that it got an 5-6cr in the opening day LMAO….

  48. Raavan First Day Business

    Saturday 19th June 2010 14.30 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    The Hindi version Raavan collected around 5.75 crore nett on day one. Business in all circuits was pretty low. The film was helped a bit by some upper end multiplexes where the volume of screenings was heavy but most of India recorded dull collections. Gujarat, UP, Bihar, CP Berar, CI and Rajasthan had poor collections.

    The South was comparatively better in terms of occupancies but there overall collections were affected by the regional versions of Raavan which meant the audience had a choice as to which version to watch.

    The negative reports are likely to mean big falls on Monday. There may even be a drop on Saturday with even Sunday not likely show a big jump which happens with most films. The weekend numbers should come in the 16-17 crore nett range. Overall the film may not even cross the 15 crore distributor share in its whole run.

  49. yakuza bro…now u’ve to come n give us an article like u gave when kites released….”idhar giri mein udhar giri”
    now its turn “the great warrior “Drona” is back” or “hum fir se pit chuke sanam” or something like that….if u dont give us that kind of article that means u r really bias person…come on bro show us that u r not a bias person..

  50. just came back after watchin the movie .expected somethin better than this. i think ab should really try to do some commercial roles rather than diff roles. was dissapointed

  51. disaster

  52. One thing is proved that abhi doenst have any star power and has hardly any fan following, i guess it is just because of the media chasing his dad and wife he shows arrogance and attitude, but general public doesnt care a dame about him.

  53. Abhishek should stick to supporting actor roles where his wife sleeps with the lead actor, like in Kabhi Alvida…

    Another option is multiple starers

    He is surviving in the industry because of his surname

  54. 10yr löng carrer not a single superhit,hahahaha nd bachan fans compares hm wid superstar salman .hahahahaha…he is below hasmi forget abt top 10

    • Beingsalman, 20yr löng carrer not a single superhot wife and lost to Jr bachchan, lost to AKKI 4 katrina.lost to XXx throgh somi ali, lost to Azharuddin, will losse katrina by ranbir ,hahahaha nd short’s fans compares hm wid superstar Jr bachhan .hahahahaha…he is below rajpal yadav forget abt tall handsome super star Bachchan.

    • very well said … he is piece of crap … must say Salman’s bodyguard loooks much better than him

  55. Kha mar gye bachan ke fans.sucide to nhi kr li..10 sep dabang phod denge

    • i never read the comments of nauman so i cant say.

      and where da hell r da bachan fans. hahahahahahaha

      yes VEER was crap, but it still opened better. VEER had only Salman khan. dis ravaan had da so called trio.

      and arun. ur rite buddy about KITES being bashed here. Yakuza i admire ur work but plz come and shed some light on RAVAAN. lol

  56. being amitabh was a big superstar in his prime, his track record of 70s and 80s shows but he is 70, so its harsh to compare him to current you stars. but yeh abhishek is a nalyak aulaad.

  57. yakuza is hiding and is not updating as he is ashamed of the box office results of ravaan, and even if he tries his old tricks of inflating the box office numbers for the hyped abishek,he can’t save him as this is a disaster

  58. hey guys look it was the movie.and by the way beingsalman how many solo hits have salman given in the last 10 years apart from just one .wanted

  59. @rohit bhai wanted b flop thi..dun worry abt salman ..we fans ll take care of bhai..btw one flop or 50 flop salman khan has the max following nd he defines the word superstar..

    • well said beingsalman
      Every film of Salman khan is flop. Be happy haters… Not a single hit in last 20 years… still he commands the presence of a demi god in the masses of the country…
      can you change that???
      And he has fans the kind no other actor has… every fan has dus ka dummmmm

  60. see just stardom is nothin we are talkin about the business of the stars or the so called superstars.and as far as abhishek goes i agree he aint good in this movie but i feel it is the movies and his choice that have made him a flop rather than his acting but i think he should seriously do some full on commercial potboilers like akshay

  61. Hi guys I am back. is any one here ? Does any one knows Sat collections of Raavan?

  62. Watch Raavan:


  63. nauman raavan will turn bigger loosing fair than kites. yakuza please talk about KM economics.

  64. Farhad, De Niro and others, Now every one is agree with my review or still any one has any doubt ?

  65. Raavan will be at least semi-hit or average.

  66. Shakir 2 days total is not more than 11 cr. and add 6 cr more on Sun so 17 cr weekend and 25 cr 1st week. 6,7 cr 2nd week and ad 3 cr rest.
    25 cr
    7 cr
    3 cr
    35 cr life time.
    Verdict – Disaster.

  67. soory to say guys but this site stinks especially with the bias approach towards raavan

    normally the owner guy would update the collections quicker then anyone else

    especially when movies of srk or hr he tries to bring down but now we can all see his true colors lol

  68. taran adarsh and rajeev masand were seen togather smokin weed and thus ended up in writing the same review for raavan…raavan is one of the finest films to come out of mani’s kitty and the climax was the best part of raavan..agreed the film had its flaws but even the best of the best films have week points….one love!!

  69. @nauman go to hell u bloody pakistani…apologize wht u written agnst indian yday …btw ravan ll not cross 22 cr lifetime..epic disaster

  70. @changez hahahahahahaha.

  71. Saw the movie today. Dont know what they were thinking while making the movie. AB was extremely disappointing to me. Was expecting something better then Guru! Sorry to say but the film will flop undoubtedly.

  72. what the tamil version with vikhram in the lead instead.

