Boxoffice : Poor weekend for prince

Prince after mixed opening dropped over places where it was opened to good response and refused to pickup at Multiplexes where it was already performing poorly. First weekend is around 11.5 Crore. This is way below average collections and movie need to sustain very well over next weeks in order to get rid of disaster tag (due to costly affair).

— BollyBusiness


~ by Yakuza on April 12, 2010.

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  1. small movies like Paa and Atithi enjoyed almost similar collections with less than half no of screens as of prince. However i liked the movie and rated as best movie of 2010 till date, still from business point of view, it is massive underperformer.

  2. Can u post a review of the movie yakuza?

    • KM, i will write sometime later, though i can say i liked it as much as this guy Ankit Oheja from planet bollywood. He spoke my words.

  3. Prince review – (actually a very detailed and well written review)

    I simply love slick action thrillers. Unfortunately they rarely come out in the Hindi film industry and even when they do they usually lack the punch or even the storyline to click. Testimonies to my argument would be the over-hyped Luck (2009), the over-hyped Cash (2007), and the more recent Blue (2009). Out of all the three examples, Blue turned out to be the only decent film of the lot, but the common factor between the three is that all of them sank without a trace at the box-office. As I write this, I also remember Acid Factory (2009) (coincidentally reviewed by myself), an ‘unknown’ movie (pun intended) which really packed a punch.
    But that’s another story for another time. For now, let’s focus on the movie in question – Prince. A movie that’s been in the news since the release of its very first theatrical trailer alongside the release of Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani (2009), for reasons good as well as bad. While a certain section of people were gearing up to experience an adrenaline pumping action thriller, another sect was captivated by a faint sample of Atif Aslam’s killer alaaps in the trailer. And there was a third sect of people who were against the movie; some of them because of actor Vivek Oberoi, and others because of the thematic element, which many people thought was ripped off from a number of movies, most rumored ones to be the Bourne franchise, the Crank franchise, the Matrix franchise, and some more – even Ghajini was pulled into this dubious list.

    So does this movie succeed in fulfilling the immense expectations and hype? Does the movie manage to silence its detractors? Does Vivek Oberoi make use of this golden opportunity of his portrayal as a solo-hero to redeem himself? Does Shiraz Ahmed succeed in writing an engaging story and screenplay? Does debutant director Kookie Gulati succeed in grippingly executing the screenplay? Does Kumar Taurani’s sizable investment (Rs. 40 Crores) get into good use? Read on to find out….

    One humungous heist later, a thief (Vivek Oberoi) wakes up remembering absolutely nothing about his past. Gradually he comes to know that his name is Prince, he works for Sarang (Isiah), and his love interest is Maya. While he sets out to piece this puzzle, he discovers he is hot property – the iGrip, the CBI, and the entire world’s government agencies are all after him because he possesses a single antique gold coin, an object he has no idea of. In the whole camaraderie he meets three mysterious women (Niroo Singh, Nandana Sen and Aruna Shields), all of them claiming to be Maya, thus further heightening the sense of distrust.

    Through all this, he discovers that there is no one to trust but himself and his skills as his savior. All he knows is that he has 6 days to live, and time is running out quickly… will he survive?

    Before stating the positive aspects of the movie, I would like to suggest to everybody to drop any pre-conceived comparisons of the movie with any other, as though the movie has a completely international feel, it has a completely original soul.

    Leaving that aside, I’m extremely happy to say that just like Tips’ last super-hit action thriller Race (2008), Prince also has a lot to offer , thus making this an intelligent, well-packaged movie. Let me start off with the story and screenplay. Shiraz Ahmed (who has also written for Race) has yet again nailed it by writing a gripping story and converting it into an equally gripping and well-layered screenplay. Debutant director Kookie V Gulati has been handed the reins of executing the screenplay, and his execution is flawless, thereby making the movie the edge-of the-seat thriller that it is now. Dialogues by Mayur Puri are those smart, cheeky one-liners that make you grin every now and then. Prince’s motif dialogue (“It’s showtime!”) doesn’t sound corny at all. In fact, Vivek mouthing it makes it look real cool! Resul Pookutty’s sound design is cutting-edge.

