Praz Gold : PUBLIC ENEMIES (2009)

I’ve been a HUGE Michael Mann fan ever since HEAT. I did enjoy THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS somewhat, however nothing beats Mann’s somewhat impeccable record since with THE INSIDER, ALI, COLLATERAL, and MIAMI VICE (yes I’m one of the few people who loved Mann’s MIAMI VICE!). My expectations were soaring from Mann’s PUBLIC ENEMIES and thankfully the film lives up to them.

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~ by prazzero00000 on May 26, 2010.

5 Responses to “Praz Gold : PUBLIC ENEMIES (2009)”

  1. see the new stills of akshay aishwarya starrer ACTION REPLAY

  2. i love johney deep
    my fav hollywood actor loved all hsi mvis n n this one to superp mvi n he was outstanding

  3. Very engrossing movie…however a bit slow but worth a watch. Agree that Depp is an amazing actor…he has a v.wide range, a bit like Aamir because he can do anything and everything

  4. km aamir is nt tocuh his feets

    aamir never do a capatin speroow pirates of caarbian typ roll

    hw gud roll aamir paly yar
    just 1 rdb n 2 lagaan

  5. winner

    imo although his character as capt.sparrow was well acted, the movie was awful.

    But Aamir has Rangeela which was v.hatke. But i agree that Depp is another level when it comes to changing his image/character COMPLETELY. I think Saif is quite good at this..DCH/Omkara/EHT

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