Raavan : Bollyplus Review

Raavan is very important and do or die venture for Abhishek Bachan. Mani Ratnam is one of the finest directors in recent Bollywood history. Successful Guru Team is coming back in Raavan. Real life couple and main lead of Guru Abhishek and Ashwariya are back in Raavan along with academy award winner A. R. Rehman’s melodies music. Will this rectangle repeat the history of Guru or it will sink like Baby B’s last releases Drona and Dilli-6? Lets see!


Raavan is set on Hindu mythology Ram, Seeta, Raavan and Hunuman. Beera (Abhishek Bachan) is a criminal and kidnaps Ragini (Ashwarya Rai Bachan) who is wife of Policeman S.P Dev (Vikram). Now Vikram has to find out his wife as well as Beera.Govinda who is forest guide helps Vikram to get Ashwarya and Abhishek.

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~ by Yakuza on June 17, 2010.

86 Responses to “Raavan : Bollyplus Review”

  1. so according to nauman, this is another drona.

  2. Thaanks Nauman, As you have tore apart the movie, I am still guessing how Mani Ratnam went so wrong ? His earlier work Dil se and Yuva may not have clicked at boxoffice, but found many takers. How you rate these two movies compared to Raavan ?

  3. Yakuza Didnt see Yuva, Dilse watched in 1997. I loved SRK’s acting especially when he use to said in his introduction All India Radio and show his ID card.
    Manisha was superb. and I always love cinematography. Dilse had also good natural locations like Raavan. I dont think so Dilse should be less than 3 stars. Cant forget Chaya Chaya craze. after college we all friends use to be block the road and dance on that song.

    • In case if you rate Dil Se better, then something is really wrong this time with Raavan. Nauman, my Last hope is that Your mood was not good before watching movie, or you must have quarreled with your GF in between movie …. :).

      • Yeah dat can happen. I was in a good mood wen i went to watch KITES so i loved it.

        The mental state of a person does affect their opinion on da movie.

  4. Yakuza I am extremely happy today that I am flying to Pak tomorrow 5 pm. My lagauge has been packed. I got my pay (Thursday is pay day here). Thats why I liked. mountain, lack, raining and wet jungle because I am in romantic mood now a days.
    Just waiting 2nd July When I will be in hall and watching IHLS with my lovely wife.

  5. As a normal person I am Akki fan. But as reviewer I am 100 % honest. My friend who was with me and other 3,4 people who were sitting in the hall none of any one liked. Believe me if I wasn’t reviewer and I didnt have to write review I could left in half way.

  6. @yakuza,i think nauman was in gud mood that’s why he gave 1.5 stars to raavan otherwise his review suggests rating in -ve.lolz

  7. Yakuza did you like Blue, Drona and Dilli 6? what is ur rating for these movies?
    add Tashan, Kites and MAMK as well plz.
    Then I will tell you will you like it or not.

  8. For me
    Blue 3 (checked my review in indicine)
    Drona 0/5 (left in the half way)
    Delhi 6 1.5/5
    Tashan 2/5
    Kites 1.5/5
    MAMK 2/5

    Now you can guess that what do you think abt Raavan.

    • for me

      Blue 2.5/5
      Drona advised not to see it
      Delhi 6 not seen
      Tashan turned it off after 10 mins
      Kites 3.5/5
      MAMK 2/5

      i wonder wat RAVAAN will be.

  9. But Yakuza its ok. Abhishek is not Akshay who has to maintain his 2007 record.
    Khele Hum Jee Jaan se, Game and Dum maro Dum looks good. and Adi Chopra announced Dhoom 3 as well along with same cast of D-2.

  10. yakuza sir how do you think the movie would fare at the box office?

  11. Yakuza what is your rating for Dilse and Guru?

  12. yakuza audience ne kaise response diya?

  13. sorry that was to nauman

  14. will not reveal story here, Just put lights on plus and minus points :

    Plus :

    1. Performances, Beera rocked MAN …….. And how ? Abhishek has done excellent job and very different from his previous work … Aish was also good, Vikram was fine but didn’t get much scope.
    2. Climax .. Will not reveal
    3. Music , Awsome on screen expereince to visualize the fantastic songs
    4. Cinematography. Have we seen such a fine locals and scenes before ? i haven’t. This is my first experience. Awesome
    5. Direction. Amazing , Mani thinks total out of box and did great Job.

    Minus :

    1. A bit slow pace in first 20 minutes of second half.

    Overall movie will rock and work big time at boxoffice. Movie is sholay of out time. Gabbar has gone, Beera is coming ……….

