Once More : Raavan Theatrical Trailer

~ by Yakuza on June 13, 2010.

10 Responses to “Once More : Raavan Theatrical Trailer”

  1. Only one word…AWESOME!!! ABs character in the film seems to be special. Waiting for something like GURU.


    this just looks like a brilliant film….summer blockbuster

    Housefull and Kites do not excite me at all


  4. Isn’t it strange that all of Abhi’s best movies/performances have come from a Mani film? 😉 this is a gr8 combo imo

  5. i’v been listening to Raavan songs and they’re are some very good songs here:

    Ranjha Ranjha
    Behne De
    Thok De Khilli
    Khili Re

    all the above are gr8 pieces of music from A.R.Rahman who is simply the best music director out there at present.

  6. Yakuza bhai how much ravana had sail in music give me reply if big picture has buy 100 core in 3 version then movie is safe in boxoffice if it will do 60 core business in Hindi then it will be hit

    • T-series bought Audio rights for Raavan. Irrespective of Sales, it is fixed price deal, so hardly matters how much units has been sold.

  7. abhishek copied his dad as he looks like in aks but still movie can be hit

  8. Sandip

    How has he copied his dad? Imo this is a v.risky and edgy role played by Abhishek

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