10 Heads …. 10 Minds … One Man

~ by Yakuza on June 7, 2010.

38 Responses to “10 Heads …. 10 Minds … One Man”

  1. superp poster yakuza bhaiya…………mindfuking…………..

  2. abhshek is the perfect choice for ravan coz he is the most ugly luking guy in bollywood…


      • chengez stfu. am sick and tired of u abisuin Salman. ur dat bitch saritha on BH. i dont want to be rude but plz stop dis nonsense abuse. Salman is one of da best lookin guyz in bwood.

      • r u seeing from ur eyes or frm ur ass…every one knows salman is most gud luking, while dat abhishek well i dnt wanna say nething on him….u cn c urself.

        • forget chengez. she comments on Salman and her friend on BH sarith comments on every Salman page on BH. hahaha not likin some1 and still havin a obsession is strange. i never post bad on oder actors but non Salman fans r pathetic who hate on him

      • Beingsalman / chengez , You are indulging too much on Stars Bashing. I request all members here to put their energy on some creative debate rather than such stupid and nonsense matters, I am expecting some sensible and logical comments from you guys, Everyone is grown up here. From now i will delete such comments immediately and after 5 consecutive comments, member will be ban on this site.

    • lol that is funny and true….does Ajay come close?

  3. don’t be a jealous,
    abhi is super in raavan,and might be hit like guru.
    abhi is upcoming king of bollywood after few years because now akki is ruling and akki will rule for few years.

  4. Going by the synopsis it is definitely a ‘Gabbar’ type story and Like I said in the previous post this could a film that opens eye’s fully worldwide, its rustic, raw and very Indian at its core. If its promoted well abroad and there is talk of promotions in England and the US and I don’t mean to NRI’s then it could open eyes fully to the quality Indian cinema has to offer.

  5. hahaha..i pity on those who find ab more gud lukng than salman

    • and i am happy that Slumman khant’s films will be banned in the whole of South India from now on!!

    • 100% correct. i aint got a problem wid abhishek but dis chengez/saritha is posting nonsense

  6. Btw ravan latest promo is gud

  7. koi bat nhi..amitabh bachan ki tarah hijdo ki tarah ghar to nhi bhaitha salman..same on bachans

    • Why are you attributing all your qualities and character to others…I guess your community will be some where near you..go and join them…at least you can make some change…

    • Why do you think that everyone is like you..Most of the humans are better qualified and mannered than you..better not attribute all your qualities and character to others..I feel you need some help from a Doctor

    • You really need to chill on your Amithab jibes he is a 67 year old man do you really expect him to compete with the likes of Salman? If Salman is such a sher then why does he beat up women? He’s nothing more than a man whore you can’t act.

      • haha

        a typical Salman hater. no where does it prove dat Salman beat a woman. he has said countless times dat he has not hit a woman. again ur bringing in some1s personal aspects. plz only talk bout ther careers. according to u Salman bhai can’t act. fine nowt wrong wid dat but lay of da personal stuff.

        • I’m not a Salman hater i just don’t like him. Your a typical salman lover. Won’t even go anywhere near the fact he killed a person or that he beats up woman. Love is blind after all.

          • ok bansu watever u say buddy. but dere is no concrete evidence for dem cases. anyway dat is between him and God. dis is da problem wid da world, people only look at da bad in people. look at all da good he does. more dany oder actor. he has helped countless people to break into bwood and many have taken advantage of bhai.
            anyway lets plz leave some1s personal affairs aside and concentrate on dere movies.


  8. Actually bachans hvent guts 2stand 4 truth or gud cause also dey only see their benefits nd i bet if ravaan waznt ready 4 release dey surely wouldve attended IIFA buh bachanz r cowardz !! God Bless Salman Khan. He’s the super BEST human. Whoever is jealous of him, get a life.

  9. Why is he behaving like a chimpanzee in the movie?

  10. why do u have problem with bachchans, if you are a fan of salman its fine but for that it doesn’t mean you will hurt others sentiment. You can say good or bad for their acting(unbiased) but don’t abuse them. Write what u feel don’t write what u want to write.

  11. hello dharamedra was the most handsome actor in indian cinema not idiot salman also in case u r taking worst looking face competion between srk n sunil shetty

  12. salman khan ***** (Edited) ***** hai

  13. salman khan ***** (Edited) ******** hai

  14. The latest action promo of Raavan seems ace—best till now after “beera”….Always believed and knew this will be a quality product up my alley…But with this action promo—–for the first time, since the promos began, i can see blockbuster potential….the countdown begins…whew, “raavan” is looking really powerful..I think Abhishek will surprice many with this film!

  15. well i also hope da film does well. gonna catch it coz i couldnt catch RAJNEETI in cinemas.

    • it seems u keep a track on Saritha too as i am a fan of her and u might see the sounding similar here and we all know Salman is not the best looking guy in bollywood for ur kind info…its Hrithikso…peace & luv!

      • dats fine. its an opinion. but Salman does win a lot of polls and as a guy i think he his a very handsome man. especially in films like HAHK, TERE NAAM, MSK etc. I really like him WANTED. he is starting to look good again after a long time.

  16. Poor bachans..ravan is goin to ban in south as govinda attendd iifa..COWARD BACHAN VEER SALMAN

  17. yes salman is good looking but dev anand is the best looking guy ever in hindi cinema

  18. thats a crazy poster but Abhi is going to be the most talked about actor this summer with his role in Raavan. he will rock!

  19. the bachans r over.the old fag is becoming a joke the jr cant act n such a boring acter,the two old women r no good jaya dum nut in sabha n old bitch ash unlucky omen without chidren.al should move to south n camp with the ltte terrorist.that the pace for that family

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