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Prakash jha’s Rajneeti is an ambitious attempt to depict epic Mahabharta in modern avatar. It has a setting of a political family and the fight within to control its reins.

Rajneeti is a story of Bhanu Pratap (KJK) and his younger brother Chandra Pratap(Chetan Pandit) and the feud between their families over claiming stake of the political party founded by Bhanu Pratap.

Vijender Pratap (Manoj Bajpai) believes that he is the natural successor of his father (Bhanu Pratap) and should run the party as per his terms. Whereas Prithvi Pratap (Arjun  Rampal)  thinks he is more able and suited for the role of torchbearer of a party for which his father(Dhruv Pratap) has dedicated all his life.

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~ by topazbol on June 8, 2010.

63 Responses to “Topaz Bol : Rajneeti”

  1. Kiran karmakar is that sp sharma not bhanupratap..cmon

    • well good this was deliberate …i know he is the OM from khaani ghar ghar ki…Actually can someone tell me whats the name of the actor who actually plays Bhanu Pratap…First one to answer wins Latest audio CD(Bollywood)of his/her choice…

      • yes one more error(Not deliberate) i have corrected in my blog…Bhanu’s Younger brother name was Chander and not Dhruv… 😉

  2. This is THE best website for Bollywood information!

  3. Tuesday update: ‘Raajneeti’ collects 5.85 cr., total 46.1 cr. Nett

    -By Taran Adarsh, June 9, 2010 – 13:55 IST

    RAAJNEETI showed no major decline in business on Tuesday, which clearly indicates that the film has been accpted in a big way. The film was excellent on Tuesday as well, collecting approx. Rs. 5.85 cr. nett, taking the 5-day total to approx. Rs. 46.1 cr. nett [Friday 10.5 cr. nett, Saturday 11 cr. nett, Sunday 12.5 cr. nett, Monday 6.25 cr. nett – not 6.85 cr. nett and Tuesday 5.85 cr. nett]. It’s a one horse race at the box-office.

  4. @saurabh grow up…she deserve evrythng..her box office pull is more than abhshk

    • beingsalman

      saurabh isnt sayin dat kat isnt big. she iz massive but considering her talent she is lucky to be where she is. i like her also but am just sayin da truth. wanna see her wid Salman in a gud film

      • For me Kat is real hard working gal. its not easy to pull off the role with language hurdles, But she not only manage to do, but also carried some roles quite brilliantly which IMO no other actress would have been able to with similar effect, NL was her tailor made role, She showed her sparks of talent in Newyork too, I found her competent in APKGK too. I haven’t seen Raajneeti, but i am sure within boundaries of scope, she must have done good job here too.

        About her boxoffice pull, this is speculation which always turn right after every release. For few movies which i guess can never open such big without Kat are NewYork and APKGK. Both movies has male leading stars with no boxoffice pull, but still both movies opened to superb response. I don’t see any other reason except kat. For rest of movies one can argue.

        • i kinda disagree Yakuza. widout a dobt very hardworking and committed lady. very beautiful also but considering how many years i expected better performances. she was kinda poor in RAJNEETI. APKGK was poor al2gether imo. but ur rite some films open huge due to her.

          da reason i hold dis opinion coz Barbara Mori in KITES even though she spoke spanish. her expressions and da emotion she brought to da film was marvellous.

          for me kats best performance is NEW YORK.

          • Though i haven’t seen the Kites, but i guess Barbara didn’t face language problem in movie, Give her hindi dialogue and you will see all expressions gone. This is where Kat scores.

          • Best examples are south heroes, the way they perform in south movies, failed to express similar way in bollywood. They never come out of their southern accent while speaking hindi. Though there are few exceptions like Madhvan (but he was always well hindi speaking guy).

            • still dont u think Yakuza dat many people r not given a fair chance in bwood. dey have da talent but for some reason r overlooked.

  5. Yakuza according to u ranbir kapoor has no boxoffice pull?r u drunk???

    • Yes !! Heavily !!

