Bheja Fry : Which movie is Akshay kumar’s biggest Hit ?

Q : Do Kites and Raavan costs same to Reliance ?

A : Kites was reportedly cost to Big Pictures for Rs. 120 Crore, while deal for Raavan has not revealed yet, but it is certainly not as high as kites. I got some hints of 80 Crore sign off for Hindi/Tamil/Telegu versions. But there is no official confirmation yet.

Q : How much kites required to collect at box-office for recovery ?

A : Kites was required to collect ~150 Crore Nett worldwide collections for recovery. Now even half is looking dicey task. Big Pictures will lose heavy amount of around 55-60 Crore. This will be biggest losing proposition till date in Bollywood after TaajMahal in 2005 which lost around 50 Crore (It lost all its invested money).

Q :  Which movie is Akshay kumar’s biggest Hit ?

A : Based on ROI : From multi-starrers, Mohra (1994) is his biggest hit. His biggest Solo Hit is Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi back in 1996 grossing ~9.5 Crore.

— BollyBusiness 



~ by Yakuza on May 25, 2010.

41 Responses to “Bheja Fry : Which movie is Akshay kumar’s biggest Hit ?”

  1. I thought that welcome was akshay’s biggest hit till now.

    • Welcome is Akshay’s biggest grosser , But ROI of Mohra was better which makes it bigger Hit.

  2. yakuza I have observed this that a film like kites or kambakht isq where WOM is not good how come the first 3 days are humungous but the film falls badly on monday. why at the first place people go to see the movie even on saturday or sunday despine negative WOM.

    • Due to thurst of entertainment, when there is no other option of better timepass, A well hyped movie is first choice for most of cinegoers despite whatsoever is WOM. If Kites released during IPL season, crash would have been even much faster as audience was having better option.

  3. Now I guess the attitudes of actors like Hrithik Roshan and SRK will change and they behave properly.Most of the time these guys were over the moon as if they are the most gifted stars of Bollywood.Their hyper egos which were even more pumped higher by Print and Electronic media was making them behave like most idiotic and give statements which were very repulsive and moronic in nature.India’s moviegoers have shown them their place.It is good that their egos are stripped naked and they were made to eat humple pie and bite the dust.

    • I think more than egos, the industry has a whole have to revise movie budgets….make them more realistic/less risky


  5. yakuza bhaiya pls hf ki update do na weekedn ki n hws it on weekdasy pls

  6. @Yakuza
    from a source in BiG got the info…Kites acquired for 90 crore plus another 15 crores were spent on P&A, For Raavan the figure is 100 Crore for all three versions. Cent percent reliable source. Keep up the good work!!:)

    • the big budget movies which failed in 2009 & 2010 should be a lesson for all studios and producers that they should think twice on how much they spend when making a movie in the present economic climate

  7. Yakuza, mazaa nahin araha hai…. post some interesting fsct… i like BO reports… but something wich should be NEW….

  8. Hey yakuza dude, can u give me the breakdown of SIK and Ghajini plz. I think SIK is far better than every Akki movie from 2006 except Bhool Bhulaiyaa.

  9. yakuza…

  10. to all sahrukh fans……..
    q1) Tell me a year when sahrukh had 4 back 2 back hits…..
    ans) none
    akki has 2 2005 2007 may be 2010
    q1) tell me a movie of sahrukh whhich was a superhit without superhit director….
    ans) none basically all his shit are eithherr with chopras or karan johar….
    akki gavee shit withh priyadarshan…average tracckrecord….
    welcome…..anees bazmee..most unpredictable director……prior to 2004 many…..

    sahrukh useless films like kank ,oso,mnik,bb, getg 3-4 star
    and still managing avege status …
    akki in everymovie gets 2 star and all movies are almost aa or except one or 2..hit….

    rnbdj mnik,bb,don,knak, all opened to good weekend….

    akkis ki,blue,cc2c, even these average-aa movie opened to excellent ressponce

    mnik vs hf
    mnik – 1.sahrukkh cming after nerly 3 years except bb director kjo
    3) kajol + sahrukh
    4)crittics 4 star
    5)no big movie realeased b4 and after 1 mnth of its release
    collection in week one about 42 carores

    akki again same genre moviee comeddy
    not a single big hit las year…..
    sajid khan not so critically Aaclaimed
    2 star in every review
    at time of t20
    comptitn with bc in 2 weeek that 2 yash raj movie… m
    still collected 49 carore in week 1 and 15 aprox in 2nd week…

    now u cant expect mre frm him…i whd say akki as biggest crowdpuller and superstar in india….again 5movies this year even 3 are hit….i whd call him above aamir nd he is already above sahrukh after hf….

    • srk was superstar in 90s…and is still is…akki rose after 2005..btw aditya chopra was a new director when srk agreed for ddlj…and karan johar too…don destroyed akki and salman both…!! remember…plus mnik net worldwide gross is 150 crores which is almost double housefull!!…oso was not average its a big blockbuster overall…and correct all ur facts…as ur figures are underestimated for srk and over for akki..i love akki and srk both…but srk is nmbr one…accept it

  11. raaghav i am agree with u but i must tell that akki is not above from amir khan because amir has there own class and what he did become a brand and all bollywood follow him and for ur kind information in 2009 screen awards akki refused to accept best popular actor award and he tell himself on stage that amir is right person for this awards…i am totelly agree with u that srk is nothing without Karan johar and Chopra and now when he come to know that public is no more fool to see my stupid emotional style so he is making movies for himself

  12. sam

    yes for nw no doubt aamir is no 1 casue 2 back to back atbb
    who follow aamir no one can follow him

    jiso ek flop se nikalne main 5 saal lag gaye hh sounds very funny lets wait aamir ko without x-mas ke film relese karne do

    than pata chalega hw big crowed puller aamir is

    no bad feeling for aamir ……….

    bt say only 1 thing x-mas tym pe bhagam bhag jasie avg mvi superhit n welcome blobuster ho gai
    to ghjani n 3i got very gud 4/5/5/5 reveiws n solo relses

    lets aamir ki koi mvi without x0mas aane do
    jis hero

  13. Kites Five Day Daily All India Breakdown

    Wednesday 26th May 2010 15.30 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    The following numbers are the daily all India breakdowns of Kites for first five days.


