Raajneeti – Latest Promo

~ by Yakuza on April 22, 2010.

7 Responses to “Raajneeti – Latest Promo”

  1. When is this releasing … cant wait for it.

  2. i think this film will get only critical acclaim , hard to put an stamp on the box office!!

    • I also think that this film wont work commercially.

    • Movie will do decent business in his range of spectrum. Gangajal/Apharan was also success at boxoffice. Raajneeti is more promising than above two.

  3. looks brilliant imo. I loved movies like Gangajal & Apharan.

    However i agree with most posters that this might struggle to be a hit because not everyone likes political movies.

    Yakuza – why haven’t producers cut down their costs yet? It seems to me they’d rather make money when selling to Studios snd dnt care whether movie is hit/flop

  4. Rajneeti looks a good film but box office success is doubtful.

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