1997 – Half Yearly Boxoffice Report Card

By Komal Nahta

~ by Yakuza on May 31, 2010.

14 Responses to “1997 – Half Yearly Boxoffice Report Card”

  1. what abt auzaar? heard that it got a fab opening

    • I geuss it was released on second half of 97?

    • AUZAAR weekend opening was at 70%, but then dropped HEAVILY after the weekend. This is when VIRASAT picked up and stayed on long term…pretty sure VIRASAT was released on the smae day as AUZAAR in 97 AND was a success!

  2. Auzaar release date 28 February 1997.

    The movie has been included in the rest category.

  3. yakuza,can you please tell me if SWADES WAS A HIT and what are the opening options for Raavan?

    • Swadesh was outright flop. Movie earned DS of around 10 Crore (17 Crore Nett) while DP was 16 Crore for all india. Distributors lost around 6 Crore on it.

  4. Yakuza bhai where is Amir khan Ishq movie,it was released on 28th Nov 1997 and i i didnt found it in that list plz clarify?

    • sam, this is half yearly report, was publshed by Komal in July, 1997. I posted it just like the way it was published then.

  5. thanks yakuza bhai for reply but i would like to know from u that what was the boxoffice position of Ishq and Ghulam hit or flop? thanks

  6. Wasn’t Border a Blockbuster, because I remember it did rocking business in Mumbai and East Punjab territory? Based on the list above, is Komal saying that Hero No.1 and Judwaa was a bigger hit than Ziddi?

    • Border was blockbuster, 200%+ ROI. All time hit by today’s falling standards where even losing propositions are calling Hit and 10-15% profits are blockbusters.

      • But as mentioned from my previous post, is Komal saying that Hero No.1 and Judwaa was a bigger hit than Ziddi?

  7. yeah 97 was a good year for Salman.

    ISHQ was a fab movie. am glad u posted dis Yakuza coz 1 akki fan said dat JUDWAA was a flop. lol

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