Kites : Boxoffice Prediction

Check Housefull prediction HERE


Net Collections (Crore)

If Liked Immensely


First Weekend


First Week


Life Time Nett




If Moderately Liked


First Weekend


First Week


Life Time Nett




If Rejected


First Weekend


First Week


Life Time Nett





— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on May 4, 2010.

54 Responses to “Kites : Boxoffice Prediction”

  1. Yakuza, It means that near to Housefull. ven it is less than Housefull’s prediction which you gave.
    I think Kites can touch 80-90 cr.

    • Nauman, i have given 90-100 crore if liked. Kites relying on star power of Hritik. I don’t see any buzz which comes out due to promos and music. However i have faith in Hritik and anurag Capabilities , but lack of buzz will hamper the prospect somewhere in opening.

    • Even for housefull which i always knew that it will moderately liked but will get fabulous boxoffice returns, is now on exactly same path as predicted.

  2. Yak,what are HF’s Monday collections?

  3. but kites is much more expensive then housefull….yakuza u know very well…that means it’ll need more money to became hit then housefull…..and wht abt the monday figures of housefull.

    • Arun, Kites has more global appeal and it might recover cost from overseas revenues just like MNIK, but domestic market for kites looks like in this range for me.

  4. @yakuza
    what will be da safe zone for it?
    & wht abt its price. I heard it is sold at sky-high price 95 cr. Is it right?
    I think if kites fails it ll be due to its price.
    And also as u said buzz is missing.

    • No AK, budget is just 55 Crore and Reliance has not revealed the buying price Yet. All are rumours. Just wait for few more days, reliance will come up with some tag.

  5. Kites never excite me, promos and music is so bore .. i will go only if WOM will be great ..

    • u r a fucked soul shruti,i dnt feel bad if u say promos aren’t but music is just fantastic.i think u r biased against hrithik.

  6. but if anyone see the theatrical promos givin with the housefull . in those promos look like a promising film…………

    • I have seen the theaterical trailer with housefull, Not impressed. Nothing magnetic has been shown in promo to attract the audience. Same chase/fight/romance sequences which we have seen number of times in many hritik movies before. What’s new here ? I was so ammused with age old dialog “main ullu ki pathi hun” in promo. What’s the sense in using this old fashioned humor in movie ? They can display better chemistery among lead pairs ..

  7. Housefull Has Very Good Monday

    Tuesday 4th May 2010 13.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Housefull remained steady on Monday and recorded very good business of around the 5-5.25 crore nett mark. The film now is a certain hit and may be on its way to becoming the biggest hit of 2010 and Super Hit status.

    The fim showed a drop of around 40-45% from its Friday business which is very good. All circuits were steady and some showed very small drops. CI was 34 lakhs on Friday and 23 lakhs on Monday which is just 33% drop. Nizam was 44 lakhs on Friday and 27 lakhs on Monday which is 39% drop. Rajasthan and CP Berar droped most at with 50% drops.

    The four day business of the film is around the 36.50 crore nett mark and another 12-13 crore nett should be added over the weekdays which will enable the film to get close to the 50 crore nett in its first week. The lifetime business is hard to judge this early but it seems like Housefull film may cross 80 crore nett mark.

  8. yakuza, you do not see Kites getting a bigger opening weekend than Housefull? Why?

  9. u r suck u should complare it with friday’s collection and it has collected 5 crore net on monday that means housefull is rock steady. And it will immerge as a super hit. U r giving a false report.

    • yes, HF has collected 5+ on monday. This is exactly my report. what’s your point here ? What’s the difference if i compare with Friday or Sunday ? Will it increase collections anyways ?

  10. well in my view Kites will get some business in multiplex but sure it will be flop on single screens and hopefully it will be hit in overseas

  11. @ Yakuza

    You have to remember that HF is a multi-starrer. This film only has Hrithik.

    It makes a difference for me.

  12. What is your prediction for Rajneeti? How is the buzz for that film?

  13. naveed housefull revolves around arush’s character, its akki’s starpower pulled people in

    • No doubt akki is the mega star in HF. But still there are many characters in the film. Apart from Hrithik you only have Kangna Raunat. So, if KITES works big Hrithik and the film (content) deserve all the credit. I hope that makes sense.

