Boxoffice Operation : Andaaz (2003)

Andaaz is a 2003 Bollywood film which was released in May 2003. It starred Akshay Kumar, Lara Dutta, and Priyanka Chopra. It was produced by Suneel Darshan and directed by Raj Kanwar. Lara Dutta made her debut in this film. Lara Dutta and Priyanka Chopra both won the Filmfare Best Debut Award.

Week All India Nett Business(Crore) % Drop
1 7.25  
2 3.90 -46.21%
3 2.20 -43.59%
4 1.45 -34.09%
5 0.90 -37.93%
6 0.55 -38.89%
7 0.36 -34.55%
8 0.22 -38.89%
9 0.16 -27.27%
10 0.08 -50.00%
11 0.07 -12.50%
Rest 0.10  
Total 17.24  


Name Andaaz
Opening Excellent (80-90%)
WOM Good
Trending Very Good
ROI Movie was sold for 1.25 Crore in major territories, total distribution cost was around  6.5 Crore and earned distribution share of around 12 Crore. This is approximately 185% ROI. If we go by strict classification, Movie is certainly comes under HIT category.
Distribution Right 6.5 Crore
Recovery 12.5 Crore Domestic Distribution Share against 6.5 Crore cost. (17.24 Crore NETT).
Relative performance Relatively Good compared to biggest Hit of year like Koi Mil Gaya, Baghbaan, Kal Ho Na Ho and Qayamat.
Recall value Poor, movie failed the test of time and looks outdated if view today, it recalls for presenting two leading ladies coming together first time on screen, Priyanka Chopra and Lara Dutta. But movie never recalled for its merits. Yeah, music was hit though.
BollyBusiness Note Though relative performance was good, ROI was very good, but recall value is quite poor. Based on all parameters, it  termed as Hit in synch with classification standards pre- 2006. Else general trade classification post 2006 went down to as poor as even loss makers starting declare hit by some ill sources.  
Verdict Hit.

 — BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on May 31, 2010.

22 Responses to “Boxoffice Operation : Andaaz (2003)”

  1. Yakuza Bhai, you are right. Whatever movie worked good in 2003 but that wasn’t for 2010.
    Lots of movies even all Khiladi series and Sunny Doel, Ajay Devgan, Govinda m Suneil Shetty ‘s movies have also same feelings when you see now.May be after 10,15 yrs we won’t like Ghajini , OSO , Akki typical movies and Ajay- Rohit combo movies.

  2. Nice work!

    The movie was seriously a complete garbage and utter crap .I had a tough time sitting through this one .It had a jaded feel to it in 2003 itself .No wonder it has failed to stand the test of time.

  3. even i didnt watch it in 2003. I just watched it in parts
    But a month ago i dared to watch it. It is just a time pass movie. Chemistry between Akki n lara was good. specially childhood scenes were mind blowing. Since Priyanka enters in the movie then movie fell down completely.

  4. Ya, movie is nice. Love it. But priyanka isn’t good. Others are great. First half is rocking but second half is just ok. Akki n johnny rocks. Lara is nice to in her role.

  5. Ya the film had its moment in the first half .But the second half was really crude and disgusting .Just take that scene where Akshay hides under Priyanka’s towel..

    I am so glad Akki has stopped working with these Darshan brothers .Barring Dhadkan which was a decent watch the remaining movies have been a dismal affair .From Ek Rishta ,Haa Maine Bhi Pyaar Kiya Hain ,Dosti ,Mere Jeevan Saathi to Bewafaa ..All were equally bad .

  6. awsome mvi….
    superp music.
    loved aayga maza aab barsat tha
    n this is big hit of 2003

  7. Q. Which films this year can cross the business of Housefull and My Name is Khan?

    A. The likely candidates are Tees Maar Khan, Anjaani Anjaani and Patiala House. These films can command a huge opening and if content is upto to mark they will emerge amongst the biggest grossers of 2010.

