Raajneeti : Boxoffice Opening Note

Raajneeti opened to mixed response at box-office, While interiors are looking excellent(70-80%), Metros and adjoining centers opened to average response(40-50%) in morning shows, though single screens at urban areas are superb too. Response from critics as well as public is very much mixed. Looking at opening and response, movie is all set to have good first weekend, but collections will not be that huge due to lesser shows at multiplexes compared to Housefull/kites despite equal print counts in circulations. Prakash Jha movies never trend too well in past, this will be interesting to check if Raajneeti manage to sustain after first weekend despite not much audience friendly genre, and at a time when even genre friendly and critically acclaimed movies falls after weekend. This will be Ajay Devgan’s second success in a row if movie manage to scroe at boxoffice.

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on June 4, 2010.

66 Responses to “Raajneeti : Boxoffice Opening Note”

  1. @yakuza
    wat do u think can it get 20cr opening weeekend.

  2. and wat is the capacity of each day(if 100%full)

  3. will raajneeti cross buisness of housefull as u r quite accurate in prediction mr yakuza

    • No, It can never cross housefull collections. The only way to cross 70 Crore is excellent trending. But genre and just two open weeks to perform will make it hard to trend that way. Only scenario where Raajneeti can outgross 70 crore mark is outright rejection of Raavan.

      • Why u always try to include ravan in evry discusion?ravan is after 2 weeks nd u r behving like rajneti nd ravan releasd together

        • he said its not possible to do 70 cr in 2 weeks .. so it has to do well in the 3rd week to reach 70 cr when raavan would have released ..

  4. A 35 crore first week week,and above 54 crores toal net is possible.Let see how Raavan does.

  5. i think ravan will do 40 cr nett for hindi version

  6. abhishek ,shahrukh ,ash are old horses should retire as people r fed up to see their ugly faces

  7. The lifetime collection of RAAJNEETI will be 45-55 cr nett. N yakuza, how much it need to be clean hit? I think, it will be semi hit.

  8. and we R fed up of U Alex,help urself with an old sari or use the nearest Railway track..to free up urself from this world:-)

  9. Above average at best

    People don’t go to cinemas to watch rubbish political dramas, people nowadays have enough dramas in their own lives to take care of

  10. hey chengeg r u son of amitabh bachchan or brother of srk

  11. wht wrong alex has said shahrukh abhishek ashwarya all r piece of garbagge in this industry we need to clean it by making their movies flops they would hav sit in their houses if their were no plex era as masses have rejected them heartdly also why should we fight do they give us money to live they give money to media ok bastard

  12. hey yakuza u should also tell which movie is seen by maximum no of people because money is not real criteria its no of people the real criteria to judge the film if u pay 300 rs does not mean ur opinion is equal to 30 people watching same movie with 10 rs ticket all r equal so pls tell abt this

  13. Hey how much collection can rajn do in day 1

  14. boi and indiafm says it has opened great?

  15. dumb katrina shd be thrown out of the industry

  16. @saurabh, r u aamirsaurabh of BH na. N dude, mind ur language, kat is far far far better than ur ash. Go n clean ur mind otherwise u cnt take it easy. Tu dekh, kat kaise tera ash ke out kardega industryse. N raavan too wil be flop due to ash n raajneeti gonna be hit due to kat n ranbir.

  17. i m indeed aamirsaurabh.ash rocks like nobody else.she is out of this world mind boggling beauty,u r talking as if that dumb katrina.wld devolp acting prowess in her,she wld keep on acting as dumb, talentless dumb,btw as u know i don’t say gaalis,but i wld continue to bash katrina

  18. yakuza a 6.5cr friday acc to me whats your thought on it.

    i think BOI and taran are all blowing it up once again that huge opening i dont think so its that huge which they are trying to show lets see the first day figure . i think BOI might try to play the same game first will show ultra high figures and then reduce it drastically .

    friday btw 6-6.5cr friday

    • exactly. taran is blowing it way out of proportion. dis film at best will do semi hit. films like dis have no repeat value.

  19. Friday can be 5.5 cr. My instinct.

  20. If 5 -6 cr day 1 mean, wat is great opening its just an average day 1


  22. NITESH
    Hey acc to yakuza day 1 has 15 -16 capacity. If it has 65% opening then almst 8 to 9 cr. Then how it is 6 cr

  23. Poor reporting .rajneti is 100percent everywhere..

  24. Opening is humungous.i witnesd myself..taran nd boi r rite.

  25. Well trust me after a week BOI will take down couple of cr close to yakuza, they did that with kI when yakuza said it did 33.5cr net 1st week.

  26. Dear Yakuza,
    how much for rajneeti to become clean hit.

  27. When I said Rajneeti costs are 65 crore you didn’t believe me. Today Komal Nahta confirmed it is over 65 crores


    • if da budget is 65 crores den dis film will struggle. i said a week back dis film will not exceed 55 crores. lets just wait and watch.