    Background score by Sandeep Shirodkar is excellent and fits each situation like a glove, giving each and every scene that extra edge. Camerawork is very smooth, and neither jerky nor shaky, which makes any post-production effects easier to handle. Visual Effects by Tata Elxsi will blow your mind! Editing by Nicolas Trembasiewicz (The Transporter) is crisp. What I appreciate about the movie is that it was really well visualized on paper – the storyboard (and animatics at a later stage) might have been visually accurate enough for the scene to turn into life. Action choreographer Allan Amin changes the face of action in Bollywood by including some really high voltage choreographed stunts, which wows the viewers! He did Dus (2005). He upped it all in Dhoom:2 (2006). And now he’s gone all out for Prince. Extra kudos to him.

    The music by Sachin Gupta is audibly arresting, and Kookie Gulati’s direction makes the videos visually gripping too! The best ones out of the lot are “O Mere Khuda” and “Tere Liye”, both are eye-candy and with the help of sensational music, you would seriously want to watch the videos again and again. While the former (song) relies heavily on visual effects (simply breathtaking for a music video), the latter relies heavily on editing and extra sound design and color-correction. Both the music videos though have one thing in common – style and glamour – and these are the two aspects that captivate the viewers. “Jiyara Jiyara” is also appealingly shot, thus making the ‘item number’ a cut above the rest of them.

    Cinematography is rich and captures the beauty of the places really well. The locales chosen (Durban, Mumbai) are given justice by the cinematographer and the cameraman. Some wide lens shots are simply stunning.

    What about the performances? Vivek Oberoi has proved to viewers and critics alike that he is a performer. And now, post his well-lauded role in Kurbaan, he gets to reaffirm the fact to us yet again. Prince has literally put Vivek Oberoi on a completely new level. Never at once does he look uncomfortable doing any scene; he looks completely at ease throughout this. Whether it’s the stunts, the intimate scenes or the cool attitude, he doesn’t play the character here; he literally ‘is’ the character. Isiah makes an unusual debut in the Hindi film industry; he plays the suave, sophisticated and cold-blooded white-collared criminal Sarang; and plays it with elan! The detail that goes into the making of Prince and Sarang captivates one and all, and the credit goes to Shiraz Ahmed for visualizing it and penning it, and to Kookie Gulati for bringing it alive.

    As far as the three leading ladies are concerned, Niroo Singh shows a lot of promise. She is at ease emoting and looking stunning at the same time. And considering she’s had that squeaky clean image in the Punjabi flicks she’s acted in, the transformation has been tremendously surprising, yet she dons it and never once shows she’s uncomfortable on-screen. Her demeanor suits the character really well. Ditto for Nandana Sen, who sinks her teeth into her role with glee. She needs good roles. Once she gets them, she’ll be well-recognized. The third leading lady, Aruna Sheilds, is a performer, the British-Indian lass can not just act, she can look extremely hot and kick-ass when required! She knows her stuff. She can don a bikini, and can look naïve at the same time. She can emote and she can perform her choreographed action stunts at the same time. She’s a talent to watch out for.

    It is good to see Dalip Tahil as Colonel Khanna (seen after quite a long time), back in action in a somewhat meaty role. Sanjay Kapoor in the supporting role of Inspector Khan is bang on! He eerily reminds us of Anil Kapoor’s characterization in Race though in all honesty the eeriness doesn’t affect his role. Mohit Chauhan (not to be mistaken with singer Mohit Chauhan of Silk Route fame) as Dalip Tahil’s sidekick is decent and does his part well. Others are equally good. The guy playing the character of Mike is efficient too.

    As for flaws- well the movie doesn’t really have any as such, being an all-out commercial entertainer, but technically, in the first few minutes of her character’s introduction, Aruna Shields’ dubbing artist might not have seemed comfortable syncing to her lip movements in the ADR (automatic dialogue replacement) stages. She slips into it like a glove around two minutes later though!

    Overall, style meets substance here in this high-voltage, unapologetically commercial, and racy action-packed thriller that has all the elements to captivate the audience including the storyline which moves at a feverish pace with surprising twists and turns. Director Kookie Gulati along with story and screenwriter Shiraz Ahmed (with the help of the team of producers Kumar S. Taurani and Renu Taurani) have created a mind-blowing and intelligently packaged movie that has the global appeal of a slick action-thriller flick, and yet entices the Bollywood audience with its paisa-vasool experience. As a final word, I have nothing else to write but Vivek’s dialogues which have been imprinted in my mind – “It’s showtime!” And it truly is! Go for it!

  4. Prince’s cost is not like Blue or MNIK that u r calling it disaster.
    Prince is 40 crore movie (yeah it needs to do more but 11.5 crore opening weekend is far better than the likes of Luck and Kidnap which had same costs).

