Bollywood Tadka : History of All Time Blockbusters (Updated)

Thanks Bigfun for this article.

~ by Yakuza on April 21, 2010.

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  1. No problem yakuza, its my pleasure …… 🙂

    Few points to be noted :
    1. Kismet was first ATBB.
    2. Manmohan Desai is only director who has two ATBB to his credit.
    3. Sholay is biggest hit of indian cinema.
    4. Amitabh has 4 ATBB to his credit out of which two are solo ATBB.
    5. Aamir and salman both has Two ATBB each.
    6. All others including SRK and Sunny deol has one ATBB each.
    5. Ghajini was not ATBB.
    6. Komal is not changing his model because lot of rework has to be done towards old movies.

  2. Okay, where is Mother India and Ram Teri Ganga Maili? I really don’t think Kranti or even Coolie was a All-Time Blockbuster?

    • Randy, this is half scan only. Even i don’t have rest of scan but desperately trying to get the next page. I guess rest of article will have complete list of movies. I heard rest article has more interesting facts.

    MI is an ATBB.
    Coolie and kranti r not ATBB.
    AAA along with ghajini is also controversial.
    one good thing KKHH was never an ATBB,proved again.
    rest almost in agreement

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  5. Amitabh has 4 Alltime blockbusters,great,
    Coolie was record breaking film when released in 1983.Bumper opening of that film.

  6. Amitabh has only 1 ATBB as per BOI. others are highly debatable. much more so than Ghajini as well which is at least acknowledged as ATBB by BOI and the above article.

    • These classifications are from filminformation for amitabh bachchan movies.

      Film Year Gross(where available) Classification
      1 Saat Hindustani 1969 – Flop
      2 Anand 1970 – AA
      3 Reshma Aur Shera 1971 – Flop
      4 Pyar Ki Kahani 1971 – Flop
      5 Parwana 1971 – Flop
      6 Bombay To Goa 1971 – BB
      7 Bansi Birju 1972 – Flop
      8 Ek Nazar 1972 – Flop
      9 Sanjog 1972 – Flop
      10 Raaste Ka Pathar 1972 – Flop
      11 Gehri Chaal 1973 – Flop
      12 Saudagar 1973 – Flop
      13 Zanjeer 1973 5,00,00,000 AAA*
      14 Bandhe Haath 1973 – Flop
      15 Abhimaaan 1973 – A
      16 Namak Haraam 1973 – BB
      17 Kasauti 1974 – B
      18 Benaam 1974 – B
      19 Majboor 1974 – AA*
      20 Roti Kapada Aur Makaan 1974 12,50,00,000 AAA*
      21 Deewar 1975 6,50,00,000 A11*
      22 Zameer 1975 – Flop
      23 Mili 1975 – B
      24 Sholay 1975 30,00,00,000 A111*
      25 Faraar 1975 – Flop
      26 Chupke Chupke 1975 – AA
      27 Hera Pheri 1976 5,00,00,000 A1*
      28 Kabhi Kabhi 1976 – AA
      29 Adalat 1976 – AA*
      30 Do Anjaane 1976 – A
      31 Amar Akbar Abthony 1977 9,00,00,000 AAA*
      32 Khoon Pasina 1977 5,00,00,000 A1*
      33 Alaap 1977 – Flop
      34 Parvarish 1977 6,50,00,000 A11*
      35 Imaan Dharam 1977 – Flop
      36 Ganga Ki Saugandh 1978 – AA*
      37 Kasme Vaade 1978 5,00,00,000 A1*
      38 Besharam 1978 – BB
      39 Trishul 1978 7,00,00,000 A11*
      40 Don 1978 6,00,00,000 A1*
      41 Muqaddar Ka Sikander 1978 10,00,00,000 AAA*
      42 The Great Gambler 1979 – B
      43 Jurmana 1979 – Flop
      44 Mr Natwarlal 1979 7,00,00,000 A1*
      45 Kala Pathar 1979 – BB
      46 Manzil 1979 – B
      47 Suhaag 1979 7,00,00,000 A1*
      48 Do Aur Do Paanch 1980 – A
      49 Dostana 1980 7,00,00,000 A1*
      50 Ram Balraam 1980 7,00,00,000 AA*
      51 Shaan 1980 7,00,00,000 A*
      52 Naseeb 1981 10,00,00,000 A1*
      53 Barsaat Ki Ek Raat 1981 – AA*
      54 Lawaaris 1981 9,00,00,000 A11*
      55 Silsila 1981 – Flop
      56 Yaraana 1981 7,00,00,000 A1*
      57 Kaalia 1981 – AA*
      58 Satte Pe Satta 1982 – AA*
      59 Bemisaal 1982 – B
      60 Desh Premee 1982 – A
      61 Namak Halaal 1982 8,00,00,000 A11*
      62 Khudaar 1982 7,00,00,000 A1*
      63 Shakti 1982 – B
      64 Nastik 1983 BB
      65 Andha Kanoon 1983 9,00,00,000 A11*
      66 Mahaan 1983 – B
      67 Pukar 1983 – B
      68 Coolie 1983 11,00,00,000 A11*
      69 Inquilaab 1984 – B
      70 Sharaabi 1984 6,00,00,000 AA*
      71 Geraftaar 1985 – AA*
      72 Mard 1985 8,00,00,000 A1*
      73 Aakhree Raasta 1986 7,50,00,000 A1*
      74 Shahenshah 1988 7,00,00,000 AA*
      75 Ganga Jamuna Saraswati 1988 – B
      76 Toofan 1989 – B
      77 Jaadugar 1989 – Flop
      78 Main Azaad Hoon 1989 – Flop
      79 Agneepath 1990 – B
      80 Aaj Ka Arjun 1990 7,00,00,000 AA*
      81 Hum 1991 8,00,00,000 AA*
      82 Ajooba 1991 – Flop
      83 Indrajeet 1991 – Flop
      84 Akayla 1991 – Flop
      85 Khuda Gawah 1992 – B
      86 Insaaniyat 1994 – B
      87 Mrityudaata 1997 5,48,87,657 Disaster
      88 Major Saab 1998 10,25,65,769 BB
      89 Bade Miyan Chote Miyan 1998 17,01,76,145 A*
      90 Lal Baadshah 1999 4,05,76,678 Flop
      91 Sooryavansham 1999 3,57,76,876 Flop
      92 Hindustan Ki Kasam 1999 10,50,76,028 B
      93 Kohraam 1999 7,75,83,769 B
      94 Mohabbatein 2000 24,12,76,548 AA
      95 Ek Rishtaa 2001 12,54,87,375 BB
      96 Aks 2001 6,96,76,875 Flop
      97 Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham 2001 36,76,87,900 A1
      98 Aankhen 2002 14,70,65,987 B
      99 Hum Kisise Kum Nahin 2002 9,08,98,615 Flop
      100 Kaante 2002 19,94,18,890 BB
      101 Armaan 2003 7,24,81,748 Flop