      • Hahaha…Dear Yak Please change the name of Kiran Karmakar by Khan Jehangir Khan in my Review….he is the guy who played the role of Bhanu Pratap…Seems no one is interested in getting a free CD…Thanks…

        • Corercted dear !! btw , very good review topaz, I didn’t get time to see it, infact Housefull was last movie i saw, and i guess will not be able to see Raavan in first week at least.

          • Thanks bro…Seems u r very busy these days..I am eagerly awaiting Raavan…Huge expectations..Lets hope it rocks..

            • I agree with BeingSalman that you can’t possibly say that Ranbir has no boxoffice pull and even New york was on teh back of John having success in Dostana

  6. Some boxoffice tracks :

    LAK was released on 1000+ Prints and APKGK was released on 800+ Prints. Both did well based on their release volume (In range of 37-40 Crore). Kites did same business having double the number of prints and screen space. Raajneeti had per day capacity of over 17 Crore (weekend) and collect around 33-34 Crore against capacity of 51 Crore (66%) , While APKGK weekend was around 22 Crore against capacity of 34 Crore (66%). Kites was having 28 Crore weekend against capacity of 66 Crore (42%) , Even first day of Kites was underwhelming 10.25 Crore (46%). Three idiots occupied best in range of 80-90% over the week.

    • After 2001 distributors and Exhibitors decided not to show the occupancy percentages of boxoffice which was actually published before. Basically it was misleading sometime. classic example is KKHH VS BMCM, BMCM opened better at boxoffice, but KKHH trended much better. After 3-4 Weeks, BMCM was exhibited in much lesser theaters than KKHH, but trade magazines was showing percentages like 76% for BMCM and 70% for KKHH, It was outright misleading as collection of KKHH was 10 times than BMCM due to higher screen space. A meeting was arranged between Exhibitor and Trade Journalists and a historic decision was taken to publish only numbers, not percentages.

  7. except rocket singh each movie of ranbir opend to 100percent nd u r sayng no bo pull..ok.acc to u which has more box office pull ranbir or abhskeh?just ans the name

  8. BeingSlUMMAN…give atleast 3 more years for Ranbir in the same level of Abhishek as he is still “kal ka launda” in front of AB JNR(Everyone knows that Ranbir role in Rajneeti was more inspired by Abhi’s SARKAR role)

  9. Hahahaha @changej…that kal ka launda has given 1bb 1superhit 2hit in 2yr in which 3 r solo..ur bachan has not a single superhit in his 10yr carrier.dun say dhoom2 plz…wait 4 anjana anjani opening u ll know how big is rk..abhshek is in the league of john imran ritesh ..even emran hasmi is bigger crowd puller than ab

    • i dont disagree wid u bout RK being a crowd puller but last time i checked he only had 1 super hit aand now RAJNEETI (which is a big multi-starre). WUS and BEH were not hits and SAWARIYAA and ROCKET SINGH flopped.

      btw ur rite bout ANJANA ANJANI. it will be big

  10. first of all rk role in rajneti is completly diff from ab..if it so than wht does it prove?

    Rajneeti has been rock steady through the weekdays. The figures are mind-boggling, which just goes to show that the three other biggies this year – Kites, MNIK and Housefull – underperformed at the box office.

    With weekend collections touching close to 34 crores, the film directed by Prakash Jha has netted around 17.5 crores on Monday (6.5 crores approx), Tuesday (6 crores approx) and Wednesday (5 crores) taking its 6 day total to more than 50 crores! For a film like Rajneeti, an average of Rs 8 crores per day in Week 1 is simply mind blowing.

    Now, with the per day All-India capacity touching close to 18 crores (nett), anything less than 50 crores (nett) for any big release in Week 1 would be considered disappointing.