    My rating : 4/5

  15. rofl gabbar what is this crap bigfun

  16. film is a total crap work the overacting of abhishek irritates you yes big fun it is similar to sholay remake ram gopal verma ki AAG i dont think that it will get fantastic results at box office why mani made this film .

    and that fat man govinda in as tarzan why you torture a simple man with such films dont waste that much maoney to make this crap and all

  17. yakuza sir i guess i ll have to wait as i am gettin very diverse reviews from bigfun and nauman

    • When reactions are extreme diverse, interest level increases to another level. I am more charged now … 🙂

  18. beera and dilli songs are totally ill timed songs with no scope the movie will blast the cinema halls with eggs and tomatoes and not with money

  19. Big Fun, thats cool you liked it. Alteast now some Bachan fans will happy.
    But which 20 minute you mentioned I only liked that 20 minutes of Abhishek’s sister’s scenes. She was also damn good. Especially her voice is to sexy.
    Starting was also nice when Abhishek kidnapped Ash.

  20. @Nauman, you didn’t like the movie because u are bachchans hater?

  21. lolz Rony, I love Abhishek. And I never give the rating according to my personal wish. Either it is Akki or Himesh Reshamiya. Who will work good he will get praise. I am Akshay fan but I didnt like Tashan , 8×10 , CC2C and Deewane Howe Pagal. I am not Himesh Fan but I liked Aap Ka Sarur.
    I loved Abhisehk in Dostana, Dhoom series and in Sarkar series.
    I dont know why guys thinks that reviewers are biased about there fav actors.

  22. I rather wait to watch movie and decide if it is good or not.Especially Mani Ratnam movies are bit different..

  23. Nauman, are you a professional reviewer?How long you are wrting reviews?

    • I am not a professional reviewer but I am writing reviews since one year officially on a site bollyplus.com and I hv written some in local news papers when I was in Pakistan.

      • hope u dont rate bollywood films by lollywood standards lol..

      • Well i guess then you are no diffrent than hundreds and thousands of us who post their opinion on diffrent websites and blogs..with no professional or techical experise

  24. Nauman mate,i thought you have a better sence about cinema…u need to work more on ur cinematic reviewer job…”poor cinematic knowledge”..you have failed please stop doing this as U R NOT FIT for this..truth hurts!

    • Thx mate. Any other advice for me ?
      When I gave 3 stars to Veer. Than all Sallu fans had same reaction. Even they didnt like my 3 star review and next day when Taran and others gave 1.5 and 2 then they thought I was right.
      BTW how is perth going? Sydney is too cold now a days and today is showering as well.

      • haha…u gave Veer 3 stars and in fact it was not even worth 1 star..this shows ur knowledge bout cinema any way keep on trying writing ur 2 cents as “U NEVER FAIL UNTILL U STOP TRYING”.
        Perth is cool today mate!

  25. I guess Nauman, you went assuming to see Akshay Kumar Movie or SRK movie and found Abhishek instead.When you mentioned that Masniratnam did not make it with interest, that shows how unprofessional your approach to reviewing is.I guess you went in with an intention that this movie is going to fail.But do not write a review which is full of crap in grammer and analysis.

    • When you gonna watch it ? Finger cross. And tell me where is grammar mistake in this review which is up on my site?

  26. Thanks for the early review Nauman. I had booked my tickets yesterday so will have to watch this one now. But thanks to your review, I will keep my expectations low. Keep up the good work!

  27. i dont trust that bifun, that guy is a abhishek licker on indiafm

  28. bhai logo raavan ke alawa aur bhi gum hain duniya mein………………….kya sab ke sab raavan ke peeche lage ho yaar.sari publicity tum log hi karoge kya?

  29. Hahahahahahaha @yakuza @changez nd other bachan fans.just saw aaj tuk starnews fucking ravan…wait for friday this movie ll be a epic disaster.reliance ll lost heavnly

  30. If Abhishek looks so irritating & annoying in the poster,what will it be like watching him for more than 2 hours?

    And why does a villain “Raavan” has to look like a toilet cleaner? As if someone flushed his face in the WC


      • I don’t degrade myself to the level of your likes

        You seem to be someone from a lower caste Bhangi group & look like the Raavan himself 😛

        Go watch the disaster flop movie yourself

  31. Believe me Abhi will annoying to every one.
    in whole movie he says
    chhuck chhuck chhuck chhuck

  32. Nauman..check your above post..that is called grammar mistake..please correct your English and post reviews…

  33. India’s leading print house TOI has given good(3. 1/2) rating for the movie RAAVAN and that is more rated and respected than some amateurs who think they are Hitchcock,Kurosawa or a Charli chaplin in the blogs here…my 2 cents!

