Boxoffice Operation : Tere Naam (2003)

Tere Naam was directed by Satish Kaushik and released on 15 August 2003. The film stars Salman Khan and Bhoomika Chawla in leading roles. It is a remake of the 1999 Tamil film Sethu.

Week All India Nett Business(Crore) % Drop
1 7.75  
2 2.9 -62.58%
3 1.36 -53.10%
4 0.8 -41.18%
5 0.4 -50.00%
6 0.3 -25.00%
7 0.2 -33.33%
8 0.12 -40.00%
Rest 0.30  
Total 14.13  
Weightage Name Tere Naam
  Opening 90%
5% WOM Very Good
15% Trending Good 
65% ROI 45%
  Distribution Rights 7,75,00,000/- Distribution Rights
  Recovery 11,25,00,000/- Distribution Share
15% Relative performance Average Compared to biggest hit of year Koi Mil Gaya.
  Recall value Very good, Always remember for excellent musical intense love story. Music Sales was one of top all time albums.  Super-Hit in DVD circuit.
  BollyBusiness Note ROI is 45% and definitely a profit Maker in every respect. I would like to put it in Semi-Hit category. Again, if we go by all time low standards of current verdict system used by Trade circle, verdict will go up to few more levels.
Verdict Semi-Hit

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on June 8, 2010.

39 Responses to “Boxoffice Operation : Tere Naam (2003)”

  1. Thank you Yakuza, very much.

    I also had one question, the advance opening of Tere Naam was much hyped, was it really a huge opening weekend ?

    • Welcome Doga ji.. 🙂

      Opening of movie was bumper .. No two opinion. But couldn’t sustain much well after first week, in interiors like Natraj cinema, khanna it was housefull for entire week.

  2. i dnt know much abt the BO performance of this movie. however i know that this movie was a rage when it relseased. the songs were really big and i remember being in pakistan at that time and every1 had Salman khan’s ‘radhe’ hairstyle 🙂

  3. From what I remember from Tere Naam:
    – Music was a Blockbuster on the music stands. I think this was one of the few albums in this decade that actually made a huge impact on the music stands. People claim that KHNH was the top music seller, well, they need to get their facts right. Tere Naam was one album that not only sold well in the big cities, but in the interiors as well. The songs were a rage that time in which West Indies love the songs.
    – Tere Naam did not have a 80-90% opening, it was a 90%+ opening, it had a excellent opening. Tere Naam advance booknig was excellent at that time. “The KOI… MIL GAYA wave hasn’t affected the opening response to TERE NAAM. At several theatres of Mumbai and Delhi, serpentine queues were witnessed when the advance booking windows opened.” Tere Naam on Friday witnessed alot of 100% at many shows.
    – Your breakdown for Tere Naam in terms of grossing is completely right. Tere Naam did do a 7.75 nett gross at the BO in opening week, which was huge considering the number of prints circulated and most of the business came from the interiors. I think the rest is wrong, where the figures should be 50-60 lakhs, instead of 40 lakhs. Like Wanted, Tere Naam made more of an impact in the interiors rather than at multiplexes.

    – How does relative performance criteria make a difference of becoming a Hit or not?

    • Yes, Music of Tere Naam was all time hit. About opening, at many places it was even 100% and at some places it was even <80%. But most of circuits was in range of 80-90%.

      Relative performance always matters, If 3I wouldn't have grossed 200 Crore(expected), 80+ Crore would still been considered as exceptional business. But after 3I, even 100+ Crores looks tiny target now.

  4. @Randy
    thats what i was going to mention…
    i still remmber reading…OUTLOOk’s special two page article on TERE NAAM’s opening..titled SALMAN’s SALLY…
    it was one awesome article…

    Another being Bollywood edition of rajsthan patrika where they wrote that the opening was even better than..K3G which which was a multistarer!!

    Anyways nice article…yaadein tajaa ho gayi!!:)

  5. thankx Yakuza. Salman’s best performance till date.

    da music was just mindblowing. and till 2day da music is hot.

    am surprised film was not Hit. but it was a good film.

    not a big director, debut for da actress, etc. even Himesh became a mega star after da film

    • Technically it was just short of clean hit, but movie carried a lot of goodwill and still consider as one of best movies of salman.

  6. Great film,a turning point of salman career.good hair style.tell me Dear Yakuza when you will do like this for film DEVDAS,please soon Sir……………………………………………

  7. […] Check Rest HERE […]

  8. i think if d ending was happy one.or bit different it would hv been super hit.nywayz i still think salman craze is above all actors,i think dey shd make terenaam 2

  9. superb film.

  10. TERENAAM is salman best acting
    salman deserved national award 4 dis film

    i think d scene of head injury is so scared
    n director showed head scene again n again
    i remembered girls were depressed by tht scene
    n also sad end,thts y it was semi-hit
    bt it is gr8 film
    govt. should give national award to sallu.