  5. @ yakuza what do think of HOUSEFULL opening can the first weekend cross 30 crore??

  6. HOUSEFULL is surely going to get a huge opening….with the IPL finishing on the 25th of april people would be hungry for a big movie….housefull has hit the nail on the target by releasing the movie right after the ipl….>the movie will be a sure shot hit…>

  7. ya i know it will be a hit minimum but you think it will get thiiis buuuumper opening you know 95-100% ??

  8. Prince – Movie Review
    Posted by: BollyPlus Team, 09-April-2010, 01:40 IST

    Reviewer: Nauman Sheikh

    Director: Kookie V Gulati
    Cast: Vivek Oberoi, Sanjay kapoor, Aruna Sheilds, Nandana Sen, Neeru Singh
    Genre: Action / Thriller

    Prince – Its Show Time – is really show time for Vivek Oberoi. After a long time Vivek is showing his charisma in Prince. Vivek’s earlier releases like Compnay, Saathiya, Road, Masti and Kaal took him to peak but later on he lost his charm. In Kurbaan audience liked his performance but Saif Ali Khan was in the lead and the movie couldn’t work at box office. Now after a long time he is coming back in form of Prince.

    Can Prince make him Prince of Bollywood?
    Can Prince give him his status back as an actor?
    Can this Prince of Thieves steal audience’s attraction?
    Can this prince win the match against IPL?

    Lets See!


    Prince (Vivek Oberoi) is a professional thief who steals diamonds, gold and antique belongings. One day he wakes up and he finds out that he has a memory loss. He has lost everything. He meets three girls who claim themselves as Maya and each one of them tell him a different story about his past but one thing is common in all of these stories that Prince stole a gold coin and after robbery of that coin he lost his memory. Now he has only 6 days to find out the secret of coin otherwise after 6 days he will die by himself.

    Who is real Maya? Which one of the stories is true? What is the secret of that coin? Can Vivek find out the coin? Prince is all about this.


    • Script is very interesting and un-predictable.
    • Story changes after every 10 to 15 minutes and till climax every next scene keeps your
    interest alive.
    • Direction is novel in its treatment.
    • All stunts and action sequences have International touch.
    • Vivek’s work is outstanding and it is his best performance ever especially in robbery and
    actions scenes he looks very good.
    • Aruna Sheild’s performance is also mind blowing.
    • Music is nice. Two songs Tere Liye and Mere Khuda have pleasant melody and are worth
    • Background score is nice and compliments the theme of the movie.

    Scenes to look for:

    • First diamond robbery and Vivek’s make over as a Sardar is incredible.
    • When Vivek suffers memory loss.
    • Pre-interval clash sequence when Maya no. 3 shows up.
    • Robbery of gold coin.
    • When Vivek gives the coin to Sarang and Sarang applies that coin on him.


    • Action sequences are well executed but have un-realistic feel.
    • Script is interesting and is well written but coin’s mystery is hard to digest.
    • First half is confusing and makes audience uncomfortable.


    Overall Prince is well written and well executed its quite different than the usual Hindi Cinema. Vivek’ performance, Sachin’s music plus mind blowing action sequences are merits of this movie. Prince may take slow start but it has potential to pick up in coming days.


    This Prince has influence to become Prince of the Box Office.

    3.5 / 5

  9. I Think housefull with open very well and it will get minimum 25 cr 1st weekend and 40 cr 1st week.
    lets see how can it sustain in 2nd week.

  10. Considering that Prince scored well at the single screens, who can we say Yakuza, is the true single screen hero? And which films from when the multiplex era started have scored very well at the single screens?

    • Randy, Footfalls at single screens are dominated by middle class masses of small city. These audience are bended towards action/masala movies. Since multiplex era has started, sunny deol/Salman/Sanjay Dutt in masala genre movies dominate single screens. Even some dubbed movies from south does excellent business in these areas.

      Basically you can say Masala/Action movies always score in single screens. If these movies stars Salman/sunny or Sanjay in lead role then good opening is always on cards. Even bobby deol action movies scores well at single screens.

      • But who can we say is the true hero right now at single screens? Can we say Salman Khan because of his presence in action films (Wanted, Garv, Tere Naam & Veer), comedy films (No Entry, Partner, Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya, Mujhse Shaadi Karogi), and family drama (Baghban), since all the movies mentioned have done well or exceedingly well at the single screens?