    Can Rajneeti touch or even cross the 100 crore mark? Quite possible, although there is a biggie Raavan (Abhishek – Aishwarya) lined up for release this weekend. Week 1 collections are expected to be around 55 crores and if Rajneeti can weather the Raavan storm, the Week 2 collections even with a 50% drop could be in the range of 25 – 28 crores.

    Verdict: Superhit – Blockbuster

  12. @naveed yar bachana aae hasino nd wake up sids both were gud succes opend huge.

  13. No doubt hritik is much much bigger.naveed m comparing rk wid ab ..

    • beingsalman

      u r 100% rite bout RK bein bigger dan ab. infact u can abuse da bachans as much as u want. go to tere naam page and see wat dat chengez has written

  14. chengez dear wht sarkar n sarkarraj did everyone plz dnt tell us that ranbir’s role is inspired by ab’s.get a life dude…

    • What boxoffice need to do with role ? She is talking about role reference, not boxoffice. And by the way, Sarkar was hit and Sarkar raj was above average. So both were boxoffice success. Infact Sarkar break the opening record at bombay and was first movie to cross 3 Crore barrier.

      • shruti. RAJNEET was miles better dan sarkar films. and da box office results highlights dat

        • I’m not an AB fan but Sarkar was a much better film in all respects…One of RGVs last good works…of course in this site money is the only criteria 2 judge…

  15. infact total lifetime collection of both sarkar movies are less then first week collection of rajneeti…….

  16. KM promo is out

  17. lol i dont think ranbir is a crowd puller i think hes just been lucky because of his family background and also the fact that hes working in big films only ajab prem ki ghazab kahani which gorssed 60 crore i think katrina was the main factor there for getting in the intials and also here with raajneeti he has katrina again well see his aukat with anjaana anjaani hope it flops

  18. he just simply been luck name me one small banner or directed film ranbir has done they have all been big staring from Sanjay leela Bhansali, Siddharth Anand Yash raj production , Karana johar production, Rajkumar Santoshi, Shimit Amin who was famous for chak de india, Prakash Jha Highly acclaimed national award directer cant deny that hes just been lucky like hell.

    • if someone is lucky as hell tht is Katrina…an utter non actor & forget acting she can’t even speak the language…let her deliver a hit with an unknown newcomer…

  19. @arun accept it..if anjana anjani opnd wid 40cr week u ll say same thnk…no benifit to argue wid u..abhshk bachan also workd wid all big banner nd all big director still NO SUPERHIT in his entire carrier…may be he also need katrina

  20. yeh lol i aint a abhishek fan im a aamir khan fan but during the start of abhisheks career he didnt hardly work with big directer or big banners not as lucky as ranbir this is why im saying that its just about pure luck.

  21. and yeh may be if he does work with katrina he may get a big grosser lol well see on that later on

  22. my review of Rajneeti

    i was eagerly awaiting this movie because i was so cheesed off watching crapfests like HF & Kites.

    the 1st half is riveting! you eyes are glued as you watch the plot race along 100mph. i was fascinated watching the ins and out of desi politics…

    the 2nd half slows down a bit and it seems like Prakash Jha copy and pasted some scenes off Godfather. the climax was a let down for me, because i expected a bit better

    the performances :

    For me the best actor in this movie was Arjun Rampal who manages to look and act amazing! His role is a mixture, one minute he is a party leader, the next he is abusing/exploiting people and the next he is looking deranged while beating a police officer to pulp. this guy has gave his best performance to date. Imo he deserves the best supporting actor award for this role – he was THAT good!

    2 – Manoj Bajpai – this guy was terrific as the political rival who is conniving, nasty, seething with anger. This was simply a brilliant performance for him.

    3 – Nana Patekar – we all know it, this guy just rocks! he is a true powerhouse. this heavyweight actor makes everything seems so natural its unbelievable. he was so smooth and intelligent as the political mentor of the party, it was a joy to watch. his role was very well written.

