Raavan – Boxoffice Prediction

Before predicting box-office of Raavan, Let’s analyze some factors which are basis of any prediction : 

  1. Curiosity : This factor is definitely a plus point for Raavan as most of us want to know about how Raavan has shaped up, Its good or bad ? basically curiosity level decide the angle of trending or you can say this factor decide that how sharp movie will improve in coming days if WOM is good/excellent. I found this factor on plus side for Raavan, Even if movie open to average response on first day, Great WOM can take it to another level on subsequent days.
  2. Buzz : Unfortunately the level of buzz which was on initial days of promotion, is on decline at the moment. I can only hope that for rest of week, Raavan team will leave no stone unturn to make audience aware that Beera is coming. Buzz helps movie to boost opening day figure, but later only WOM decide the legs of movie.
  3. Star Box-office Pull : This factor ensure good opening, Abhishek with Mani is something to watch out for. Abhishek’s last two movies Delhi-6 and Dostana was good opener.
  4. How Effective are Promos/teasers : I can safely say that most of promos are liked by general audience.
  5. Music : Music is definitely getting popular, Most of tracks are appreciated by audience and album will soon become highest selling of 2010.
  6. Competitors : This is solo release, so no competition. But at the same time will compete with its another Tamil version in south.
  7. External factor : Relatively smaller release in southern territories, This will cut a big chunk of revenue.
  8. Any recent blockbuster : Yes, Most of audience already stepped to theater for Raajneeti and is still going strong.

 Based on all above factors, My prediction is (This is my moderate assumption) : 

Opening Weekend : 25-27 Crore

Opening Week : 42+ Crore

Lifetime :  70-75 Crore

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~ by Yakuza on June 13, 2010.

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  1. will the world cup affect this movie?

    i really hope that that all versions of the movie are big hits.


    u give a breakdown of the economics of this movie plz


    • Ahh, i forget the biggest threat , World cup. However in india, it will not affect much. But in abroad, This will hamper the prospects to some extent.

  2. abishek bachan and starpower. are you serious????

    • Delhi 6 And Dostana, both movies were 5.5 Crore on first day (with 800 Prints). If you think APKGK with similar prints and 6 Crore opening was excellent, Then Delhi-6 and Dostana was also very good opener.

  3. Govinda is anyday a bigger star, govinda was a superstar in 90.

  4. yakuza

    whats the budget of the hindi version? 60crs?

    • Big Pictures has bought the rights of all three versions including prints and publicity for 100 Crore. Big Pictures again in talking terms to sell the rights for regional versions to sub distributors, lets see how much price they fetch, Hindi version cost will be set after that.

  5. so really lets say if the hindi version is costed at 70crs, it needs 85crs to be called a hit?

    • Most probably Hindi version price will set at 60 Crore. Deducting 20-25 Crore from other revenues, Hindi version will need 35+ Crore distribution share for recovery.

      • what do u mean deducting 20-25 crore from othr revenew..if bigpictures bought it by 100 cr ( all versions). Hindi verson should be sold to subdistribtors around 85 cr(if you include all other source of revenew) to recover its money..if you exclude DVD, home video sattelite then it could be 60 cr….but then it has to earn 60 cr DS ( as you cannot incude DVD sattelite etc here also)..i.e 120 cr nett to recover the cost

  6. Yakuza What about khatta meetha? whats the economics of this film.

    • farhad, KM will be a easy Hit at 40-45 Crore. I will publish the detailed economics of movie in separate thread.

  7. ao 75crs will make hindi version of version a clean hit?

  8. KM 😉 seems to be targetted at the interiors because its not set overseas/big cities..so it should do well in single screens imo
    Akshay for once has been clever here and made this a safe venture.

  9. KM has a good story about the road mafia, but its a satircal comedy, so it will have seriousness as well as light comedy like bhool bhuliya.

