Housefull : Spectacular Opening

Housefull has taken mind boggling start everywhere. It was expected and it full fills expectations on opening note. Total capacity for first day is around 18-19 Crore. Yes you heard it right !! If Housefull manage to give houseful boards everywhere, collections will be nothing less than 18 Crore. But in practically scenario where at some places single screens might not have open so well and even some plexes at interiors are average openers, I am expecting 11-13 Crore first day figure. This is exceedingly well collections and will further improve on Saturday and Sunday. 35+ Crore opening weekend is given here. Box-office to rejoice with such a healthy collections after a long time. Get ready for second best opening weekend.

  • Above prediction of weekend figure is in case if movie keeps on same pace throughout weekend.
  • Bigtree is selling average 20 tickets every minute. Average was 7 tickets per minute for MNIK first Friday. Three idiots average was 30+ tickets per minute for entire weekend

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on April 30, 2010.

112 Responses to “Housefull : Spectacular Opening”

  1. OMG , Yakuza are you right ?????
    Is it possible for Akki that friday will be near to 13 cr, which is double to his last release DDD.
    but my friend said to me morning shows are housefull because audience want to see T20 match in the evening. so evening collections will fall down.

    • Plexes are very well booked even for evening shows. Not sure if colections get hamper at some places due to T20 .. Lets see ..

  2. Bumper weekend collection looks on card, akki desrved it.

  3. But Today India is not playing , they have two matches Sat n Sun at 7 pm. So may be collection will suffer.
    But I dont think So Housefull has potential to sustain well in further days. may be weekend will 30 cr but 1st week should wrap up near to 45 cr.
    I am still thinking HF will be just like MNIK. same same collection same same verdict. But MNIK managed well in overseas and HF cant go more than 30 cr overseas.
    What do you think.

  4. well nauman if housefull reaches anywhere ner to mnik it’ll be a super hit due to its reasnable price.its not a 100 cr. movie like mnik. it has just sold out for anywhere between 45-55 if it could collect 35 cr+ weekend and 50 cr+ first week then its a sure sho super hit.isnt it ykuza bhai???

    • Arun you are wrong. According to Yakuza Housefull needs 80 cr for super hit, but others are saying 65-70 cr is enough.

  5. ia m right boss.bcoz i said if it reaches near mnik which earned 70 crore+ in india.mnik cant be hit with that kind of collection bcoz of price tag of 100 cr. but housefull is a 50 crore it can be superhit on same lavel where mnik was avg.yakuza bro tell us whos right???

  6. ia m right boss.bcoz i said if it reaches near mnik which earned 70 crore+ in india.mnik cant be hit with that kind of collection bcoz of price tag but housefull is a 50 crore it can be superhit on same lavel where mnik was avg.yakuza bro tell us whos right???

  7. Ya u r right now 70 cr is enough for super hit tag.
    But Friday is near to 10 cr so weekend should be 30 cr and 1st week 46-48 cr
    life time 80 cr.
    But critics are giving very bad comments, one site gave it only 0.5 / 5 and one site 1 / 5
    but who cares about some bunch of idiots.

  8. see akki’s power this is also without a big christmas day holiday. anyway i’m not bothered with record at the moment, as long as its a hit for akki after a 1 year gap i’m happy. tees mar khan is there to break records.

  9. dnt wory nauman bro.80% reviews r positives atleast 3star is there. nd try to understand all of the nagetive revies came from news sites or media or press.bcoz there wre no press release this time for they r angry asusual.its obvious to gave less star or bed review.dnt worry this time akshay will score n perform.

  10. yakuza pra kahan gaye tussi????kuch to update do yaar…….

  11. Arun u r right , Now I noticed all media reporters eccept Nikhat Kazmi didnt give good rating. Nikhat was first one who watched movie on Thursday so she gave honest review. Now I dont need to worry. All Iz Well and Akki Jaag Gaya.

  12. yup bro.i suppose sajid khan was right.he told all the stars of HF that welcome to the biggest hit of ur life.its quite possible now bcoz of awesome opening.if word of mouth woldnt be good evenhough movie can manage 70-80 crores……..

  13. yar yeh yakuza ko bulao na.kahan hai bhai????

  14. Yakuza give us ur cell number pleaseeeeeee. Otherwise u will die.

  15. nauman bro where r u leavin?

