Raajneeti : Boxoffice killer

Raajneeti surpassed all expectations with its humongous business on day one. Despite smaller release in multiplex, Killer business in single screens and excellent business at multiplexes enable this movie to collect smashing 9.5-10 Crore. Though Kites first day business was a bit higher, but relatively smaller release(though equal print counts, but lesser shows) and  astonishing business at single screens will enable this movie to put highest distribution shares after Three idiots. All theories of genres/subject and treatment proved wrong in front of killer cast and royal presentation. IMO , failure of kites was also one factor for its thunderous opening day collections, audience was dying for good cinema, kites disappointed big time, next option was Raajneeti, after 4 star rating reviews out on Thursday itself, everyone was ready to lap it on first day itself. Movie is maintaining its pace even today. Cast, crew and fans can celebrate now for supposedly biggest weekend ever after three idiots. As reports are mixed, real test of movie will start after weekend. But as of now, all izz very well.

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on June 5, 2010.

91 Responses to “Raajneeti : Boxoffice killer”

  1. hello yakuza, what you think will rajneeti beat housefull?

  2. great i said it will cross buisness of housefull n it did

  3. Yakuza it is really unbelievable that Raajneeti is touching 10 cr on Friday. I was expecting 6-7 cr. So Raajneeti proves that not only top 5 actors can give big opening but 5 normal actors can also give big opening. But BOI said on Thursday that advance booking is not great. Now it is creating new records.
    BTW how much it needs for clean hit ? I think 60 cr Am I right ?

    • hello sir but those normal 5 actors r best actors of indian cinema

      • lol, i hope you are not counting Arjun Rampal and even katrina kaif in terms of good acting

      • mate r u comparing them with the Acting school’s OF India in the likes of Kamal haasan,Mamooty,Mohanlal,Om puri and Amitabh bachchan!!

    • Nauman, opening was much much better than any top actor has given this year. Kites was 10.5 Crore on day with 2000 prints and 30-35 shows at multiplexes. MNIK day one was approx 7.5 Crore with 1400 Prints and 25+ shows at plexes. Housefull day one was 9 Crore with 1700 Prints and 28-30 Shows at plexes. Raajneeti 10 crore on first day with 1800 prints and just 15-20 Shows in plexes. Occupancy rate of Raajneeti was 80%+ in single screens and 60%+ in plexes (evening shows were 90-100%). Kites/Housefull/MNIK all were half as good as Raajneeti.

  4. also yakuza can u tell as wom is g8 to too g8 can it cross buisness of ghajini which i think it can as ravan will flop

    • Sandip I know Ajay, Manoj , Nana , Arjun and Ranbir all are superb. Really Raajneeti is bundle of surprises.
      1. Ranbir (really awesome)
      2. Arjun (never did like before)
      3. Manoj (career best performance)
      4. Katrina (worst acting, even worst than MPKK)
      5. Opening 10 cr

      While watching movie I was just thinking Which role could be perfect for Akshay. I think Manoj ones.

  5. so we have new king along with akshay kumar thts ranbir kapoor

  6. So Sandip. Ranbir cant get 10 cr opening credit. It was a team work.
    Prakash, Nana, Manoj, Arjun, Ajay, Ranbir , and Beauty Queen.

  7. hey 1st congrats to greatest actor ever of cinema big b on his wedding anniversary n 2nd congrats again to g8 for bringing 2nd hand 40 yr old ambasdor car type daughter in law but law of average takes it own coures so it has taken his son is zero no 1 and daughter in law is old mare thts lady horse otherwise he desreved better then this sorry big b but ashhh sucks big time on screen n knows no acting at all n ur son who is already floooooooop n also i hate u as u are friend of basterd srk and main thing only 3 star sons shone thts rishi kapoor sunny and sunjay depending on their 20 yr career ur son is dumb send him to acting school or open a shop for him to sell undergarments with srk lux cozi walle

    • son u need some treatment ASAP…as it seems u r typing after smoking weed and is very much frustrated as Raavan will surprise many including ur no good brain!

  8. Yes I know. I was in train when I opened BOI and When I read 10.5 cr I thought They are talking about gross. But later I realized It is Nett.
    I am really happy. I like Ranbir and Ajay.
    Plz let us know how much it needs for clean hit tag plz yakuza Bhai.

