Raavan – 40 Sec BLASTER

~ by Yakuza on April 17, 2010.

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  1. woww…..looking great and Abishek bachan looks great….looks like Omkara but i am sure that Abhishek will surprise all of us Best of luck Ravaan

  2. Will it clash with khatta meetta?any one tell guyz

    • Yes, both Khatta Meetha and Raavan are all set for 18th June release. Khatta Meetha need to push ahead the release date because Raavan is loking huge and will smash boxoffice. Since Morning i am just hearing all praises and talk about raavan promo …. every one is excited .

  3. Favoulous promo.Abhishek is a class actor.
    waiting for his other movies like DUM MARO DUM/CROOKED etc.

  4. This is magical promo, HAULAWA Experiece .. can’t wait for movie.

  5. WOWWWWWW … This one is going to smash boxoffice. Mark it. This will get thunderous start at boxoffice. 40 Crore weekend is given.

    • sorry, 40-50 crore first week is given. Weekend will be 30+ Crore. This will be huge and will do much better business than MNIK

  6. This blaster teaser has created much hype. After MNIK this one is second promo of year which has created this much hype. I am expecting boxoffice bonanza here and also All awards will be given to Abhishek … Mark my word .. This year will be ruled by abhishek .. .

  7. Movie will be superhit.

  8. AS far as Khatta-Meetha is concerned..its just not a competition for Raavan AS i have already seen the Original OF Khatta-Meetha starring malayalam Superstar MOHANLAL…ITS not for Hindi audience and i think priyan made a mistake this time with the remake selection..its something like “”yeh tera ghar yeh mera ghar””.

    • Priyadarshan is talented director and he knows how to get the Audience in theater. Khatta Meetha can post pond that no news abt that so far. Buudget is also very low since it is 2nd home production of akki after DDD.

  9. Looks like Ravaan is like Drona, If it is really drona then no one can stop it to get disaster status. But if it is like Guru or yuvaa then no one can beat it.
    hope fully it will be Guru 2.

  10. I was always wating for the promo of movie .movie will be sure hit promo look out standing.Khaata meetha should change relese date ravana will be sure hit.

  11. bakwaas.. kya hai ismein? (ash ka shot chhod ke)…. just that
    kyunki mani ratnam hai to tareef karni banti hai…

    • that was ash? I went back to look at the trailer after reading this and she still doesnt look like ash to me

  12. sab bakwas,pnly music ko chodkar,faaltoo
    flop or disaster.

  13. saurabh,
    im fine,

    iam not saying tht big b is nt bigest actor.
    i am saying tht b4 baghban amitabh was nt getting success as past
    bcoz he started his new entry.
    at tht time sallu/srk/aamir was bigest star
    n films unke naam se sale hoti thi.

    so pro of baghban took salman 4 increase d sale value.
    amitabh ne bhi kaha tha tht,i m thnkful to salman,
    one of d bigest superstar of dis time
    4 ready to doing small role.

    no doubt,amitabh performance was awesome
    bt sallu fans went to see dfilm 4 sallu also
    baghban is also sallu film bt 4 supporting actor
    main actor was amitabh
    sallu nominated 4 best filmfare supporting actor.

    after baghban amitabh started his new paari wid big success.

    changezkhan n naveed,

    b4 msk akki was not superstar
    bt after msk sucess akki bcame superstar.

    his role was good bcoz role was wid full of comedy
    n sallu role was romantic n serious.
    thts y his role liked very much


    plzz understood wt i want to say.

    prity said this on April 17, 2010 at 5:29 am | Reply

    after baghban n kabhi khushi kabhi gam
    amitabh started his new success paari.
    b4 these films
    bigb ki all films regularly flop ho rahi thi

    bcoz at tht time only 3 khns ka raaj chal
    raha tha. (sallu,srk n aamir)

  14. guys this is the bottom line…there are many superstars in the industry but there is only “ONE” SUPERMEGASTAR who is undisputed and still rocking at 68…the one and only original don of bollywood…a FACT recognised by all AKKI,AAMIR,SALMAN AND SRK,SIMPLE AS THAT!!!!

    • Chengaz , You are rite he is still on top at 68 but can he get good opening? If he has any solo movie, can it get 20 cr weekend and 35 cr 1st week??? Never. of course Big B is best and there is no comparison about him. But he is good in a character role not in a main lead.