  10. Yakuza as per komal’s report HF cost was 55 crore not 60 crore.

  11. raavan will fatch 75 cr if yakuza says because he is genious in prediction he should make movies it can never fail

  12. sorry Yakuza I am late. When did you post this prediction? I think you wont be here any more and now you will be back on Monday.
    according to me. Either Raavan will be disaster or Super Hit. I cant see any avg, abv avg or semi Hit tag for it.
    I think Either It will be not more than 30-35 cr life time or it will be 70 cr plus life time.
    Either audience will complete reject it or completely accept it.

    • Yes Nauman, Generally most biggies went this way only. If Raavan not liked by audience, It will collapse on weekend itself. In case of acceptance, it can go very well. BTW i am still waiting for your marriage card … 😀

  13. Yakuza as you said that you never be online after 7 pm. I think I still have 20 minutes for your reply.
    If you are here plz reply me. And let me know am I right about my prediction ?

  14. Farhad Sajid Nadiadwala announced before released that I wont repeat KI history and this time budget is under control and under 45 cr. Add 10 cr for Publicity and Print.
    so total 55 cr.
    Recovery of HF is below
    Indian DS 37 cr
    Overseas DS 8 cr
    Non Theatrical 25 cr
    Total revenue 70 cr.
    So 15 cr profit.
    Sajid Nadiadwala and Eros will share 7.5 , 7.5 cr

  15. raavan will be hit if yakuza says

  16. Yakuza so acc to u ranbir nd abhshek has equal starpower?dun be that biasd plz….abhshek bachan nd starpower hahaha.btw yakuza i dun thnk u know the meaning of word starpower ….nd yakuza stick to wht u just said that ranvan need 35ds 4 recovry.m sure it ll not do that in any case

  17. wc is big factor yakuza coz ravan was always a multiplex audience movie among whch wc craze is huge

  18. So yakuza bhai gone. see u on monday
    being salman, Now box office is very unpredictable. So may be it can work big time and it has 2 open weeks as well.
    I really dont think after HF that any game can effect cinema business. If I want to watch movie and match also. I will watch movie before or after match. I wont miss one thing.

  19. Star box office pull.this factor ll ensure gud opening..hahahahahaha kya joke hai…so dostana opend coz of bachan nd a rakesh mehra movie can open gud wid any actor..its ur abhshek coz of whch dilli6 opend so poorley

  20. beingsalman, raajneeti is a big hit due to katrina, let ranbir 1st be consistant, then he can be called superstar, raajneti cud be equally creditted to ajay.

  21. lol agree being salman im not an abhishek fan but as i remember delhi 6 did open good im into raavan alot becasue becasue of its story looking forward to that film

  22. yeh dam right frahad i was waiting for a commnent like this raajneeti was hit becasue of katrina ranbir i dont like hes just a lucky guy he should be very thankful to katrina for getting to work with her early in his career any actor could have been successful as ranbir even if imran khan gets movies with katrina hell be more succesful

  23. He shud be thank to his godfathers of kapoor clans, he wouldof struggled if he didn’t have the backing.

  24. Farhad, Raajneeti got big opening due to big cast, kites disappointment and Katz.
    But movie worked only for 1 reason which is Good Movie.
    If movie wasnt good then Katrina couldnt safe it like Yuvraaj.
    She is lucky , beautiful but not acrtess.
    I will give the cridt to Super Six for success of Raajneeti
    1. Manoj
    2. Ranbir
    3. Ajay
    4. Nana
    5. Arun
    6. Prakash Jha

  25. Yakuza
    If KM is clean hit at 45 crs.
    Then how much should it earn for superhit and bb tag?

    • I think, it will be clean hit at 40 cr and 60 crt for Superhit and 70+ cr will make it Blockbuster. It is a sure shot winner.

  26. yeh but true nauman but still no star can rise above script not even ranbir or katrina but still we cannot ignore raajneeti and ajab got opening because of katrina fact and very true of you farhad ranbir would have struglled if he wasnt born in the kapoor khandan fact

  27. @nauman if that was the case than why no release during ipl?

