You are your own media

This is a piece I recently wrote for my Social Wizz blog…

The first time I made this statement was about a year ago, and it was in relation to Bollywood Superstar Amitabh Bachchan (and in my view the biggest Superstar the world has ever seen in ANY arena). Bachchan in recent years had the Indian Media turn against him, numerous comments were thrown around by the media which weren’t factual, and even his own statements which he made were presented in a fabricated and dishonest manner. Bachchan has always been the man of the masses, a person for the people. It wasn’t the first time the Media had turned against him, nor was it the first time that incredibly stupid statements were thrown around to bring the mans reputation down.

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~ by prazzero00000 on May 6, 2010.

3 Responses to “You are your own media”

  1. Thanks masterpraz,
    yes,amitabh is the biggest superstar in the is jealous from amitabh supreme power.I HATE media.
    AMITABH is staight forword person he faced the media(amitabh enemy) with full courage,salute to amtiabh that alone he stand up against media.welldone amitabh,therefore amitabh is called ONE MAN INDUSTRY.

  2. Totally Shakir..well said :)!

  3. Thanks Masterpraz for ur appreciation.

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