  73. @changez @bigfun @yakuza hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  74. Yakuza u r such a biasd man.,.why r lyng that komal reports r in sync wid u?go to hell ..he said ravan opening is a shocker nd opend to avg 40 percent..u r a cheater nd bachan licker

  75. guyz i havent seen da film yet. but it seems like dis film will be a huge disaster. da biggest ever. lol

  76. hi yakuza,
    iam really surprised by Konal nahata ‘s wors that yakuza wd be busy preparing false reports . to me he is insane . i find taran adarsh’s box office verdict creditable and ofcourse u . waiting 4 ur raavan collection report . great work . keep it up

  77. Abhishek’s fate would be the same as Sanjay Kapoor (Anil Kapoor’s younger brother)

  78. Being Salman , could you please post my that comment here?
    I really dont know that i wrote any thing against India. I just said to Alex that you are representing India. So never write any thing which pull down name of your country.

  79. Khattaa Meetha attracting me a lot looks a sure shot superhit……..songs great………

  80. abishek accent was bad in Delhi6 and he is unable to act in Raavan, he is just getting role because of surname only one solo hit in whole career might be in 10 years

  81. @nauman we indians r always gud whtever we do..so u r representing pakistan here that means pakistanio ko english nhi aati nd wo teri tarah ghatia tute fute review likhte hai.

  82. actually i dont like bollywood movie .But i think this is great.i will watching it.

  83. Being Salman I am ignoring you.
    For your kind information
    Dalip Kumar, Raj Kapoor, Dev Anand and Shahrukh Khan they all have Pakistani back ground.

  84. @beingsalman and @alex
    Your behaviour is shameful. I have been following your and Nauman’s interactions and sorry to say that you two have been the worst example of Indians.

  85. guys stop making fun of abhishek…raavan mein aur bhi stars hain like aishwarya(the so called global actress)n wht abt maniratnam??? abhishek ki mat maro sab milke yaar….

  86. mujhe bhi yeh pita putra ki jodi jyada pasand nahi hai but fir bhi they r better then srk’s.so plz ab band karo yeh puran….

  87. why hasnt there been a update yet?

    cant accept raavan failure lol

    BOI has stated it only collected approx 17cr for weekened LMAO

  88. @nauman they r indians..i dun want to start a debate on it..pakistan me terrorist paida ho skte hai superstars nhi.nd for 4 kind information jb dilep kumar nd raj kumar paida hue tab bhi wo india tha..got it.@ganesh u just read ths bloody gawar pakistani nauman comment first than talk..

    • beingsalman

      chill yara. am born and bred in england but my parents r from pakistan.

      wat has nationality gt to do wid films and sport.

      lets drop dis guyz and discuss ravaan.

  89. @nauman srk rajkapur dev sahb r pure indians..wht do u mean by pak background?? Ab ye pakistani hme sikhayenge ki kaun indian hai..beta nauman apni shadi kr le chupchap .terrorist bhi to paida krne hai tujhe.

  90. @naveed he started that..

  91. yakuza (the pseudo box office expert) and the Bachchalalans Bakht Satyam the shit and Co have gone mad about the disaster of ravan, the former watever he tries can’t save AB jr fate by lying and manipulating the boxoffice numbers of his films as AB jr give one collosal flop after the other, hence he’s hiding in shame and not updating the box office for ravan, compare this with his hyper enthusiasm for ravan before the release and you will deduce his Bakhtiness and biasness toward the Bachalalan family. and from that we can understand his biasness against hritick and SRK movies. poor Bollybusiness site Will suffers from the credibility of Yakuza the Bachchalalan bakht

  92. Yakuza, where are you hiding come on with a report on Ravaan doing Bountiful and exellent good numbers at the box office ( i suggest 27 – 30 Cr for the week end) and making Rajneti suffers as you compared the two.

  93. Yakuza box office updating ( let’s dream ) if only ravan was slightly better:
    1 day : good opening 9 Cr
    2 day : sustaining 8,5 cr
    3 day : mindblowing 11 cr ( first weekend 29 – 30cr)
    4 day: minor drop 5-6 cr
    5 day: sustaining 5 cr
    6 day: 4 cr
    7 day: 3.5 cr
    first week : Abishek is the king of bollywood as ravan does 47-48 cr better than HR Kites 40 cr and MNIK 46-47 cr.
    Second week-end: Ravan has a dream second weekend 20 cr and a bountiful 32 cr secod week with a total of 79 -80 cr in two weeks
    third week: Ravan scores over Karan johar flick I Hate love stories as it’s nett is 22 cr versus 20 cr for IHLS making it the first movie to make 100-102 cr in three weeks.
    4 week : ravan is doing very well 12 cr
    5 week : 7 cr
    6 week : 3 cr
    rest : 1-2cr
    Total: > 125 cr
    Yakuza: hail Abishek the new shahenshah and true heir to the throne of bollywood

    • sorry sam after 3 weeks 3 idiots were over 150 crore so even if raavan would earn 102 crores in 3 weeks then it would be fell short of the 3 idiots number

  94. actual box office of ravan:
    first day : 5.75 cr
    2 day: 5 cr
    3 day: 6 cr
    First week end : 16-17 cr
    4 day: crahes badly 2.25 cr
    5 day: ravan nosedive 1.75 cr
    6 day: more drop 1.25 cr
    7 day: ravaan needs An ICU 0.75 cr
    first week: a shameful 22-23 cr

    2 week: ravan drops hevily (80%)as never seen in the history of bollywood : 5 cr
    as below
    8 day: 1.5 cr
    9 day: 1 cr
    10 day: 1.25 cr
    11 day: 0.5 cr
    12 day: 0.35 cr
    13 day: 0.25 cr
    14 day: 0.15 cr
    third week: a shameful 1.5 cr
    rest : 0.5 cr
    total: ravan does 29-30cr the baap of Box office disasters

  95. @sam lol i agree.he provd he is bachan bhakt…luk at his rajneti openin day report he said 40percent.hahahahaha he got mad when kites bombd..yakuza bhaiya kites crossd 50cr despite all ths.where r u hidng?be brave ..btw sam hd u noticed dint put a single article abt rajneti box office .bloody saddist

  96. i was aregular at this site, but as soon as Yabuza showed his real face (Bachchalalan licker) and abuzing and manipulating others stars HR, SRK etc istop visting this site, i only do it with every Bachchalalan movie as i am very happy celebrating the failure of the movies of the Bachchalalan family in this site.