  8. Q. Which order would you put the four Akshay Kumar starrers which are to release this year, Khatta Meetha, Action Replay, Patiala House and Tees Maar Khan in terms of gross and where would Housefull fit in?

    A. Its too early to predict but the general trade perception today would be Tees Maar Khan followed by Patiala House and then Action Replay and finally Khatta Meetha. Both Tees Maar Khan and Patiala House have the potential to cross Housefull, other two will find it tough to reach Housefull numbers

  9. y they underestimate action replay n yes
    i say na patiala house potential to blokbuster if it is diwali relese..n hv a great music

  10. Yakuza bhaiya hws housefull doing just chek in my city …housefull hv gud shows in all cinemas multiplexn ss…..

  11. Ram, Ek Rishta was better than all others which u maned.
    Akki left Darshan brothers and joined again Priya Darshan. which is better than them and he gave lots of hits with Akki.
    yakuza How is Housefull going?

  12. @ winner, i think there will be TMK, AR, HF, PH N KM in order. Action Replayy will be biggest solo hit of akki after Singh Is Kinng. N Tees Maar Khan is not akki solo movie n will def cross 100+ cr nett. This year will be akki’s year. I had heard that the first promo of Khatta Meetha is gonna release with Raajneeti this friday, waiting for it. KM too will be big HIT due to its low price n heard 45+ cr nett needed to be clean hit.

  13. Ak idiott

    mate wat solo n multistarere.3 i was multistarere

    srk oso,rab ne was multistarere

    nthing lyk that multistarere n solo dude…….

    akki wrk wid rities,fardeen,aftab typs disaster heros
    other hand srk n aamir ….
    wrk wid –arjun,vinay,shreysah talpade,praktik,sharman joshi.madhwan the yhv nt more bt 1-2 decent solo hits

    so so akki take is all ..n srk-aamir ..share wid tham

    so called gud actors

  14. @ ak dude
    kaha suna tumne
    km promo wid rajniti if link ho to pls share wid us……..

    waiting for it .nt just for low budget ………for its diff type content

  15. Tees Mar Khan is a solo film u dipshipt, akki plays the title role as khan, how isn’t that a solo? its like saying OSO isn’t solo. HF wud not be HF without akki, HF story and protagonist is written for akki.

  16. these days no solo or multistarere only 1 hero n rest all r supporting cast .bt im nt ignoring theri contribute rites do a lot in heyy babay n housefull i loved him……….

    bt we don’t call them multistarere multistarere means …..mvis like ,sholey ,karan arjun..when 2 big same level superstar share screen n both r equally impo for story ..if u see 3i story is all about aamir n if u see sholey n karan arjun…big b-dharam ji n srk-sallu both r equally imp……u can;t ignore on of tham in mvi

  17. winner 3I, 3 guuys play the title role which makes it 3 heroes but since the other 2 are not big name stars, u cant call it multistarrer, same way there shud not be bias toweards an akki film, and HF story is about arush the looser who goes around and meets different people, and others were supported role. TMK os a katz-and akki starrer a perfect solo, akki plays the title role.

  18. Ya guyz, but their is akshaye khanna too in TMK. But ok guyz, i do agree u. N AR wil def cross HF collection but why BOI promote PH more than AR. Akki-Vipul combo gave all succesful movies n this will def be highest grosser of the year after TMK. Vipul need Akki for hit status. But cnt trust Nikhil Advani, hope PH wil be best n shud release solo, not with Golmaal 3. N i had heard on facebook by official page.

  19. this was an awful movie but at the i remember thinking what a lucky bastard akshay is – he gets 2 of the hottest girls in the industry 😉

  20. this was a crap film. i disagree wid u nauman. films like kal ho na ho, koi mill gaya and tere naam can still be watched today.

    dose films dat r poor now were always poor imho.

  21. Ek Rishta was too good film , and even Andaaz was also good . I like both movies even like to watch today n future . Haan maine bhi pyaar … was not good .

    pakistani , u can,t impose ur views over others .

  22. This was the best film I have ever seen.akki is d best actor

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