    4 – Ranbir = Ajay

    i actually felt that Ranbir was a misfit in this movie. he seemed a bit out of place. I felt that any moment he was going to break into WUS/Ajab mode….was this movie too early for him as an actor? Although his star pull helped to make this a hit, i just don’t think he suited the role….it was just too smug and he seemed to me like a fish out of water. Someone like Saif would’v done better imo, because he is still quite young looking and is v.good at serious roles

    Ajay Devgan – i think he sleepwalked through this movie. he’s done these roles several times, however thats the problem – there’s nothing new on offer for him as an actor or us as the audience. We’v seen Ajay play the angry man so many times however some fault must also go to the director who gave him a weak role imo.

    Katrina looks lovely but although she tried really hard her English ‘hindi’ is a bit of a turn-off…..

    Other interesting stuff:

    a lot of full-on kissing and sex scenes shown in this movie.

    that girl who wants a seat 1st from Arjun, then Manoj is damn hot!! i’d give her my seat anyday 😉

    overall rating = 4/5

  23. yup jp dutta(refugee) is very unknown director. i forgot.m imfact rajkanwar(dhai akshar prem ke)was unknown too.dharmesh darshan(han maine bhi pyar kiya)was litaly unknow.dear shruti n chengez it seems u guys doesnt have mind in ur head.sarkar raj wasnt 2005 was in 2008..ok pahle apna gyan sudharo abt bollywood fir aana argue karne…….all those directors are miles above siddharth aanand’s n shimit amin’ it.if u ever heard abt them .they all have given all time blockbuster like raja hidustani ,border,n superhits like deewana,jeet…….

  24. KM promo out nice look of film………

  25. ranbir kpur workd wid sidarh anand ayan mukrji shmit prakash jha..which ne is big?bachan fans cum up wid sum gud excuses

  26. Btw as far as luck is concrnd no one can be more lucky if he is getting movies after initial 13 BACK TO BACK DISASTER.@shruti sarkar raj was in 2008 just managed 35cr even that time volume of business touchd 80cr..ur abhshek cant touch 50cr whether it is 2000 or 2010…

  27. awsume review km..fantastic agree wid u on most part

  28. Raajneeti Has Humungous First Week

    Friday 11th June 2010 10.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network
    Raajneeti had an earth shattering first week with around 54 crore nett business as per early estimates. The business has been fantastic in all circuits.

    The business is only behind Three Idiots and is similar to the business of Ghajini for the same Fri-Thurs period. Raajneeti has held up very well over the weekdays which should mean another big weekend this week. Delhi/UP has emerged the strongest business with around 12 crore nett business in week one.

    The film is probably heading for 90 crore plus lifetime business and may even touch 100 crore but that will depend on how next week’s release Raavan fares at the box office

  29. some posters above are talking about Ranbir being lucky. I think part of life is luck – good & bad. However it has to be said Ranbir is the best actor from the new generation of Shahid/Imran/Emran/Niel
    The things going in his factor are his family background, his looks, his charisma. The biggest factor is that he is just an amazing actor – simple as that! he works hard to hone his craft and on top of that he is choosing good scripts (exceptions are Saawarya & RS) and all this is coming together to give him critical acclaim and BO success.

  30. Yakuza

    was Ghajni total 115crs net?

    Do u think Raajneeti will touch Ghajni;s total?

    my opinion is NO….however i’v been wrong many times 😉

    • No, It will not touch 100+. How long it can go beyond 75-80 Crore will depend upon Performance of Raavan.

  31. lol km agree with on family background but i dont think hes such a great actor defenetly not better actor than shahid may be better than others lets face it shahid has got memorable films to be proud of such as jab we met, kaminey which ranbir hasnt you name one memorable film of ranbir which has repeat value hes just a lucky guy and he only has ajab one hit wonder other are onyl semit hit success whilst i wont count raajneeti his films its everyones effort and multi starrer and also btw wel see if he has script sense dont be so crazy about him we need to wait and see if can miantain his hit ratio.

