Kites : Cutting At Boxoffice

Ok , Kites is getting terrible WOM is old news now. It opened to excellent response at box-office was as much predictable as rapid crash afterwards. Paid previews were packed resultant in ~2.75 Crore (I am not in agreement with 1.85+ crore claim of BOI)collections. But these previews were biggest mistake of Roshans, negativity was spreading like wild fire from Thursday night itself and advance bookings of movie crashed like anything on Friday. Friday was already booked to a good degree at multiplexes coupled with some decent current ticket sales leads to good collections of around 7.5+ Crore Nett from plexes only. But single screens, after excellent opening at places, start declining from Noon shows itself and end up being disappointing 3+ Crore. Overall first day billing was quite good with ~10.5+ Crore. Weekend will see decline in business and expected collections for weekend will be around 30-32 Crore (Excluding paid previews).

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on May 22, 2010.

94 Responses to “Kites : Cutting At Boxoffice”

  1. Yakuza , you are right, 2.75 Crore on previews are more logical. Ghaijini in 2008 earned 1.70 Crore with just 300 preview shows, How the hell can Kites earn only 1.85 Crore with 700 preview shows ?? I am agree with you on 2.75 Crore which is still not much good, but still acceptable. 1.85 Crore of BOI is bullshit.

  2. yakuza u seems to be vry happy wid kites failure….it ll cross 50cr week despite all this which ur bachans can never get even in their dreams…

    • Beingsalman , what bullshit are you commenting. he is reporting what so ever is happening. I am sure if raavan would get same response, Yakuza will report same way. And he did it many times in past for bachchan movies. If housefull has done good, he is openly admitting it good and Hit. You are seriously crap salman fan.

  3. wow not good for hike prie. yakuza can you does a career of actors of 90s please, we want to know how they peformed in 90s or 80s.

  4. Yakuza, as per you 3I paid previews was ~3 cr. So Kites did not take that record?

  5. Ok…there is diff between true reporting nd bad reporting…kites wom is mixed thats a truth.nd its wom is terrible thats bad reporting…every movie drops on saturday not a big deal..nd there is no site except this who is saying movie droppd on day 1 itself.this yakuza declard this yday when even god dont knew the collection….

    • Haaaa , Thats why we love BB, It gives true insight of business. Only this site has given true picture that WOM is actually terrible and as i have witnessed myself, audience after interval left the show. This is really terrible. Movie is now standing on good advance bookings. This is as true as movie is not for indian audience and a bad product.

    • @ beingsalman.. I agree WOM is not may be on the negative side..

  6. yakuza was right even BOI are saying the same if you check their report aswell, the collections wee dropping.

  7. shruti may be u live in bihar where people r leavng theatre coz they dun understand eng…terrible wom means chandichow to chna drona etc..kites is on same lines as my name is khan nd veer.mixd..

    • Beingsalman , i have seen kites at PVR, saket Delhi. It was 80% full before interval and after interval it was 50-60% full.

      And BTW My name is khan WOM was very good. I have not met any person who liked the Kites till now.

  8. yakuza plz verify one thng do u hve actual collection of paid previews or this is just ur analysis??

  9. bhai, even if kites make 32 crore on weekend and 40 crore first week, Second week will not be better than 10 crore. After raajneeti it will not do any business. Kites will do only 50-55 crore in india. HAAAAAAAA ………. Disaster.

  10. @shruti wom of mnik is gud than why it crashd after 3 days??

    • who said it crashed after three days ?? MNIK collected good 5.5 crore on monday. And MNIk retained very well on second and third week (If you compared to housefull) and also you are forgetting it did record breaking business overseas.

  11. donot talk of amitabh bacchan no one can match his status he is was will be the only real ss history has ever seen u can make fun of abhishek bur sr bacchan is one man industry

  12. being salman means big looser so donot be salman rather be urself

  13. @bigfun dun laugh..u r never goin to see 50cr collection for ab.jr movie…ur paa was ur last hope..biggest hype excellent wom still 30cr now thats hahahahahahahahahahaha

  14. neing yakuza might of overreported a little bit but he is working on it to get the right figure.