  28. If anjana anjani opend to 40cr than also u ll say it is due to priyanka.m sure..u people r just sadist….nd btw is it ranbir fault that he is a kapoor..tushar farden abshsek all r star sons but luk where they r nd where is hritk nd ranbir.u can only get 1st movie due to being starson after that its all public acceptance..now comment maro..

    • You shit salman fan
      your idiot over-sized salman is lukka in overseas market in front of abhi.
      Total gross of Abhishek Bachchan film in USA since 2007 – 6.82 million $ in 7 movies (Average – 975,000)
      Total gross of Salman Khan film in USA since 2007 – 5.02 million $ in 8 movies (Average – 628,000)

      • A Drona grosses more than Wanted in USA.
        Salman is just popular in poorer states like Rajasthan and Bihar where B-graed Mithun flicks are even rage.

        • after all his stint as a criminal in the police book..slumman is trying to grt in the good book of police by doing fake charity…and is now old and need Viagra to stand up his wood to breed KATRINA NOW OR MIGHT TAKE HIS BROTHERS HELP IN MAKING HIS SUCCESSOR.

          • chengez **** (Comment Edited)

            • ur mom did that 2 me this mornin while u were sleepin with ur sister!

              • chengez

                am laughin at ur comments u retard. just goes to show wat manners u have. i insulted u, and u bring family into it. haha.

                anyway guyz over here in Eng no 1 will bother with RAVAAN, due to da world cup. Eng r playin on fri and the cricket team will start their odi campaign on sat. plus wimbledon kickin off next week.

                • ** (Comment Edited) wid ur British chamchagiri..

                • I’m in uk and looking forward to watching Raavan as this is the worst world cup to date. and other than middle aged woman and teenage boys who watches Wimbledon???

                  • haha. excuse me but da world cup is just starting to now kick off. watch Spain 2day. and plz don’t insult the beautiful game of tennis

        • hahah

          ur comparing shity bachan to Salman. wat is da world cumin to. Salman has given many blockbusters wtf has shitty bachan given. lmfao

        • hahah amit and sandip

          ur comparing shity bachan to Salman. wat is da world cumin to. Salman has given many blockbusters wtf has shitty bachan given. lmfao

  29. Being salman Delhi 6 was flop due to week script not of abishek bachan it was borwimg movie . Ravana will be sure hit or semi hit not flop

  30. well ranbirs real test is anjaana anjaana, but if it does open well it shows katz has made him very popular, and huge connection in the industry has allowed him to experiment early in his career. Name a newcommer has had bhansali, yashraj, karan johar, rajkumar santoshi and prakash jha so early in their career?

  31. @being salman
    totally agree with u…
    Ranbir himself is really talented actor…
    If u r giving credit of his success to kat then its ridiculous…
    He has got solo BAH, WUS APKGK to his credit..
    Also to be a kapur is not his fault…
    I think kat is the one who is lucky..
    She is tasting all this success because of her co stars who actually deserve credit…

    Now tell me is NL or Partner Hit coz of kat ??

  32. All 3 versions of Raavan(Hindi, Tamil, & Telgu) is budgeted at 100 crores that means each movie costs about 33 crore each. So I think Raavan has a real chance to become a hit movie at the end of the day. If you’re prediction comes true about Raavan’s lifetime box office business is faring between 70-75 crore then the movie will be a clean hit! I’m sure the Tamil and Telugu versions will do well in the South too. So I think Raavan and the southern versions have a chance to become a hit in
    India and overseas! I’ll indeed be watching the Raavan the weekend it’s released!

    Raajeneti is a multi-starrer movie. This movie is a hit for all of the cast. And has to be counted as such. Raajneti’s success is due to Ranbir, Katrina, Arjun, and Ajay! These are the 4 castmembers who have the most box office pull. But really Raajneti is a success because the movie clicked with the audience. If Raajneti did bot click with the mass audience or have repeat value then it would not have worked at all no matter who was in the cast!