  9. its katrina all the way

    hail katrina

  10. opening was much much better than any top actor has given this year. Kites was 10.5 Crore on day with 2000 prints and 30-35 shows at multiplexes. MNIK day one was approx 7.5 Crore with 1400 Prints and 25+ shows at plexes. Housefull day one was 9 Crore with 1700 Prints and 28-30 Shows at plexes. Raajneeti 10 crore on first day with 1800 prints and just 15-20 Shows in plexes. Occupancy rate of Raajneeti was 80%+ in single screens and 60%+ in plexes (Noon/evening shows were 70-100%). Kites/Housefull/MNIK all were half as good as Raajneeti, or you can say Raajneeti has given 60-70% better performance than any top opener this year, without any SRK.Akshay/Aamir or any other top star in lead. Raajneeti proves that box-office is no more dominated by any 2-3 actors, it is always rational towards good cinema.

    • Agree with u Yakuza but please let us know how much it needs for hit tag.
      Komal Nahta said UTV bought it by 65 cr for world wide shares.
      It means it need minimum 70 cr DS worldwide. which will be 130-135 cr
      It means 100 cr India 35 cr Overseas. Then It will be Hit. Isnt It ?

    • Yakuza, in one word answer please, your Raajneeti prediction for today & tommorow 🙂 by seeing the trending I feel somwhere close to 10 crores each..possible ?

  11. Nauman, Now there are good chances for 40-42 Crore DS (~70 Crore NETT, higher DS due to excellent SS collections) in india. Atleast 25-30 Crore will be earned from other resources, Overseas revenue will be a pure profit. Movie is definite Hit/SuperHit. This movie will earn atleast 30 Crore profits for distributors. Biggest ever after three idiots in last two years.

    • Yakuza, in one word answer please, your Raajneeti prediction for today & tommorow by seeing the trending I feel somwhere close to 10 crores each..possible ?

  12. ab to katz ki guest appearnce movies bhi record breaking opening lain gi

  13. So yakuza it means 65 cr world wide including non theatrical rights ?
    I am Right ?

  14. Yakuza on 70 cr nett means 40-42 cr DS then why not for Housefull?
    Housefull got only 37 cr Ds

  15. My prediction for Raajneeti after Friday collections
    Weekend 30 cr
    1st Week 45 cr
    2nd week 15 cr
    life time 68-70 cr
    Life time DS 40 cr in India
    overseas 20 cr nett 10 cr DS
    Non theatrical revenue 25 cr
    40 + 10 + 25 = 75 cr
    10 cr Profit for UTV.
    Yakuza now let us know with 10 cr Profit
    Hit or Super Hit ?

  16. hey guys now i can say films which r g8 on single screens can only become blockbuster n popular

  17. Great news, happy for ranbeer.

  18. So yakuza whts abt ur reporting 40percent opening yday?r u admitting ur mistake??

  19. @nauman dun behave like taran adarsh.box office totaly depend on theatrical revenus..if a movie faild at box office it is FLOP no matter how much it make on dvd tv..rajneeti ll be declared superhit both by boi nd taran if it cross 65cr net.i know..btw yakuza friday is 10.5cr not 9cr…first u said 40percent opening now deducting 1.5cr

    • I have written 9.5-10, btw can you calculate occupancy of firt day @17 Crore maximum capacity ?

  20. Ranbir kapoor ne 2 sal me hi itni hit de di jitni abhishek 11 sal me nhi de ska..only 1 solo hit in his entire carrier thats too coz of maniratnam.hahaha

  21. @yakuza it seems u only reply to those who agree wid u.ans me why u said public response is mixd?critic response is mixed?ss 70percent?plexes 40percent

  22. yakuza is a brilliant trade, but i think he was trying to undereport raajneti in favour of raavan.

  23. Is Raajneeti Solo Hit of Ranbir?

  24. No…rajniti is team work..but opening is hugely due to ranbir…btw taran also declard 10.5cr.yakuza i thnk u predict collection rather than report the collection. u never publish territory breakdown coz u dun hve them..

  25. Its near to 7 pm so Yakuza is not on the seat now.
    He will be back on Monday

  26. no the opening is due to promotion, and katz starpower

  27. Beingsalman

    haha lolz opening credit goes to only n onlye katrina kaif
    y wus n rocket sing nt take huge opening bothe got gud reviews

    n other hand apkgk was got decent reviews bt opening was huge due to katrina nt ranbir

    • If Katrina Kaif ensures big opening why 45 crore Yuvvraaj could manage only 12 crore in opening week ?
      All this nonsense dont work.
      Raajneti got big opening due to many factors.