  15. Guru in jaunuary, 2007 was 50 Crore. Now Kites in May, 2010 also going to make 50 Crore … HAAA HAAAAA

    • Also B&B in 2005 was 42 Crore … HAAAAAA. Where as Duggu’s Muzhse dosti karoge was just 10 Crore ….. HAAAAAAAAAAAA

  16. mnik first week 47cr total 72cr..this is a crash…btw except boi every trade analyst declard it as flop or chill

    • ok, lets see how badly Kites will crash compared to MNIK. This will clear the actual WOM for kites.

    • And also lets see how good business kites will do compare to MNIK in overseas. This will more clear the WOM for kites.

  17. Guru was only 40cr dude …how desperate u r..quoting ibos collection 4 guru.dun wory kites ll beat in 4 flat maniratnam hit thi

  18. hang on is someone comparing abishek to superstar hirthik?

  19. shruti u r getting me all wrong,.m not sayng kites has gud reports but its now terrible like cc2c nd drona..cc2c total net was 24cr nd drona 6cr.

  20. Kites gonna be average. It will not cross 65+ crore nett in india.

  21. Who r abid nd who r jayshah?who knows them.which magazine or newpaper quote them..@bigfun a big lol at u.

  22. Btw its mere foolishness to compare hr wid abhishek..emran hasmi has more followng than ab

    • Haa .. Emraan hashmi has not crossed even 30 Crore till now. While abhishek solo movies has done 50 Crore business. BTW Raavan is coming on 18th June, lets see.

  23. emran has give more happiness to distributer than ur ab…oh ravan even if get excellent wom it ll not cross 50cr dun wory u forgot paa..

  24. Btw which solo movie of ab crosd 50.d2 or kank??hahahahaha..jannat was a superhit .tell me a ab jr solo superhit

  25. Kites First Day Business

    Saturday 22nd May 2010 13.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Kites grossed a huge 10.50-10.75 crore nett on day one. The film lost around 60 lakhs from Mysore circuit where it did not get a release. A normal release would have given the film around 11.25 crore nett collections on day one. The collections are expected to drop on Saturday due to bad reports but Sunday could be another big day for the film. The approx territorial breakdowns are as follows.

    Mumbai – 4.25 crore

    Delhi/UP – 2.20 crore

    East Punjab – 90 lakhs

    West Bengal – 70 lakhs

    Bihar – 13 lakhs

    CP Berar – 42 lakhs

    CI – 35 lakhs

    Rajasthan – 51 lakhs

    Nizam – 80 lakhs

    Others – 40 lakhs

    TOTAL – 10.66 crore

  26. emran hashmi is bigger star than abishek no to ways about it, he is more bankable and reliable than abishek, no pull what so ever.

  27. Kites takes 2nd best opening in the history of indian cinema..hritik on twitter…those who r finding joy in bringng down kites god may give them understanding.hritk on twitter.. 11cr on first day thats humungous..,.m wondering wht ll hpn if reports were gud..Dun worry today ll be 9cr also

    • Another way of trying to sell a bad product, lets see how far it will go. The faster you rise the harder you fall, this movie doesnt hold the merit to get the wait and watch audience to the theatre. By far kites is the kind of movie that Hritik did soon after Kaho Na pyar Hai

  28. “Haa .. Emraan hashmi has not crossed even 30 Crore till now. While abhishek solo movies has done 50 Crore business. BTW Raavan is coming on 18th June, lets see”

    Which solo abhi starrer passed 50 crore? Emran has consistantly given success single handely each year, 2 solo superhits, and good opening, abhishek fails to even open a film let alone give hits.

  29. people think it is easy to cross Ghajini’s 115cr. Kites had the best chance (Huge Budget movie, Superstar returning after 2.5 yrs, Hot Bikini babe), but now that the verdict is out, is unlikely to do so. Looks like Ghajini getting surpassed is far away, leave aside 3 idiots !!!!

  30. @jeevcy if wom was like that of gajni it ll break gajni..thats the only can break any boxoffice record..

    • To make good movies, you require brains like Aamir. Not brawns like Hrithik.

      • agree with u 100% mate. For the last 2yrs Aamir is the undisputed numero uno at the box office…however his record this decade has been fantastic. Also he is the best overall actor/director/producer of his generation. He is an all-rounder. He is also gr8 at choosing the right script and giving the audience what they want.

        Last point – He is the only actor to give 2 hits in a row hits with big budget films – Ghajni & 3i. This guy might take a year to do 1 film but he is a micro-manager, he makes sure that every 1 aspect of his movie is perfect. This is why he is called a perfectionist and his record this decade speaks for itself.


  32. Dude waqt waqt ki bat hai..aamir too returnd wid mangal pandey after 5yrs…hr is 10yr old star.. where was ur aamir after 10yr??everybody knows that

  33. After 10 years, Aamir was a National Award Winner (Jury award for Raakh), Having given ATBB in Raja Hindustani (HR has not even given a BB as per Nahta strict stds), and on the brink of Oscar nomination for Lagaan.

  34. Gajni is an comision earner acc to nhata..hritik had given 5 blockbuster 2 superhits till first 10ten yr only raja hndustani was a big hit…if u r countng national award as a critarie than ajay devgan is the biggst

    • Ghajini was ATBB,no commission earner. you are a total moron like Hrithik

      • haha. well said.

        not being malicious/funny. But Hrithik is totally a sirector’s actor. He needs to rely heavily on the director to give him a good film because although he is a good actor (i thought he was brilliant in Lakshya, JA,Krishh & half of KMG) he was a disappointment/avg in the others.

    • If you count natioanal award as criteria than OM Puri and Nazirduddin Shah should be number one, and btw even Arjun Rampal got a national award recently

  35. Lagaan was after 13yr ..dun mislead

  36. Amir never won a National best actor award, these were special awards which is extra not the main ones ajay won

  37. Check this Komal Nahta classification where he has classified Ghajini as Movie Marvel of the year (Ahead of superhit classifications)

    You are not only a moron, but a liar !!!

  38. Check Hrithik Roshan movie classifications by Komal

    Not one BB.

  39. komal ke acc to har movie flop.he has vry strict standard..why r u abusing me btw??did i abuse u…this shows how much ur parents luvs u.i pity u..get sum luv

  40. Hahaha jodha akbar is just overflow acc to him..m not a moron may be u coz u follow him..btw he never calld gajni as atbb..

  41. acc to me both gajni nd 3i r atbb.since u brought nhata here i said this..use boi as standard 4 both hritk nd aamir

  42. People like nhata only can bark in their colums..yday watchng his interview wid ramesh taurani..taurani said except bhagt singh every movie of ours is a hit..than why ur komal dint told tarurni abt dil ka rishta fida nakab ..YE media ke log kewal bhokna jante hai stars ke samne inki jaban nhi khulti

  43. I follow BOI for the numbers. not verdicts. They call loss making movies such as MNIK as Hits. tomorrow they may even call Kites hit if it does 65 cr nett. Sorry, those verdicts are not agreeable.

  44. ok..this verdict thng is not in our hands so why argue,..but hritik roshans failure due to kites dun mean he is a lesser superstan than anybody..he broke openin record 3times wid mission kasmir krish nd dhoom..thats not a easy task..

  45. Yakuza, how’s Saturday looking?

  46. Kites below the mark overseas

  47. Kites if not already is heading for a disaster…no way am i going to watch this junk.

  48. Jeevcy

    I have no intention of watching Kites because i know it will be crap however the movies which imo will be good are :

    Once upon a time in Mumbai

  49. Jeevcy or any other could you plz let me know how much MNIK nett gross in USA ?
    Today in Pakistani newspaper said it is 23 million dollars and just next to Avatar 26 million dolllar.
    Is It True ?

  50. no faking news chech box office mojo you will get the actuall info

  51. mean check

  52. U nd ur pakistan..btw use commun sense nauman…avatar is 100time bigger hi+ than any bollyhit..newspaper ban nhi hue pakistan me

  53. Yaar I know that It cant be next to Avatar but my friend saying that you guyes are biased akki sallu fans , you dont know srk’s power. so just need to confirm how much is net plz let me know

  54. Got it
    Avatar is 75 cr $
    MNIK is 40 lakh $
    only in USA

  55. a manoj tiwari movie seen by sum biharis outside bihar dun mean that manoj tiwari is an indianstar.same goes 4 srk…srk fans when ll u understand whts the meaning of a global star..indians overseas mean 2million nris nd hundrds of firangs.THATS IT

    • But since 2007 OSO SRK’s every movie is touching 70 cr in india and more than 30 cr overseas.
      what is it ?

