Revisiting EK RISHTAA-The Bond of Love (Hindi, 2001)

Despite the countless hits the Darshan Bros. gave through the 90’s and early millennium, there aren’t many I’d ever revisit, and specially less where it’s Suneel Darshan who’s the director and not Dharmesh Dharshan whose LOOTERE and RAJA HINDUSTANI I didn’t much as much. EK RISHTAA-THE BOND OF LOVE was the ultimate “peak” for Suneel Darshan who finally managed to pull off an A-last “dream” cast by his standards for a “family-drama” that in many ways was similar to Yashraj and Dharma’s brand of cinema yet retained it’s own distinct touch (for better or towards the latter end of his career for worse).

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~ by prazzero00000 on May 5, 2010.

9 Responses to “Revisiting EK RISHTAA-The Bond of Love (Hindi, 2001)”

  1. i remember Indra kumar did announce one film with BIG B and AAMIR KHAN along with Madhuri dixit with the same name if iam correct in the mid 90’s…but somehow the film never took off!!!

  2. Imo this was an awful film. some nice songs but same old father-son story. nothing original/no repeat value

  3. i saw this film and i get borred because i feel nothing new in story and also its looks that thia is not not indra kumar movie because the story and scenes and acting everything was weak

  4. I loved this movie. It was really awesome movie. Great acting by Akshay, Big B, Mohnish Behl and Juhi Chawla. Also very good songs as well. Loved the movie and it had good repeat value as well for family audiences. A priceless collection on DVD

  5. ek rishta was a long list of cheesefests by darshan in which Akshay hammed like hell.Anyone who knows what acting is abt can see that Akshay although brilliant in action & comedy is merely adequate in emotional scenes and looks v.awkward/out of his depth esp. against more rounded actors like AB in Ek Rishta for examples.I must say that he came of age in comedies such as MSK,HP,GM and was excellent in action dramas like the khiladi series/ Khakee…..he is at ease in comedy and action.However when it comes to different genres however imo he needs to be handled well/intelligently by directors.For example i felt that Akshay was brilliant in a negative role in Ajnabi.His role was different and Abbas Mustan showed the negative shades in his character v.well. Vipul Shah done a gr8 job in Namastey London getting a restrained and low key performance frm Akshay without letting the actor get out of his comfort zone as did Priyadarshan in Bhool Bhulaya.The reason why i’m writing this post is because i feel that Akshay is capable of doing quality movies however he needs to work with directors who will use his talents intelligently and effectively.

  6. I think Priya”COPY”darshan has a lot to do with Akshay’s success since HERA-PHERI days as he was the one who gave him a try in comedy’s but the fact remains that his recent comedy’s are mostly cheap stuff!!

  7. akshay was excellent in sangarsh, who said he cant handle emotion???

  8. I like this movie,songs are awesome of this film.Amitabh,Akki and Juhi did superb work and good emotion scences.

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