Boxoffice Update : Kati Patang (Kites) Opened Huge

The most anticipated and costliest movie of year 2010 has arrived yesterday on silver screen. Hritik coming to celluloid after hiatus of 2.5 years in his home production has already created much buzz across cine goers. So how was reaction of audience yesterday ? And how movie performed at box-office on previews ? Content of movie was already seemed to be something lacking after watching lackluster promos and it was first reported at bollybusiness that movie is supposedly not up to mark based on Teasers and promos which refuses to induce life.  Well, Audience reaction of movie is very much mixed and word of excellence is missing. Reactions are varying from Bad to Good. For costliest ever movie of bollywood till date released on 2300 prints word-wide, Extremely positive reports was mandatory for just breakeven the cost. 

At box-office, movie opened to excellent response on advance booking window and preview shows occupied very well on Thursday. Movie has collected around 3+ Crore on Thursday and excellent weekend is given on cards. Due to less running time, kites is screening on maximum number of shows till date for any bollywood movie. Based on number of screens/shows it is commencing and ticket price hike, Kites has potential to collect 21-22 Crore per day on weekend. Expected collections over weekend should be in range of 38-40 Crore. But a big crash after whooping weekend is very much on cards. Movie has two open weeks to perform till Raajneeti come on 4th June.

From the past releases, Badmash company has collected around 26.5 Crore in two weeks and Housefull did Hit business of 67 Crore in three weeks. But all the past releases will not add much from here on, as Kites will dominate box-office this week.

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on May 21, 2010.

35 Responses to “Boxoffice Update : Kati Patang (Kites) Opened Huge”

  1. Thanks for the update Yakuza. Pls update regularly for next 3 days. We are looking forward to your reports & verdict.

  2. Yakuza eat ur words now..wht did i tell u.40cr WEEKAND…nd ur saying no…yup rxn r mixed but dun worry it ll cross 60cr week

    • BeingSalman, When i did prediction, it was based on similar number of screenings (Housefull), but as of now screenings are 25% more than Housefull and also ticket prices are 10-15% higher. otherwise i don’t see occupancy rate any better than Housefull. WOM is terrible so i don’t see any stable weekdays here. Second week will be big bouncer.

      • Wom is not that bad jitna u r saying.again u hve to bite ur words..i forgot its a hr movie not bachan..expected from 4

  3. i only wonder given low crical response kites and housefull take g8 opening while mnik suck big time this means srk is lower ranked then hritik

  4. Reactions are Ranging from “Bad, I want my money back” to a “decent one time watch” …. no one is ecstatic about the movies besides a few exceptional nutcases.

  5. The 38-40 Crore for weekend, excludes or includes paid previews?

  6. But why it is written “”kati Patanag”” in tyhe headlines here in the post..This is absolutely biased and ridicuos reporting..never doubted Yakuja’s biaseness but he is taking it to new heights,,,

  7. how much was 3 idiots and Ghajini paid previews? Is kites a new record for paid previews? I think maybe

    • Yes, previews collections are higher than Ghajini and 3I.

      • Hahaha..yakuza r u gone mad?3i paid premiere was double of kites coz there r 2 shows..Btw wht a coincidence jis din kites release hui usi din zehar barsane aa gye..WOM IS MIXD NOT BAD..its hritkik movie not ur bachans movie which need excellant wom to cross even 30cr hahaha

  8. Ghajini was 1.75 – 2 cr , 3 Idiots was I think 3 cr.

  9. Yakuza, where were you been ?
    We thought Sajid Nadiadwala sent you on holidays that You promoted Housefull very well.
    How much Kites needs to get hit tag?
    some one said it needs minimum 125 cr in India. Is it true ?
    BTW our kites review is up

    • Yes Nauman, Your site is infected with Virus, Please visitors, beware of VIRUS.

    • Yeah Nauman, i face similar threat while opening your site.

    • “We thought Sajid Nadiadwala sent you on holidays that You promoted Housefull very well.”

      Ha Ha .. not really .. I was just busy with some personal assignments.

    • “How much Kites needs to get hit tag?
      some one said it needs minimum 125 cr in India. Is it true ?”

      Kites require minimum 90 Crore DS worldwide for recovery. This movie is intentional flop.

  10. seems that Nauman’s site has some sort of Virus linked to i was attacked by it as soon i clicked it and my laptop started to freeze..people go on bollylus by ur own risk…”BEWARE” OF VIRUS!!

  11. How can Badmaash Company be 26.5 crore after two weeks? It did 19.25 cr in the first week (that is debatable as some sites say 20.25 cr) and 5.75 cr 2nd weekend. That makes it 25-26 crore in first 10 days. So was the collection of 4 weekdays only 1 cr?