  16. Hey guys, cool !! Housefull is real housefull at most of plexes in evening too … Delhi/Noida/Chandigarh/Gurgaon/Mumbai/Bangalore are mind boggling … Single screens at delhi and gurgaon are packed .. Meerut/muzzafarnagar/Lucknow/Saharnapur are bit lower than NCR, but still much much better than expected. Will give you my estimated figure for day one by tomorrow evening .. sorry will not come online in morning . Evening will come sure with some solid updates … 🙂

  17. yakuza give us an etimate. wht do u think abt first day figure????

  18. Yakuza I would love if you will give us a figure more than 12 cr.
    What do u think till 8 pm shows how much it has earned ???

  19. u told us the capecity s 18-19 crores. n now its look like 80-90 % first wht do u think abt first da figure n can it bet 3I?

  20. If capacity is 18 cr and Friday all over India collections are 80 cr. Then Collection will be 14.4 cr.

  21. according to Yakuza Capicity is 18 – 19 cr for Friday. And Friday will be near to 80-90 %
    Ok Just take lowest figures
    180,000,000 x 80% = 144,000,000
    Which means 14.4 Cr only Friday
    if movie will falls little bit on Sat n Sun due to T20 then collections should be
    14.4 + 12 + 12 = 38 – 39 cr OMG
    Does any one wants more than 39 cr for 1st weekend ???

    • No Nauman, Its not like that 80-90% is every where. MP/Hyderabad/Haryana etc single screens are just average (40-50%). Even there are few multiplexes too which are doing average business like Meerut and interiors of UP. So I am expecting anything in range of 11-12 Crore .. Lets see. it might be more/less depends on collections at single screens. I can see only few high end single screens only which come under bigtree, but most of multiplexes are under my observations all the time.

  22. means it can beat 3 idt by gud margin?

  23. ok guys, i am going offline now. Will update you tomorrow .. good day .. 🙂

  24. it wouldnt get heart by t20.becoz india has only one match on saturday and with afganistan.this match has no hype.and no match on this sunday for dnt worry collection must be on higher side on weekend.only WOM can hurt it otherwise no problams atall.

  25. Yakuza 12 cr is also enough that Akki’s biggest release was KI 8.5 cr Friday it will be 1.5 times double. Even MNIK got only 8.5 cr on Friday but picked big times on Sat and Sun,
    Did you get any news from overseas?
    In Australia it is packed house I just checked advance booking. All shows are near to full especially Indian / Pakistani community areas.

  26. Can anybody tell me how is the audience reaction to the movie if you have already seen it or known it through any other way. I mean is the word of mouth excellent, very good, good, average or bad

  27. audience reaction is mix , but they were not satisfied that Sajid showed them differnt story in trailer but actually movie is different

  28. audience want entertainment so hey ditched MNIK after monday now they ae given entertainment and they have mixed, dont know what they want.

  29. Housefull Into Overdrive In Evening Shows

    Friday 30th April 2010 19.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Housefull is doing tremendous business at multiplexes all over India in its evening shows. Delhi and East Punjab are seeing bumper collections at multiplexes while other places are excellent.

    The places where the start was slightly slower in the morning shows showed improvement in the evening. There are some single screens which are below expectations in CP Berar and Bihar but overall this will not make much difference to overall scenario.

    The film is looking to emerge with a huge weekend which may well be the second biggest ever after Three Idiots which should put it on route to emerge a hit film.

  30. Watched th emovie and think will go “De Dana Dan” – huge opening but fizzle out…….it is not that great of a movie and comedy is okay too…….the biggest let down is the climax…..

  31. Watched the movie and think will go “De Dana Dan” – huge opening but fizzle out…….it is not that great of a movie and comedy is okay too…….the biggest let down is the climax…..

  32. Ray i think before climax u left hall. isnt it ?

  33. I stayed all the way, but was hoping climax would be much better and hadnled way but it was a total let down……could have been more emotional and dramatic than just a stupid laughing gas sequence…….

  34. Housefull

  35. so housefull will be hit in first week.superb opening.might be superhit.

  36. WOM and critic reviews are v.poor. Dnt think it will sustain because of what i’v said and also cricket & Badmaash company. I’m sick and tired of Akshay movies and i’m looking fwd to watch BC

  37. Km as u wish

  38. I am looking forward to Badmaa$h Company. Bulbul looks hot … way hotter than Deepika, Lara and Jiah put together.


  40. just watched “House full”…to tell you the truth it was a “GOOD BORING MOVIE”

  41. AND…..4 UR info its a RIP off OF KAMAL HAASAN’S “kaadala-kaadala”…shame on SAAJID KHAN that he never acknowledged(kamal) for ripping his tamil film made in the early 80’s!!

