Results : Most Awaited Movie In Next two Months ?

Raavan(40%) is clear winner here with 8% margin, Kites(32%) is next to raavan , Raajneeti(21%) spotted third position and BC (7%) got least votes. Will this poll result reflect at boxoffice is remain to see. BC today opened to fine response at boxoffice. Does it indicate earth shattering opening for rest of three ? Let’s wait and watch.

~ by Yakuza on May 7, 2010.

42 Responses to “Results : Most Awaited Movie In Next two Months ?”

  1. Kites rocks

  2. ak idiots are u on facebook

  3. The year has been amazing so far in terms that each big and competent star releases are coming in a row with gap of 2-3 weeks. Salman flopped with Veer, SRK flopped with DMG and Average with MNIK (But a big grosser anyways) , Akshay Has one HIT with Housefull. One movie each of hritik , Shahid, Ranbir and Abhishek is coming in next two months. It will be exciting to check their boxoffice outcome in terms of opening and final gross(Specially Kites/Raajneeti and raavan as all three are equally competent product).

    • interesting comment yakuza. Agree with what ur saying but again I stress a lot will depend on budget & marketing/buzz.

      kites will end up like MNIK imo

      Rajneeti looks like another fine effort frm Prakash jha but his movies are not always hits at the BO and the high cost of this movie might stop it becoming a hit.

      I’v got a feeling that Raavan is going to be the movie of the summer. its got a lot going for it…esp. Abhi’s new look/gr8 music/gr8 director at the helm

      • Your assessment is quite accurate if we look movies with all perspectives at this point. Raavan also has many open weeks after release, i dont see any significant release after 18th June. About Kites, I am really worried about its BO prospects. There are many things against this movie , Urban setting/use of Spanish language/Desi-English concept beaten to death/Uninspiring promos etc. On positive note, I liked past work of Anurag and i also have faith in good fan base of hritik.

        • yes i’v loved Anurag’s work in Gangster & LIAM. However not sure if he’s a big-time director. small budget & medium size movies are his comfort zone. Also Rakesh Roshan seems to have taken over his vision & edited the movie to his liking. This is dangerous because it can create a mish mash of a movie.

          I loved Rakesh Roshan’s effort with Karan Arjun…that was his best movie imo. The rest of his movies lack substance and are all style and too glossy. KNPH/KMG/krish were the same however Hrithik made them work with his honest acting and in KMG the 1st half direction and acting by Hrithik were superb which carried the movie. (although KMG was a rip-off from ET;)

          • I never liked any of rakesh roshan movie till date. KA was his best movie, still it was one time tolerable. KNPH .. uffff , i never understood how it became blockbuster ? I went out of cinema just before climax. It was big headache for me. There are few movies which i never understood how public at large liked them like KNPH, Raja Hindustani, KA, RNBDJ. All these were crap for me. I never consider Rakesh roshan even average director, still he has 6-7 super hits in his kitty and hardly a flop (only Koyla). Either my taste is bad or …… 🙂

  4. BTW Raavan is maintaining 10% margin with Kites in this poll since beginning.

  5. Ravaan may not work that it is very differnt movie, Hard to digest this type of cinema. But I loved Guru. Raajneeti will get crtical acclaim box office average. BC below avg. Kites Super HIt
    According to me prediction
    Kites 75 – 80 cr
    Rajneeti 35 – 40 cr
    Ravaan 40 – 45 cr
    Badmash Company 20 – 25 cr

    • Raavan can go either way. But good opening is written all over. First day will be 8+ Crore. Rest depends on WOM. But Raavn is not different cinema. It is revenge thriller with parallel drawn from Mythology.

  6. I hope Raavan clicks at the BO bigtime because Mani Ratnam is a fave director of mine and he has always made quality films. However i wish it was budgeted cheaper

  7. Yakuza, Dont you think Ravaan will attract only Hindu Audience since it is religious Mythology. We Muslims know about this Mythology that Ravaan Kidnapped Seeta and Ram went to take her back and Hunuman helped him.(AM I right?)
    But may be pure Hindi or Sunsikrat and lots of other religious characters can make this movie hard to understand. Another thing Baby B has very differnt look and lots of make overs which wont attract to audience.

  8. Yakuza, please say something about Rajneeti.

  9. Nauman i think Mani Ratnam only take the idea of Raavan/seeta and made it with modern world i mean yaar aaj kel ka zamany ka hisaab say banaye hay….and the baby B diffrent looks and style creats hype for movie what u say bro

  10. @ lucky, yup dude, i am on fb, bh and so on. @ yakuza, what about the bugget of the bc, kites, rajneeti n raavan?

    • AK Idiott, Is it Aamir Khan or Akshay Kumar?
      Kites needs 70 cr , Rajneeti needs 60 cr and Ravaan needs 50 cr for hit tags.. I guess
      Yakuza am I right?

  11. Yakuza hi, I am writing from a media outlet myself and wanted to start talking to you. Check my email address for the info and please contact me at it. Look forward to talking to you.

