Raajneeti : Exit Poll Indicated Winner/Actual Results Put It In Clear Majority

Volume of business which was satisfactory even for entire week, now get it in just a weekend and this is just exceptional business from a movie which never was candidate for universal success, leave apart super-hit business from all parts of country. Raajneeti stands at ~33 Crore as per early estimates(@ 64% all India occupancy). There is big buzz in industry and most among trade circles, whom to credit the exceptional opening of movie ? IMO , Royal setup of cast coupled with Mahabharta driven characters publicized well before release of movie and above all Katrina role makeover with aesthetic appeal to Sonia Gandhi, all these combined factors made the audience to step in theater. Raajneeti is sustaining well today and we will see healthy Monday which is very good indicator for stable weekdays ahead. First week should be close to 50 Crore and biggest ever after Three Idiots and Ghajini. Bollywood is all set for its second outright Hit of 2010 after Housefull and supposedly first super-hit of 2010. Other mild successes of 2010 are Ishqiya, Love Sex aur Dokha and Atithi Tum Kab jayoge.  My Name Is khan though a decent grosser, but still struggling very hard for break-even. Kites is biggest disaster (~40 Crore) of 2010 along with Teen Patti(~15 Crore) and Dulha Mil Gaya (~25 Crore). 

Raajneeti has two open weeks to perform, after that we will see another biggie “Raavan” on 18th June. There are speculations in industry that prospects of Raavan will be effected due to super success of Raajneeti as audience generally don’t spend on two back to back heavy duty biggies. I will say “No” and “Yes”. Yes because we have witness this audience behavioral pattern in the past. No because a good movie always find its audience irrespective of external hurdles, but in this case movie really need to be a worthy entertainer. In case of Raavan, two heavy duty biggies in a short gap may distract some audience, but if audience has already made their mind to check this movie in theater, then no one can stop them to step in theater.

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on June 7, 2010.

65 Responses to “Raajneeti : Exit Poll Indicated Winner/Actual Results Put It In Clear Majority”

  1. For me the biggest reason for the success of this movie is its very lucid and uncomplicated presentation…Most of the directors keep screenplay too complicated in order to bring certain class.but actually it proves too much for an average moviegoer to comprehend…I am very happy for Rajneeti’s success…Well done PJ.

  2. Ranbir kapoor is the major reason.starange u dint evn mention this reason…nd as far as ravan it ll be huge achievement for ravan if it cross 40crs…

    • Ranbir kapoor performance was worst among all. If Ranbir kapoor was such a big star then Rocket singh ki opening bhi 34 Crore hoti … WUS life time Nett 27 Crore tha, Raajneeti cross that in three days. This is defintely due to reasons mentioned by yakuza. I agree here with Yakuza. Otherwise ranbir kapoor ne koi kasar nahi chodi movie ko bakwaas banane mein, He looked like any female artiste in movie.

      • i agree with u shruti i think ranbir isnt a good actor
        its just people media who thinks hes good i dont see anything special in him or his performances and yakuza very true of you i think was yours main factors are right for this movie to get huge response people just bring in him ranbir into it all the time.

    • i disagree wid u dere yaar. manoj for me rocked forget ranbir. its a shame bout ajays role. anyway u r rite bout ravaan. i dnt think dat film will cross 45 crores

      • Agree on manoj, he was best of lot. Also i liked Nana. I am wondering for Ajay, he was very monotonous in movie, Ranbir was wasted.

    • Ranbir has absolutely nothing to do with raajneeti success. Its the complete starcast. Even in promos Ranbir looks average. unlike manoj who looks dominating.

  3. Once again, Mr. Yakuza waited for sites like BOI and bollwood hungama to post their numbers of Raajneeti. Then he took their numbers, change them by 10%, post them and clain his niumbers are more authentic. What a cheat!

    • And you forget that 90% of posts that he updates much before others ? Yes he is late this time, but he always ahead of others for most of time, Then you never complain or otherwise ? I don’t have any complaints of he give late reports for few times, afterall he also have other primary assignments which is his primary job, this blog he is running for free just for our entertainment, what you guys are smoking ?

