Boxoffice : Prince opened to mixed response

However prince opened to very much mixed response on first day, opening can be considered decent enough looking at face value of movie and dry run of box-office since long time now. Opening was in range of 25-30% at most of Plexes. Interiors were good. First day estimated business is around 3.75 Crore. This is below average business looking at number of prints.

— BollyBusiness


~ by Yakuza on April 10, 2010.

6 Responses to “Boxoffice : Prince opened to mixed response”

  1. FRiday 3.75 Sat and Sun 4,4
    weekend 12 cr

    rest 4 days 1 cr each to 16 cr
    First week 16 cr
    Second week 6 cr
    rest 4 cr
    Total nett gross 25-28 cr
    So Yakuza in movie will be in range of 26-28 cr what will be verdict for it ?

    • that’l be a flop. movie cost is £40cr min.

      • Komal Nahata says the cost is 50 cr .. with a best scenario 30 cr lifetime net (DS 15 – 18 cr), it will barely recover one third of its cost from Indian theatrical business.

        Revenue from music will be good, overseas will be bad, tv, etc will be average, so even in its best scenario, it can only be a below avg grosser

  2. If this was a 20cr venture it would have been fine however poor planning as usual will be the undoing of most movies

  3. hope for blockbuster HOUSEFULL in 30th April.

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