  97. sam…nobody is forcing u to come here…if u dont like the bachchans..anyway this is the best available bollywood business blog in the world,so naturally every tom,dick and harry peeps in without even their knowledge..so dont complain bro as u r not doing any favour to yakuza or the mighty bachchan fan club..period!

  98. and for the movie raavan..the best part were the start and climax of the film…and rest blame it on the captain of the ship..manirathnam as his story and screeplay by his wife were the loosing point of raavan while the actors had done a good job along with d.o.p santosh shivan…many people have liked the film even though the media is going for a clean bowl for it…as its not a boring movie as been stated here.

    • Really? The Tamil version is doing well

      Which proves that the Hindi Raavan bombed only & only because of Abhishek

      Vikram is a bigger star than Abhishek 😛

  99. haha chengez. am sorry to say but u live in a fantasy world. dis film will go down as da baap of disasters. bigger dan DRONA, LOVE STORY 2050 etc. lol

    well said sam and being salman.

    but wen Yakuza does give box office info he is very good. its a shame he is not here to report RAVAAN. but i think we all know da collections of dis film

  100. also some bachan fans were sayin da world cup is borin/crap. well da world cup has come to life just wen ravaan has been declared dead. lol

  101. Yakuza vanishes in between all the time.
    Now, with due regards to big b, i dont think abhishek has the required bo pull to star him as solo hero. He should stick to multi star movies. The sooner he understands this fact, the better it is for him.

  102. Dear Yakuza,

    I guess that you are not giving any updates means the reports are very negative for Raavan.

    I support Beingsalman in his arguments with Nauman.

    Uninvited Nauman making comments on Indians is unacceptable and true nature of Pakis.Whatever may be affiliations of Indian fans, we argue among ourselves.We do not need Pakis interference in our affairs.

  103. Thanx srinivas…

    • Not a problem Beingsalman.We argue only about these actors and at the end of the day we are all one , Indians.Where as these Pakis have been cancer to their own country and to the entire world.where ever they step in they stink and try to divide.

  104. how come theres no update?

  105. hahaha BOI update

    monday huge drop only 2.25cr lol

    saying it will finish around 30cr, massive disaster


  106. Abhishek’s Raavan can be compared only to a movie like Vivek’s Prince, the latter being better of course

  107. Question:Where is Yakuza the Bachchalalan devote.
    answer: hes hiding in shame and depression mood as Ravaan compete for the all time Disaster Tag. and whatever he tries (lies, propaganda, manipulating numbers will not make ravaan even as a simple flop.

  108. Yakuza ke according paa 40cr thi.dun surprize if he say same abt ravan.paa was all media hype.reliamce lost 5cr in paa.ur belovd komal nhata said ths.hahaha

  109. evrybody has personal favourite so does yakuza until or unless the figures are latered with evrything is fine n same is the case with yakuza , he has not altered the figures and has been showing that various websites changed the status of some movies to downgrade their careers

  110. How can somebody invest 100 crore(i assume thats the price relliance paid) on an actor like Abhisek Bachan. All this corporates investing money in bollywood should rework on the price after disaster like kites and Raavan.

  111. hey guys i would advice you not to talk about anyone’s country is not really nice so please cut it which goes to all of you

  112. and please stop this racism

  113. RAAVAN

  114. is any one here ?

  115. @arjun do u know wht racism is??@nauman bhag ja yha se pakistani..apologize first to every indian than talk..

    • dude “being slumman” who are you to judge someone who is following slumman who himself is told to be a doing charity shows with Pakistani cricketers..first learn to forgive and forget thats what A GOOD(being) HUMAN DOES…if u r a true slumman fan and after all it was a grammer mistake by poor Nauman..so dont think that u r OXFORD EDUCATED.

      • listen u bitch. stick to ur bachans.

        dere biggest so called film has raped dere producers.
        ash should just retire and da less said bout abhishek da better. and lol bout da director makin such a crap film.


  116. peace & love….sorry for my friend christpher coke has been arrested in jamaica!!

  117. i guess abhishek shud retire izzat se retire hojayega 2-3 films aur nikali toh uski besti hojayegi nikal do abhishek ko
    hamari maange puri karo

    hamari maange puri karo

    hamari maange puri karo

    hamari maange puri karo

    abhishek ko industry se nikaloooooooo…………..

  118. salman is best

  119. @nishu they want only money thts why abhi married budhiya ash

  120. salman is most poular actor in india in last 2 decades and has given all types of hits like romantic maine pyaar…….hum aapke……comedy judwaan biwi no 1 action wanted tere naam etc he is best unlike srk who gives same stupid romantic movies moreover salmans popularity is proved by 10 ka dum n power at single screens those who have most power at sinle screens have mass popularity get rock salman u r genius n true secual artist

  121. i also like akshay n ajay

  122. as 4 bachans n shahrukh plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz retire we r fed up of u both of them r destroying film industery with media help n r hands in gloves with each other to remain in news pls mediaaa we donot need kings or queens we need good actors

  123. i respect amitabh for his contribution in cinema but hum ne sarri umar ka theka nahi le liyaaaaaaaaaaaaa amitji retire with ur friend srk as we hate love stories n gays like srk

  124. as for abhishek he has 2 fans his dad n his old wife

  125. amitabh bachan hai hai shahrukh khan hai hai hum par zulm baand kaaro aapni dukan baand kaaro

  126. our mahanayak is selling navratana oil shame on him

  127. @chengez hahahahahahahahahaha…tu bhi pakistani hai kya?