      • exactly jeevan, these guys never learnt …

      • well said jeevan.

      • Early and Yakuza?
        Look at his posts for this year. Always late!
        I am not complaining that he is late. I am just trying to indicate how he operates.

        • either you are not bollybusiness follower or your time zone is different as of this blog. As far as i have seen, this site always updates few hours before BOI. Check Kites/Housefull/MNIK updates. Yakuza was always first.

          • Interesting. How can people say things wthout any proof!

            Example of Yakuza’s prediction methodology: House full update.

            @ Usman Solo

            y u ask this u r soloman akki

            dark said this on May 2, 2010 at 5:08 am | Reply


            exclusive_arun said this on May 2, 2010 at 7:44 am | Reply

            yakuza bro wht abt the update????????????????

            exclusive_arun said this on May 2, 2010 at 7:51 am | Reply

            yakuzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.khan ho bhai????????????

            But he was vanished for 2 days, waiting for otehrs to post their numbers.

            Same happened with MNIK and now Raajneeti!

    • SJ..DUDE,Its not that Yakz has to stay here 24/7..he cant spend the whole day here entertaining dick heads like you..got imp errands to finish in life!

  4. SJ, leave BB, what you think of IBOS? they always update on saturday or in between weekdays. So what you think about them ? As shruti and jeevan well said, yakuza most of time give early updates than bOI, thats why i follow this site and i believe many others too.

    Well i am very happy for raajneeti big success, only bacause of Prakash Jha, I love this man and was sad for his defeat in elections, but now i am too happy to see him getting success.

    • As I said, I dont care about early or late posts. I was trying to highlight how he posts hos numbers. I have given two examples above, you can find many more if you are interested. Foe me IBOS, BOI, BH are all reliable. They mostly post simialr numbers and more importantly never take credit of posting “exact'” numbers. This gentleman on the other hand claims he is the only onle posting right numbers. And his numbers are + – 10 % of others.

      • “This gentleman on the other hand claims he is the only onle posting right numbers.”

        SJ, i never claim and force anyone to follow this blog.

      • SJ Pa ji, In above posts you are crying over late update and now you are saying that you don’t care ? Pa ji aap ko shayad pata nahi hai, BOI/BOC and BH, all sites now days quoting producer numbers, this is only reason they all are same. But yakuza updates based on his estimation. I am more intresting in estimations rather than producer false claims. Enna hi kenna si mennu.

        • Yaar when I cried on the late update. I just highlighted that the weekend numbers were posted on all websites this morning. In the afternoon/evening, this website took their numbers, modified them by 5-10% and posted them.

          I am not sure that these people use numbers from producers or distributors as you say. But regarding the numbers by producers, why would a producer /distributor inflate his numebers when he has to pay tax on it. It is a diuble loss for him. First losses from the movie and second added tax amounts.

        • You are right on spot gurvinder, Every one is now buying producers total and so all on same page.

          SJ, Taxes are paid based on balance sheet, not based on publish reports.

        • One mor thing Yar, when it was reported by all websites that Kites paid reviews were 1.7 or 1.8 crores and this site over reported by over half a million, then i wonder why were producers under reporting?

          • Googly?

          • SJ, i always buy my numbers and believe in only what i can see on board. Yeah, producers has given 1.75 for previews, but i can see here 2.75 Crore. Now what producers were smoking about only they better know otherwise rentrak system never failed to track the actual boxoffice.

            • So basically when your numbers are on the lower side then producers are over reporting to presenet theri film as a hit product and when your numbers are on the higher side then we dont know why producers are under reporting their numbers (perhaps to present their film as a flop product or may be just to prove you wrong)

              Thats a good logic, I have to agree with it!

              • You don’t have any choice … 🙂 , btw i never argue on what others are reporting, overreporting or under, i never cared.

                • Really?
                  Come on Yakuza, I have seen that you do criticize otehr sources.
                  You do care a bit, but I let it go!

    • Yeah gurvinder, Eve i am more happy for PJ. He deserved this much awaited success. BTW his next is “Arakshan” with Ajay Devgan, Katrina and Amitabh Bachchan. Movie will deal with reservation issue.