  14. opening ll be 35cr plus in any case mark my words.nd who said there is no buzz?cmon its a hr movie not abhishek which reqiure a hype nd buz for opening

  15. I expects more from kites, perhaps 100 cr plus, may cross gajani also.

  16. hritik never needs buzz around him just like aamir.bcoz u can see them rarely on tger in forest…..remembar jodha akbar….it hasnt ralease yet in rajasthan n still it was superhit.
    have to remembar that rajasthan could be the biggest terretory fr jodha akbar…so be hopefull.ndia jus has 4 real crowdpuller in any circumstances…those are aamir,akshay,shahrukh(unfortunatly) n hritik.any movie by them these days will get superb opening…

    • Arun, every movie need some buzz to open big. Its not so long ago, JA was slow opener at BO. first week was merely 23-24 Crore. With help of super trending, JA managed to do well at BO.

      JA buzz was definetly more than Kites at the moment. I am still stick with guns that Kites will not open as big as Dhoom-2 opened in 2006. D2 opened to 34 Crore in first week in 2006 (~700 prints). This opening is equivalent to 50-55 Crore now with same print counts (~700). Even if kites managed to do 55 Crore in first week, opening will be considered as below par compared to D2, as Kites will be screened on 1700 odd screens. Only 3I openeing is comparable to D2 in recent time. Kites will not be just above half.

  17. Yakuza u hve to eat ur words..wait for 21may..35cr weekand Mark my words could touch 40

    • Well i would love to eat my words on positive note. Definitely I am not against kites here. I am just predicting based on overall scenario.

      • Imo Kites will have a big opening because Hrithik will be on screen after a long time. The question is will it sustain? Its all going to depend on the content after the opening w/end.

    • BTW Beingsalman , Welcome at BB again.

    • BTW 35 Crore at Non-holiday weekend with the movie which appeals to urban areas only and single screens are likely to perform very low, is impossible.

  18. yakuza

    any news about Akki’s khataa meetha promo or relese date

  19. Thanks
    yakuza ur the best bollywood reporter…..

  20. First Look Khataa Meetha

  21. Thx Winner, but let me know is this real and offical pic ?? so many fake 1st looks are out there of lots of movies.
    any news about releasing date?

  22. @ Nauman
    no mate its nt official poster bt i find it on aksahy’s facebook group…

    n no news about relese date ..i asked yakuza …let him chek..

    waiting for it dammly……..

    • Winner, release date is still 18th June, but it will delay as movie is still in post production, once dubbing will be done Priyan will confirm release date.

      • Yakuza according to Taran BH , KM is releasing in Augest. But It cant that from 12 Aug Ramadan is starting and 1st Friday is 6th Aug. If any movie will release on 6th Aug than It can work only 1 week, that it is very hard for muslim audience to watch any movie in Ramadan.
        I think it will be release in Oct.

  23. Yakuza I think One Akki movie out of three (AR, KM & PH) will be shift for next year.
    Action Replay still one song yet to shoot. Vipul is begging to Nikhil that give him 4 days of Akshay in London that he will be able to shoot that song.
    Khatta Meetha is still not completed.
    Patiala house London yet to shoot in London.
    Tees Maar Khan also left one schedule which is in September.
    If Akki really want all these movies Hit then He should shift one movie next year and I think Patiala House will be best option.
    According To my Little knowlege Akki’s releasing dates should be like this
    Khatta Meetha 24th Sep
    Action Replayy 12 Nov ( Eid )
    Tees Maar Khan 24 Dec (X mas)
    Patiala House 25th Feb ( Anees has given this date for Thank You)
    Thank You April/May after IPL

    Yakuza do you know after Thank You which movie of Akshay can release that he didnt start any shooting of any new movie.

  24. @thanx yakuza..wait nd watch for 21may..btw nauman khata metha is a flop from day1.

  25. Beingsalman

    hum dabang ki baat nhi kar rhe h
    khataa meetha ki baat kar rhe h

  26. Hritik roshan movie after 3yr..dun wory abt single screens ll be humungous…

  27. how Kites will get good business from single screens did u people forget Salman khan Marigold….as compare to Barbera Mori there was much well known actress in Marigold Ali Larter

  28. Yakuza can you do a rajneeti prediction please? thanks.

  29. I don’t think so that kites will work in small cuties due to 2 reasons.
    Mostly conversation between main lead is in english small cities audience won’t understand.
    Subject is also looking hard for single screen audience.
    Yakuza I don’t think so herapheri 4 can come next yr that anees has to start ready with sallu after thank you and harman movie still yet to release. What about rajkumar santoshi movie?

  30. oh please man i want kaatha meetha to release before any akki film, he needs an performance based film, cat wait any longer.

  31. Hrithik Roshan, Barbara Mori & Kangna Ranaut big- budget movie
    ‘Kites’ which released at Cinema Halls on 21st May 2010, got an exciting response from the viewers with mostly all large chain of multiplexes showing as much as 30 shows on the 1st day with good engaged rate.

    Read more:

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