  128. srk u r gone son with flop mnik n also as per reports these idiot stars have contibuted in 300 cr loss to industry in 6 months with only 2 certified hits housefull n raajneeti but their combined profit is not more then 50 cr

  129. salman khan zindabad dabang will rock

  130. those concerned abt flops of salman i want to say 1 thing all his movies atleast can be watched unlike other kingsss n queens of undergarments

  131. koi shakk

  132. also tht nauman naveed changez pls go to pakistan n review thier we r here to review hindi movies no need of ur help thank you or u will be thrown out

  133. all pakistanis have problm with english right from their cricketers

  134. Abhishek thought he will become a superstar after this much hyped Maniratnam movie

    But all that Abhishek got is Maniratnam’s shit on his face

    Look at this:

  135. who reckons sandip = poofta HAHAHAHAHHAAH

    and sad sallu fan who needs help

    ps. im sallu fan as well but not that stupid

  136. dickheads….i am an Indian..but dont try to act like god and judge people.

  137. salman khan is done now sala buddha..good thing he transplanted his taklu (bald)head otherwise he would have looked like his fathers grand dad…gone r his days anyway as its Ranbir kapoor era now and he is the heir to Amitabh Bachchans crown.

    • haha. now u talk bout ranbir kapoor instead of bachans. lol

      dont worry bhai aint goin anywhere for a long time. GET USED TO IT

  138. Ranbir kapoor as the emperor of bollywood..so all the old hogs should retire and plan family planning as they r not getting any younger nowadays.

    • haha. now ur praising some1 dat u were abusing a week ago.

      da top 5 r goin no where atm. and personally Hrithik is ahead of RK. dats why ur beloved ash is always paired wid him. lol

  139. Hahahaha changez now u r parising ranbir.hahahaha

  140. relax guys nothing is permanent in film industry…
    first it was Dilip Kumar, then rajesh Khanna then Amitabh then all the current super stars who could hardly act(barring Aamir khan) and now it would be Ranbir Kapoor, Shahid kappor or somebody else

  141. nikalo chote bacchchan ko nikalo
    laate maar maar ke nikalo

  142. Music Review of Khatta Meetha

    The expectations with the music of Pritam is always high and that to when it’s an Priyadarshan film we could see few songs of bhool bhulaiya and de dana dan were very good and the song Paisa Paisa and Hare Ram Hare Krishna were one of the biggest hit songs.Let’s see how is the music of Khatta Meetha.

    There are total of 7 songs in the album 4 are original songs and 3 are Remixes.

    1.Nana Chi Taang it has a marathi base and a western touch its a good and a new song with variety in it.Kunaj Ganjawala has come up with something very good after sometime.The remix of this song is written by Irshad Kamil and has a rap portion sung by U.R.L who has sung it well enough but still i would the original version of this song is much better.

    2.Sajde it is the best song in this album and it’s great to see KK and Sunidhi sing together it has composition of Pritam and Irshad Kamil this song is a very good romantic melidous song it is better than any priyadarshan movie romantic song it is better than U & I of De dana Dan and also Aa gale Lag Ja.This song also has a remix version one would say why a remix version for this song but remix is also worth listening.Remix is also sung by KK and Sunidhi.

    3.Bullshit is a song written and sung by Shehzad Roy it is a composition of newcomer Shani i would say newcomer Shani has done a good job it is a song written for corrupt politician’s it is also one of the best song in this album.

    4.Aila Re Aila it is sung by Daler Mehndi & Kalpana Patowary it is an attractive song and you could say rate it as an good song.This song also has an remix and I would say the Remix is much better than the original version.

    Reviewer Nishu

    My Picks

    Nana Chi Taang

  143. gone are the days of superstar,big b was the last genuine superstar…every tom,dick and harry is superstar each friday in bollywood nowadays and i think we have atleast 6-7 superstars at present in bollywood (aamir,srk,akshay,salman,hrithik,saif/ranbir)..and the mighty AMITABH BACHCHAN as the baap of all superstars as he is the only supermegastar in bollywood who is still undisputed and rocking at 68(i wonder who all will be alive among todays numerous so called superstars in their late 50’s)..but sad part is that nature will take its course as “ALL GOOD THINGS MUST COME TO AN END”…we r very lucky to live in his (big b) era,thank you lord!!

  144. hi chengez bro u der


  146. You count Saif as super star… then Arjun Rampal will call himself superstar too, cus he had too many hits off lately

  147. Yakuza bhai..keep up the good work and people will still follow you no matter what you do as simple as that..nobody is doing a favour to anybody here and no one has been forced to visit BB.

  148. Yakuza,where are you hiding.ashamed at your biasedness!huh! You are a pathetic expert who is hiding at Raavan disaster.

  149. anpanman…pic to proper set karo yaar.kahan in jokro ki pic laga rakhi hai super heero ki jagah????

  150. Question: Why Yakuza Has Stopped Reporting?
    Answer: After all the Wrong Reporting that Yakuza was doing, suddenly Yakuza has stopped doing that once Ravaan was Released. The Reason could be that Ravaan has been confirmed Disaster and even with his reporting Ravaan can’t become even a flop. Where are his Supporters who say He is very genuine and more and more people are following him?If he is genuine He should declare that Ravaan is Disaster and it didn’t got opening. But idiot Yakuza said it got great opening. heeeeeeeeeeee
    24 Jun 10, 16:10

  151. sam get lost…or go to the nearest railway track or help urself with ur mom’s sari!