    • Well, Telegu Version is Dubbed one, so can’t put equal Burdon on it. But yes, rest of two versions can be equally divided as all production cost was for these two versions only. BTW budget of two versions are only 45 Crore. But reliance bought it for whooping 80 Crore + Print and publicity.

  33. lol who said ranbir being kapoor is his fault is just that hes born in family full of kapoors and if he wasnt like shahid who you people always insult then he would struglle this is what i mean ranbir is nothing and please dont compare salman to ranbir or abhishek becasue hes ahead and so is shahid ahead of ranbir atm well see during anjaana anjaani if he can deliver plus hes been to lucky sanjay leela bhansal, yash raj, karan johar, rajkumar santoshi, shimit amin (chak de fame), prakash jha hes too lucky and being salman i thought ur salman fan how come u like ranbir i think hes full of pakwas


  35. SOONER OR LATER poor “slumman khan” will need VIAGRA to breed KATRINA as his wood is getting old and will find it difficult to stand up when KATRINA sheds her cloth and invite SLUMMAN TO ENTER HER STINKY HOLE..OR HE MIGHT NEED THE HELP FROM A SPERM BANK..TRUTH HURTS:-)

  36. Chengej i thnk ur dad used viagra 4 u thts why u r so fond of u..nd plz plz plz dun compare abhshek with SUPERSTAR SALMAN..i dun want to debate on that…let first abhshek give HIS FIRST SUPERHIT THAN TALK..10yr 2solohit nd 0 superhit. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahag

    • Beingslumman…******************************************************************************************************[Comment Edited]…salim khan was able to feed his kids due to Amitabh bachchan if there was no big b then there would b no Salman,arbaz or sohail as Salim khan would have been selling old books in Aligarh.

  37. @amit i pity u.grow up

  38. @KM: Hope USA/UK lose then for the better 😉

    • its not uk. its England.

      Scotland, Wales, Republic Ireland and Northern Ireland couldn’t qualify. lol

  39. chengej why r u abusing here?did i ever abuse?it reflects ur upbring..btw everybody knows salim javed was responsible for bachan sucess..who gave 13 disaster back to back amitabh or salim javed?btw i dun want to say bad abt big b as i respect him.he is the biggest superstar of bollywood ever but m ready for any argument regarding abshek

  40. ya just like that currupt politican amar singh help abhshek was able to go to school hvn food etc


  42. who is being salman donot u hav ur own identity poor guy

  43. actually how many hits salman khan had in last decade only 3 partner due to govinda,mujse shadi due to akshay wanted due to him only so u call him big star emraan hasmi has given more then 3 hits and he has given 30 flops poor guy go to sleep as u r insane

  44. abhishek is no actor at all he is here because of his superstar dad

    • that argument applies to the majority of modern stars. almost all of them are linked to a star father, producer, director. Very few stars have made it on their own. Akshay, SRK, suniel shetty are a few i can think of and maybe Jackie before them. so why all this anti JR AB when others have had the same help? Aamir, Salman,Hritick, Shahid, Ranbir, Sunny, Sunjay have all had that same help. How teh hell did Bobby Deol get so many movies?

  45. dear amit.where r u from?

  46. i want to ask who is worst actor calling himself big star options a salman khan b srk or c saif ali

  47. curiosity for khatta metha is more then raavan

  48. dharam ji u r best media may hav forgiven u but not we ardent fan of urs

  49. sunny paji u r right now actors r intersted only in making money whether it comes by sweeping their wives

  50. when was last time abhishek bacchan given hit movie without help of his family members????

    Paa- Big B
    bunty and bubly-Ash & Big B

    Ranvir is 1oo time better than abhy baby atleast he dont use his family member help for a hit movie.

  51. Sandip dun behave like a idiot here.

    • U grow up being salman
      I am just showing facts.
      Salman’s films just run in smaller centres and interiors whereas Abhishek Bachchan’s films do better business in overseas than Salman Khan.

