Raavan : Prints/Boxoffice Discussion

Raavan is releasing with around 1250 Prints in india and with fairly good number of shows. Per day capacity of movie will be in range of 13-14 Crore(Weekend) if occupied 100%. Advance booking has started today and response is fairly ok, similar to  Raajneeti. But Raajneeti got huge footsteps on opening day of around 59% (10 Crore). With similar occupancy rate Raavan will fetch around 8-8.5 Crore on opening day. Due to lesser prints in circulation and relatively lesser screen space, Raavan need to fetch better occupancy rate to yield good collections.

Let’s look at how Raavan will fare if occupied in similar range of Raajneeti. 

Raajneeti Collections Estimated Collections of Raavan (With similar occupancy)
Friday – 59% 10 Crore 8-8.5 Crore
Weekend – 65% 33.25 Crore 25-27.5 Crore
First Week – 52% 53.5 Crore 39-42.64 Crore

 — BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on June 16, 2010.

83 Responses to “Raavan : Prints/Boxoffice Discussion”

  1. Yakuza bhai

    this is very less print count compared to recent big movies released. It seems RAAVAN needs to have bigger occupancy to but big numbers on first weekend. Advance booking in my city is pretty good and evening shows are almost fykk

    • Yes, Prints are comparatively less. But this is fault of Big Pictures. Unable to negotiate with exhibitors.

      • ‘Raavan’ in 2200 Screens Worldwide

        By Taran Adarsh, June 16, 2010 – 16:51 IST

        Reliance BIG Pictures and Madras Talkies’ forthcoming film RAAVAN will release in approximately 2200 screens worldwide on Friday, June 18, making it the first Indian film to release simultaneously in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu versions.

        The Hindi version of the film RAAVAN is slated to release in 1250 screens in India and 325 screens overseas in over 35 countries, including India, U.S., Canada, U.K., U.A.E., Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, South Africa, Netherlands, France, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Sri Lanka etc.

        The Tamil version RAVANAN will release in 225 screens in India, including Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka and also in Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Pune, Nasik, Surat, Baroda, Kolkata cities with English subtitles. It will release in 150 screens overseas in Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, U.S., U.K., Middle East Asia, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa etc.

        The Telugu dubbed version VILLAIN will release in 215 screens in Andhra Pradesh and in additional 25 screens in U.S., Australia and New Zealand.

      • Raavan to release in 2200 screens globally
        Indiantelevision.com Team
        (16 June 2010 6:05 pm)

        MUMBAI: Reliance Big Pictures and Madras Talkies’ upcoming film Raavan will release simultaneously on 18 June in approximately 2200 screens worldwide.

        The Hindi version Raavan will release in 1250 screens in India and in 325 screens overseas across 35 countries including US, Canada, UK, UAE, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand
        , Fiji, South Africa, Netherlands, France, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and India.

        The Tamil version Ravanan will release in 225 screens in the country including Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka and also in Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Pune, Nasik, Surat, Baroda and Kolkata
        with English subtitles.

        Besides, it will release in 150 screens overseas in Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, US, UK, Middle East Asia, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

        The Telugu dubbed version Villian will release in 215 screens in Andhra Pradesh and in addition in 25 screens in US, Australia and New Zealand.

        Says Reliance Big Pictures CEO Sanjeev Lamba, “Reliance Big Pictures is proud to partner with Madras Talkies and present Raavan in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu for audiences worldwide. We hope that the film’s success is repeated and further strengthened with the highly-anticipated Hindi debut of Vikram.”

  2. IHLS would destroy this film

  3. i think no one bought raavan

  4. lets see how it fares the advance booking is quite ok in plexes

  5. yes yakuza that’s wat i was trying to say, raavan has less prints, btw pls tell me which will fetch more money for raavan hindi version or tamil/telugu version in india

    • As Tamil version fetched excellent advance booking, It will do better. But anything can happen on opening day.

  6. yakuza sir have u got any reactions about how the movie is?

  7. heard from Santosh shivan that its mani’s best till date…he is my brothers class mate from Kochi.

  8. Yakuza Bhai I can send you my review of Raavan 8 pm IST Thursday.
    Will you post it like Housefull ?

    • Sure Nauman, I will wait for your review. BTW i am still waiting for your marriage invitation … 😛

  9. Chengez is Sydney Raavan gonna release on Thursday 2:35 pm through greater union. Are you in Perth?
    what about Perth?

    • Hey Nauman..firstly congrats & welcome 2 de club..well In Perth its a 1:30 show on thursday to start with,so wont be able to watch untill friday evening as will be busy with my business:-(

  10. Oh Yakuza bhai You also know about My wedding? Good.
    Sure Every one who can come to lahore on 26th June he/she is invited for my wedding reception. I would love if you will come to my wedding.
    I am able to send you review at 12 PM Thursday. But I hv to go to work so cant watch morning show. I am sure I will send you near to 8-9 pm. But you dont stay after 7 pm. Will se stay here tomorrow till my review comes ?

