Raaneeti – First Week Boxoffice Analysis

Day Collection (Approx) Occupancy Percentage (Total Capacity)
Friday 10  Crore 59% (17 Crore)
Saturday 10.75 Crore 63% (17 Crore)
Sunday 12.50 Crore 73% (17 Crore)
Weekend Collection 33.25 Crore 65% (51 Crore)
Monday 6.25 Crore 48% (13 Crore)
Tuesday 5.5 Crore 42% (13 Crore)
Wednesday 4.75 Crore 36% (13 Crore)
Thursday 3.75 Crore 28% (13 Crore)
Total First Week 53.5 Crore 52% (103 Crore)

Now this is old news that Raajneeti has incredible performance in first week and generated business of around 53.5 Crore . There is huge buzz in industry about market potential of movie based on its released size, Even many trade pundits failed to guess the maximum potential of movie and their guesses always become matter of laugh with each release surpassing their own guess work. In 2010 we have seen few movies Like MNIK, Housefull, Kites and now Raajneeti, which are applauded for incredible opening and good collections. Raajneeti among all occupied best and let’s see what would have been the collections of movies with similar occupancy as of Raajneeti.   

Movie Approx. First Weekend (If occupancy would have been 65% ) , Actual Figures in bracket. First Week (If occupancy would have been 52%) , Actual figures in bracket.
MNIK 30 Crore (28 Crore) 48 Crore (42 Crore)
Houseful 36 Crore  (31 Crore) 56 Crore (46 Crore) 
Kites 44 Crore  (28 Crore)  70 Crore (41 Crore)

Just to make it more clear, above figures are calculated if these movies would have been performed exactly the same way as of Raajneeti. From above chart, we can see that MNIK occupancy was quite similar to Raajneeti for weekend, but was lower on weekdays. Housefull occupied little less and Kites was way below among all.

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on June 11, 2010.

25 Responses to “Raaneeti – First Week Boxoffice Analysis”

  1. hello yakuza, thank you for information, what do you think which movie will beat raajneeti record this year?

  2. Dear Yakuza,

    What about the prediction thread for Raavan?

  3. Hey great to hear that Raajneeti rocks. Now i m thinking that saurabh will die if raavan gota flop. Heheheh he thought ash is far better than kat, hhaahah

  4. Ak aishwarya is 100 time better then her now I live in japan in japan no one remember Katrina but Japanese pepole who love Hindi movie they remember aihwarya and they like her kat have 30mins role in raajneeti and raajneeti is hit due to prakash jha and team work not of kat and ranbir kappor

    • Dont worry OK..even a child knows that ASH is the global face of INDIA and a genuine lady superstar!

    • Hahahahah, Raajneeti is hit due to Katrina dude. Ranbir had only two clean hits both with Kat, ahahaha

  5. thanks for all the information…

    nice to visit your blog…

    i hope you could visit my blog…

    see you…

  6. Yakuza

    Look, post 3 idiots there is change in box office pattern and from Housefull every other film is showing huge numbers inspite of quality..

    Also i am not talking abt the trending or say quality of movie
    I am only talking about first week..

    If movie has enough buzz it is capable of breaking Rajniti record..

    And i can see in near future that some movies will cross weekend record easily.

    though week record will be broken by any decent (not even great) product with good trending.

    Imho the way rajniti has scored, it is evident that 3 idiots weekend record in danger but week record is something which is very difficult to reach..

    The favourites are as u said TMK, GM3,dabang, Guzarish, Anjana anjani and last Action replay being a dark horse..

  7. Yakuza
    wher r u from?

  8. @ Yakuza

    Someone commented in an online forum that 3 idiots completed 100 days in more than 100 theatres. Can you please confirm whether this is true or not?

    Also, has 3 Idiots completed 25 weeks in theatres? If it has, then could you please tell, in how many theatres it has completed 25 weeks?


    • Yes, 100 days was celebrated at 70+ Screens and some combined 100 days at 45+ Screens. Silver jubilee is celebrated at Noida (Spice), 2 Screens of Mumbai and at few screens of south. But all movie screening was fluctuating between 1-2 shows since last 10-12 weeks.

  9. anu
    i think 3 idiots completed 25 weeks in 4 theatres in mumbai other cities i dont know

  10. ak
    the weekend figures of 3 idiots wasnt great i am very surprised that still it holds the record cause the hype was not great at that time but wom is great so 1st week is very good and second is also surprising rajneeti as a massive hit its 1st week collection is lower than the 2nd week of 3 idiots so look 3 idiots is really a legendary movie

  11. raavan will do 55 cr nett life time but will not flop like kites kati patang n my name is shahrukh khan and i m flop but plz say me king as meaning of king is degraded by me and all other r giving better opening then me despite 1% media hype compared to my film mnik my ra one will get 1 audience in each show but i will put 100 cr shows so will do good buisness great strategy na

  12. hello guys i m zero no 1

  13. dabaang ll the movie of the year..phod denge

  14. dabaang will colect 5 cr in life time haha

  15. If Dabangg gota release with No Problem and Aakrosh, it gonna be flop as MAMK, if got solo release it ll be average….

  16. lol srk 😉 that was funny

    lets see if Raajneeti crosses the 100cr barrier. it’l be interesting but i dnt think it can do it. but i’d love to be proved wrong.

  17. Hello Yakuza, I got the opportunity to see your reports from the links you have posted on NG. Only one word, Incredible. I have beeen through all your reports and articles in last one hour. I want to BOW you the way you put everything so logically and indepth way. No doubts, the theories i am hearing and discussions are going on NG right now, you have already explored to death at this blog since so long. Love your blog and work. Keep on rolling ..

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