      • Abhishek Bachchan is no Salman Khan.
        Abhishek Bachchan knows Dhoom 2 and KANK did well because of Hrithik and Shahrukh.
        But on other Salman Khan claims that films like Baghban,Mujhse Shaadi Karogi,No Entry,Partner are hits because of him (on other hand it is other starcast that made film a hit and not him).

        • If Abhishek Bachchan has one solo major hit in 2000s (Guru) then Salman also has only one solo major hit (Wanted) in this decade.
          And in overseas his films do better than Salman’s.
          So Abhishek is ahead of Salman Khan.

          • Salman is on other hand a real panvati.
            1.Katrina had only one major flop between 2007-2010 and that too was with Salman Khan.
            2.Asin’s Bollywood career has ripped apart thanks to London Dreams in which she starred with Salman.
            3.Rani Mukherjee’s career started declining after Baabul where she paired with Salman.

  52. i donot understand solo or multi hero if any actor whose role is main is real hero example salman has nothing to do with baghban while abhishek was hero of bunty bubli if this were case 3 idiots is also multi starrer while amitabh biggest hits r multistarer

  53. @Amit lol
    there come some facts from u… Salman panauti ??
    Ha ha ha

  54. beingsalman ur fav actor has no dum left ok mind it

  55. i m not fan of abhishek shahrukh salman akshay amitabh i m fan of dharmender who is best

  56. ok guys tell which star is worst actor salman srk or saif also kabhi alvida was flop

  57. the actor who is billi maar is srk who gets friendship with him gets destroyed like hritik who has recently given kites

  58. hey shahrukh u r gone son

  59. dus ka dum is better than bingo night,,,,,can abhi give 2 successful seasons of bongo night like salman did for dkd

    • DKD wasnt huge hit.
      DKD 2 was huge hit because of huge stars involved in it especially that Dharmendra episode.
      Bingo Night also had stars in it but it surpassed expectations as it got good TRPs.

  60. But Salman is impooving his acting skills now and he is damn serious about his career. And proof is except Dabangg in none of any movie his brothers are working.


  61. 2 SANDIP…curiosity for khatta -meetha??just go watch the original and u will what it is all about,and plaese dont compare it with RAAVAN AS RAAVAN IS MADE BY MANI AND NOT BY COPYCAT PRIYAN!

  62. hello prathole khatta meetha is a remake of priyan’s own directed malayalam film, how can you label his own directed film as a copy, and i priyadarshan has got national awards as a writer and director for his films. mani ratnam also has remade is good tamil works into hindi like guru. and raavan will be a disaster because abhishek has no fans compared to akki.

    • . “The Junior Bachchan has now achieved yet another exceptional feat. For his upcoming film Raavan’s promotions he created history by chatting with over 50,000 fans online at the office of Zapak. Tremendous excitement by his fans, eventually lead to a system crash”……truth hurts to “******” [Comment Edited].

      • Sorry to take away from your excitement. But this ”news” is not true. Aamir Khan chatted with over 1 lakh fans online in his live chat held on December 19, 2009 prior to the release of 3 Idiots. This fact is mentioned in the Forbes article on the analysis of the marketing of 3 Idiots. Here goes:

        ”Aamir Khan the Pucca Idiot’s live chat on Facebook had more than 1.25 lakh fans log in from all over the world, just six days before the release of 3 Idiots.

        On Dec. 19th, without a single hitch in streaming, more than 1 lakh users chatted with Khan from Pakistan, Bangladesh and the U.S., as well as cities and many B towns in India. It was the first time an Indian celebrity had done something like this. Over 300,000 status updates were shared that day, according to Facebook’s international communications team. On Twitter, #AamirKhanLive was the sixth most-buzzed keyword in the world.”

        Source – http://www.forbes.com/2010/01/28/forbes-india-aamir-khan-3-idiots-cinema-marketing.html

        [Nothing against Abhishek at all. But facts are facts. And papers rarely bother to get their facts checked before splashing news all over. Happy for Abhishek that he got such a good response though.]

