Topaz Bol : HouseFull

First thing first why Indian film directors have this fetish for a grand climax comprising of all of principle cast doing absurd things. Priyadarshan first used it successfully in Hera Pheri and since then done that in his all movies. Anees Bazmee and Neeraj Vora are following his footsteps and latest to join is Sajid Khan. Unfortunately all of them have failed miserably and I strongly believe that these sort of over the top climax dilutes the total impact.

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~ by topazbol on May 3, 2010.

9 Responses to “Topaz Bol : HouseFull”

  1. but housfull is very good film.

    • Its good in parts but overall to me its average…

      • my brother seen this movie last night and said it was a youtube/dvd movie……some good laughs but overall rubbish and not worth the time and the cinema ticket

  2. yes with its “CHEAP COMEDY” …its a very good film for you and we now know how good is ur brain!!

  3. Housefull is an excellent film for 90% Indians. So Chengez and Topazbol are kind of outcasts and the odd ones out.

  4. If this is called an excellent film by 90% Indians it is not very hard to see why we are a underdeveloped nation….

    • well said. Great answer.

      I don’t care about the collectioons. I want to see something new in Bollywood. Geeez were so behind Hollywood, its unbelievable. No wonder when you have directors like Sajid.

  5. btw Yakuza i hear there is a dispute in the overseas BO numbers for Housefull. can u clarify how much its mad overseas till date plz? thnx

    • km, i hardly care for overseas. Also i don’t have any source for this territory.

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