Boxoffice Prediction : HOUSEFULL


Net Collections (Crore)

If Liked Immensely


First Weekend 


First Week


Life Time Nett




If Moderately Liked


First Weekend


First Week


Life Time Nett




If Rejected


First Weekend


First Week


Life Time Nett





— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on April 14, 2010.

95 Responses to “Boxoffice Prediction : HOUSEFULL”

  1. heyy yakuza nice prediction u think HOUSEFULL gonna beat 3idiots opening weekend which was 37 crore??
    Well what are your thoughts about the Promotion & Promos so far ??

    • karan, as housefull will have more screening than 3I, in case if it immensely liked, can do 35+ Crore easily. I am expecting ~ 12+13+13 for first three days (in case of liked).

      promotion and promos are excellent, Latest promo received very well and jump the hype to another level. I witnessed the clippings’ and whistles while showcasing latest promo during screening of prince.

  2. gr8 predictions

    have a feeling akki will own this year

  3. Well yakuza agree with you the latest promo caught on big time
    well i can remember 3 idiots released with around 1400 prints in india so you think HOUSEFULL gonna have more prints??
    What i wish from akki now is thatt he really gooes out in the last 2 weeeks and promotes housefull really really hard like aamir and srk do! Then a opening which you predicted with 12+13+13 looks on cards and also the prduct has to be good !

    • 3 Idiots shared screen space with Avatar, but housefull will be all over when released. I guess most of multiplexes will screen only housefull for all shows. Screening slightly more than 3I is given.

  4. well yeah thats also true but 3I had also holidays soo lets seee

  5. i really really hope Housefull gets a HUGE openinng with being a HUGE hit as well!!!!

    btw do u think after the 2 nd trailer… the hype is getting bigger now comparred to the past days’s hype!!!

    finally thnx yakuza for the job u put in this website!!!

  6. hi to all,

    breaking news,

    join salman on twitter

  7. awesome how much does it needs to be a hit ?

  8. Yes YAKUZA,we agree wth u.Housefull will be rocking film and may be akki best film ever,and will cross Welcome.superb film.akki has great films in this year like HOUSE FULL,ACTION REPLY,PATILA HOUSE AND TEES MAR KHAN.all wll be successful films.

  9. how much does it needs to be a hit?

  10. coz its a hit or flop which matters none cares if the film was a BB or ATTB agar BB hogayi toh bonus

  11. @naveed u an akki fan ?

    Yakuza dude any news on khatta meetha promo which i believe is akki’s next

  12. @YAKUZA dude thats confusing tell me how much NETT business does HF needs to do to be a clean hit in india i reckon it should be a hit at 55+ CR NETT ?

  13. LOL thats a bit too much

    i reckon it should be at 55+NETT in india

    KI had a higher budget than HF

    • Sunny, Houseful sold for 60 Crore. minimum 35 Crore share required from theatrical revenues for recovery and at least 45-50 Crore for HIT. For 45-50 Crore share, it require 110+ Crore NETT business worldwide.

      • @Yakuza: d 60cr is only wolrd wide thiaritical right or including dvd,satelight n other things? then how big d success of d HF audio cassete?

  14. @Yakuza No dude HF hasnt been sold for any fixed price Sajid nadiadwala has a four film deal with EROS for 140cr which includes Kambakht ishq/Housefull Ajaana anjaani and an untitled film how can HF alone be called a 60 cr film lol same for KI i dont get it at all only film out of the four ie KI has released so far which did 50 cr nett it means last three films need just 90cr to recover PlZ explain

    • sunny, This deal is not straight forward and not fixed for 140 Crore. That was long back 2008 when deal was announced. Things has pretty much changed now and KI has underperformed well. At the moment, Houseful need to do business as per 60 crore cost otherwise Sajid will caught in mess with next two movies.

  15. mr.420,when did u joined bollybusiness.yahan bhi shuru ho gaya hai.

  16. Akki is a bullshit,hes a flop star,his movie sucks,his acting is like a asshole…i hate this guy..

  17. His movies can never beat 3idiots,fuckr shut ur asshole and fuck off…

  18. lol kesa hay saurabh

  19. @YAKUZA any news on akki’s next khatta meetha promo ?