  28. Except for stupid beingsalman who is hellbent on making Raavan flop (which will not happen) others are really appreciating the success of raajneeti.

  29. Katz is in the top 5

    akki, srk, amir, katz and hirthik

  30. Its really a killer..

  31. @amit wait nd watch..ravan hamesha fuka hai ye bhi fukega..

  32. btw amit m vry happy wid rajneti sucess.its ur yakuza who underreportd rajneti opening yday.do u hve any ans 4 that??

    • i dont know wat to say bout RAJNEETI opening. great start. but after mon da picture would become clearer regarding its fate.

  33. yakuza, what is the saturday collection?

  34. Box office
    The film had an excellent start at the box office and recorded an opening of nearly Rs. 10.50 crore nett on its first day and second day nearly 11.50 crore nett.[9] The film had the second biggest Friday opening ever in India after 3 Idiots and the biggest Friday opening in the first half of the year beating Kites.[10][11][12] Raajneeti took excellent opening in the overseas territory of Australia and New Zealand and is the biggest opener in the territory beating 3 idiots.[13

  35. source is wikipedia

  36. ajay u r good politics .what is yr raajneeti.yes nise acting.and ranbir also good actor

  37. hi this move have some thing to cheer about……..it is awasome to katrian and rambir kapor……… Kapor entry was dashing in politics………..this movies will make a good collection.

    Must see the movies.

    though music aint that great, movie will do wonders.
    btw lemme take YOKOZONA off track. how about the music sale will be this year?? will Himesh surplus over all? or is it vishan shekar as they have this year’s best Alvida Alvida on pipe line.
    the opening 2 tracks from Kajrare are like atom bombs and I hate love stores have a good track but sounds similar to Dostana’s. I think milenge milenge and alvida alvida will compete each other. and to be of one’s surprise, Pritam always have something in pipe line. he is genius. A.R.Rehman’s music gets boring day by day.
    So Yokozona, please give some updates on MUSIC

  39. Good to see India specific well made movies are making impact in BO.This shows that Audience is King.Actors have limitations in terms of BO pull.If the product is well made everyone will lap it up.

  40. ajay is rock in raajneeti .he is danger tiger what is plitics in raajniti.he well done.ranbir can not do raajneeti for him only use love storry .he also good.

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  42. Kha bhag gya yakuza…biggest opening weekand in history of indian cinema for rajneti 34cr.humungous.nd u were sayng 40percnt opening .hahahahahahaha…

  43. Yakuza u r a sadist man.when kites bombd u was giving min by min uptake…ab rajneti itni bdi hit hai to bhag gya…Ranbir kapoor ll be biggest superstar of india in 2 yrs mark my words.

    • dis film is not just ranbir. look at da star cast man. i bet a lot of people just went for kat. anyway da collections of dis film will surely affect/damage RAVAAN.

      • get over urself…ppl r not fools 2 watcha movie for Kat…if they like her looks they can get her wallpaper…all know tht she cant act…in fact she was the worst part of this film…a better actress would have made this film great….

        • calm down. i know kat cant act. am just pointing out facts. APKGK was a carp film, luk wat dat did. and ur rite she was da worst part of da film.

  44. Ya ravan ll tank now bigtime coz ravan is always goin to flop in single screen.nd multiplex audience has no money left..btw naveed ya rajneti opend due to many factors but dun u thnk coz of ranbir it opend huge at multiplex nd overseas..

  45. Where r all the bachans fans?jealous of ranbir success

    • Ranbir’s performance in Rajneeti cant even be compared to Abhishek’s act in SARKAR…AND IT CAN BE NOTED HERE RANBIR WAS INSPIRED BY ABHI’S CHARACTER IN SARKAR…TRUTH HURTS!

  46. guys writing for the first time but following yakuza for the past 1 yr…watched rajneeti ystrday..honestly speaking after reading so much abt movie expection were sky high but sorry i didn’t enjoy much..it was a regular drama and just an average movie..if it had been taken so well by audiences it primarily because of failure of aome big flicks..people were dying of entertainment..nonetheless i loved nana patekar, manoj vajpayee in this movie..Mr.jha wasted brilliant actor like ajay devgon..probably he was more obsessed with ranbir and katrina since he might have thought of them as a trump card to get the opening..i bet if kites had not failed it wudn’t have taken such a huge opening and may have incurred losses..in the past six months rajneeti may be 2nd movie to get the hit status if i m not wrong..huge boost for industry ailing from loss after loss..waiting for Salman’s Dabangg..

