Housefull : Heading for first unquestionable Hit of 2010

Housefull remained steady on Tuesday by mere 20-25% drop at most of places. Estimate collections for Tuesday are in range of 3.75+ Crore. Five days total now stands at ~40 Crore. Next two days will probably in range of 5-6 Crore total. As expected first week of Housefull will finish at around 45-46 Crore. These are very good numbers and biggest ever for Akshay kumar starrer.  Singh is king was Akshay’s biggest solo Hit. Housefull will surpass SIK with around 15-20 Crore margin and is on way to become first unquestionable clean Hit of 2010.

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on May 5, 2010.

45 Responses to “Housefull : Heading for first unquestionable Hit of 2010”

  1. Hey great huh, but told that, HF collected 4-4.5 crore nett on tuesday and it will collect 48- 50 crore nett in first week n beat MNIK record and be first biggest hit of 2010. Akki n Riteish rocks.

  2. Wer is king kumar haterz now?face the reality.housefull is 4 movies left for king kumar dis year.inshaahallah 2 wil be blockbuster and 2 wil be the wil dat crap helloo india wil be releasing dis year?

  3. yakuza will it be blockbuster or superhit?

    • At 70+ it will be HIT, At 80+ it will be superHit and at 90+ it will be blockbuster in my books.

  4. ritesh was good sidekick to akki, but housefull is akki’s story

  5. Graet going akki, this year seems to be replicating 2007 for him.

  6. akki+iz+g8

  7. 4 Crore Tuesday For Housefull

    Wednesday 5th May 2010 10.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Housefull grossed around 4 crore nett on Tuesday which takes its five day total to over 40 crore nett. The week is now heading for a 47 crore nett total.

    The film did drop slightly at some places as compared to Monday but still collections are pretty high. Business is good in all circuits be it big ones like Mumbai and Delhi or interior circuits like CP Berar and CI.

    The first week share will finish around 26 crore mark and we could be looking at a 40 crore lifetime distributor share which would put it eighth on the all time list after Three Idiots, Ghajini, Gadar, Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Dhoom 2 and Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.

  8. Yakuza, would love you to answer the collection stands now and I am pretty sure that it will break MNIK record(which is average anyway)..MNIK was launched amidst lots of controversy and srk pulling power..looking at MNIK collection for first week n comparing it to Housefull why do you think MNIK failed in comparision..any movie with MNIK controversy should have broken many records but it didnt not even first week record..Well i think SRK is not that a big crowd puller as he used to be beside india its amir n akshay

    • Yup Akshay and Aamir rocks

    • Slowly SRK fan base is shifted towards family audience. If you look at opening of SRK movies since 2007, Barring OSO every movie was slow opener on day one. SRK is brilliant actor but now his movies need great buzz to opene big (like OSO). With each passing year, his fan base will be only the crowd who do not come to FDFS which enables big opening.

      Billu/DMG didn’t even open at BO. Otherwise bigB at his peak had opened many movies to bumper response at BO despite the fact that he was mere in special appearance in movie ( Gireftaar, Andha Kanoon) . Even after his retirement in 1992, Insaniyat which was well known delayed movie and has amitabh as extended guest appearance opened to 95% response at BO. SRK has already lost that magical touch.

      • And what happened to Akshay’s starpower when he did 8*10 Tasveer ?The film opened at 5 crore and folded at 15 crore .Its all about the genre .MNIK is not your regular entertainer .A film dealing with terrorism comes has a limited appeal .MNIK did 8 crore+ business on the first day WITHOUT the biggest centre Mumbai which is absolutely bumper.Housefull’s first day would have been 6 crore had it lost the first day business in Mumbai ..

        And public today is smart enough to differentiate between guest appearance and full fledged role unlike the audience of 70s and 80s .

  9. @AK Idiott

    yup rab was flop or avg due to less budget
    bt nt a big hit
    box office india rabne ke figure show hi nhikarta..

    baised site [:x]

  10. Rab Ne. flop or average? You must be kidding! Netting 85 cr in India on a modest budget, it was a BIG hit. I didn’t like the film one bit. But that’s a different story. A BIG HIT it was, unfortunately.

  11. But, Rab ne was crap movie. bullshit script ever.
    farah and Sjaid said right on Star screen Awards ..

  12. Yakuza, what do you think about Wed collections? According to me it should be in between 3-3.5 cr. What was the ratio of drop in morning shows?

    • Nauman, I will come to office in evening, will be able to see numbers only after that.

    • I can see housefull drop upto 25% today. This is quite ok. Expecting 3+ today. Will update tomorrow the estimate figure.

  13. hi yakuza how many success films r till now in this year.pls tell me.

  14. and also tell me their names veer was a success.

  15. well srk and aamir do a single movie in yr barely whereas akki do 5 movies and he opens much better then srk enen while doing so much movies and if aamir do 4 movies in yr his opening will not be better then 10% same with srk so akki is undisputed king and all actors are his subjects now long live the king

  16. srk is king of media while akshay is peoples king, masses king right my friends

    • housefull will be the biggest hit of 2010… will surpass mnik shortly in india….srk is just overseas king but akki n aamir done well both in india n overseas…….real kinng they r……

  17. rito
    well said


  18. I agree with u sandip

  19. go Akki go :mrgreen:

  20. King Kumar strikes again….with HOUSEFULL, ACTION REPLAY, KHATTHA MEETHA and a few other flms Akki is gonna have another ace year…

  21. Congrats akki fan..ur akki is a true megastar..

  22. Yakuza

    I’m still going to hold out and see how the 2nd w/end pans out for Housefull to confirm its a hit.

    Also why is it so hard for producers to make movies on a small/safe budget? With a global recession the industry should be cutting fees for everyone incl. stars.

  23. any news how’s HF doing in Wednesday ❓

  24. Yakuza..yes wed busniess of Hf/

  25. yakuza..where r u 😕

  26. hash hash hash
    yakuza sleeping..

    i m Joking

  27. Yakuza…please make prediction for rajneeti

  28. still no Wednesday updates 🙄

  29. Btw my badmash predict weekand 12cr week 17cr total 22 flop..

  30. yakuza
    wed updates pls

  31. I don’t think akki is dat gud n successful,2 make 2 blockbusters n 2 superhits in a year. Dat is rubbish bro!

  32. housefull is a great film …and akshay kumar back in form…

    i love akshay you rocks..again

  33. housefull is very good film….its definately being a blockbustor of 2010

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  35. prity, how on earth shaid and saif be ahead of akki??? aki still looks fit and sexy for a 40 plus guy and perhaps was the biggest magazine cover boy of 90s. if you check saif and akki out in their 90s film, akki looked god gifted to women, with his hairstyle, tom cruiselike face, strog physique`

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