  11. Dear Yakuza,
    how much require for RAAVAN to become clean hit.

  12. first week will be in the range of 35 cr not more than that

  13. I think they are going back to the hilarious Indian cinema of the 70’s & 80’s where the villain is portrayed like some garbage with weird attire

    Should be a great comedy movie

    A villain with a look of the gutter

    • with ur small mind in the “no good brain” of urs its a disgrace to add the name of the legendary actors name as ur lOGIN ID..JERK OFF SOMEWHERE ELSE IN A CORNER!

  14. Rite now the way. Ravaan review will up by 3 pm ist today.
    Yakuza bhai good news for u. I m going rite now

  15. Shakir, above 60 cr Raavan will in safe zone. 65 cr us enough for hit tag

  16. Movie has started. Abhishek ricks. Starting is superb.

  17. Omg. Ash kidnapped in very first scene.

  18. Abhi stars only in hindi version whereas for telgu villan and tamil ravanan other actor called vikram is in lead role

  19. hey nauman how is the movie?

  20. I hv watched n writing review

    • nauman

      dont reveal 2 much of da story in ur review. lookin frward to da readin da review

    • Hey Nauman, Can’t wait any more. Atleast put few words here before publishing full review.

  21. wow nauman, you are genius man, you are making live commantry, exciting, though i am not online , but responding through cell, looking forward for all your exciting updates.

  22. this is better than twitter..nauman!

  23. as i told you Raavan will surprise many..just wait and watch!

  24. hey nauman is it good?

  25. how long do i need to wait to check on the review of raavan on this site?

  26. Well talked to a friend from London who saw movie yesterday, He liked the movie and was sure about its success. In his words “Movie is different from earlier Ratnam work and really a stunning experience, Performances and Cinematography are plus points of movie and Yes ABHISHEK IS ROCKING IN MOVIE.”

    Well, all i know that same man didn’t like Kites but he liked MNIK. He responded MNIK in similar manner. So let’s see.

    About box-office, Advance booking is not inching further after average opening, but this is usual. Most of bookings done on wednesday itself within 3-4 hours.

  27. Nauman bhai, Now visitors started committing suicide with a suicide note blaming you for this action. Please do fast mere bhai … Before rohit commit same … 🙂

  28. well if he said same abt MNIK then u hav to wait as all know wht crap movie tht was

    • Let’s see. The point is that MNIK WOM was good at large and even i liked the movie. That’s a different thing that movie doesn’t hold well on repeat viewing.

  29. well opening will not be more then 30%

    • Raajneeti was 59% on day one on national level, Raavan should be better as it is releasing on lesser screens. I am not talking about numbers, just occupancy percentage.

  30. @SrBachchan it was awesome experience of cinema

  31. there is one problem with abhishek his movies donot open well if its good then pick up as i think he is liked by family audience

  32. well i aint gonna commit suicide .just xcited to know what the reviews are like.hope to catch this movie on the 1st day itself

    • Hey, was just joking brother. I am sure it will be a true cinematic experience. Will wait for your views. Alas i will not be able to catch it this weekend atleast.

  33. movie is good as its directed by mani ratnam best director of indian cinema

  34. by the way kakuza how much time more will it take for nauman to put up his review?

    • I hope he was not talking about 3:00 PM Sydney time. Otherwise his review should be up now. We can’t help but wait.

  35. its more then 3:00. cmmon put up the review

  36. well yakuza plz put up the review now

  37. i fear it should not turn out to be DILSE part 2 though i liked dilse but all know at box office it was zero

  38. what is the collection of Rajneeti till wednesday?

  39. hey guys i m not fan of abhi but just got information from my bro who saw raavan its g88888888888 movie so festival has begun

    • can you put few more words from your bro ? Like performance.

      • Yakuza I hv written my review long time ago. But a person who post on my site is not available right now.
        So just waiting for her. as soon as she will free she will post.
        But believe me I didnt like. and I am sure it wont work. Believe me Yakuza Bhai Raavan has nothing except good music and out class cinematography.

  40. My bad luck when I was watching she was waiting for me. But now she is not available. I am help less.
    Ok I can post it here. or I can send you in your e mail. You can post it in new page.
    Yakuza Bhai is it fair? then tell me in which e mail id i have to send you review ?

  41. Nauman

    Why didn’t u like it?

  42. OK Yakuza I am posting. But may be lots of grammar mistakes.
    you can fix it plz.


  44. Raavan – Movie Review

    Raavan is most important and do and die for Abhishek Bachan. Mani Ratnam is one of the finest directors in recent Bollywood. His last master piece Guru Team is reloaded in Raavan. Real life partner and main lead of Guru Abhishek and Ashwariya are back in Raavan along with academy award winner A. R. Rehman’s melodies music.
    Let’s see will these four people’s rectangle repeat the history of Guru or it will sink like Baby B’s last releases Drona and Dilli-6?