  20. hi to all,breaking news,

    join sallu on twitter

  21. Prity could you please keep your Sallu in your hand bag? This is Akshay’s page.

  22. Prediction for Housefull
    IF Good
    Weekend 28 – 30 cr , 1st week 40-42 cr life time 80 – 85 cr
    If Mix
    weekend 24 – 26 cr , 1st week 36- 38 cr life time 55 – 60 cr
    If Poor
    Weekend 20 – 22 cr , 1st week 28 – 30 cr life time 40 – 45 cr
    Personally i think
    28 cr weekend 42 cr 1st week 80 cr life time

  23. well i agree with Nauman….its not possible for HF to cross 45 cr in 1st week

  24. sam every thing possible , no one knew that 3 I will cross 200 cr , even break ghajini record, but it happened. Sajid is very confident so may be really nice movie, may be it will break ghajini.

  25. @ nauman dost whats your website called i have heard you have one??

  26. Karan it is
    i just posted my review of Paathshaala
    and i always post my reviews on Thursday afternoon and most of the times i m 1st one who give review of any movie. I will say you welcome if you will visit there and give us good suggestion that we just launched it. BTW who told you about my site ?

  27. how do u give review on do u manage to see it before.who is ur fav?

  28. King kumar will break all the records.never had this much hype for any movie in recent times

    • Yes u right Shaze i have 100% confident in this film, is going to be big hit even if is not break d record of Ghajini.

  29. come on Akki ….give us ur first big hit this year plzzzzzzz!!!

  30. BOI total expose.Ishq,GHULAM,HHRPK and rangeela were given clean hits by BOI.,also masterpiece sarfarosh was given semihit verdict.proof inside


  32. wow khiladi & jaanwar r HITs!!!!!!!interestinggggggg!!!

  33. well HF must be hit and people will like it but if u see back the singh is king and welcome they were more hype then Hf and become blockbusters so thats why i am saying that HF will be superhit or chance to become blockbuster but its not possible for HF to cross the Gajjini business

  34. Akki has most number of hits from his generation more than SRK

    Yeh dillagi
    Sabse bada khiladi
    Hera pheri
    Garam masala
    KI(semihit/above average)
    DDD Hit by media but semihit by trade
    including some average successes like Blue,Dosti,Bewafa and Some other films

    TRUE superstar This is the most of sucesses for any lead actor after the living Legend Amitabh bacchan

  35. 420,u have to prove those no.of hits which u have listed my freind.all of them r def not clean hits 420.few movies r though def hits whose verdict has been lowered by boi

  36. still Akki has most hits coz verdicts of some srk films have been changed from average to hits by boi

  37. janwar is flop movie

  38. all salman khan fans vote for salman khan here

  39. ali saab Jaanwar is one of akkis biggest hits actually it was akki comeback film alongwith sangarsh…sangharsh was only critically acclaimed but janwar was a superhit allover india and all time blockbuster in the bihar circuit…Great hit plus the music was good too

  40. My fav is king lunar n I live in Sydney here movies release on Thursday

  41. Saurabh.I live in Sydney and here movies release on Thursday . I m fan of king kumar but dhole timmingof review I m honest n neutral . Lz visit and promote housefull n akki

  42. Thank you is releasing on 25th feb 2011. Waoooooo hopefully 1st bb of 2011

  43. I think all that hype usually translates in disappointment when the product under performs.the WOM kills the long run of Akki’s movies. Akki should be careful to publicise what the public should expect and thats the reason his movies don’t have sustaining power. i like Akki but i find his movies very stereotypical. hope he proves me wrong this time. my prediction:

    weekend: 33
    1st week: 45-50

  44. Anon you r rite now a days akki’s image has become stereotypical. He must hv to change it with dome thing new. Looks like he will chage his image in action replay. What do u think?

  45. Jasmine it is comedy but decent comedy like 3 idiots. And he said that ash has full comedy role HD didn’t say that movie us also comedy or akki has also comedy role

  46. Guys

    Action Replayy is not a Comedy i have seen one of Akki’s interview in which he said its a serious Romantic time travel film

    • Sunny, then why vipul said in BH that ash is doing complete comedy role? Į m really worry abt it because we want to see a different movie of akshay.

  47. nauman dunno man why he said that even i am confused lets see AR is gonna release in august we will get to know about it soon




  49. Wana hav sum new taste in Akki movies. Although he iz best in comedy role but he should do other type of movie too. Hop thiz year he wil giv new taste…
    M frm Nepal but crazy abt bollywood movies n Akki.
    Despirately waiting for Houseful n pray to god dat thiz movie wil b houseful for many days.

