Once Upon A Time, When Star Of Millennium Was Announced

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~ by Yakuza on June 1, 2010.

7 Responses to “Once Upon A Time, When Star Of Millennium Was Announced”

  1. there are many kings in bollywood but there is only one EMPEROR who is undisputed and still rocking at 68…the ONE and ONLY ORIGINAL DON of bollywood…i wonder where will be these so called superstars of “today” in their early 60’s….might be gone for fishing like Shotgun and Vinod Khanna?

  2. well Mr Bachan deserves it. but am glad for Govinda. Salman nowadays doesnt stop praising him. Saying that he will chew all da top actors. tbh hez not far wrong.

  3. akki+iz+king

  4. Great Amitabh Bachchan is Jewel of Masses . now these days media news channels behave like monkey who dance with the tunes of current fake king actors .

  5. Happy to see Govinda name in this list . shahrukh khan have not guts to act with Govinda . Govinda is all rounder and eat shahrukh in every department .
    Govinda is good human being and follow hones steps . and opposite i want to says
    Media Meharban to shahrukh Gadha pehalwan .

  6. nice to see govinda, the most most expressive actors to ever step foot in industry, but govinda’s defaul is he didn’t explore in script even though talent was there.

  7. Amitabh is not just the KING of bollywood,I think AMITABH is the best actor in this world.no bollywood without Amitabh.he is the real SHAHENSHAH of bollywood.superb actor,still rocking in age of 70.
    Govinda is also great actor,he is superb in comedy.

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