    • Changez bhai aap to apne Aussie bhai ho. You really think abt me like this?
      It’s ok let other reviews come n then we will talk.

  34. chengez bollywood needs u dear.come on show the whole world that akki n sallu n others r nowhere in front of u..aaja mere bhai hero banja…kam se kam bollywood ko 1 to aisa actor milega jise acting aati hai..yahan baithe bathe netagiri karne se kuchh nahi hoga….lolz

  35. nauman i liked ur review and i l tell u if it is correct or not i am going to watch raavan at 11 10 ist okk brother chengez abhi is nothing infornt of srk akki sallu and aamir ok brother

  36. Boarding has done just waiting for plane. Hopefully after 10,15 min I ll be in the flight.
    Yakuza bhai tata bye bye and all other users aswell.

  37. Alright everybody, the movie got 1.5 star review from most & the best rating was 2 stars that’s because the Raavan looks like a Bhangi


  38. ok nauman u r pakistani go to ur copuntry to review ur films donot interfere in hindi movies as u cannot understand anything

  39. whether raavan is flop[ or disaster no need of paki to review it

  40. Spr.:)Apart from a disaster at boxoffice abhshek bachan also raped by critics also.hahahahahahahahahbhahahaha tamil version may recovr due to vikram but hndi version despite all the hype opend to disaster response in majority of india.hahahahahaha @changez lundkumar @yakuza @bigfun tattalal @srinivas gandsingh so i thnk u now ll know wht is the defination of STARPOWER ND SUPERSTAR

  41. Poor amitabh coz of his nalayak son has to shake hand wid srk to attract sum crowd at london primer.nd plz plz plz for god sake abshek dun behve like a dude.it dun suit u

  42. Omg I m in the plane now . I got bullshit aisle seat. Let’s see which Hindi movies they hv for me in 14 hrs long journy.

  43. Alex any thing else for me? Ur attitute is representing Indians . So plz think before write any thing.

  44. [******** Comment Edited ******** ]

  45. yakuza, what is the second week collection of Rajneeti?

  46. watched raavan boring didnt lyk d movie pathetic correct review nauman bhai according to me 1/5

  47. Yakuza plz ban that madarchod pakistani gawar illitrate nauman..he thnks he is a reviewer he dint know proper english…hum aapas me lad skte hai ek dusre se par koi illitrate paki india ke against bkwas nhi kr skta.his comment showd how much he respect india.bhosdi ke nauman india ki movie review krke hi teri wo 2 paise ki site chal rhi hai. U r a wannabe just concemtrate on ur study..u pakistani can become gud terrorist not reviewer….

  48. abe ja nauman apni chauthi shaadi kar le bekaar ka country ko beech mein mat laa sale apni aukaat par utar aaya sale jab tak tum logon ke l@nd par bandook na rakho salle tumahri jabaan bahut chalti hai .

    @ yakuza instead of deleting comments of indians throw that nauman out he is of no use ja be osama ke ghar jakkar uske jute saaf kar saale halaat kurki wali aukaat bhikariyon ki toh hai nahi chale hain raja banne abe sale tumahra desh hai ki gutar ki jisko dekho keeron machad ki tarah terrorist ki breeding ground ban gaya hai.

    and that bansu this thing is not about your fav actor ye inn gadhon pakistaniyon ke liye hai

  49. Well said bhai..yakuza why r u deleting indians comments?who the hell is nauman?why r u gvng importance to that gawar ?any overseas viewer can gve early review isme is aatankwadi nauman ki kya achvement hai?he dun know english nd has no knowledge of cinema.he once said devd nd blackfriday r horrible movies..hahahaha pakistaniyo ki ma ka bhosda.if u dun bann hm we will never visit this site.

  50. Yakuza we fans always criticize each other like me changez u but that is fun.we cant tolerate any gawar nobody pakistani..cmon u masterpraz write such a gud review than why that madarchod paki

  51. cmmon please can we be got damn decent about our comments.let us not be barbaric. besides its his weeding day sometime near.dont give him bad memories

  52. WTF is goin on on dis site.

    films are there to entertain people. lets stop all dis bashing of where people come from.

    last week a memeber of this site brought religion into it, and now dis

  53. Yakuza Bhai,
    Just Heard that, there is some health problem in ur family, i’m really very concern Bro.
    My full support is with you and your family.
    I will pray and hope that every thing will be normal.
    Take care bro.

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