    Paid Previews – 1,75,00,000

    Friday – 10,38,00,000

    Saturday – 8,62,00,000

    Sunday – 9,32,00,000

    Monday – 3,56,00,000

    Tuesday – 2,84,00,000

    TOTAL – 36,47,00,000

  14. winner i think u forget Fanna and RDB

  15. And sam u forget mangal pande

  16. sam
    so akki also 2 superhit in php n bb 2006 in presense of 2 flops jaan-e-mann n hdkg
    n in 2005 akki hv 3 s.h waqt,gm,n aitraz

    aamir 5 saal baad screen apr aaya tab bhi hit n ho mvi to kasia star h wo wo bhi ek to yrf ke saath thi
    or main busniess ki baat kar rha hu pappu………..hit s.hit ki nhi
    fana ya rdb blokbusters thi kya ..even rdb ki to opening bhi avg thi

    i m still saying ki for nw aamir is no 1

  17. man to kon pagel keh reha hay keh akki is not good…u know i am a big fan of akki and aaj kel sirf akki ki movies entertain kerti hay sub ko and jis movie may akki ho bumper opening confirm hay…
    aur beta tum nay kaha amir x-mes kay ilawa hit movie dy to beta fanna aur RDB x-mes release nahi te and u are rite RDB opening avg tee but after that movie was superhit

  18. yakuza,did housefull is now bigger than MNIK in India?

    • Houseful should cross 70 Crore this week, Now this is upto you which numbers you buy for MNIK ranging from 70-73 Crore and decide yourself. I have ~70 Crore for MNIK.

  19. Yakuza, Any updates on Kites? Is it showing signs of recovery or is it a disaster and total washout?

    • weekdays are stable on lower side. The way i was thinking it will crash didn’t happen. First week will be 40+ Crore. Lets see if second week show some decent numbers. But in any case life time will not cross 60 Crore.

  20. Must say that Akshay has made some gr8 kickass movies in his career incl. :


    • Yeah, I liked lot of akshay movies from 90’s. Apart from action stuff i realized his potential as an comic actor in Mr. mrs. khiladi itself. Don’t know why at that time no one tried him in this genre even after super performance in this movie. But he got what he deserves quite very soon last decade. I guess after HP and Khakee he was among A listers.

      • yep, in the early 90’s Akshay’s strength was action and till recently it has been comedy. However Akshay should have handled his career better. Imo he has immense in two genres: Action & comedy…..he is v.weak in melodrama/emotional drama’s. However i think he is fantastic at playing negative characters like he did in ajnabee & Sabse bada khiladi He should mix up his movies – for example if he’d made 3 quality films a year –
        comedy-action-negative that would satisfy every fan not just Akshay fans.

  21. I am going by your numbers yakuza.You have it at 69 crores.M estimates are also same.BOI exaggerates shahrukh films.
    So by next sunday housefull crosses MNIK.

  22. mnik is under 70 cr frnds as boi ke wekly brakedown dekho to bt at the end they do hera pheri n

    annouce mnik 73.15 cr

  23. acc to boi mnik
    weekly brake down

    1 week 43 cr
    2 week 17 cr
    3 week 7 cr
    4 week 2 cr
    5 weekend 70 lakh
    weekdays par 30 lakh maan lo 1 cr net

    so 5 week net of mnik is under 70 cr haha
    hw can it 73 huhu

  24. i though welcome was his biggest multi starrer blockbuster and singh is kinng his biggest solo super hit i think this site never gets anything right btw khiladyon ka khiladi was semi hit not a super duper hit like singh is kinng

  25. hope raajneti and raaven will get success.

  26. KKK was not a semihit, it was one of the highest grossing films of that year, for its time it was big, how can a film with medium budhget making 10 crore net be semihit????

  27. arjun according BOI in 2002 page it was hit, i can give u the source, the semihit was later on bought down.

  28. An interesting news about kites, distributor of the film in bihar, mr. gopal bhartiya has threated to sue the producers of kites saying that he has been sold an english spanish film in the name of hindi film. This was reported by TOI yesterday.

  29. Everybody in world now knows that HouseFull is superhit….i want to just reveal 1 fact here that apart from critics torning every akkis film, this man has came as a tight slap to all of them.reason – because public(aam janta- mango people)uske saath hain.And after 2-3 years the critics will have no choice but to recommend Akshay as the Super duper Star of the decade(Aamir willl be),SRk,hritik,Salman- Super star.While Akshay and Aamir – super duper Star of this decade.And finally i will leave a comment to all AK haters- Please dont be surprised if Akshay is remebered as an Iconic super star in Bollywood history ahead of SRK. Aam janta munna aam junta,,,jisne badshah banai aur girai……critics kya ukhad lega jiske paas public ho.And my final world- akki ko hate karte ho toh bhaut pain hoga aanewalw 2-3 saal try 2 love this actor and say – Akki is king(of box office and heart of Aam janta)
    Thanks a lot.

  30. I think mohra is akshay’s biggest hit did well at all centers of India.mohra did golden jubilee.

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