Praz Gold : ONE TWO THREE (Hindi, 2008)

Was talking about this movie just the other day when I saw the first look for ATITHI TUM KAB JAOGE. Not as bad as it was made out to be with a pretty funny performance from Rawal and Tusshar!

Comedies revolving around missing diamonds and heists instantly make me shudder as I think of films like PADMASHREE LALOO YADAV, FOOL N FINAL and VICTORIA NO.203(the remake). When I saw the promos of ONE TWO THREE I was sure this was going to be another addition to the list, and the horrible reviews that came out further confirmed this, however ONE TWO THREE surprised me! Don’t get me wrong, the movie is just another trashy comedy but I don’t understand why everyone’s been so harsh on the movie when it clearly achieves what it set out to? Granted that this is by no means a “clean” comedy like some of the ones we’ve seen in recent times, and belongs more in the KYA KOOL HAI HUM category (If you hated KYA KOOL HAI HUM then avoid this like the plague) replete with rude, crude, vulgar sex-filled jokes, and again don’t get me wrong, by no means is this a “good” movie, however it’s definetly not as bad as some others in recent times (CASH, SHOWBIZ, RGV KI AAG).

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~ by prazzero00000 on April 8, 2010.

3 Responses to “Praz Gold : ONE TWO THREE (Hindi, 2008)”

  1. Hey Yak,

    Im back, can you please send me an email at 🙂


    • Hey Praz, