Kites already showing signs of drop at box-office

Terrible WOM is spreading all over and its effect on box-office is already showing at many counters. Ticket sales for Noon shows at many counters didn’t improve after having already excellent advance bookings. Noon shows at satyam Cineplex, delhi was having 70% advance bookings yesterday and these shows were expected to be housefull with mere 30% tickets left for sale. But after packed morning shows , Current bookings seems to take a dip as noon shows hardly sold much after thunderous advance bookings. While advance till yesterday was around 70% , These shows went just 80% full today. It remains to be seen if current bookings for evening shows improve further.Single screens at metros are showing signals of wash out on day one itself. Single screen business will hit all time low on weekend which is predictable looking at crashing business since morning .

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on May 21, 2010.

55 Responses to “Kites already showing signs of drop at box-office”

  1. kya keh rhe ho yakuza bhaiya…aaj se hi drop

    ye mvi was utter crap btw

    • Yeah, Single screens are crashing like anything. Now movie will score based on HR die hard fans and Excellent advance bookings.

  2. yakuza u mentioned 90 cr for the movie to recover. is it the gross or the net u r talking about? because any how it will make 90 crore gross worldwide.
    How much to become hit?

  3. so Yakuza, what is your prediction for this weekend excl. paid previews now?


  5. Kites Does Superb Buisness In Paid Previews

    Yakuza, BOI is saying 1.85 cr in Paid Previews for Kites

    • My calculation comes near to 3 Crore, Lets see. BTW from above article i have concern over number of shows too. BTW i will update on friday and previews detailed collections by tomorrow noon.

  6. So it wont cross HF
    So Akki is still on top so far in 2010.

  7. Yakuza are u sure its 3plus crore paid previews????? BOI not a fan of that site but it says 1.85 crore which is lower.

  8. nauman HF is unquestionable 1st clean success of 2010, MNIK status is still debatable amongst many trades apart from minorities like BOI saying its a hit.

  9. I still believe that kites first weekend will be huge. Will definately falls afterwards and eventually turne out to be loss making venture for every one involved.

  10. another great opener and at last fizziling out as 75-cr.

    yakuza now what your take plz let us know the amount of english and spanish dialouges is too much.

    if we put 50% of dialouges in english version in hindi then all the english critics will slam the director producer .

    film is the biggest flop at single screens.

    dont belive it but people start leaving after interval one of the most awful incidence i have evr seen .

  11. Just bullshit reporting.12 cr today mark my words…yakuza u can go any way to downgrade any actor to make ur abhi big..kites ll do 80cr plus despite all this.this is kites not drona.nd hr is 100time bigger star than bachn jr..

    • I have just come up after watching Kites, Crushing Bore …. I want my money back. There are some guys from my next row who went just after interval. usage of too much english and spanish language ruin the movie and also bad direction and Yawning storyline with slow pace makes it difficult to sit through. 90% of audience didn’t like the movie. This will be crash from tomorrow for sure.

    • plzz dont comment if u cant do constructive criticism.yakuza slammed teen patti just for your record

  12. Kites == Hritik Roshan Ki Aag

  13. hey shruti can you tell me the occupancy level?

  14. Kites is like watching Aap muzhe ache lagne lage in spanish and english. It looks like Hritik and Rakesh roshan wanted this movie to be a flop (May be to adjust black money) , otherwise how one on earth can think movie like Kites to do well in india. My arting – 1.5/5 (for one song and performances)

  15. Yakuza slammed teen patti.he had no option.mnik was against it

  16. Sharuti is it not Hrithik Roshan ki Aag
    it is
    Duggu Ki Aag = Ramu Ki Aag

  17. Biggest disappoint of the year so far.

  18. This is what happens to those with hyper egos after reaching certain levels.That is what we are witnessing now.The same happened to SRK after MNIK.Even after super hyping by all TV channels and print media that film flopped miserably.The same is true for Hrithik.This proves that Paying Public are the final deciding factor in any movie success.This alos proves that People of India are still rooted in Indianness and they love simple stories told beautifully in simplistic budgets.This should be slap in the face for all those who go after aping what ever Hollywood does.

  19. Blue , MNIK , and now Kites
    Now no one thing about heavy budget and international look.
    Wanted is example.
    Simple old style movie. But executed very well Smash Hit
    Even Akshay’s all movies entertain audience however reviews are bad but at lease those movies got 45 – 50 cr nett.

    • include HF also.

      • HF tanked badly (39,10,4) budget was very high around but 90 crore but people hide it very is genune flop of the year.

        Sajid nadiadwals learnt lesson from KI and hided the budget of HF to make hit with nexus of Eros and komal nahta.

        One more lesson he learnt from HF to not repeat Akshay in near future in any project.So akki8 is thrown out of nadiadwalah camp very costly actor.

        only Genuine hit is MNIK. And humble SRK is on top

  20. This should open the eyes for SRK and Hrithik otherwise they will be doomed.Those who are extremely narcissist and think of themselves as above everything are really in state of self delusion.Those whose feet are not on the ground will have to come crashing down one day.The fault lies with the electronic media and print media who repeatedly focussing on such individuals will create a sense of false ego in them and when they wake up to reality they will be in a real bad shape.

  21. this site chats crap

  22. the script is written by Raksh Roshan, music by Rajesh Roshan, lead actor is Jrithik Roshan. Its a family affair 😉

    Jokes apart though…i had suspicions that Rakesh Roshan hijacked the movie from Anurag Basu and imposed his own vision on the film and there were many stories abt this too

  23. This movie gonna be another most hyped flop movie after blue, veer and mnik. All are big budget movie but all are average. Kites will not fly high.