  42. yakuza update first dayyyyyyyyyy

  43. sunny, yakuza said yesterday that we is not available in the morning. so he will give us updates today in the evening.

    housefull not evev beat ghajini hahahahhahaha wht a shame

    now yakuza will see the figures from boi and will post 10 or 20 lac here or thr ….yakuza in not a good source he follows boi

    • zainy, first BOI siad 10 cr now they said 8.9 cr. They are mad, They always shows 2,3 figures of a same movie. about Blue first BOI said 1st week was 36 cr then in the end it was 29 cr. where did 7 cr go ?

      • BOI gives high level estimate initially, and then gives a more accurate figure. I think 8.9 cr can be the right figure.

  46. @jeevcy

    so why don’t they do this for Khan films why just for Akshay’s movies……dude I have been following BOI for 2 years now

    • Abhishek , You can see they always do this with akki movies, ( cr is nothing for 2000 screens when every show is housefull.
      check all shows are 100 % in all over India even evening shows are also sold out for today and tomorrow as well.
      Yakuza will give right figures and taran also. BOI is biased

    • BOI did it for 3 idiots as well. No one noticed. it said 80 cr + week 1 and changed it to 79.05 cr. Next few weeks as well, it brought down the numbers when the actuals came in. For eg, 3 idiots it said 17.5 cr for week 4, but added only 15.75 cr when actuals came in.

      • then why don’t the figures get adjusted for srk’s films (boi)? or are they so spot on in their estimation of his film collections that no facts are needed???

  47. box office india alyas under report akki’s moviecollection
    it will 10 cr + casue housefull is going housefull everwhere..

    boi give figure now other star movieske time boi give first day figures on nextday morning y …housefull figure so late
    the under report akki’s allmovi collections

    Housefull e24 review n audiance Reaction superp

  48. @jeevcy

    you idiot cant you figure out that a difference of 80 cr to 79.05 cr for 3 idiots is not as much as lessening / decreasing from 36 cr to 29 crores as in Blue or see for this case as well. Just for one day, they already decreased i crore. Dont be an ignorant fool or worse still a blind fool…

  49. Idiot Moron Abhishek, read IBOS as well. Even it is looking at 45-50 cr week based on Day 1. It is also saying, it is huge but not over the moon.

  50. @Jeevcy

    Ha ha ha look who i am talking to a idiot shameless guy who trusts BOI and IBos more than he trust his parents and will manipulate and say that sun is larger than moon just for the sake of proving Aamir khan his favorite is superior to everybody in this planet.

    Anyways cant waste anymore time talking to a guy who wastes time on bollywood forums like this and bollywoodhungama. I am done. Talk to my hand after this.

  51. I’l wait till nxt w/end to see how well Housefull has done. As per usual there’s so much hype/lies around a movie that its hard to work out whats what.



  53. Yakuza/jeevcy

    whats the total cost of Housefull? How much does it need to be a clean hit?

  54. @ KM

    Dude Jeevcy is not the owner of this site or even a box office expert. He is an Akshay hater. Yakuza is the owner of this site and also a gr8 box office expert. Ask him not Jeevcy

  55. yakuza bro.its evening now.ab to aa jao yaar wid ur update…………………………….

  56. Abhishek

    ‘Dude’ jeevcy has more knowledge than most of the other bloggers on this site and i trust him and Yakuza more than the idiots who come on here to abuse/slander other bloggers

  57. jeevcy pagal admi number of prints toh dekh obviously occupancy depends on the numbr of prints pagal hai kya behn ka laude

  58. @ Abhishek

    Jeevcy is not a blind Aamir Khan fan who’s been giving links just to prove Aamir’s supremacy. Here’s another report from another site, which says that Housefull has disappointed:

    [This is not BOI to make it very clear. It’s the site of a magazine called BoxOffice India.]

    Anyway, what updates are you waiting for? Do you think, suddenly this site will proclaim that Housefull has broken the records of 3 Idiots and Ghajini?!