  28. @Yakuza
    you bet this movie would cross 70 Crore mark..Trending definitely gonna be good for this one…and then because of interiors..also multiplex the response looks mind boggling!!Wait n watch

  29. If its budget is 65 cr, then it won’t be clean. It ll be semi hit. 45-55 cr nett lifetime is my expection.
    @saurabh, ash is out of world, hahahahahahaha. Toh tu vi ash ke sath out hoja bhai.

    • i m saying his beauty is out of world means she is a beauty without any compare,sizzling ash,rocking ash,100’s of dumb katrina come and go,but 1 ash alone heavy on these dumbs.

  30. @govind u r rite dude..40percent opng as yaku is sayng is totally false..atleast in haryana it opend 100percent everywhere be it rohtak chandigarh ambala hisar panipat…boi nd taran also saying 90percent..i m sure this yakuza ll report ravan vice versa

  31. dun worry movie ll be 9cr day 1..let boi figure cum in..nd public response is good.nd btw which critic gave a bad review as u r saying?RAJA SEN?he is not a reviewer he is an idiot.gave kisna 4star 3idiot 2star

  32. rajneeti relese simmiler prints as housefull n kites

  33. Rajneeti have lesser number of prints in multiplexes in comparison to kites and hf, so it woulf be difficult to cross hf net. But, as distributor share is more from single screen, it has the chance of crossing ds of housefull if trending is good.

  34. first weekend- 18-20cr
    first week- 30-35
    second week- 16-18cr
    third week- 6-8cr
    total- 60-65cr(Hit)

  35. Mandi and others, when Komal talked of 65 cr, it is the distributors price. ( which is 100cr for MNIK and 70 cr for Houseful and 12o cr for Kites.) So with around 65 cr net it can be a clean hit. and that it will achieve.

    • ok utkal. thankx for clearing things up. i said lst week dis film will not cross 55 crores. coz it has no repeat value. however, it has 2 weeks to run.

  36. ash rocks rocks rocks.

  37. yakuza, what is the day one collection of rajneeti and what is your prediction after friday, will it be hit or semi-hit or super hit?

  38. 11Cr day 1.boi biggest opening of the year…..lol@yakuza..yakuza admit now that u were horribly wrong in rajnti reporting…40percnt opening.hahahahahahahaha

  39. Saurbh apni pantia yaha na kr.bhforum pe teri jyada mar li lgta hai to yha aa gya hai tU

  40. well said sandip nd naveed.agar plexes na hote to abhshek jaise log ghar pe makhi mar rhe hote.

  41. Well as reported by BOI, rajneeti has surpassed all expactation

    Raajneeti Rocks The Nation

    Saturday 5th June 2010 13.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Raajneeti has recorded by far the best opening of year by collecting nearly 10.50 crore nett on its first day. The collections are just extraordinary all over barring a few centres.

    The collections are just huge in Mumbai, Delhi/UP, East Punjab, CP Berar, CI and Rajasthan with South being good but lower comparatively. The Raajneeti first day is humungous as it has collected the second highest first day total but with 30% lesser shows at multiplexes than films like Kites and Housefull which were the second and third biggest first day openers respectively before Raajneeti.

    The film has simply surpassed all expectations and may be on its way to being the first big smash hit of 2010 in India.

  42. Humungous collection..karara jawab diya yakuza ko..18 jun ko phir milega..@yakuza u said u never predictd 65cr 4 paa.r u sure?check ur archieves dude dun lie..


  44. so 2 films of sallu do well in single screens and he is supposed to have most fans? wanted was itself a single screen movie, why didn’t london dreams do well in single screens? raajneeti is a single screen sort of film hence its doing well, but it doesn’t ranbir ha huge following in single screens. lol sallu fans, talking about veer being the most watched.

  45. hey 1st congrats to greatest actor big b on his wedding anniversary n 2nd congrats again to g8 for bringing 2nd hand 40 yr old ambasdor car type daughter in law but law of average takes it own coures so it has taken his son is zero no 1 and daughter in law is old mare thts lady horse otherwise he desreved better then this sorry big b but ashhh sucks big time on screen n knows no acting at all n ur son who is already floooooooop n also i hate u as u are friend of basterd srk and main thing only 3 star sons shone thts rishi kapoor sunny and sunjay depending on their 20 yr career ur son is dumb send him to acting school or open a shop for him to sell undergarments with srk lux cozi walle

  46. but i agree u r greatest actor ever big b no one comes near u

  47. yes bollywood super star hero ajay ajay .he is rock in politics in raajniti

  48. the role of ajay must be appriciated.he is the best actor of this movie.

  49. throw out dumb katrina from industry,this is what she deserves

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