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Before the credits Sajid has payed homage to the greatest filmmakers of his time Prakash Mehra Hrishikesh Mukerjee, Ravi Tandon and others. So I guess when you watch the movie you really can’t find that many negatives points. It is an entertaining movie. It is a comedy about mistaken identities. It is very well directed movie. Above all it has some great acting by some great actors/actresses. Watch it!

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~ by Yakuza on April 28, 2010.

25 Responses to “Review : Houseful”

  1. Waoooo, Thx yakuza you posted our review.
    So now 1 review is out and according to reviewer, Housefull is far better than DDD and KI last year akki’s releases.
    Yakuza what do u think now ?

    • Nauman, I always expected it to better than movies you said above. Another good news is that advance booking opened to pretty good response. I am expecting minimum 30-32 Crore weekend here.

  2. this one will be a monster

    @yakuza is advance booking better than Ki or Sik?

    tell me in detail did u check bookmyshow?


  4. Yakuza if housefull will get 30 cr plus then i can kiss you but we both are not gay. lolz

  5. Yakuza, Did you visit our site? If yes did you like? we just launched it with MNIK’s review. and trying to make it better and better. plz give me your feed back. your words will always appreciated.

  6. heyy greaat yakuza and nauman greaat job dude now waiting eagerly for your review 😀 @ yakuza is the advance anywhere near 3I or MNIK??

    • karan, its only Wednesday. multiplexes shows has been 20-30% booked. This is quite very positive sign and at this point booking is better than MNIK of course.

  7. yeah yakuza tell where does the advance stand on par wid sik or ki or better what do u expect first day collections will be like ?

  8. WOOW 20%to30% for the whole weekend @yakuza?? And one more question what was the advance for 3 idiots for the weekend??

    • 3I advance was also not much !! It was released on 1700 prints preview shows started on wednesday itself. After wednesday, WOM spread like wildfire resulted in great advance bookings on thursday.

      Housefull and 3I are on same page till today. Lets see if it can come close to 3I tomorrow.

  9. Thx Yakuza for appreciation.
    I am in Sydney, Australia and one of our team members is in Fiji. Here almost all movies release on Thursday. I always post my reviews before any other site.
    If Advance booking is near to 30% it means 30cr weekend is on the cards.
    Yakuza, are you Akki’s fan ?

    • yeah, 30 crore is looking possible at the moment.

      Nauman, Akki is in my top-list. I wish to see him back to his Khiladi Avtaar soon.

  10. heyy yakuza yaar you did not reply to my question 😦

  11. haha this was a good one 😀

  12. the thing is just i am too excited about this flick really want this one too rock and want akki to be back with a bang 😀

  13. @ yakuza any news on how many previews HouseFull will have??

  14. i mean paid previews

  15. too much happy for housefull response,might be blockbuster,will be second Welcome film.welldone akki.

  16. @yakuza

    dude whats the advance booking status now can u tell and what the response for single screens ?

    will it opener bigger than ghajni ?

    tell me in detail

  17. Great job nauman, first to come out with review. Thanks.
    Thanks Yakuza also for posting it.

  18. Going to watch this movie tonight.

    I really really hope this is a good movie otherwise its going to put me off Akshay comedies for life!

    Every movie i watched in 2008 & 2009 from Akshay was awful. lets hope 2010 is a better year in terms of content and quality

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