  50. Sunny Action replay has only 2 releasing dates 23th July or 24th Sep. In augest it cant be release that Ramadan will start from 12th Aug and 1st Friday in aug is on 6th augest. So he wont release in Ramadan, it will be before ramadan or after eid. According to Taran Vipul gave date for July.
    Lets see.
    thx for your link i will visit there. But did u visit we also need akki fans there who can promote akki n housefull.

  51. ok i will u join it now its the best forum and AR might release on EID as akki has KhAtta meetha in june


  53. sunny get your facts right janwar is flop movie tell me if u have any source to prove that janwar is superhit

  54. @Ali taran adarsh ka site check kar le jaanwar hit picture hai i dnt need to prove it even ur beloved BOI calls it a hit

    @saurabh i am not there man u expose it

  55. @nauman dude its true That JAANWAR WAS A BIGGER HIT THAN ALL THOSE FILMS BUT THESE MOFOS CHANGED THE VERDICTS OF AKKI FILMS it was an all time bb in Bihar and a big hit allover india

    • If you are sure about Janwar that I love it coz I am biggest Akki fan. and where Taran mentioned abt Janwar? because on that time he wasnt running BH

  56. in his show on zee tv and in many other reports

    • Sunny ..OK, did you visit my site again? Just waiting you there.
      I am tryiong to get DVD of Bhulbhuliya But couldnt get , could you plz let me know in which doanloading site it is available in Master print?
      I am biggest Akki fan but didnt watch Bhulbhuliya yet.

  57. ok i will but are u online there and in which poll its difficult who is online there make a sperate members forum like like BH and btw did u join BH ? dude u havent watched BB yet ?

    man its a killer film one of Akki’s best films IMO

    try here

  58. There’s quite a bit of hype around this movie. Also this is the 1st biggie after MNIK. However i’m not 100% sure that this will be a hit. Akki’s stardom isn’t the same as 2007-2008. also Housefull is again ANOTHER comedy from Akshay Kumar…and i think the audiences have figured him out to be a 1 trick pony. However i think it will have a gr8 opening but not sure if it will go on a run to make it a clean hit.

    however i hope its a hit. Also i liked Sajid’s last movie Hey Baby it was v.funny. However i think the youth will be really geared up to watch Badmash company because its more appealing and looks different.

  59. @Km lol@ badmaassh company except for anushka sharma’s Big Boobs and Ass to die for there is nothing to look forward in BC it will be a flop i think Shahid is not big star vivah and jwm were flukes we saw his aukaat with DPC,DBH and more recent paathshaala though i will still watch BC only for anushka

    • Sunny only for Anushka or only for Anushka’s big Boobs ???
      but shahid is looking cool and he has lots of get ups.

  60. for this to film to be as huge as you guys are hoping for it to be akshay would really have to promote the film on a large scale

  61. @Nauman yaar hahah for both actually more for her Ass lol Shahid cool but acting kaun karega he is no Akki or Srk to carry big films

    u joined bh ?

    • BH bole to bollywoodhungama? I tried lots of time but their registration system is really asshole just like himesh reshamiya movie. I hate these registration or login system. Just hv a look bollyplus u just need to right ur name n e mail once then never need to re write.

    • sunny your stupid shahid can carry a film on his on his on shoulder jab we met vivah and kaminey ishq vishq are proof plus hes only one few stars of this genration that can carry a film on his on shoulder. ur just a stupid akshay Kumar fan btw ask ur self can akshay really act good all he does is stupid comedies atleast shahid can do different genres and act different so go lick akshays ass

  62. All Akshay fans join
    Currently we have Gorilla and sv who are great Akki fans. They are superb, the way sunny is on bollywood hungama

  63. Janwar was a Clear Hit…who says it was a Flop?…It was a clear hit of that time…..and Housefull will be the first clear hit of the year

  64. only one problem with AK that he doesn`t see the content of the film before signing

  65. if content works then MNIK wud of no been a big looser.

  66. Akki rocks… Housefull get 130 crore overall

  67. sunny your stupid shahid can carry a film on his on his on shoulder jab we met vivah and kaminey ishq vishq are proof plus hes only one few stars of this genration that can carry a film on his on shoulder. ur just a stupid akshay Kumar fan btw ask ur self can akshay really act good all he does is stupid comedies atleast shahid can do different genres and act different so go lick akshays ass go inside it if u can

  68. This prediction is turning out true with Moderately liked option .. 🙂

  69. […] Kites : Boxoffice Prediction Check Housefull prediction HERE […]

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