1991 Boxoffice Classification (As per FilmInformation Magazine)

The list AAA (Super-Duper Hit)

  •         None 

AA (Super-Hit)

  1. Phool Aur Kaante
  2. Saajan
  3. Sanam Bewafa 

A1 (Hit)

  1. Sadak
  2. Hum 

A (Semi-Hit)

  1. Saudagar
  2. Phool bane Angarey 

BB (Overflow)

  1. 100 Days
  2. Dil Hai Ke Manta nahi
  3. Heena
  4. Narsimha
  5. Prem Quaidi
  6. Saugandh
  7. Bhabhi 

B1 to BB (Commission-Earner to Overflow)

  1. Prahar 

B1 (Commission-Earner)

  1. Hafta Bandh
  2. Saathi
  3. Fateh 

B to B1 (Coverage to Commission-Earner)

  1. 100 Crore
  2. Kohram 

B (Coverage)     


 — BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on June 3, 2010.

21 Responses to “1991 Boxoffice Classification (As per FilmInformation Magazine)”

  1. another gud post Yakuza. anoder gud year for bhai. am glad Ajay had a big hit. always enjoy his acting.

  2. kurbaan u have missed..it was average to above average

  3. it is regarded as a good hit in interiors..and overall average/ above average……boxofficeindia.com also says that….nahta may have missed it but its true

  4. Yakuza Bhai could you plz reply me this querstion?
    Your this blog doesn’t have any ads so it means you are earning none from here.
    So it means you have some other sources for earning. Isn’t it? I know it is one of the most stupid questions and I dont know why i am asking. But I want to say you can apply for some google ads or some other site ads for earning.
    Actually I want to say that you are great person with out any purpose you are working for us and giving as good and best trade reports. Why don’t u give reviews of every new movie ?
    It will also create more traffic for you.
    Can you plz give us a comparison of MNIK vs Housefull with weekly breakdown ?

  5. Looks like 1991 was another good year for salman.

  6. years when salman was no1 ……1989…1991….1994…..1995….1998…1999…2005…he was good in 1990…1996….2000…2001…2003…2004…2007….average in 2002..2008..2009…2010 he has one medium success

    • well Salman has been at da top or near da top longer dan any star in excluding big b ofcourse. dis is why i think SK and SRK r da top 2.

  7. Okay, does that mean Phool Aur Kaante was the biggest hit of 1991?

  8. the biggest earner was saajan i think……because it had huge music sales

  9. HUM is superhit film,how he said that it is hit,
    Saathi is also Semi hit not average,
    Phool Aur Kaante was biggest hit of 1991.

  10. saajan was the biggest hit…………….

    • all i know SAJAAN was a big hit. i cant believe it released wen i was 1.

      Ronny could u or any1 tell me how PATHER KE PHOOL did plz

  11. pather ke phool was average at best with good music sales….music became popular at that time…..

  12. This is simply great yakuza. Can you please provide more in the future (60s, 70s, 80s, 90, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 99?)


  13. I knew it.
    Akshay Kumar’s debut film Saugandh was not flop.
    Wonder why over the years everyone still thinks Akshay kumar had flop debut ?

  14. Hi Yakuza,


    The link provided is the classification of films for 1999 by Komal Nahta, you can post it!

  15. I always thought/ still think Henna was a solid hit

  16. yakuza bhai no scan this time 😦

  17. and try and put all scans after this year till now 😀

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