  56. coz he does less movies..

  57. @ Nauman 30 cr oversees is gross figure not nett forget about DS…the distributor get around 45% of its the Indian DS which is the main contributor….if u write 70 cr i India and 30 cr oversees thats not correct..write gross figures allaround i.e around 140 cr India and 30 cr oversees

  58. @ Nauman..not all movies u can say almost all..except Billu , DMG…and if u think that way all Hrithik movies also same…(only 2 or 3 are there)

  59. But Billu and DMG were not SRK movies. every one knew that SRK has guest role so audience didnt attract with these movies.

    • @ can Billu not SRK movies..he had around 1 hr screen presence with additional 4 songs…entire 2nd half evolves around him…infact last 30 minutes Irfhan has very little role.. SRK all over

  60. Yakuza, BOC also says paid previews are 1.76 cr, which is close to BOI number.

    “Kites’ paid previews on Thursday brought in business of approximately Rs 17.60 million (Rs 1.76 crore).”

  61. Jeevcy

    is that less than Ghajni or more?

  62. Somehow even after all these big budget movies have failed like Dominoes, the producers still have not tightened up their budgets. Imo the whole chain…from producers to actors need to charge less and it should be a collective effort. It’d be better if actors charged less for sign-on fee so the movie is cheaper and if it is a hit they should get paid a percentage of the profits. Thats what the big actors like Aamir & SRK do which i think is very honest of them.

    • I cant agree more than this 🙂
      There’s a thing our film industry’s mind that they want to match hollywood which they cant but I appreciate the try.

  63. BEING SALMAN for god sake remove the word salman i am a salman fan but you are not change your name to being hrithich such a crap movie.

    you are thinking that you are the only intelligent person on this site.
    your examples arguments are crap just like your fav actor hr and his favourite film.

    the more dissapointing fact is that after 2 years this crap movie hahha.

    salman will come in dababngg after 6-7months but i am a bit sure he is serious this time speccially after VEER .

    its almost sure after VEER the bigest opening at single screens in history of indian cinema that single screens is his main ground but with a bit of help from multiplex he can do wonders.

    change your name you are embarassing sallu fans you are fan of a moron hr

  64. nitesh m a big sallu fan …i like hr thats it..there is no need to prove ki m a bhai fan.

  65. @nitesh do u know salman nd govinda is dung which movie ?

  66. 1.) Kites Paid Previews are less than 2 crores. I think you have the gross figures Yakuza.
    2.) Kites has terrible WOM. lots and lots of people dropping the idea of watching Kites due to the WOM. Hell, people are just telling the ending of the movie to each other…
    3.) Kites is looking at some big time losses here. The only thing which can save Kites is Kites-The Remix version.

  67. Kites is a movie with no soul…will not fly high and rain will make it drown

  68. What diffrence does it make even if it breaks Ghajini’s first day’s or weekend record…the movie has crashed badly. Its like running 1 km race, you start off well and then fall down badly and lose the race.

  69. Ihab I think Yakuza might of overeported it a bit, it does happen as BOI have been victim of it many times. Yakuza buddie keep updating, i like your report.


    watch i n ‘ll know the exact figure for 1st day for kites in usa.BOI figures is false…

  71. As per taran adarsh housefull 1st week collection was 52cr+ (official statement by eros), while bollybussiness,boi and all other sites are showing 47cr, why there is difference of 5cr.

  72. hey frnds go chek it out
    akshay give very hard tym to media..
    they try their level best to degard n put down housefull nw the ydoing this rubbish thing…

    bt akki give tham a very hard tym to his detractors


    1. Is this a new ploy to keep a ‘watch’ on me? Ha detractors seem to be working overtime.. about 1 hour ago via mobile web
    2. The plot thickens. Now they are saying we never gifted each other watches!! about 1 hour ago via mobile web

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