  152. My mother is quite serious and in HDU since 19th. Sorry to state, but unless she gets well and back to home, i will not be available. She is one whom I love most. I need you wishes guys ..

  153. Yakuza – hope ur mother gets better.Stay strong!ignore the idiotic comments frm the morons on here.

  154. thats a sad news Yakz bhai..hope ur mom feels better ASAP AND GOD BLESS HER AND MAY SHE RECOVER FAST…TAKE UR TIME AND DO UR DUTIES FIRST!!


  156. god bless ur mom nu yakuza bro………………….raavan par gossip baad mein kar lenge .look after her first…………

  157. god bless ur mom n u yakuza bro………………….raavan par gossip baad mein kar lenge .look after her first…………

  158. My best wishes for your mother yakuza, may she will recover soon.

  159. my best wishes for your mother yakuza sir .may your mom recover from her illness very soon.

  160. and i hope that you morons stop making foul cries about yakuza not reporting

  161. my wishes for ur mom,yakuza bro.

  162. guyz srk to drive buggati veyron for full news visit


  163. Top 5: ‘Raavan’ is a disaster, will entail heavy losses

    – By Taran Adarsh, June 26, 2010 – 07:52 IST

    Had a disastrous Week 1. The Hindi version collected approx. Rs. 23 cr. to Rs. 24 cr. nett in its first week. The business fell fast and furiously from Monday onwards. The second week opening [Friday] was extremely low as well. Will entail heavy losses to its distributors

  164. Best wishes for your mom Yakuza. The box office reporting can wait for sometime. Hope you will be back soon. Again best of wishes and lots of prayers.

  165. Krantiveer 2 Dull Raavan Poor First Week

    Saturday 26th June 2010 09.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Krantiveer 2 opened to a dull response of 10-15%. The film may do a bit better at some centres on the weekend but not enough to make a difference to its box office fate.

    Raavan had a poor first week with nett collections being around 24 crore. The film disappointed from day one and continued falling. The film may fall short of 30 crore nett for its lifetime business. FLOP

    Raajneeti had a solid weel of around 7.50 crore nett which takes its three week business to around 85 crore nett. BLOCKBUSTER

  166. Take care of your mother first,Yakuza.These actors or their fans are nothing before family.Best wishes for your mother.

  167. take care if your mother yakuza, give my salam and hope she gets well soon, and the BO reports can wait.

  168. Beera was a shit character

    Abhishek should get the film-fare worst actor award

  169. get well soon yakuza, drona disaster and mom falling sick, that’s very hard and in the same week.
    Best wishes and may god make your mother get well soon

  170. cant u shutup sam

  171. his mum is not feeling well and u taking piss bringing films in to it grow up yakuza hope ur mums gets well soon

  172. Yakuza – Hope your mum gets better soon. You take good care of her.

    Best wishes

  173. sam thats horrible, how would you feel if it wasyour mum.

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    for raavan updates

  176. everything about ihls


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  180. i hope ur mom get well soon .

  181. i knw u r not biased waiting 4 more reports from u yakuza once ur mom gets well

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  189. dear yakuza wish ur mom avery speedy recovery films will come n go forever take care of ur mother

  190. mother is like god for everyone .no one can replace mother .all will agree with me

  191. why we talk abt actors we must talk and abt our lives as actors enjoy n we fight 4 them

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  196. Attn Yakuza:

    Dil Hey kay Manta Nahi!

    Losing the job, me posting actual figures rest bullshitting, business trips, sick mother ……….

    lets see whats next in line!


  197. http://bollydrug.wordpress.com/2010/06/30/first-look-we-are-family/

    first look we are family

  198. Lamhaa is a film all set to release on 16th July.It is an action thriller film written and directed by Rahul Dholakia, beautiful Cinematography by James Fowlds.Set in Kashmir, the film is a story about an army man, played by Sanjay Dutt, and his love interest, played by Bipasha Basu, in the midst of the various issues that Kashmir had faced for years. It also features Anupam Kher and Kunal Kapoor in supporting roles.

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  199. Guyz and Gals today is the First QuarterFinal of Fifa 2010 WC.Lets see the Match Preview.The Netherlands play Brazil in the quarter final of the FIFA World Cup on 2 July 2010 in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

    Brazil have been growing in strength with every game, and given how strong they were to start with that must be causing worries for all the other teams left in the tournament, including their next opponents the Netherlands, who they face in the quarter final on Friday 2 July 2010 at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium in Port Elizabeth.

    for more go to -http://bollydrug.wordpress.com/2010/06/30/brazil-vs-netherland-match-preview/

  200. hoho lagey rho nishu bhai


  202. Signs of the Times: the Hate and Shit Site IBOS
    (Indian Box Office Shit) ridiculing Abisheck and the Bachchan Family and screwing their ass:

    From Ram Balram to Raavan. Why Abhishek Bachchan may not recover back up


    Forget pictures of random crowds, the last time an Amitabh Bachchan solo movie broke the All India opening box office records was 1990 with a movie called Aaj Ka Arjun. The last time an Abhishek Bachchan led movie came close to the opening record was in 2005 around the release of Bunty&Babli (it broke the Bombay record), Sarkar and when Anubhav Sinha’s ‘Dus Bahane’ not Madras Talkies’ Dus sar waale was the topic of discussion in the country. In case people haven’t noticed, that has stopped happening for Bachchan led movies last several years. And now we have reached an inflection point with Raavan, which could be a potential tipping point and legacy altering release. Why? The subvertive structuring and subsequent fate of Raavan will prove decisive for Abhishek Bachchan’s career and for the Bachchans standing in India in general. Because if cinema can make you, then cinema can break you.