  5. oops, too much noise on late update, Dear SJ, you can take it easy, Just take it as another BO update and can discuss on BO performance rather discussing my performance on updates …. 🙂

    btw thanks for posting ..

    • Sure Yakuza, I am happy movie did good. Its time peopel start appreciating good cinema and not duds like MNIK or housefull!

  6. i still wonder how this movie put such mnd boggling numbers…failure of kites has helped rajneeti in a big way…rajneeti surely would be superhit and if raavan turned out be dud then it may turn out to be a blockbuster..
    bro i have been following u for the past 1 yr..u rocks man..need to know why u deleted my post…if i m posting it wrong tehn plz let me know how can i get my views posted..

    • Thanks BimsV. Your first comment was under moderation as per blog policy. It was never deleted, but was under approval. I have approved all your comments now and from now on you can post here without any waiting for approval. Thanks Man.

  7. yakuza bhaiya u rokssssssssssssss

  8. nw im expecting huge frm ravana too………….everyone like guru

  9. SJ said

    go to hell n show ur frustration their

  10. You mentioned other decent success, but wasn’t Veer a Above Average?

    • Randy, I agree earlier i reported veer as average success, but that was based on producer’s total 46 Crore (As i was absent during veer release and was relying producers total), but later while investigating things, I found veer near 40 Crore (inclusive all languages). At this rate i will not rate it a success.

  11. ab jitne bhi the jo kehte the ki veer single screen picture isliye multipx me nahi chali to plz ye bahana lagana bnd kro kyuki rajneeti bhi single screen hi thi ab salmaan ke fan maan bhi jayo salmaan ko koi bhi multiplx me nahi dekhna chata,,,,okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  12. yakuza i m right naaaaaaaaaaaa??????????

  13. What about Badmaash Company? Shouldn’t that also come under this year’s successes?

  14. This movie is well made in all respects and attributing success to only one actor is doing injustice to others…No doubt Ranbir has a pull at BO but saying he alone is responsible for the intial is unreasonable..If you want to rate performances then Nana Patekar takes the lead, followed byManoj Bajpai, Ranbir in tnat order.Overall it is a well made movie with perfect story and screenplay and good direction that made this movie to appeal to audiences.

  15. ranbir just simple role.just wach ajay his action .what is doing denger politic.he always doing difrent acting.well don ajay.arjun rampal also good .

  16. Yakuza u post estimate boi nd taran post actual collection..thts why ur fig r always diff nd early..u dun hve any collection dude…u r not komal taran nd boi….ur rajneti opening of 40percent was a big blundr

  17. Yakuza was the 1st to report that kites made below 5 crore net in 2nd weekend, this was a day before BOI published their figures of 4.5 crore net. So anyone who doubts his reports shud shutup, yes he was late today, probably he had other assignments and he is running it by himself.

  18. @sj u rocks man.agree wid all of ur pt except ibos..yakuza if u hve collection post them like boi nd taran simple..evrybody can post estimates before boi like u do…like rajneti is goin to collect 7cr on monday..there is no einstien requirement for that…but whether it is 6.4 cr or 7.2 cr this is called actual reporting which boi does.ok

  19. @samya if i predict kite 3rd weekand is 50lacs only that does not made me superior trade person..got my point

  20. You doubted Yakuza when he was giving his reports for Kites then you clearly lost, he was the 1st to predict Kites will do 30 cr net max after its poor wom in 1st weekend, when it was supposed to do 45, and whatever you guys say, Yakuza is always the quickest of reporters, now BOI have been doing the same lately, giving earlier reports, and also yakuza was 1st to say KI did 33 crore net 1st week, whilst BOI had it at 37 cr and bought it down to 33 4 days later.

  21. Dear Yakuza,
    u bring real facts every time,some peoples are jealous from ur honest and real site,therefore,they are making excuses.
    happy for raajneeti success.
    I like the performance of katrina and ajay.
    and happy that anitabh and ajay are coming together in Arakshan with katrina,remember katrina will take national award for raajneeti next year award.

