BollyBusiness – New Model For Comments

Till now comments was open for all visitors with just specifying email and name. But looking at some intruders since a couple of time, I decided to opt for approval required for first comment appear by any new visitor. From now first comment of every visitor will be held for moderation and once approved , subsequent comments will never held for moderation. Now every comment will come from authentic users only. I hope you all will appreciate this new model of bollybusiness.

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on May 3, 2010.

18 Responses to “BollyBusiness – New Model For Comments”

  1. Yakuza, You are right , Yesterday some one posted a comment with your name. First we believed but later on we thought that was fake comment. Then I posted a comment with your name and that comment went through. Alteast authorities should have secuity that no one can post any comment with there name.

  2. Subscribing for d site now.

    • sid, as your comments with same id and email has been appeared before, your comment will never held for moderation. You just need to use same name and email always.

  3. i agree with YAKUZA..keep up the good work!

  4. that’s a good step

  5. Yakuza which site I open in my mobile that is fantastic. But why on pc it comes black n white?change this plz n make it colorfull like mobile version

    • Cmpletly agree wid version is better.but plz dnt writ in yellow and green irritates.plz its a humble request

  6. a step in the right direction

  7. Yakuza rocks !!!

  8. good idea

  9. Yakuza, when I read the numbers 10.5 cr for Fri, 13 cr for Sat, I thought you had lost it. I lost faith in you. But turns out that was the intruder.

  10. its good idea,YAKUZA.

  11. good job yakuza 🙂

  12. its a fair enough system

  13. well done Yakuza

    abt time we get rid of the idiots from here

  14. Yakuza u blockd me 6 months back.allow me plz

  15. Good initiative.

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