Raavan : All dangerous stunts are performed by Abhishek himself

He dived from a 90-ft cliff into water, stood under a waterfall for two hours, braved snakes and leeches in Kerala’s forests – Abhishek Bachchan says shooting for Raavan was emotionally and physically challenging for him. The actor revealed that he decided to jump from scary heights despite a no from director Mani Ratnam. “I did jump. There was a professional diver to train me how to do it,” Abhishek, who has teamed up with wife Aishwarya Rai in the movie, said. “When we went up there, it was 90 feet or something. So the insurance people said that we can’t allow him to do it. You can’t put your lead actor’s life at risk,” he said. “Mani said no, I am not going to risk my actor jumping off that (cliff). Actually, the current of that river is very intense. There are rocks at the bottom. “In the meantime, a five-year-old boy came and dived into the water. We were shooting it at Hogenakkal (waterfall on the Cauvery river), where these local kids jump off for money. So five-six people jumped at the end of the day and finally the shot was taken,” he said.

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~ by Yakuza on April 26, 2010.

4 Responses to “Raavan : All dangerous stunts are performed by Abhishek himself”

  1. hats off for u abishek.

  2. bogus

  3. superb abhi.welldone.above some people are jealous,Raavaan will be big hit of Abhi.

  4. its music is already the talk of the town!!

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