    • Its 13.25 (first weekend) + 5.25 (weekdays) + 5.5 (second weekend) + 2.5 (second weekdays)

      • You say 18.50 cr first week, boi says 19.25 cr, glamsham says 20.25, and taran adarsh says almost 21 cr. Who to believe?

        Personally I find it difficult to believe your figures are Badmaash Company has had very good WOM (about 85% positive).

  12. or yakuza bhaiya kaise ho ..after very long tym khah bsy the

  13. Not so good movie. It will be average due to its huge cost. And falls badly on weekdays onward. Weekend will be great, around 30-35 crore.

  14. yes yakuza declares HF a hit.

  15. Yakuza’s figures always less than others.

  16. well didn’t he say ajab did 37cr plus net 1st week? whilst boi said 41 but then they took it down 3 days later to 37plus

  17. You say 18.50 cr first week, boi says 19.25 cr, glamsham says 20.25, and taran adarsh says almost 21 cr. Who to believe?

    Personally I find it difficult to believe your figures as Badmaash Company has had very good WOM (about 85% positive). Wot say?

    • boi has updated and given Badmaash 28.5 cr after 2 weeks and may go beyonbd after Kites drops from many screenings. Same goes for Housefull. Reminds of Jab We Met and Sawaariya in 2007

      • Well said! That is what came to my mind too 🙂

        BOI gave Badmaash Company 1 cr less for the first week (God knows why) and then tried to make it up by giving it 1 cr extra for the second week.

  18. this site chats crap

  19. Kites…..I went to the hall expecting an Anurag Basu movie….. must be full of class emotions….which will leave you broken hearted as they did in Gangster…. Rakesh Roshan movie…….must be sassy and savvy….Full of thrils actions…..Great sound effect…..again anurag basu…….songs will be at the best place and will make you cry……background score will be outstanding…….but alas….i was wrong……..i wont say the movie….not at all….its good…Hritik and barbara looks cute…very inncocent lovestory…….Direction pity cool at many place….what it lacks is the speed….To make it of 2 hrs i think they cut down scenes and thats what will cost the movie…why 2 hrs like blue make it 2.5 put some actions scenes some humar and some piy coll emotions and thats what audience want..the movie should make u scream …the movie should make u laugh…the movie should make you cry……… do happen some places but not at everywhere… the first half the pace was slow…2nd half was pity romantic and thrilling ..Why the hell the movie is in english and spanish….leave i m not a reviwer…..but still the movie is worth a watch because of hritik and barbara…Hritik is amazing he acted very well Barbara was very sweet,,
    But the problem with me and all will be the expectaion and thats wwhy the movie will fail…we expected more…but i will thousand s of time the movie is not so bad its gud…..
    I m damn sure story written by Rakesh Roshan…..and he has not given enough freedom to Anurag BAsu…bcz i know when Basu make a movie….atleast he makes you get lost in the emotions………no doubt he touch your heart many times….for me just ok atleast its far better then movies that has idiotic ending…like BLUE and leave u in a state of dillema How teh hell this happened …is the movie over…….like past BLUE,,OSO,KANK,TUM MILE,KURBAN,LUCK,WUS,LD,Drona,Tashan…I will again say worth one time watch…….

  20. Kites opened to a bumper response at most places. Some small centres in CP Berar and Gujarat were on the lower side but this will not affect overall initial collections. The film had problems in Mysore as the distributors gave it a big release which is not allowed for non Kannada movies in the circuit which will make weekend figures 4-5% lower unless it gets a release. The reports are not encouraging, the biggest reason being the film has a lot of English and Spanish dialogue. This is not even being appreciated in some major multiplexes of big cities like Delhi and Mumbai.

    The worldwide distributors have a huge investment of 120 crore including marketing and prints but it was known before release that the film only had a small chance to recover this amount and now obviously they will suffer huge losses. The super strong start still gives the film a chance to be a theatrical hit in India but collections will have to hold over the weekend and show decent collections on weekdays and second weekend.

    Badmaash Company had a rock solid second week of 9.25 crore nett. The film now has collections of around 28.50 crore nett after two weeks and although it looked like the film will have little chance after the release of Kites it may well be different now because if the poor reports of Kites translates into dropping collections then Badmaash Company will hang around longer at the theatres.

    Housefull was very steady in week three with around 7 crore nett collections. The three week collections for the film are 68 crore nett. As with Badmaash Company the poor reports of Kites gives the film chance of hanging around longer and even challenging the 73 crore nett total of My Name Is Khan which is highest for 2010. HIT

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