      A111-All Time Blockbuster
      A11-Super Hit
      A1-Super Hit/Hit
      A-Semi Hit
      BB-Above Average
      *denotes equal universal success

      SUCCESS RATIO-72.28%

      Jeevcy, Blockbuster status of komal is much more than ATBB verdicts of other trade experts. Amitabh has Zanjeer, MKS, Roti Kapda aur Makaan, AAA as blockbuster by Komal and Sholay as ATBB.

  7. zanjeer,RKM is no way ATBB,AAA could be but still doubtful.MKS is def ATBB

    • Saurabh, above list is Komal classification and taken from filminformation by our team of box-office experts way back in 2003 (At that time i was associated with other guys).

      zanjeer, RKAM was blockbuster by Komal. BTW AAA is only movie in bollywood history which celebrated 13 silver jubilees in bombay itself. There is not even a single doubt about its monster success.

  8. Checked in BOI web archives and never was MKS, RKA and AAA been treated as A111. All of them had a AAA classification. So Saurabh, how does that make MKS def ATBB?

    • All those classifications was actually filminformation classification by Nahta. BOI later changed the classifications and BO numbers of movies(specially bachchans) as per their agenda. Earlier old movies information at BOI was taken from Nahta’s filminfo only. It was team of 4 members who work day and night to compile old movies information. BOI was fine till 2004. They started nefarious activities post 2004. I parted ways after some time.

      • What do you mean nefarious activities? Do you mean that they purpose gave those classifications to specific star films, while making the others look good?

        Other than Mother India and Ram Teri Ganga Maili, where is Rattan (1944)? It was an ATBB as well!

        • Randy, All i can say BOI was no longer unbiased post 2004. There was pretty good mixture of team before to control the activities of each other.
          “Other than Mother India and Ram Teri Ganga Maili, where is Rattan (1944)? It was an ATBB as well!”

          As this is incomplete scan so i am not sure what’s in the store next. YES, Rattan was huge hit also after kismet. I guess author of this article want to say that Kismet record was broken by Sholay after 18 years. Rattan and mother India was huge grosser but less than kismet. Kismet ran for three years in a single theater. next was Sholay for 5 years in 4 shows daily. DDLJ is running since 1995 but in morning shows only.

      • yakuza,you finally accepted on record abt BOI scam,not only amitabh but also aamir and akki have been made victims in this scam.grt u accepted.

    • jeevcy,i have heard from diff trade sources about MKS being amitabh’s second biggest after sholay and also a lot of sources treat it as ATBB.BOI is not everything.

  9. Dear Yakuza,
    Muqaddar ka Sinkandar is Alltime Blockbuster,AAA is also ATBB,BOI is fake site some peoples are still beleive on that site.they r anti-amitabh site.

  10. BOI total expose.Ishq,GHULAM,HHRPK and rangeela were given clean hits by BOI.,also masterpiece sarfarosh was given semihit verdict.proof inside

  11. BOI is the largest fake site of the world.I will give 50 examples that how BOI is fake site.Rubbish site(BOI).

  12. This is rest of scan … ENJOY !!

    • Thanks bigfun !! This is quite exhaustive piece. And coincidentally i have written quite similar article on decline of audience attendance a few days back. Numbers of this article are very to my estimations !!