    Raavan is set on Hindu mythology Ram, Seeta, Raavan and Hunuman. Beera (Abhishek Bachan) is a criminal and kidnapped Ragini (Ashwarya Rai Bachan) who is wife of Police S.P Dev (Vikram). Now Vikram has to find out his wife as well as Beera.
    Govinda helps Vikram to get Ashwarya and Abhishek who is forest guide.

    • Extreme poor screenplay that does not justified with the characters and does not know the importance of hero in a movie.
    • I would like to say Abhishek is not a villian in the movie. The real villain is writer of this movie.
    Slow tempo and unconvincing execution is the instability of the movie.
    • How will you feel when you will find main hero of the movie in a small guest appearance? Movie revolves around only Beera (Abhishek). Vikram is hardly there.
    • There is no love chemistry between Vikram and Ashwarya.
    • Abhishek’s different voices and lots of horrible get ups are really annoying.
    • In starting Ashwarya jumps in the river from mountain to run away from Abhishek. But when Abhishek gets her back she climbs on the mountain again with Abhishek. Why didn’t she jumped again?
    • Govinda does not suit as Tarzan with his heavy 100 kg wait.


    • Cinematography is excellent. Especially
    Lacks, mountain, jungle, wet plants and rain give you feel fresh.
    • Music is another positive point. Every song is melodious especially beera and behne de are top on the charts.
    • Ashwarya looks beautiful at the age of 37. She maintained herself very well and still looks better than new teen ager actresses.


    • Abhisehk Bachan is OK. 80 % camera focus him. He use lots of colors in this movie to make his face more terrible. Which does not appeal.
    • Ashwarya is superb. She is the only one who worked hard for this movie. She looks gorgeous and still 20,22 years old.
    • Vikram may be a super star in south movies. But I really cant see his future in Hindi movies. He does not have any thing to offer. No role no dialogue and no face expressions.
    • Govinda is fine in his role but he does not suit in his role.


    Raavan is extremely poor movie in all aspects. Looks like Mani Ratnam did not have any interest in this movie along with all cast. Looks like Raavan is just a formality for its team. Except A.R. Rehman’s good music and Ashwarya’s beautiful and fresh look Raavan does not have anything to offer. Heavy amount need to recovers which looks highly unlikely.


    1.5/5 Raavan will be Raavan for its producers.

    • It might turn out to be a bad movie but i’m sure performances of the 3 leads will rock,mani is always known for extracting terrific performances frm his cast

  45. Yakuza this is link for proper edited review
    plz post this one.


  46. http://www.rupya.com/2010/06/17/raavan-review/15174

    just read this review

    really badly written….seems like a 12yr old wrote this

  47. http://www.pamil-visions.net/ravan-review-bollywood-good/215819/


    is this supposed to be a review?

  48. KM are you talking about My Review ?

  49. Nauman

    no….talking abt the reviews which are ‘linked’

  50. Thx BTW My edited review has up on my site and here as well. you can read.

  51. will not reveal story here, Just put lights on plus and minus points :

    Plus :

    1. Performances, Beera rocked MAN …….. And how ? Abhishek has done excellent job and very different from his previous work … Aish was also good, Vikram was fine but didn’t get much scope.
    2. Climax .. Will not reveal
    3. Music , Awsome on screen expereince to visualize the fantastic songs
    4. Cinematography. Have we seen such a fine locals and scenes before ? i haven’t. This is my first experience. Awesome
    5. Direction. Amazing , Mani thinks total out of box and did great Job.

    Minus :

    1. A bit slow pace in first 20 minutes of second half.

    Overall movie will rock and work big time at boxoffice. Movie is sholay of out time. Gabbar has gone, Beera is coming ……….

    My rating : 4/5

  52. Nauman mate,i thought you have a better sence about good cinema…u need to work more on ur cinematic reviewer job…”poor cinematic knowledge”..you have failed mate!

  53. Raavan review:

    Alert-those who enjoy bikini shows,3rd rate jokes & masala stay away frm raavan
    Those who like serious cinema combined with technical brilliance,raavan is the ideal movie

    Plus points:
    Rajeev menon’s cinematography is outstanding.

    ARR’s music & BGM,mani has picturised the songs well especially ‘behne de’ & ‘beera’.

    Gripping screenplay & sharp direction


    Movie is bit slow at places.

    Dialogues shld hv been better.


    Junior b was top notch as beera,his character is going to stay for long with u

    Ash did a gr8 job,she conveyed her expressions well.

    Vikram was very good,rest of all- priyamani,govinda ,ravi kissen did well………

    Don’t miss this one,raring:4/5

  54. haha hehe hohoho
    laughing my ass out..on ppl tryin to give thumbs up to raavan..
    outright mother of all disasters..

    who was the one..gibving 4 stars..I wanna slap him

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