Boxoffice : Housefull Has Badmash Weekend

OK, there was tall claims by director Sajid khan before release of Housefull. Biggest hit of 2010 was first claim. “Housefull is what audience want” was another. Lets analyze both. If movie clicks with audience, no one can stop it at box-office too. Sajid raised the expectations bar of movie to another level. Pre-release publicity materials was promising too. But actual product is either half hearted or just show the limitation of Sajid khan. Movie gets very much mixed response from paying public[Even though personally I liked it immensely]. Now come to box-office. First day opened to spectacular response. Housefull is biggest release till date in terms of number of screens. With universal acceptance of 70%+ response, it could have easily collected 12+ Crore. But actual are far less than expected. With bumper collections at metros ( Delhi – 83% , Noida – 76%, Gurgaon – 67%, Faridabad – 69%, Chandigarh – 88%, Bangalore – 95%) and average collections at many centers (Ambala – 53% , Panipat – 49% , Meerut – 58% ), overall collections at multiplexes  was around 60%  and few reported single screens seems to be in range of 50%(High end single screens at metros and mini metros was bumper at 90-100% collections). My overall estimation is in range of 53 – 55% for first day which comes close to 9.5 Crore. Saturday saw dip at places(interiors) but collections at metro multiplexes show further jump. Overall Saturday was little better than Friday and all India collections was in range of 55%+ which comes close to 10 Crore. I am still on analysis mode for Sunday collections but looking at numbers from few samples from metros and interiors, 60% Sunday is pretty much on cards. I am expecting 11-12 Crore Sunday on final count.  

On surface level it is pretty handsome collections but looking at audience response and huge number of screens, I am afraid percentage of collections will drop from here on. Sajid’s claim of 60 crore first week is highly in danger with huge margin. With overall scenario of opening weekend, first week will be somewhere close to 44-45 Crore. But these are not disappointing collections by any means. Movie is on way to become sure shot success.

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~ by Yakuza on May 3, 2010.

41 Responses to “Boxoffice : Housefull Has Badmash Weekend”

  1. Hey akki bhai rocks

  2. @ yakuza what amount it needed to get hit status

  3. yakuza iz back. How waz da movie yakuza??

    • Awesome man .. I liked it .. But reaction was not same from all. Still this is perfect entertainer for me ..

  4. 1st week 45 cr
    2nd week 15 cr
    3rd week 5 cr
    rest 5 cr
    Total 70 cr.
    AK Idiott … 70 cr is enough for Super Hit Tag that movie is very strong in single screens . and single screens give more profit to distributor.

    • I guess trending will be bit better. WOM is not that bad (infact very good from some)I am expecting 18-20 Crore in second week.

  5. hello yakuza,
    has the ongoing t20 worldcup matches of india affected the collections on saturday and sunday

  6. looking foward to the movie. Wondering when da movie wil realese in Nepal. Diz strike iz meking us far frm movie… Yakuza does collection frm Nepal count or not?

  7. if this crap is perfect entertainment for Yakuza then i am sorry for him…

    • chengez, but i enjoyed it truely and i know it was not the same case with every one around.

    • BTW liking and disliking of movie always depends on your state of mind, Mood, personal choices, environment at theater, quality of prints/sound and several other external factors apart from merits and demerits of movie. Fortunately, when i went for housefull, it was perfect setting for me .. 🙂

  8. bt there iz a health collection frm Nepal. Akki movies has da best collection among all. 20-30 lakhs r collected frm kathmandu only.

  9. Yakuza in delhi till 1 pm all shows are sold out and some evening shows are also sold out check…

    • Priyanka, sold out shows are basically shows which has commenced or will be commenced within one hour.

  10. I am acpecting 6-7 cr on Monday. Can it happen ?
    what do u think ?


    “However, it remains to be seen how the movie holds up at the box office from Monday onwards. The net collection of the movie on Monday is likely to drop in the range of Rs 35 – Rs 40 million (Rs 3.5 – 4 crore).”

    • Jeevcy are you mad?
      right now In India time is 12:36 pm and mostly shows till 1:30 pm are sold out in all major cities.
      How can any stupid estimate 3.5- 4 cr
      and they didnt said collections will ne 3.5 – 4 cr for Monday , They said 4 cr can fall. It mean colection will be in the range of 6 cr which is fantastic.

      • Priyanka, use common sense. u r a moron and don’t have any. The 1.30 show bookings have stopped because it is time-up and not because it is full.

    • Not sure if 3.5-4 crore is prediction of drop or collections. But monday has just started on quite positive note (50% drop) in morning shows. Lets see how evening shows will do?

