Kites Stabilizes On Lower End / Houseful Crossed 70 Crore Mark.

The way Kites crashed on Monday, it was looking like washout on weekdays, but despite all odds Kites performed quite decent during weekdays and give better results than expected. First week finished at around 41.25 Crore which is handsome figure for any general release, But kites was huge release and much hyped movie, hence termed as underperformer. There is news that English version of movie is going to release in June, As kites was sold to reliance for both versions at around 110 Crore, Revenues generated by English version can compensate a good chunk of amount if succeed to lure the target audience.

Housefull has crossed 70 Crore mark last week and heading for more as movie is screening on quite good number of shows even in fifth week. Though worldwide gross is highest for MNIK , Housefull is highest grossing movie in India for 2010 till now.

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on May 28, 2010.

29 Responses to “Kites Stabilizes On Lower End / Houseful Crossed 70 Crore Mark.”

  1. yakuza bhaiay its 3 week total
    wat about 4 week total of housefull

  2. yakuza dear…isnt MNIK nett gross 73.14 cum housefull is the highest grossing movie..please clarify!

  3. no its 4 weeks total yaar, 47 crore 1st week, 14 crore 2nd week and 7 crore 3rd week, and now 4th week has crossed 70 crore.

  4. Yeah HF rocks, heading for 75 cr nett. Kinng kumar rocks. KM too will be superhit for sure, due to its low price than every akki movie. M waiting its promo. When its promo gonna releasd, any idea dude?

  5. KM me thinks will have low key promotion, why akki have not yet released the promo?

  6. So Kites is likely to do a lifetime nett of 60 crore in India? And how much did Badmaash Company collect in its 3rd week?

  7. Ganesh kites will finish at 55 cr. This week won’t be more than 10 cr.

  8. yakuza hows kites performed today? How much it needs to be an average movie? It seems the you underjudged the film and predicted very poor performance but it still did quite well in weekdays also. to collect 41 crore for any movei in first week despite such harsh WOM is really commendable.

  9. yes suraj even i second u. I think kites will recover its cost and it will be not a total washout as everyone was judging it. now that the film has performed decently well people have started giving update on its english version and it doing well. No one talked about that before. Now yakuza it seems u will have to eat your own words.

  10. Yskuza

    good news that HF is a clean hit. Akshay must be relieved.

    like the way you have carefully written the last 2 sentences to avoid controversy 😉

  11. PS — having just seen Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya, I can say Trisha (the heroine of Khatta Meetha) is going to be really good there…

  12. dear yakuza thanks 4r the update of kites and housefull.i really feel that u r doing a outstanding job.But u r maintaining a lil double standard whwn it cums t Akshay kumar.thats my lil complaint 2 u,never mind.can u plaese please give me any information about khatta meetha..its release date.when its expected to come and when can we look at its first promos.please.

  13. hf is superhit.well done akki.

  14. kites ll recovr all its money.wait nd watch..btw hats off to hritik.a totaly neglectd movie opnd wid 41cr net.humungous …..kites is the biggest opener in the history of indian cinema ever among flop movies

  15. No New Releases Kites Falls

    Saturday 29th May 2010 09.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    There was no new release apart from Prince Of Persia in English and its dubbed versions. The main reason for this is Kites was hugely hyped ands was expected to dominate box office for at least two weeks.

    Kites did well in week one with nearly 41 crore nett business but the writing was on the cards from Saturday as collections started dropping. The 41 crore figure is normally very good but considering the humungous release of Kites, it is below what it should have been. The eighth day has seen a huge drop and the film is likely to finish up with business around the 50 crore nett mark.

    Next week will see the release of Rajneeti. The film is expected to take a huge start but the serious nature of the film may keep some of the huge Ranbir Kapoor fan following away at multiplexes as they prefer him in more fun and youthful films.

  16. Interesting news about kites

  17. @CT Khatta Meetha will release on july 23 but i dnt knw why the promo isn’t out yet. May be they are neglecting due to low price.

    • they’d be better off releasing it on july 15th because that would allow it a 2week run before OUATIM comes. The only competition on the 15th would be Sanjay Dutt’s Lamha

  18. yes yakuza bhaiya
    any new regarding khataa meetha promo

    @ ak
    May be they are neglecting due to low price.

    no year,..aisa nhi h

    akki priyadarshan mvis prom oalways come befor 1.5 mth before

  19. Fourth week housefull net yakuza?

  20. what is DS of housefull yakuza?

  21. seems like a lot of big film are having problems getting sold. Studios are wary and no can longer by a product at crazy prices.

  22. any news on hf fourth week net collection bcoz everyone is saying that it has crossed 70 cr mark.., can anyone tell the exact numbers??

  23. is housefull a superhit now.

  24. Akki Rocksss
    **** Comment Edited *****

    • calm da fuck down u dick. u can say akki rocks and even cuss da khans. but why add muslim. u knobhead

      • I have edited the comment and Ban him for one week. I really apologies for such unethical and uncivilized comments here.

  25. Yakuza i apologise on my lang also.

    dis is why i dont like watchin cricket videos of pak v india on youtube. da level of abuse towards religion is appaling.

    i dont understand people.

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