  63. HI NAUMAN!!!

    hi guyz i m new to bollybusiness but i read comments everyday i m a user of bollyplus guyz in ur discussion wat i feel is dat its a gud discussion bt if u see shahid nd ranbir r equally big stars then toking about abhi nd sallu its sallu sallu is in d industry for 20years nd abhi is a kid 10years only nd i think abhi is nowhere near to shahid ranbir or imran ok guyzzz so chill abhi doesnt knw how to act raavan i know it ll be a flop coz abhi doesnt have a big fan following in india nd if u tok abt hf it was during t20 world cup it got superhit coz of akki he is a crowd puller and i think the story was good but the end was crap but overall movie was gud deserved to be superhit it sustained also kites a diaster opening huge but didnt sustain at all rajneeti best movie of the year so far best script/story good performances and it ll be b d highest earning movie till date nd for the movie KM i feel ny akki movie has a huge craze it would open big then story depends if gud could be superhit/bb else wud be average noway the movie would be flop it has a low budget and i think sallu is a gud actor.Craze for akki movie is 100times more than a abhi film………….




    i think u guuyz r saying dat shahid is nthng infront of ranbir i think they both r equal nd when it comes to abhi sallu its sallu sallu has been in d industry for 20 years and abhi 10years dat to due to his dad else he ws nthng nd if we tok about the ravaan its gonna be a flop coz abhi is not a big superstar in india and i think sallu is 100times better actor than abhi nd akki is a crowd puller he again proved it by given a superhit film like hf the opening was big due to akki even when t20 world cup was dere but it sustained also due to a good story the weakpoint of d movie was d end dats it nthng else nd toking about the curisity of akki’s movie KM would be average at worst coz a low budegt movie it ll get a good opening then if story is good it ll be superhit or bb if not then average/semihit/hit dats it nd i think dat KM would be a much better film than raavan and the curiosity for akki movie is 100times more than curisity of abhi movie dats it guyzz.

    Point to be noted
    sallu is a better actor than abhishek

  65. This is the first time that a star has encountered such an enormous fan following for an online chat. Recently Hrithik Roshan, had managed to get a good number, of around 27,000 plus online fans for a chat while promoting Kites. But Abhishek has surpassed them all.

  66. raacan wont do well at all in big centres

  67. Aby baby do not have a box office pull. so the opening weekend should be not more then 20crs. the only plus point of the movie seems to be the locales and the greenery in short i mean the beautiful camera captures. story will be moderate and songs are only for the class not for the mass accept for veera veera. over all movie will be just an average flick. all eyes on ‘ I hate love stories’ curiosity for Raavan is only in the minds of AB fans trust me. I SAID IT! 😉

  68. who is imran khan?

  69. if u watch shahrukh n salman khan old films i pity why r they inn films they make fun of acting even after 20 yrs they r still rookies not learnt anything

  70. Raajneeti Sustains Very Well Over Second Weekend
    Monday 14th June 2010 12.00 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network
    Raajneeti sustained very well at the box office over its second weekend week with 16 crore nett business. The collections were fair on Friday but excellent on Saturday and Sunday.

    The collections on Friday were in the 3.75 crore nett range while Saturday was near 5.50 crore nett and Sunday around 7 crore nett.

    This takes the films 10 day nett gross to nearly 70 crore nett and by the end of the week the film could be in the 79-80 crore nett range.
    Raajneeti will cross the business of all films released this year by the end of business on Tuesday.

  71. Yakuza

    am not interested in the film anymore due to the world cup. Plus Eng playin dis fri. but great analysis on the factors. i agree with most of it.

    but am going to keep my mouth shut bout B.O performance until after the week. i know wat it mite do and ill post a week after its release.

    • Yeah, I must admit that prediction of Raavan is most difficult one i have came across. After my failed prediction of Raajneeti, This time even i am not convinced on my own set of prediction. Let’s see.