    Consider this for beginners. The sights and sounds familiar to most Indians over the course of a year: Happy Dussehra. Happy Diwali. Light ups, firecrackers in the sky. You know the drill.

    In contrast, some sights and sounds Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan may start getting from now on Dussehra and Diwali: “Dear nakli wannabe Sita and nakli Ravan, Please accept our condolences”.

    How else to describe the individuals at this point for whom ‘Ram’, India’s greatest hero, was just another ‘character’ worth subverting and who tried to advance some non-existent ‘Raavayan’ on the people of India using their media of cinema. And lost. What do you say to them around October every year? Hey we blew up your guy again on Dussehra. Despite your movie. Accept our apologies?

    Much like the disastrous whim of original Raavan, Abhishek Bachchan shunned the warning signs. Foolishly tried to make it a choice between Ram and his Bachchan lastname. And India chose Ram. It always will.

    Dussehra marks Ram’s takedown of Raavan. Diwali his return back to Ayodhya. They forgot it is Ram not Amitabh Bachchan, and certainly nobody named Abhishek Bachchan; who is the ultimate superstar of Uttar Pradesh, let alone the greater Hindu people at large.

    Whatever iconic status Bachchans had from Hindi people of Hindustan, will thus likely end with Raavan. From this point forward, people will think of them differently, as strictly ‘kalakars’ of mixed origin and loyalties. And India is not lacking for ‘kalakars’.

    But even from a cinema point of view, an Abhishek Bachchan has even less chance than a Hrithik Roshan to get a ‘Ticket to Hollywood’. So if your name was Abhishek Bachchan, billed and sold over the past decade to the public as linked to UP through a UP-linked star all these years, but have yourself trouble speaking in Hindi clearly, are actually more Bangali than anything ethnicity-wise and not blessed with the greatest looks at that, was it really a good idea to try to undermine Hindustan’s greatest alpha male Ram? Even implicitly. It wasn’t like the Bachchans weren’t warned about this. This is not just something you can erase so easily from the public memory. People can forgive a Laaga Chunari Me Daag, a few can even forget Drona, but attempting to turn Ram into a villain? This they won’t forget. Not only have you failed, you have created an impression of yourself in process, you will not be able to overcome visiting temples all over again. People will see right through it.

    The Harivanshrai Bachchan connection can only go so far also because even Harivanshrai Bachchan himself would not have been appreciated if his work was seen as going against Ram. Whether you’re an Indian muslim, Bengali, from southern Tamil Nadu, or from Uttar Pradesh north itself you don’t go against Ram. And if you do, you can take a hike into the Indian ocean and hundreds of millions of Indians who see themselves as cultural descendants of Ram’s Vanar Sena will help you out.

    What links UP to Gujarat to Maharashtra to Karnatak to Rameshwaram in Tamil Nadu is not anybody named Bachchan, but Ram. Not at the surface but at the core, Ramayan and Ram’s vaanar sena leads to the very basis of Indian nationalism. The significance of Ram can only be appreciated once you realize this guy, Raavan, gets blown up every Dussehra in India on account of Ram, and Mughal empire’s Azeemoshan Shehenshah Akbar’s baap ka baap Baabar’s Baabri too is lying there biting dust in Uttar Pradesh in the name of Ram only. The most common greeting you may hear around India’a Army along with ‘Jai Hind’ is ‘Jai Ram Ji Ki’. So Ram, even as a symbol, is not that simplistic or easy to undermine.

    If Ram was just man, then he was one heck of a man to have invoked this kind of multi-thousand year response. Either way, Ram is the ultimate icon of the mainstream Hindu/Hindi culture of the people of Hindustan. And Abhishek Bachchan’s boat had been floating due to them mostly. Because if you examine him on his own individual merit from screen perspective objectively, there isn’t much there. He had a brief outburst in late 2004/2005 where it looked like he was about to put it together, but it has been downhill mostly since 2006. As it stands in 2010, it is not as if cinematically he’s got perfect looks or is ‘angry young man’/’rebel-without-cause’ type style icon to compensate for that. Or has worked to build an outstanding physique (when somebody named PR Sukumaran is in better shape than you, you’ve got a problem). Most everything about Abhishek Bachchan in 2010 spells mediocre and generally unremarkable. The stunts are lame and the fight scenes look underwhelming. . Is generally unable to create any chemistry with any heroine which is an epic failure for a leading man. His hindi dialogue delivery lacks clarity and punch and is not in tune with the way the masses talk at the street levels in middle India, On top of all this, a borderline delusional Abhishek Bachchan last year, to quote his words, wanted to take on ‘Ram’s army’. The man actually thought that was ‘funny’. Well how’s that working out now? What’s working out is if the Hindi people now turn on this guy, and Hollywood won’t rush in for him, what does Abhishek Bachchan do then? Go sell fish in Bangladesh?

    Raavan may not be an outright disaster though odds are it will be a disaster. But to connect the dots, each star has a base of support that’s a function of a number of variables. Jodha Akbar didn’t flop outright and yet Hrithik Roshan may never regain fully his previous pre-Jodhaakbar supportbase in India where his hit movies were all given blockbusters of the year status by the mainstream public of India. The strength of a star’s base of support is apparent by how quickly an ordinary/weak film crashes. Roshan getting smashed with Kites was not a surprise to many even though media was sure of its success and it got released on a gazillion screens. And yet he had worked harder than junior bachchan to reach a certain level onscreen atleast. Abhishek Bachchan never even reached Roshan’s position before going on a nosedive with Raavan. And Bachchans may never regain the stature they held if they are seen as a group trying to doublecross Ram while claiming heritage from Uttar Pradesh. Not even the people they think they are catering to right now with all this nonsense will respect them offscreen, let alone line up for their films. And the limited few, even well meaning ones that do are not likely to be consequential. So it’s a net huge loss. Bachchans have had a credibility and authenticity gap with the Indian public last few years and it will grow not shrink due to this. Newer stars and faces have arrived on the scene and more will come. An Anil Ambani or Birlas; one suspects if they have to lose 100-200 crores on, would rather at this point do so investing on promoting some talented newcomer leading hero(es). And Abhishek Bachchan will discover his last name was not indispensable.