  12. @nauman, hey both r fav. of mine so u can suppose wht u want. Both rocks.


  14. i supose kites has the upper hand maniratnam never deliverd a superhit in hindi. even his last movie guru was just a hit with low cost.but this time ravan is much costliar then guru.lets see wht heppens? rajniti lokking promising too…..
    and as yakuza said the buzz n starpower.then hritik alone is too much for baby b or ranbir …. so in my opinion kites will rock…

    • Guru was very good Hit , It earned 47 Crore which is comparable to DON in 2006 which was much costlier and hyped movie than Guru. Guru was much bigger success than DON and KANK in 2006 (Guru was released in Jan, 2007) as all movies collections was in range of 45-48 Crore but Guru was just 18 Crore movie , while DON was 45 Crore and KANK was 35 Crore venture. If you consider DON and KANK as HIT , Then Guru is much bigger success comparatively. In my books, KANK and DON were Above Average/Semi Hits and Guru was HIT+.

  15. don was hit.but kank was an avg movie.u can chk anywhere…… n let me tell u that guru wasnt 18 cr movie bcoz aish was paid her highst price for guru so was abhi..and guru also had vidya balan n madhwan n they r no actors avavilble in lacs……n dnt forget a.r.rahman. he got his best price was a 30 cr movie with 40 cr nett in india n 16-18 cr frm overseas…..chk it anywhere.even boxofficemojo….

  16. i never said that guru was avg or flop.but it wasnt super was just hit….even bhool bhuliyya n hey baby was better then guru in 2007…………………..

    • No , First BB and hey Babby was released in August 2007 onwards, From 2006 to 2007, difference in boxoffice collections was evident with each passing month (because of rise in multiplexes). Guru was Jan, 2007 release and there was Gap of 8-9 Months between these movies. Second all these movies collected in range of 45-48 Crore. Third , Guru was 18 Crore budget movie , Heyy Babby was 30 Crore and BB was 25 Crore. Guru was least expensive and earn equally well way before these movies.

      BTW Abhishek charged 2.5 Crore for Guru and it is confirmed 18 Crore movie. Guru is bigger Hit than BB and HB using any technique.

  17. I will be surprised if Ravan opens to 8+ cr on opening day…..

  18. Either Guru;s budget is 18 cr or Abhishek and Ash do not charge the money Yakuja is talking about…Both the things cant be true..

    • Rajeev, It was long back in 2006. 18 Crore was good budget for any movie at that time. Bluffmaster was 10 Crore which was still cosnidered Quite ok. Multistarrer Salaam-E-ishq was 25 Crore. You think Guru was more expensive than SEI ?


    ravan 5.5-6.5cr day one

    lifetime 45cr

    you are diehard fan of bachans and ofcourse its not new

  20. he is but still his BO reporting is great.

  21. Ravan 8cr day 1.hahahahahaha..u forgot paa..big b most hyped movie in this decade..only 30cr lifetime…ravan ll get max 6cr thats too coz of maniratnam..abhishek sahid srk needs big director 4 success..people dun love them.all media hype..thats why ranbir is diff.he has all the potential to become a mass superstar like sallu akki..

  22. who is good working in raajniti ajay devgon that s way becoming hit this movie ranbir nothing in front of ajay write.

  23. Yakuza I would request you to be unbiased. You often try show SRK movies as flops… and often include in his flops that are not his. Similar parameters are never applied to bachan…. infact there it is the opposite. Looks funny when you say that DMG is SRK’s flop and Veer Zaara is counted as bachan’s hit…. and then Paheli is not counted as bachca’s flop. Complicated classifications here!

    That aside… could you please do a centrewise comparison of Housefull and MNIK. will be very interesting to see where MNIK has done well and where Housefll has.

    As for these results, I am quite skeptical of the audience who vote. Last time I remeber there was a voting on MNIK Vs Teen patti…. and teen patti had got 80% votes when I visited here…. My guess is the people who visit this form are mostly Bachchan fans. I can bet that the opening of Kites will be in 50cr range and Ravan will be in 30cr range. The expectations of people are also very high for kites…. but the case is diferent on this forum though.

    how many people were interested in teen patti… hardly a fraction of those compared to MNIK…. but the results of voting on this site made me believe teen patti could have a bigger opening than MNIK. LOL!

  24. Waiting 4 kites from last 2 yrs….not only bcz of hritik but also bcz of Anuraag Basu………. that man anurag shows the emotions really well. Gangster, Metro ……………I m waiting 4 kites… Rajneeti ill see Raavan i have doubt……

    • Agree, I liked anurag earlier work. gangster was awesome. But donno why, kites seem more like rakesh roshan movie than Anurag basu. I am missing anurag stamp here.

  25. just seen the THOK DE KHILLI trailer frm Raavan. shocking – its fukking awful!!!!

    • Agree, I don’t like it. Abhishek should keep himself away from dancing stuff. This song is like “EK lo EK muft” track from guru.

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  27. srk is the bestest in all no one of u dare to say any bad word for srk.whether his films work or not bt he is the always best


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