  72. yakuza chenegez is abusin evrybody.why dun u block him?coz he supports bachan?last time u blockd me coz i abusd one member

    • yakuza

      again dis chengez has abused me

      beingsalman – dis chengez is a loser.

      • “abuse”…u think i am tiger woods…by the way my wood is stronger than ur SLUMMAN’S WOOD.AND LONG LIVE THE BACHCHANS….SO GIVE RESPECT AND TAKE RESPECT!

        • so wtf wid all da slumman rubbish. and plz stop all dis BS bout ur small bishop.

          and u insulted me coz am from eng. why da ******** [Comment Edited]
          just stop dis nonsense. promote da bachans, nowt wrong wid dat but leave Salman and other actors out of it.

    • I warned her, One mistake and she will be out.

  73. amitabh, jaya and aish are the only stars of bachan family, how on earth can flopstar craqpishek have bigger role than ash and superstar govinda and vikhram

    • Even i am surprised. Whole world want to know and will step in theater to check the facts. This is smart trick … 😛

  74. chengez, Please maintain decorum of blog. I will not accept personal or any sort of abuse here. This is my LAST WARNING to you.

    And others, I don’t see any logical or smart discussion here, there is no point to give any statement without facts and data.

    Dabaang, If someone is abusing, it never means you reply in same manner, You humbleness can change his/her manners.

    I have edited some comments here which contain garbage. Mainly from Changez and Dabaang. This is my first/Last and final warning to all, A single mistake and you will be out.

  75. About Economics of raavan :

    As reliance carried 100 crore for three versions(Including prints and Publicity) and I just heard that they sold Telegu and Tamil versions Theatrical rights for 30 Crore. Hindi version rights are keeping themselves.

    So expected revenues from another resources will be 25 Crore for Hindi version and 15 Crore for Telegu and Tamil version. This will make 40 Crore. Hence total 40 (others) + 30(Theatrical for regional languages) = 70 Crore. So rest of 30 Crore need to be fetched from theatrical run from Hindi verson only.

    All in all, Raavan need to collect 30 Crore DS for Break Even and anything above it will be Plus.

  76. @dabang r u same dabang of bp, if u r why didn’t u come there, we missed u badly.

  77. @ dabaang ok sorry bro, there is a lot of confusion about dabang. so many sallu fans r using this name.


  79. Dabaang ho..85days days to.yakuza goin by ecnomics ravan is in huge trouble…a abhshek movie everythng perfect to cross 50cr nd here it need 60cr net only 4 recovry…if wom cumes out bad than no body can save ravan from another disaster.it is hritk whose kites managed 50cr despite disastrous report but abhshek movie wid kites likes report ll not cross even 15cr..ravan has to be excellent than there is an outside chance 4 recovery ….

    • Dabaang is a sure shot flop..it has flop written all over it and might find a few takers in the remote towns of UP or Bihar and hence will be the down fall of the old hog called slumman along with shotguns daughter whose son was not even a one film wonder…and the makers of Dabaang will loose heavily!

  80. salman khan ready is goin on floor from 18jun in srilanka..cheers

    • beingsalman its kickin off on da 20th i thought. anyway am expectin big things from READY hopefully.

    • good he did a hair job on his bald head otherwise he would have looked like Prem chopra or Firoz khan in Dabaang:-(

  81. hi dishant bro u here also

  82. thnx yakuza
    yakuza bro i lyk ur figures nd predictions

  83. i am everywhere nishu bhai

  84. dishant bhai i dnt lyk ng everybody dere toks about aamir and srk dats i dnt come there bt i read comments

  85. Yakuza

    how is the advanced booking for Raavan?

    The world cup has been shit!!!! so i think it has a chance of doing ok business overseas

    • Not great, but not bad too… All i can say that it will not be a poor opener.

    • But again, If we exclude Drona and UJ, None of his movie opened to bad response since 2005. I mean first weekend figure was always good except these two.

    • relax. world cup always stars of slowly. tbh it kicks of in da knockout stages

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