  11. PRITY JI is indeed big sallu fan.prity ji aap ki jai ho

  12. i m new to this site..m also big fan of salman khan like u all…luv him respect him from depth of my heart…also get depresed when his movies don’t do well…nonetheless luv 4 bhai is everlasting..eagerling waiting 4 Dabangg and hope it would turn out to be as big success..
    @prity, @naveed
    luv u guys, IMO u are the biggest fan of salman khan alomg with @hina (bollyplus)

  13. @prity, @naveed, @hina
    following u guys since the release of Wanted..u guys are torchbearers of salman khan fan club…i hail from small town Jugial near pathankot (punjab)…u guys rocks..
    luv u guys

    • thankx buddy why dont u join us on bollyplus. yeah Salman has a lot of affection from his fans coz he is genuine. i personally love him more dan his films. very few stars have dat position

  14. it was another south remake and here again Salman like Akshay rely too much on South REMAKES THIS YEAR TOO!!

  15. Wheter it was hit or semi hit it’s different thing but dis movie was talk of d town d hair style d dress of salman was indemand in eid music was all favo whrever u go frm party to rickshawala it was lagan lagi all and all dis made people know that salman is back and he can act as well d craze of dis movie can never b discribed in words dis movie is beyond verdit.

    • very well said arshan. still people wont accept. i dont live in india so i cant say but ive heard stories. plus da same is in england. btw my friends who dont like bwood films dat much talk about dis film and da music till today is immense. an album dat will take some beating

    • Well said, the impact of movie is beyond any verdict.

  16. Tere Naam is always in my list as one of the few films that deserve the Hit status at the BO. Yakuza, in which circuits was Tere Naam a Hit? Also, do you think it was a Semi-Hit despite the big opening, thanks to its second half (where it was dark)?

    • agree. but i will never understand why JANEMAAN, LD and AAA failed at box office. irony is dere all Salman films. i know oder actors have dat but Salman has been unlucky in dese 4.

    • North India.

  17. tere naam was a great movie barring d end.salman rocked in dat movie nd d craze which dis movie had,i hv never witnessed ny such expect gadar.but salman rocked.if d ending was a bit differnt it would hv been blockbuster.still rembeber 15th august 2003,raining heavily went in ist day ist show in a single screen nd people danced on odhli wat an expereince

  18. I agree, that’s one thing that really got me mad is when Kal Ho Naa Ho won Best Music, when really it should’ve went to Tere Naam. I think award shows are being unfair to Sallu films. Tere Naam was a top music seller at all parts of India, whereas Kal Ho Naa Ho was only big cities.

    Tere Naam was robbed from the music awards

    • It was really unfair. But since when fairness comes to awards ? And who give it serious look at first place ?

    • yeah Randy. and Udit should have got it for da title track.

      i know wat oders r sayin bout da endin. it made me cry and Salman being like dat doesnt go wid people. byt my friends degrade bwood films sayin dat dere 2 predicatble etc. but dey always say dat TERE NAAM had a unpredictable film. coz wen hes recoverig u expect him to get better and reunitw wid da girl. but dat doesnt happen and we all know how it ends. da way he walks 2wards da van and da music dat goes wid it was SUPERB.

  19. tere nam was a rage..SALMAN BHAI ROCKS

    • yes slumman rocks in the police clearence certificate too …as his history is very bad in their records as well as Sunjay wonder they are doing namesake charity nowadays!!

      • chengez dat is uncalled for. Salman does charity coz he has a big heart. i suggest u stick to da bachans.

  20. changej everybody knows amarsingh gave help to ur bachan when ur bachan got bankrupt..ur bachan has all the black money land scam boforce etc

    • those scams are all ill motivated and proved to be mere publicity stunts by opp parties and it has been proved in judicial courts but here in the case of SLUMMan…HE IS TRYING TO GET IN THE GOOD BOOKS OF THE POLICE AND THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM AFTER BEING FECILITATED AS THE BAD BOF OF BOLLYWOOD..AFTER SUNJAY DUTT..TRUTH HURTS!

  21. no body is above the law.salman is charged non guilty by the court.who the hell r u to decide?

    • beingsalman

      now shez gonna say dat he bribed da judge. lol

      forget her. she talks out of her arse. her iq must be very low. da bottom line is dis dat majority of people vouch for Salman’s honesty, generosity and sincerity.

      lol. must of his fans dat i know like him not for his films but for da man he is.

      so plz stop dis bashing chengez. i think uve exceeded over 5 abusive comments towards Salamn. Yakuza have a word plz.

  22. I agree, I remember hearing that when Tere Naam was showing in cinemas, people were dancing to Oodhni. Tere Naam is simply amongst the best soundtracks of last year. The album had variety of songs, which appeal not only to the youngsters, but to elder generations as well. Stupid award shows for not giving it atleast the Best Album.

    How did Tere Naam fare in Delhi, Membai and East Punjab. Is it because of those circuits that Tere Naam was a Semi-Hit?

  23. Still I ll say the best performance of salman.
    I think salman is the best love story films actor ever in bollywood.he had great films like MPK,Sajan,HPHK,Tere Naam etc.

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