    This brings us to Aishwarya Rai, the south Indian Akbar/Raavan songsinger currently linked to the Bachchans. It is hard to nail down if the new negative turn of Abhishek Bachchan’s career and mindset is also due to her influence or Abhishek Bachchan’s own ineptitude in decisionmaking for sure but, post Aishwarya Rai, symbolically and in some cases literally, Bachchans have gone from Suryavansh-am to Asur-vansh. From Ram Balram to Raavan. From defenders of [‘Ramgarh’, Hindustan] in Sholay against troops of Amjad Khan…to celebrating subversion of Ram in London UK with Shah Rukh Khan. Inauthenticity, fakeness and disconnect from the roots are running rampant here from what originally made Amitabh Bachchan a superstar worth mattering for the people of India in the first place, and what kept an Abhishek Bachchan survive with the public despite 15 flops, something no Khan, Kapoor, Sinha or Roshan would have been able to get away with. And certainly a Baweja, Harman Baweja did not get away with despite big budget backing. So it was the Bachchan name that largely kept Abhishek Bachchan out there in the public goodwill till now. But that name was advanced with a certain symbolism for why that was. Going back to his heyday, Amitabh Bachchan’s own appeal was always via a brand of North Indian masculinity projected over India with certain attitude and defiance. This guy (Abhishek) on the other hand is pulling reverse downhill. So the transformation from Natwarlal/Ram-Balram to Raavan is indeed an apt metaphor for the devolution and reversal of the Bachchans.

    That’s his/their call but moving ahead, the problem the Bachchans will encounter post-Raavan is not necessarily hatred or overt antipathy, but rather apathy and gradual irrelevance. And that may end up being a good thing. Neither Uttar Pradesh nor the greater hindi people at large are dependent on Bachchans representing their heroes on celluloid or elsewhere. Months before Zanjeer made a lanky man from UP named Amitabh Bachchan a star as ‘Vijay’ in 1973, the *real* Vijays, ie men of the largely North India military operation command in the East, and Air Force operations in the west, had brought Pakistan to its collective knees by the end of the 1971-72 war. It’s not said very often but that 1971 war victory was largely a Hindi military victory at the core level. It forever changed the map and face of the subcontinent, And coming out of it, it set the country onto a different trajectory away from Gandhigiri through those next 20 years. A defiant ‘ass kicking’ Hindi hero would have been seen on the screen in that decade’s biggest hits, whether his name was Amitabh, Shatrughan, or Vinod. And those films would still have been blockbusters, only the magnitude of those hits is up for debate. So if Indian heroism, on or offscreen, is not dependent on Amitabh Bachchan, where do we suppose the chances are for Abhishek Bachchan?

    Hindi is not limited to ethnicity only but is a cultural characteristic for Indians, a choice they have to make. There are plenty actors, who will represent Hindi style heroism and the core Hindi values with style and substance on the screen, far better than the current editions of the Bachchans do. And ultimately, that’s what matters. The screen hero has to reflect the heroes offscreen, not the other way around.

    The guess here is Bachchans will continue on being actors and doing the odd roles here and there, but the iconic significance of the Bachchan name ends in India, with their support for undermining Ram and inverting The Ramayan in Raavan. It is hard to see how Abhishek Bachchan comes out of it. He may hang around but then again so did Kumar Gaurav for a long time. Anybody remember him? To recover towards the public forefront, he would have had to make some drastic, permanent amends and it is difficult to envision him now being able to pull that off given his past patterns. Basically, there is something missing at a fundamental level if your name was a Bachchan and despite repeated warnings you actually thought supporting a subvertive effort like Raavan and with Aishwarya Rai in the central role as presented was to be anything but a disastrous and potentially fatal idea. So whichever God these people actually believe in nowadays, and whichever army they’re loyal to, needs to help them out now.

    But regardless of any assistance they may get, moving forward, it looks to make for some uncomfortable ‘Happy Dusshehra’ and ‘Happy Diwali’ moments between Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai and the Bachchans and the people of India from here on onwards. You can make Indian people forget release date of Drona. How do you make them forget Dussehra and Diwali?

    You can’t.

    So a decade after Refugee and week after Raavan, Abhishek Bachchan’s career is at risk of not being able to recover. It will take a monumental transformation for recovery, in terms of physicality and attitude and approach. Time is low, as are the odds, as the hole he has been digging for himself is a big one. Meanwhile the country, the segment of it which still indulges in cinema, maybe moving on to discovering out newer faces and aces of India.

  203. CHECK OUT BOLLYWOOD HUNGAMA AB jnr is still in the top 10 stars in India after the so called flops….love him or hate but you cant ignore him..truth hurts(BACHCHANS STILL ROCKS)..no wonder they are called bollywoods first family!!

  204. this article is not by me, it’s an ibos article, this site is always hailed to put down SRK and hritick, and the Bachchans were always promoted by this site, and they projected AB jr as the next heir to the bollywood throne by lyng and inflating his box office revenues by 10 cr or plus for each movie, but the problem with this site is that it’s a communal and hatred site, that never tolerated a muslim actor to be the numero uno in bollywood aka SRK or even a hindu actor aka hritick to play Akbar the muslim emperor, they saw hope in abished to dethrone SRK, but now that the bachchan parivar is dishonoring ram by showing there is some goodness in ravaan, they are lauching a war against tha bachchan family and hence screwing poor abishek that they were hailing earlier.

    i’am putting this article, to show the biasness of IBOS, and the one who swear by it like Satyam the shit

    • the new guy who owns the now shitty site named IBOS is a big time BJP supporter so dont expect them to be a kiss ass like Taran,Masand who are to SRK!!