  47. slum dog salman’s film wont see the day lights in the whole of South INDIA NOW…SORRY FOR HIS FANS THAT HE WONT BE ABLE TO GARNER RECORD BREAKING COLLECTION IN THE FUTURE….AS he was very much intrested to dance on the graves of the Tamil people..tough luck salman khan ..anyways he doesnt have many years left in him as he already looking like a lame horse!

    • chengez watch ur mouth plz. dont insult a superstar like Salman. oderwise people will insult bachans.

  48. i laugh at people calling salman n srk even an actor do they know whts meaning of acting even after 20 yrs in industry should learn couple of tips from amitji dilip kumar sanjeev kumar nasser bajraj sahini ajay devgan aamir khan and many moreeeeeeeeeeee

    • yeah dey may not know how to act but dere fans will still watch dere films.

      • & you have lot of knowledge about acting! haha. SRK’s MNIK act alone might earn him oscar nomination in best actor leading role in 2011. we’ll wait n see. overrated Ajay Devgan couldn’t even copy sean penn (I am sam) performance forget originality.

    • i laugh at people like you when you call srk a non actor. despite after seeing baazigar, darr, khkn, chak de, swades, devdas for past 20 years. I laugh at people like you when you put ajay devan & overrated aamir khan in the same sentance as srk, dilip kumar.

  49. chenjes dear.everyone knows wht sarkar n sarkarraj did.n wht raajniti is doing………

  50. Manoj is the real reason to go watch this film. with heavyweights like Nana and Nasrudin Shah (Albeit in a small role) he completly powers over all of them. People can talk of Ranbir all they want but Manoj rocks.
    Also don’t forget Ajay is a massive star in his own right

  51. Yakuza no updates????? btw IMO this cud damage raavans chances at the BO. abi will never reach the status of khans, akshay, hirthik and now ranbir who cud be big in next few years.

    • like oders have said dat if KITES did well den dis film would have suffered. TRUE.

      now dis film doin great it will most likely affect RAVAAN. how much only time will tell

  52. @changej jitne tere sarkar ne aaj tuk kamae hai utne rajneti ne 3din me kma liye….nd SRILANKA SE ITNI HI PROBLEM HAI TO CRICKET B KYU KHELTE HO…THIS YR IIFA HAS MAX TURNOUT..UR COWARD BUDHA BACHAN WAS HIDING IN BED

    • or in other words you can say Jitne Marie Gold + MAMK + Hello + London Dreams + Veer ne life time mein Kamaye hain, Utna to Raajneeti 2 weeks mein Kama Legi. 5 Movies of Salman life time business = 1 Raajneeti in two weeks.

      • first mari gold aint bwood film. hello isnt his. and yes u r rite RAJNEETI will weran a lot of money. but shruti dnt insult salman widout a reason. sme people started abusin salman so beingsalman replied. so dey provoked him.

        • Naveed, i am not salman hater, But this beingsalman guy is talking too bitter here. Othewise i love salman.

          • i know he is. i dont know why. rk has a long way to go. i personally dont like him. but hez rite in all oder matters.

            • wat i mean is dat beingsalman is rite in most matters. he just keeps bashing bachans. but bachan fans shuld also respect oder actors

    • gud reply to chengez. him and sandip r idiots. atleast salman had da balls to go out dere. now oder celebs want him to becum da ambassador not big b. appreciate da gud in oders guyz. sallu bhai went for a gud cause

  53. @naveed i cant digest the fact tht this yakuza always pretend that abshsk is a superstan .cmon man he is not in top 10.thts why i bash abhshek.@shruti dun call urself salman fan.why r u comparng guest app wid rajneeti?if u hv problem wid me than talk to me….A SALMAN FAN CAN NEVER BRING BHAI DOWN..u r definatly not bhai fan….wait for release of anjana anjani u ll know why rajneti opend to such thundrous response

    • Beingsalman , can you please quote any comment of mine where i quote Abhishek a superstar ? Any comment, Any article ? You are living in your own fascinated world.

      • Yakuza i apologise on beingsalman behalf. but some bachan fans on dis site post nonsense.

        btw u r rite dat no bhai fan will talk bad or bring bhai down

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