  32. this site is just crazy man btw dont get me wrong my fan is only aamir khan as for younger generation it could well be shahid but you guys are terming ranbir as the best actor ever he just started well see if he can maintain

  33. Arjun

    what i’m saying is that Ranbir who debuted a couple of yrs ago has leaped ahead of Shahid because he is choosing better scripts and movies. Shahid has been around longer than Ranbir but does not have that script sense which u need to choose good movies. I like Shahid esp. after Kaminey, before that film i thought he was avg, however that film changed my opinion of his acting.

    However after Kaminey (which was a brilliant film imo) he comes up with crap like Bol Haddippa, DPC & Paathsaala. All 3 were rubbish, thats my arguement. Shahid needs to choose his movies carefully because at the moment it seems Ranbir is steaming ahead with critical acclaim and BO success.

  34. that doesnt prove nothing its just about luck really ranbir is getting lucky and as for those films which you talking about CPD & Paathsaala i thik he did those because of his friends really ken ghosh, ahmed khan so i cant really comment on those but after these films badmaash company has hit the jackpot for him its a success so after badmaash there is hope that he will be concentrating on right films perhaps you dont know about his mausam which will release next year his dads directing it pankaj kapoor so expectations are high for that and should emerge big blockbuster hoping that he makes right choices now. Ranbir is juts getting lucky i think those films ajab, raajneeti had katrina in them thats why they opened so hugely and the fact he has much better family background may be if we put katrina with shahid it will do ten times more business and ranbir as just started i think before calling him the best we should wait and see if he can maintain his hit ratio there was many other before ranbir that had loads of hits in start of carrer take salman khan for exmaple who had 6 success in the start of his career but post that he started going down with flops (but he still had good ratio) because hes better than ranbir as we all know this is what i mean everybody in industry makes mistake ranbir isnt no superman that can keep his maintaining his hit ratio and keep choosing right films we will wait in furutre to see how many more hits he can give trust me he will go down.

  35. @arjun, No-one is calling him best, as @exclusive_Arun stated AB who is the son of Amitabh Bachchan worked with big directors but was not as successful so it shows, films can fail regardless of director or star background, as film script is key, look at raavan. Ranbir after Saawariya has so far chosen the right film scripts as they been atleast successes (e.g. BAH well known director, WUS newcomer director friend still risk even though, johar prod, Rajneeti Prakash Jha was not used to be high grosser commercial director due to politics genre), even Rocket Singh was acceptable due to critical success. Along with this HIS acting was excellenty appreciated.

    f you look back with AB start of career, did he have that much appreciation of his acting that ranbir is getting, even if u ignore boxoffice results?

    Every actor has some type of luck when they first strike it big as you need that defining film to mark your arrival. Its no luck that hes being seen upon as one of the geniune actor to replace the current ageing stars so surely there has to be talent in him? There are fans like KM who like him becoz of him as an “amazing ACTOR”.

    every actor will go through a bad phase which is unavoidable as even the great actors aamir Khan, Shahrukh gone through it. But it has not been end of their careers has it? NO ONE is saying that he will give only hits, every actor has flops. Do no write him off . Directors are putting they faith in him.

  36. Katz is huge crowd puller but credit still has to be given to ranbir for choosing to be in those films and givng appreciated performances. Any actor wud lyk to b in these films to forward they career. Rajneeti was heavily promoted as a ran-kat jodi which people like, so along with katrina, ranbir also has some credit of pulling in crowds initially but above all the power of the film itself lifted it to earn hugely. People like ran-katz jodi so we shud see more of it.

    I agree with with naveed and beingSalman that he is a crowd puller and anjaana anjaani looks to carry on his hits but u neva know with BO.

    With shahid already wise and brilliant actor to replace older actors I can see ranbir there aswell
    , imran, neil and perhaps abhay in the future. Usually I tend to see that people who are are huge followers of imran and shahid will dislike ranbir which is natural. I can see from imran to neil having a bright future why can’t we encourage them?

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