      • and the articles from IBOS nowadays are written when this dude and co are in a bar near Ghatkopar and most of the time they are not in their sences and thus end up in senceless articles..truth hurts!

  205. I Hate Luv Storys


    By Behindwoods Visitor Bharath Mahadevan

    The views expressed in this column are that of the visitor. Behindwoods.com doesn’t hold responsible for its content.

    For years now Mani Ratnam has never been able to create a movie in the league of Nayagan, Iruvar, Anjali or Kannathil. With Raavanan (with the *an*), he has created a masterpiece which can stake claim as one of his best Tamil films ever. Raavan (without the *an*) is good, but unfortunately Abhishek had to be pitted against Vikram and this is a no contest.

    Unlike what most reviews say, Raavanan is not to show how Vikram is a Robin Hood or the gray in his character. Its a typical Mani Ratnam movie where the audience effortlessly falls in love with the anti-hero (more effortlessly with every film of his – from the detailed story in Nayagan to not so detailed in Dalapathy to more and more crisp editing in Dil Se and Guru).

    Also, unlike what most reviews say, Raavanan is anything but slow – It shows editing at its best and crispiest – The Prithviraj – Ash romance in one song, the Naxal theme in one song, Vikram’s character in a couple of frames and Vikram falling in love in one brilliantly choreographed song which is poetry in modern frames! The editing is so taut that it’s easy to miss a dialogue or a connection to the epic – Hanuman, Vibheeshan, Kumbhakarna, Jatayu. Blink and you miss a scene where Ash gets out of the train and waits for Prithviraj. Turn away and you miss the human side of Vikram falling in love with Ash.

    This is one movie where Mani Ratnam has

    deliberately left a lot of ambiguities. What does Sita go back for? What happens after the end? Who does she love, or does she love Raavanan at all? Who is Raavanan – A brilliant psycho? Millions of voices ringing in his head? Is the movie about Good Vs Evil, about how love destroys, about the captive and captor? Or is it about the Naxals? Or a bit of everything? Or is it a simple love story? Is Prithviraj involved in the Shurpanaka incident? Is he just a righteous cop who’ll do anything for justice? Was Ash imagining Vikram falling on her and getting close to her, like the other dream sequences?

    There’s no point talking about the brilliantly backlit frames, excellent music or the sets or the cinematography – These are all taken for granted in a Mani Ratnam movie. As are good acting performances from the side cast, especially Priyamani, Prabhu, Karthik and Ravi Kishen.

    Finally, the point which most reviewers have missed. Ash’s performance – The best by any adult heroine in a Mani Ratnam film (along with maybe Manisha in Bombay), and the best by any heroine in recent times.

    And Raavanan Vs Raavan – Raavan is by far better than any of the mindless stuff which comes out of Bollywood these days. And Abhishek doesn’t have a good PR manager like that fellow who played Arjun in Rajneeti 🙂 Abhi isn’t as good as Vikram, but by any standards an Abhishek performance in a Mani Ratnam film is better than any other peer – Ranbir, Imran Khan etc.

    Mani Ratnam is way ahead of his time in filmmaking. He defines moviemaking style in India in terms of camerawork, choreography, music and themes. Nayagan came in years before Company and Sarkar or any Mafia movie in India. Look at Mammootty and Rajnikanth in Dalapathy versus Manoj Bajpai and Ajay Devgn in Raajneeti. Dil Se was way ahead of its time. When Yuva was released, Bollywood was still caught in the traditional fare. Now, six years after Yuva we have mainstream films which are not typical love stories. So we need to wait for a few years for critics to applaud Raavan (without the *an* – that’s already a masterpiece) as a path breaking movie. Haven’t we waited years for critics to say Iruvar, Dil Se and Yuva were good movies after they were ripped apart when they were launched?

    Finally – Which other director in India would have the guts to present Ram as the villain and Raavan as the hero?

    Raavan makes you think. It requires you to keep up with its breakneck speed. Not a simple movie like Guru, which is why it has flopped.

    Bharath Mahadevan

    • Wonderful writing Bharath. I haven’t seen any version. But will catch hindi version very soon. Will see tamil version at DVD if subtitles available.

  207. Hi guys, with all of your wonderful wishes and grace of GOD, my Mom is back to home yesterday. I am hopeful that she will recover soon. I was in shocking state of mind to see my mom in this condition. She was undergone a very normal operation of gallbladder surgery on 7th June, but due to negligence of doctors, a stone was left in her duct (above food pipe) and her state post surgery went on bad to worst. It ends up failing in functions of multiple organs of body including kidneys and lungs and serious blood infection. She was in ICU for 4 days and further in HDU until yesterday.
    Well, All izz well at the end. I have extended my leave for this entire month as my mother needs personal care for much more days. But will start posting within few days. Definitely i will not be able to publish current box-office reports until i rejoin office. But will post some old stuff very soon. Thanks for being my well wisher … 🙂

  208. @ yakuza: Great to hear that the surgery has been successful , take care of ur mom , iam sure she will get well soon

    Great to hear u r back and will be posting some old movie’s collection , wd love to c u exposing the wrong figures of BOI

  209. chengez dont u dare include abishek in top 10, he is not a star like his dad or wife, he has no BO pull, dspite the big help with great directors and banners he is a flop actor who has survived only due to his surname. emran and shahid are ahead.


  211. Thank god, your mother is now at home and out of danger.
    My best wishes for her.

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