  24. So after failure of Kites Akki is still on top in 2010

    • Akkis is not on top to there is SRK (MNIK very good infinately better than HF kachra/Genuanely first hit of the 2010/ overseas super duper all time blockbuster journey stilll continues)behind akki with flop of HF(39+08+3)(plese dont talk about overseas).finished

  25. taran aadrsh give 2 stars nt 3
    2 for mvi n 1 for ritik

  26. Watched Komal on ETC. The reactions which he received from exihibitors is something not good for Kites. Film is going to be tanked badly.

  27. Kites…..I went to the hall expecting an Anurag Basu movie….. must be full of class emotions….which will leave you broken hearted as they did in Gangster…. Rakesh Roshan movie…….must be sassy and savvy….Full of thrils actions…..Great sound effect…..again anurag basu…….songs will be at the best place and will make you cry……background score will be outstanding…….but alas….i was wrong……..i wont say the movie….not at all….its good…Hritik and barbara looks cute…very inncocent lovestory…….Direction pity cool at many place….what it lacks is the speed….To make it of 2 hrs i think they cut down scenes and thats what will cost the movie…why 2 hrs like blue make it 2.5 put some actions scenes some humar and some piy coll emotions and thats what audience want..the movie should make u scream …the movie should make u laugh…the movie should make you cry……… do happen some places but not at everywhere… the first half the pace was slow…2nd half was pity romantic and thrilling ..Why the hell the movie is in english and spanish….leave i m not a reviwer…..but still the movie is worth a watch because of hritik and barbara…Hritik is amazing he acted very well Barbara was very sweet,,
    But the problem with me and all will be the expectaion and thats wwhy the movie will fail…we expected more…but i will thousand s of time the movie is not so bad its gud…..
    I m damn sure story written by Rakesh Roshan…..and he has not given enough freedom to Anurag BAsu…bcz i know when Basu make a movie….atleast he makes you get lost in the emotions………no doubt he touch your heart many times….for me just ok atleast its far better then movies that has idiotic ending…like BLUE and leave u in a state of dillema How teh hell this happened …is the movie over…….like past BLUE,,OSO,KANK,TUM MILE,KURBAN,LUCK,WUS,LD,Drona,Tashan…I will again say worth one time watch…….

  28. Yakuza dude please do a career update of 1990s for srk, amir, akki, salman, amitabh, sunny deol, ajay devgan please

  29. Dear Yakuza,
    tell me the budget of film kites?

  30. It needs 90 cr ds world wide to get hit tag

  31. who told 90ds 4 hit?even it gross 80cr it ll be hit..boxoffice dun work like that.if so than gajni ll be avg 3i only hit blue disaster..nd btw all hritik hater u r goin to get a shock of urlifetime when boi release kites first day

    • I am no Hrithik hater.
      But Kites will not be hit.
      It needs to do 280 crore gross (160-170 crore nett) worldwide to be hit (due to its huge costs of 140 crore).
      A huge opening might save it from being total flop but unless it trends there is no chance of Kites becoming hit.

  32. This 150cr thng is a rumour..komal denied ths many times..agar hai bhi than also boxoffice dun work that way..gajni was sold for 95cr nd its ds worldwide was 93cr FLOP.

  33. No beingsalman, check komal’s website, gajani earned a prifit of 10cr+, thst’s why commission earner as per him.
    For kites, rough estimetes of costs are arounf 125cr, theatrivcl revenue should atleast be 90 cr for recovery, 35 cr may come from other rights if that goes favourable for the movie.

  34. Rajesh
    are u kidding?

  35. Gajni is an comision earnr hahahahahahahahahahAhahahahahahahahaha

  36. If we go by mr beingsalman’s way
    MNIK (ds – 37 crore (India) and 19 crore (overseas) – Total DS – 56 crore (Cost – 100 crore) Verdict – Disaster.
    If we go by DS method except 3 Idiots every post 2006 Bollywood film should be considered as flop

  37. @amit this is not my way…thats the way yakuza is talking that kites need 160cr for breakeven.. dun u know sarcasm?

  38. @ amit…MNIK oversees DS is around 35 cr so total around 72cr DS. Except for DS there are other sources like DVD, sattelite, home video etcc which earns around 25 cr for a big-budgte film. In that sense MNIK recovered around 95 its an average buisness…for kites yakuza is right as distributers cost is around 110-120 cr…it needs around 85-95 cr DS and rest 25 cr can come from other source…for Ghajini 90 cr came from DS which helped distributors to recover the cost butt rest 25-30 cr from other source are nett profit…30 cr profit is huge for distributors. don’t forget producers already made huge profit (around 30-40 cr) by selling it to the distributors at 90 cr…

  39. Yar than why gajni is an atbb..atbb means 3 time profit…why yakuza is applyng that logic only to kites not to other movies…

    • @ being now u cannot judge ATBB by 3 times profit…it should be judged on the amount of profit now adays…and also with other factors such as trending…relative performace to other films in that year..etcc…I agree according to yakuza’s method Ghajini cannever be ATBB as it gives 65% weight to nett profit I argued the box office method calculation section…in that way Bheja Fry is ATBB and Ghajini is merely a hit or superhit…

  40. but here i will like to say kites never have media support like mnik still will do 35 cr neet buisness in weekend will be super flop like mnik but manage more initial then srk it means srk is not in top 5 now real superstar now is akshay kumar whose films do good buisness despite critics thumbs down he is only one who is keeping so called cheap critics on their foots and making them suck

  41. its disppointment but better then mnik

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