  15. Looks like Drona 2

  16. Nauman it seems that u live in a cave..please come out to civilization..dude Big b might not get the opening that an AAmir,srk or Akki gets but please remember that he is 68 years old and has past his prime,picture this “if Big b WAS IN HIS 40’S NOW”..HE WOULD HAVE BEEN No 1 to No 10 and his films would have got the biggest opening of all actors as the bottom line is that most of big b fans are above 30 years age and most of the crowd that watches an srk,AAmir,saLLU OR akshay in the first 3 days of the release of a their films are YONGSTERS BELOW 30 Thus its simply not possible for those people to show the same energy level that these youngsters show!!!(i hope u got what i mean):-)

    • Chengaz, I am also saying this that Big B cant get opening like SRK , Akki or Aamir , but he is still on top at 68. Did I say any thing wrong?
      People love him to watch but if you will say to ur friends that lets go to cinema. They will ask who is hero ? you will say Big B is solo hero. They will say you plz shut up.
      His movies can get critical appreciation, his movie can be box office winner, But Big opening??? hahahahah
      Paa is hit but Friday was only 3 cr. His movies work with WOM only.

  17. Ravana will be sure hit iwas really looking foward to the promo of movie . Now wating for the music of the movie lookig foward to June 18 first week business 35core avobe sure

    • Rajan I am sure this movie will Super Hit or Disaster.
      If content and story is superb then sure short Super Hit Other wise Disaster like Drona .

  18. Nauman do you like abishek bachan

    • Rajan I like every hero when he does good job n good movie either it is Akshayor Himesh or Ashish Choudhary. Personally I like Abhishek as well and I dont hv any problem with him.

  19. Oh thanks for reply I hope ravana will be sure hit

  20. Vikram will steal the show.he will be rocking in raavan.abhishek will not be able to come near to him

  21. vikram use to beg for roles in mallu film industry in the early 90’s now he is an ok star in tamil…truth hurts!

    • Thx Chengez , But plz let me know is Govinda also staring in Raavan? In cast n crew I saw his name , But wht the hell Govinda is doing in Mani Ratnum’s movie?

    • The same vikram has bagged the national award for best actor for his breathtaking perfomance in pitamaghan.abhishek never even got a nomination.may be abhi wil be playing the lead role vikram has role in tamil and hindi.dis shows starpower

  22. playing hanuman..

  23. hahaha..@beingsalmankhan ll soon overtake poor akshaykumar on twitter in just 7 days after joining..lol.akki is there 4 months nd has only 48k fllwrs:pp..this proves his so calld popularity…

    • Zakir, Do you live in Foolish paradise ?
      Movies work with box office collections, not stupid twitter followers.
      need to grow up.

  24. If some one has 1 crore followers on twitter and his movies are not touching 10 cr, does it means he is number 1 hero ???

  25. NAUMAN,
    u r right,
    followers r not important
    priyanka has highest followers.
    bt her film wur n pyar imposible
    opening n boxoffice collection was most poor.

    • prity,u r tdef the biggest sallu fan on BB.he def has hardcore inspite of his curreent bad phase.

  26. Oh who is vikram .who said abishek can’t stand in fortnt of vikram abishek is great he is main actor of ravana

  27. bt probably most pplr among classes srk having most followers…hritik having 141k,priyankas last film didnt open bcoz films open by d male stars name nt female nd male lead was uday:pp….and after giving 5 b2b crap movies akshays pplrty dcrsd..we cn c dat in twttr..haha

  28. Vikram rocks.abhishek”kaala bandhar”sucks.

  29. (after struggling for 15 years,washing producers clothes and doing gardening at producers home)vikram sucks his momo milk abhi rocks in his films…

  30. Mein kaala kaala kaala bandhar bahar hein yaa andhar

  31. this looks like a good film. I’m a big fan of Mani Ratnam and his hindi films/ He’s a v.talented film-maker.

    Also i hope that we dnt have any big movie clashes this year. So far all movies this year are looking well spaced out. a 2week gap is sufficient imo for biggies.





    i’l be watching all of these movies in cinema. however i’m not sure on Housefull because it looks like the same old shit from Akshay. I’m more excited abt Badmaash company…however i wish the Shahid starrer was better spaced out.

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