  59. Anu, Meri paagal beti, bilkul apne baap pe gayi hai

    watch this aur apne paagalpan ke daure ko khatam kar

  60. Mere upar ka comment pehle padhna uske baad ye wala

    Anu, meri paagal beti, on the same site which you provided to me go to the poll which asks “Whether Housefull will be better than Hey Baby” 88% people vote yes

    so STFU B*****

  61. yakuzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  62. This guy is Abhishek and a moron to the core.

  63. Another confirmation from BOI on Housefull occupying 3rd spot of Friday openings

  64. Extra Show For HouseFull In Surat

    Saturday 1st May 2010 21.00 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    The craze of Housefull in Gujarat on the first day was so huge that an extra show of the film had to be organised at midnight due to public demand.

    The last show at Rajhans cinema in Surat was at 23.00 but the crowds were so big that the staff at the cinema were struggling to control the public. The last show was full but the crowds were not leaving, infact more people were arriving in hope to watch the film.

    So therefore the management had no choice but to hold another show which was held at midnight and it also went house full within a few minutes. The first day collection from Rajhans, Surat ended at a humungous 4,35,503, a new first day theatre record.

  65. De dana dan was better than this crap…flop by 2 nd week!!

  66. [b]taran_adarsh

    [/b][i]Eros has sent me the official figure for Friday of ‘House Full’ in India: Its 10 crores nett. This is @akshaykumar biggest opener.

  67. salman khan started d trend of shirtless performance wid musceles n sixpac-abbs in film industry frm 1989(mpk),1990(baaghi),1994(karan-arjun),1995(veergati),shirtless dance in song,in water,sea,beach(1996)judwa,(1997)pyar kiya to darna kya(o o o jane jana),

    after sallu,every actor follows salman trend of body-building n shirtless performance in films.even tv actors n add models also follow sallu.

  68. […] Housefull : Spectacular Opening Housefull has taken mind boggling start everywhere. It was expected and it full fills expectations on opening note. […] […]

  69. @ Usman Solo

    y u ask this u r soloman akki

  70. yakuzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  71. yakuza bro wht abt the update????????????????

  72. yakuzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.khan ho bhai????????????

  73. Yakuza is counting all collections and he will be back on monday with weekend collections.

  74. 10.5 crore friday and a record breaking 13 crore saturday for housefull. housefull banners wawing high at all cinemas throughout.sunday exceptionally good so far n evenings allready sold out.

  75. Yakuza, what are the early estimates for first two days.

  76. its not yakuza who posted todays fig. Must be fake.

  77. this is nauman

  78. OMG , It means any one can post any comment with the name of yakuza, I did…so that is fake figure

  79. wht bullshit is this

  80. atleast yakuza should put some security that no one can put any comment with his name.
    In my site no one can post any comment with the names of management people as well as with the site name.

  81. hahahaha

  82. yakuza ki post par ravan movi ka pic aata h

  83. fake yakuza how r u ? and plz post true figures.

  84. latest about Housefull… log on

  85. king kumar 4 ever

  86. iise jada comedy maine life main dekhi nahi

  87. superb.
    Friday 10.5 crore
    Saturday 13 crore
    in two days 23.5 crore.awesome.

  88. guys those are fake figures posted by me.have inflated them cuz m a big akki fan. sorry. by the way read it out correctly i havent posted by the name of yakuza,its yakuzaa read it out properly,by the way i hope the real figures are even bigger.

  89. you know what yakuza bhai was not coming online for sometime now n i could sense u guys were missing him too bad,to aap sab k dil ko thandak pahuchane k liye mai yakuzaa ban gaya. ha ha ha.

  90. just wathced the movie last night.a good one.akshay n ritesh r breliant.deepkia looking gorgious.climex can be better.but afterall movie ko kahin to end hona hi tha so not that bad.let me tell u the truth when i saw negitive review evrywhere whether its net or newspaper or electroninc media.i was a bit afraid.but it was great t see that public enjoying the movie n we can hear the calpping n loud lough on almost in every 5 mins.aur kya chahiye yaar????
    let me tell u one more thing. i am in ajmer ccity which is a small center.normally we used too see single or double theater release but this time it’been 3 theater with 2 m’plexes.both of multiplexes just showin housefull.the total capicity of both m’pxes is near around 1000.and both screen were h’full.thats rare fo ajmer.i suppose media n press just giving bad review bcoz producers cancelled the press media feel an obvious reaction………now all u peuple came to know that movie is good but reporting is partial. so
    “dikhave pe na jaao….apni akal lagao…clear hai?????”

  91. nauman bro…….r u there??/??

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