  22. excilent ajay devgan in rajneeti from politic.he is gr8 actor in bollywood

  23. IT WILL BE AJAY Devgen year 2 hits Aitit and now rajneetii

    gggggoood luck ajay (= really happy

  24. mate r u comparing them with the Acting school’s OF India in the likes of Kamal haasan,Mamooty,Mohanlal,Om puri and Amitabh bachchan!!

  25. “Yakuza u post estimate boi nd taran post actual collection..thts why ur fig r always diff nd early..u dun hve any collection dude…u r not komal taran nd boi….ur rajneti opening of 40percent was a big blundr”

    no trades can predict exact collections, BOI in itself never is sure on the right collections, always changes figures aand has done it yet again.

  26. Jamya read carefully wht i hve said…i said boi nd taran POST collection nd yakuza PREDICT collection..for eg if a movie collects 49700rs in a theatre.it is 49700 it cant be 50000..thats the diff…nd one more thnk yakuza plz plz clearify do u predict collection or do u hve any sources?

  27. trades job is to give an estimation, and no trades cud give 100% dt to dot figure, BOI is always shufling figures, 1st they said HF did 8.9 crore net, the 2 weeks later it was 9.5 no its gone down to 9.3.

  28. Yakuza bhai what’s about badmas company it is ALSo semi hit movie you have not mention it’s name in sucess movie it did business about 33 core and budget is 15 core . Give me reply in planet bollywood it was semi hit

    • Yeah, i forget this one, BC is surely a clean success.

      • happy for Shahid, BC was a good film, however it seems like its been swallowed by the success of HF, the hype for Kites and now Raajneeti. Imo BC should have been released witha 2week gap either side of it and the music should have been given a longer release.

  29. yakluza, what is monday gross of rajneeti?

    • sunil, i am on leave today, will update you tomorrow. BTW what i have seen yesterday, it was 30-40% drop only. And even BOI figure is in synch. So i guess it should float around 6.5-7 Crore.

  30. my review of Rajneeti

    i was eagerly awaiting this movie because i was so cheesed off watching crapfests like HF & Kites.

    the 1st half is riveting! you eyes are glued as you watch the plot race along 100mph. i was fascinated watching the ins and out of desi politics…

    the 2nd half slows down a bit and it seems like Prakash Jha copy and pasted some scenes off Godfather. the climax was a let down for me, because i expected a bit better

    the performances :

    For me the best actor in this movie was Arjun Rampal who manages to look and act amazing! His role is a mixture, one minute he is a party leader, the next he is abusing/exploiting people and the next he is looking deranged while beating a police officer to pulp. this guy has gave his best performance to date. Imo he deserves the best supporting actor award for this role – he was THAT good!

    2 – Manoj Bajpai – this guy was terrific as the political rival who is conniving, nasty, seething with anger. This was simply a brilliant performance for him.

    3 – Nana Patekar – we all know it, this guy just rocks! he is a true powerhouse. this heavyweight actor makes everything seems so natural its unbelievable. he was so smooth and intelligent as the political mentor of the party, it was a joy to watch. his role was very well written.

    4 – Ranbir = Ajay

    i actually felt that Ranbir was a misfit in this movie. he seemed a bit out of place. I felt that any moment he was going to break into WUS/Ajab mode….was this movie too early for him as an actor? Although his star pull helped to make this a hit, i just don’t think he suited the role….it was just too smug and he seemed to me like a fish out of water. Someone like Saif would’v done better imo, because he is still quite young looking and is v.good at serious roles

    Ajay Devgan – i think he sleepwalked through this movie. he’s done these roles several times, however thats the problem – there’s nothing new on offer for him as an actor or us as the audience. We’v seen Ajay play the angry man so many times however some fault must also go to the director who gave him a weak role imo.

    Katrina looks lovely but although she tried really hard her English ‘hindi’ is a bit of a turn-off…..

    Other interesting stuff:

    a lot of full-on kissing and sex scenes shown in this movie.

    that girl who wants a seat 1st from Arjun, then Manoj is damn hot!! i’d give her my seat anyday 😉

    overall rating = 4/5

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