  13. I don’t know if I can believe it. For example how does Namak Halaal have more attendance than Sangam and Ganga Jamuna?

    Mard and Bobby has more attendance than Mother India and Maine Pyar Kiya as well?

    Coolie and Amar Akbar Anthony has more than Mughal-E-Azam?

    • Randy , on surface level it looks unbelievable. Need to analyze things before any comment. But yes movies of 90’s and 2000’s are quite very close to my estimate. I will give my feedback on all this very soon !!

      • Yakuza, it doesn’t look right. Raja Hindustani, Coolie and Kranti had more attendance than Mughal-E-Azam, the highest grossing film that point of time when it was released? 5.5-6 crores nett gross at that time (1960), was simply huge money, I was expecting this film or even Mother India to rank #3 and #4 on the list.

        Likewise, Mard had a bigger attendance than Maine Pyar Kiya? Remember, if any film in the 80s that had the chance to beat Sholay record gross, it was Maine Pyar Kiya, so to see MPK ranking in the middle ranking seems very odd to me.

        • I have to agree on your point of MPK.

          Can someone please tell me which is the most successful film in Hindi cinema (if that makes sense). SHOLAY or HAHK?

        • Randy, It all depends on average ticket prices at particular era. From 1974-1985, there was hardly any change in ticket prices (Very minimal change between 1980-1985). Then next period come in 1986-1988, Next one was 1989 – 1992. Next one was 1993-1997. next 1998-2001. After 2001 there was continues rise in prices.

          MPK did 15 Crore Nett business. In 1989 average ticket price was Rs. 5/-. Deducting entertainment tax of Rs. 2 , Nett cost of ticket comes to Rs 3/-. If MPK collected 15 crore then 15/3 = 5 Crore is right figure IMO.
          In 1985, average ticket price was Rs. 2.5/-. Deducting entertainment tax of Rs. 1, Nett cost comes to Rs. 1.5/. Mard collected ~9 Crore (or 8 Crore as per Komal) at box-office. So 9/1.5 = 6 Crore (or 8/1.5 = 5.3 Crore) is again a very close approximate.
          These figures are very close to my estimates for few movies at least. If get time i will check for others as well.

          • But at the same time there are so many other movies as well who has bigger audience like dharamvear, Sanyasi, Dus numbari, Aradhna, Prem rog, Ram teri ganga maili, Suhaag. Either this is random list just to show the change in audience since ages, otherwise i dismiss this list if it presents top bollywood movies. I completely reject this list as a countdown.

        • Average ticket prices for various time period is :

          1974-1980 – Rs. 1/-
          1881-1982 – Rs. 1.5/-
          1982-1985 – Rs. 2.5/-
          1986-1988 – Rs. 3.5/-
          1989-1992 – Rs. 5/-
          1993-1996 – Rs. 8/-
          1996-1998 – Rs. 12/-
          1998-2001 – Rs. 16/-
          After 2002 average ticket rates at single screens start increasing with very significant rate. In 2003 it was Rs. 35/-. In 2005 it reached to Rs. 50/-. Again between 2005-2010 there was hardly any change in prices of single screen tickets. But due to rise of multiplexes, average ticket price increasing every year even after 2005. Today average ticket price at multiplex is Rs. 120/- (High end are as high as 350/- where as interiors are as low as Rs.80/-) and at single screen it is Rs. 70/-.

    • This article has been written by a pro-Bachchan person, probably working for IBOS. numbers are hilarous and wrong !!

  14. Yakuza, what is your personal opinon. Can housefull beat ghajini? If it happen then can housefull gets ATBB or not?

  15. LMAOOOO .. Watch this SRK LIP LOCK VIDEO …

  16. Dnt think any Salman Khan movie will beat Ghajni….his biggest hits end up around the 60cr mark…..same for Salman & Ranbir.

    Its possible that it will be a Hrithik starrer or an Akshay movie from either Action Replay (looks different) or TMK (xmas hols)

    Also 3rd possibility is SRK’s RA1 which will be out end of the year

  17. well i dont belive that either HF,Action Replay,TMK,Guzarish or Ra-1 can beat Gajjini record because if u poeple see and analyze we know the strength and power of these actors box office power akhsay,hirithak and shah rukh why i am saying these actors are from far away from Amir khan…Amir khan is un-beatable on indian box office and he proves that.

  18. Phoonk2 @

  19. this is why Amitabh is called the baap of bollywood,the shahenshah of bollywood,the Don of bollywood,the icon of bollywood.
    Amitabh has 11 films in this list, I mean amitabh has 11/34.superb.

  20. Amitabh films in this list
    11.Namak Halal.
    no bollywood without amitabh.

    • Could’nt agree more with you Shakir. But its frustrating when people ridicule or dismiss Salman achievemnets. Now, people have started putting him alongside the likes of Ranbir.

  21. no man,salman has two big films in this list like HAHK and MPK,both are superb films.n this year salman film Pather 2 is coming.

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