boxoffice 360 degree

Fenkte Raho … 🙂

~ by Yakuza on April 22, 2010.

6 Responses to “boxoffice 360 degree”

  1. hehe .. nice

  2. I like CCTC,I don’t why this one failed,not too much bad,great fight action and comedy.

  3. Yakuza what is the meaning of 5 stars and most stylish movie 90 % opening . And 45 cr weekend of CC2C…

  4. CC2C
    Writer would got references from some Chinese Kung-Fu flicks
    (especially Kung Fu Hustle)
    and mix them. Conversion to Hindi Film Style? No, it just followed the formula
    and also, most significant, action sequences are so stuffy.
    That film had stepped ‘doomed culmination boulevard’? Yes.

  5. CCTC was an awful film = 1/5

    Tasveer was watchable…more of a DVD watch

    it shows that Akshay is really bad at selecting scripts

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