Raavan – Action Packed Promo

~ by Yakuza on June 8, 2010.

24 Responses to “Raavan – Action Packed Promo”

  1. Big Pictures and Madras Talkies have sold off the overseas theatrical rights of their magnum opus Raavanan(Tamil version) to the London based Karunamoorthy of Ayngaran International @ 6 Crore.

  2. Mind blowing wating for June 18

  3. The promo is amazing, looking forward to the movie. I feel even in the worst case the movie won’t be rejected. But considering the action genre even the movie in the best case won’t be immensely liked. But I will watch it in the first weekend itself. Yakuza let us know your prediction of the movie.

  4. dis really is a kick ass promo.

    i genuinely hope da film is gud. gonna catch it first day.

    Yakuza or any1 else wen will da first look/trailor of DABAANG be released.

  5. I hope the movie is as good as promos.For any movie to succeed it should have a solid story ,perfect screenplay and able acting and direction.Hype and fantastic promos bring in initial audience only.Later WOM is crucial.

  6. srinivas yr bura mat manna yr tumko raavan ke promo ache lage,,kya yr,,is film ko koi single screen me to chodo koi 10rs ki cd bhi nahi lega,,,,,,,,naveed dabaang bhi flop ho jayegi fir bhana lagana ki pic single screen thi isliye nahi chali,,ab salman ko koi bhi multi me nahi dekhta,,,,,,,,aur h srinivas raavan phele hafte 7cr to kma hi lagi hahaha

    • Rajneeti, If the Raavan movie is not well made and not upto audience expections, then it will definetely fail the way Kites,MNIK,KI,Blue,CCTC or any other Big Budget movies failed.By the look of it I said Raavan promos look good.I only like movies which are well made irrespective of Starcast.Promo look good does not mean that the movie will be a hit.Ultimately the Story, Screenplay, Acting and Directing should be top notch for a moivie to be successful.

    • Yaar itna bhi bura nahi hai Raavan ka promos, However i am facing hard this time to predict, still i will give my vision on boxoffice in couple of days.

  7. Who is who in raavan?


  8. The movie seems to have very good cinematography. Although not quiet PLEASED with the action sequences. Still the story seems to be fresh and AB is brilliant in all the promos. Lets wait and watch how well it does in the box office.

  9. srinivas bro tume promo dekh hi nahi pta chala flim kaisi he,,,
    jisne bhi pheli baar iska promo dekha usne yahi kaha raavan cartoon aa gya,,,bekaar promo heee,,,,,,,,yakuza bro ap hi ise batao meri nahi maane ga:D

    • Well girl Rajaneeti it seems by ur opinion that u r somebody with no cinematic brain and is only a faltu time waster here,go get a life ande last but not the least..Mindblasting promo to say the least.

      “The climax should be enthralling”

      • and for ur kind info…Manirathnam dont make cartons(man try to give respect to ONE OF THE NATION’S BEST DIRECTORS..ATLEAST)

  10. You **** (Comment Edited) rajneeti ravana is not cartoon movie promo looks mind blowing and music of gulgar and ar Rahman is already in chartbaster it will get bumper opening if it I’d wile made then it will. Be hit .

  11. ok and chengez maine raavan ke promo dekhe ye flim saal ki sabse badi flop me gini jaye gi

    • rajneeti, everyone get to know about your opinion on raavan, Now its better to wait and watch the results. Its just 9 days to go.

  12. okk yakuza apko bhi pta he kya hoga,.,.,.,.,.,mai 9 din baad aayuga bye tc ollll


  13. for me box office performance is not iportant atall.i feel it will be a good film so whatever the bo performance i will be happy and watch it asap and mind it after 3 idiots this is the movie i m excited for

  14. mind it it is an adaptation of one of the epics ramayana so the storyline should be really interesting

  15. if well made it can be a landmark film for abhi-ash and if not the career of abhi is in danger but as it is a mani film i m expecting gd performance from the actors though the promo is bit lacklusture

  16. Abishek Bachchan dont take Acting seriously , He make acting as a joke and one day this profession make him a joke .
    i feel that this film is going to be a Hit , Hope Abhishek Bachchan Act in this film .
    Abhishek Bachchan is not a Hardworking actor . i want to watch this film because of Govinda and Maniratnam Combination .

  17. Aurang

    although Abhi sucked in his earlier movies, i thought he was sensational in Yuva,Guru and now Raavan is looking like he will give the best leading male performance this year. i think this year he will be up against SRK again for the best actor nomination. last time that happened in 2007, SRK won for his role in CDI against Abhi’s role in Guru. Both were amazing but i think bechara Abhi deserved at least the critics award for Guru.

    Also notice that Abhi gives his best performances with Mani Ratnam. Maybe they should 1 movie per year together 😉

    I dnt like Abhi in his other movies, he is just ok/avg. however in Ratnam’s movies he is just amazing because i think Mani knows how to tap into Abhi’s talent

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