Sajid Khan : “Most Directors Don’t Know What Audience Wants”. You Agree ?

~ by Yakuza on April 23, 2010.

28 Responses to “Sajid Khan : “Most Directors Don’t Know What Audience Wants”. You Agree ?”

  1. if every other director start making movies just the way of Sajid Khan, No movie will be successful . Audience always wants variety of entertainment, Sajid Khan idea of entertainment is one dimensional only. I am damn sure out of two consecutive movies of Houseful style, second movie will be definite flop. Sajid Khan don’t have balls to make Three Idiots, Sholay, Devdas, Zanjeer and Deewar. His idea of entertainment is limited to some comic stuff only. I respect his idea of entertainment because this is one of variety audience wants. But I simply reject his knowledge about directorial knowledge of others.

    • Sorry to say but , Yakuza are you in your senses? Sajid’s only one movie Heyy Babyy has released yet. And 2nd Housefull yet to release. How can you u estimate him with only 1 movie? He said that directors don’t know what the audience wants. And he is 100 % right. If he is wrong then why 90% movies every year declare flop? Why in 4 weeks of a month more than 10 movies release and only 1or 2 get audience appreciation?
      He didn’t say that only comedy movies audience like. Hayy Babyy was a love story which has comedy and emotions.
      Three Idiots is an exceptional case. Don’t thing now onwords Aamir’s all movies will touch 200 cr. Didn’t Rimesh Sippy make Zameen and Zamana Deewana in 1995 ? Didn’t Vidhu Vinudh Chopra make Mission Kashmir? And which Devdas are you talking about? If you are talking about Shahrukh’s one then isn’t Sanjay Leela same director who made one of the biggest crap of Bollywood call Sanwariya?
      I know Sajid is overconfident about Housefull. But he and his sister knows what the audience wants. Why always entertaining movies like 3 Idiots, OSO, SIK, Welcome, Krish, Hum aapke Hain Kon worked big time on box office? and where are Black, Veer, Paheli and so many more?

      • Nauman, you raised question in first paragraph and answered urself in next paragraphs .. 🙂 .. thanks for lesser my efforts of giving explanation.

        You are right, no one is perfect and so as Sajid. He is just one film old director and his second movie is on promising note. But don’t you think his tall claims about himself and other directors are very arrogant ? Just one hit in pocket and he is on cloud nine and assuming himself as he knows every single pulse of audience. I wish Sajid success in all his future projects and i also wish not to lose respect despite of success because of big mouth.

        Nauman, every director know what audience wants. but very few are capable to transform the movie into expected results and even capable directors screw up some times.

  2. meanwhile hoow is the hype building around Housefull @yakuza now we are in the final week before release i gueess we have an great entertainer in our hands, and coming to your comment yakuza sajid does not make senseless comedy he makes films where you find everything comic,drama,emotions soo i think he knows what he is talking about

    • I am not much pleased with buzz of housefull, specially the way i was expecting after release of “Apni to jaise taise” song. But anyhow this movie will open big. Bumper weekend is given.

      Sajid is just one movie old director, even much seniors and genius directors like Yash chopra, Subhash ghai, Ramesh sippy or more recently Raju hirani never gave any statement like this. If you are doing well, your work will speak. Commenting about capability of others is really arrogant and cheap.

      • Tell me who are better either who are making movies for long long time or those critics who watch movie and thrash every week those movies???
        Is it important to make a good movie you should have great experience ?

        • Nauman, every player has important role in its own. Only thing is one should do it honestly. I don’t have problem with critics unless they are honest in their opinion.

  3. @ yakuza why are you not pleased??? i mean the sooong has created reallly tremendous buzz and very goood promotion aswell now the HOUSEFULL team will viisit the big citys Kolkata,mumbai,ahmdabad,delhi in each city one house and interact with the family the whole day 😀 😀 what more to need to create buzz . The musiic is fantastic eye catching promo so hopefully everything falls into place and this film brings a smile back to the film industryy

    • yup karan, Housefull is gonna take big start. I wish movie to click with audience .. 🙂

      Don’t worry bollybusiness will keep eye on each penny housefull will earn !! I am ready for counting multiple crores every day … 🙂

  4. At one side yakuza thinks that housefull can get 110 cr and other side he is not satisfied.

  5. yeah @ nauman but not worry housefull will get a opening with a baaang 😀 when are you going to give an interview??

  6. yaa thats what i meant hehe sorry ^^

  7. There’s something really irritating abt Sajid Khan. I liked Hey Baby but at the time of the movie’s release Sajid was saying this movie will be the biggest hit of the year etc. He is really crass and imho has no class whatsoever. Yes he’s funny but sometimes he needs to be a bit more modest/keep mum.

  8. Yakuza are you peed off that they used apni to aise taise??? ur beloved bigb film? no wonder why ur peed off. and i think sajid is right, sholay is commercial action entertainer, nothing that is hard to understand.

    • farhad , i was expecting some spectacular buzz with this song. Song is chartbuster, but not the way i was expected. but i am not denying chartbuster here .. 🙂

  9. yakuza why the pormotion of the movie iz not more in television? I waited an hours n hours to see 1promo. Wil it effect in collection?

    • Asmit, you might be watching channel who is airing less promos. Watch MTV/zoom TV/UTV Bindass. Houseful songs and promos are airing every 15 minutes. And yes. blockbuster opening is on roll. cheers !!

  10. fankx yakuja. U rockz man.

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  14. Asmit:Ya,nauman is going 2 put review today…


  16. Big opening for houseful is guaranteed (which was the case last year also for akki movies), rest everything depends upon movie.


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