        • Baghban (not a salman khan film – it is amitabh-hema malini film).
          Mujhse Shaadi Karogi (People went to watch because of Akshay Kumar’s award-winning comic act).
          So stop giving these hits as his films (if it is then give films like Saawan,Hello,Heroes as his flops).

          • First of all, before Akki became the huge star that he is tiday, honestly he truly deserve it, in 2004, Salman Khan was the bigger actor at that time. You need to get your facts right.

          • Your comment is laughable

            Salman was the main lead in MSK.

  11. hi to all salman fans,

    attention plzzzzzzzzzzz,

    now salman is on twitter,join sallu

  12. amit,
    baghban is salman film,
    it is reentry of amitabh.
    film is sold out by salman name.
    salman nominated as filmfare supporting actor.
    although his role is short.

    bt it is not guest role like hello,ok

  13. b4 baghban ,amitabh was flop,

    bt after baghban amitabh started his new entry wid sucess.
    salman gave highest hits thn akki n srk.

  14. waiting for superhit Housefull.

  15. prity…i pity at you as it seems that u r a total idiot…big b has entertained our nation for the past 40 years..and not unlike some tom,dick and harry (sliman,srgay,khiladi)

    • @ chengez khan

      You are spot on that Big B has entertained the nation for many decades. However, in the future address other members especially females with a bit of respect. No need to call someone a idiot.

      I think Prity like me was annoyed by amit’s comments. Yes amit is right, BAGBHAN is Big B film. He was tremendous, great performance. But for amit to say that people only went to watch MSK beacuse of Akki is way off the mark.

  16. well 4 ur kind info…i am a female, and no big deal to call somebody a idoit if the person actually is a idiot..truth hurts(simple as that)

    • well that backfired on me. Am a Salman fan but Prity is a very passionate Salman fan. Let her be. The majority of times she is correct anyway.

  17. a die hard sallu fan,prity ji.kaisi hai aap

    • Thanks, Good piece here.

    • Nice piece…but last bit on Komal Nahata makes me laugh…

    • @topazbol, Author is right about rework of old movies verdicts if he change his model, BTW i never understand why everyone want komal to become dillute the process of giving verdict ?? even during 70’s, 80’s and 90s it was profit made by distributors which decide fate of movie and even today same thing should applied. How one can justice the loss making movie to declare Hit ?? Or on the basis of suitability, trade experts dynamically change their process of verdicts ??

    • Process should be uniform for all movies, be it 70’s, 80’s, 90’s or current movies. funda should be same i.e. check the profitability of movie. Komal really have to do lot of rework in chaging the verdicts of old movies and have to find the new terminologies of bumper hits of that time. I guess komal is right by not changing his model.

    • Thanks bigfun, I have posted this article as main post. Found it interesting.

  18. @ prity, Go on, register urself, search BeingSalmanKhan and follow him!!!!

  19. Ishq,GHULAM,HHRPK and rangeela were given clean hits by BOI.,also masterpiece sarfarosh was given semihit verdict.proof inside

  20. saurabh,
    im fine,

    iam not saying tht big b is nt bigest actor.
    i am saying tht b4 baghban amitabh was nt getting success as past
    bcoz he started his new entry.
    at tht time sallu/srk/aamir was bigest star
    n films unke naam se sale hoti thi.

    so pro of baghban took salman 4 increase d sale value.
    amitabh ne bhi kaha tha tht,i m thnkful to salman,
    one of d bigest superstar of dis time
    4 ready to doing small role.

    no doubt,amitabh performance was awesome
    bt sallu fans went to see dfilm 4 sallu also
    baghban is also sallu film bt 4 supporting actor
    main actor was amitabh
    sallu nominated 4 best filmfare supporting actor.

    after baghban amitabh started his new paari wid big success.

  21. changezkhan n naveed,

    b4 msk akki was not superstar
    bt after msk sucess akki bcame superstar.

    his role was good bcoz role was wid full of comedy
    n sallu role was romantic n serious.
    thts y his role liked very much.

  22. changezkhan,

    plzz understood wt i want to say.

  23. after baghban n kabhi khushi kabhi gam
    amitabh started his new success paari.
    b4 these films
    bigb ki all films regularly flop ho rahi thi

    bcoz at tht time only 3 khns ka raaj chal
    raha tha. (sallu,srk n aamir)

  24. Bad news about Prince. It looked/seemed like a good movie. i’v yet to watch it. However again Bollywood needs to sort out its movie budgets. Everyone from Producers, Actors will have to charge less if they want to make successful movies

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