  12. Jeevcy I think you cant understand english properly, It means collection will drop in the range of 3.5 – 4 cr. not it will be 3.5 4 cr.
    go and get the admission in a school again.

  13. just wathced the movie last night.a good one.akshay n ritesh r breliant.deepkia looking gorgious.climex can be better.but afterall movie ko kahin to end hona hi tha so not that bad.let me tell u the truth when i saw negitive review evrywhere whether its net or newspaper or electroninc media.i was a bit afraid.but it was great t see that public enjoying the movie n we can hear the calpping n loud lough on almost in every 5 mins.aur kya chahiye yaar????
    let me tell u one more thing. i am in ajmer ccity which is a small center.normally we used too see single or double theater release but this time it’been 3 theater with 2 m’plexes.both of multiplexes just showin housefull.the total capicity of both m’pxes is near around 1000.and both screen were h’full.thats rare fo ajmer.i suppose media n press just giving bad review bcoz producers cancelled the press media feel an obvious reaction………now all u peuple came to know that movie is good but reporting is partial.yakuza said it that everybody has own choice.even there r people who doesmt like ultimate thing is that movie has a cost of 50-55 cr and its going to get atleast 45-50 cr weekend.45 cr is for sure and if weekdays goin strong then 50cr can be reachable.means covering cost in just 1 week.that means it cant be looser.if no blockbuster then superhi for sure… i rite yakuza….

  14. Yakuza, All shows are going housefull rite now, just check bookmyshow. if show starts 1 om it booked at 12 pm . if show is starting 2 pm till 1 pm sold out.
    what should we expect with this ?

  15. @ priyanka on bookmyshow a 1 hour b4 show’s booking stops, it does nt mean the d show is full.. that indicates that show’s booking is stopped

  16. yakuza bro ab to final figure do yaar

  17. What is the final figure for weekend, and where does it stand, at number 2 or 3 or even below.

  18. Weekend is 31 Crore approx.

  19. 18.

    Weekend is 31 Crore approx.

    Yakuza said this on May 3, 2010 at 8:38 am | Reply

    it means 2 biggest weekend after 3i n 1 biggest non holiday weekend ever

  20. if the 1st week ends up 45 to 46 crore net and falls next week then i’m expection 16 to 17 crore net which will take it to 63 crore like MNIK housefull also should be a hit with other revenue sources available.

  21. ▌●Housefull Has Extraordinary First Weekend● ▌

    Monday 3rd May 2010 15.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Housefull has broken the bad run over the last few weeks by recording extraordinary first weekend business. The weekend has has grossed around 31.50 crore nett. Business is fabulous all over, even territories like West Bengal and Mysore which are known to be historically weak for Akshay Kumar starrers are fabulous.

    The first weekend business is the second highest in the history of Hindi cinema. The weekend business has almost ensured the film is a theatrical hit in India and now the weekdays and second weekend will decide if the film can emerge a Super Hit or Blockbuster. The first week is looking to finish somewhere between 45-50 crore nett, this will depend on how it sustains on Monday.

    It remains to be seen what is in store for Housefull on Monday but with the film on a upward trend from Friday to Saturday to Sunday the odds are that it may sustain well. Normally a big film falls slightly on Saturday if the opening is strong but Housefull showed a jump. It could be said it was a holiday Saturday but when this happens with a major film which has not been liked then collections fall on Sunday and even here Housefull showed a healthy jump.

  22. Housefull will be sure shot superhit. Taran told that HF had done record shattering weekend n eros told that the movie had collect 31+ crore nett in 1st weekend which is fabulous. HF stands at 2nd position after 3 idiots which had done 46+ crore nett weekend. And after that, there is Ghajini – 30+ crore nett, MNIK – 30 crore nett and Singh is kinng – 26+ crore nett. HF rocks.

  23. Test post

  24. super film housefull,I saw today,its awesome.and rocking comedy of akki,ritish and boman.i enjoyed the scene of slapping each other,go and watch the movie,
    how much is require to become hit.

  25. @shakir
    i also watched it today.
    It was full on entertainment..

  26. i don’t know why some people are jealous from this type of beautiful film.

  27. If this movie is well liked it will definately be a hit. Also if that happens it’l give Akshay his 1st clean hit since 2008. I bet Kjo will be irritated with the success of HF 😉

  28. see what i mean, akshay has popularity in single screen but collection were lower than multi due to ticket price different but more people watch in SC than MP. a superstar of class and mass and overseas.

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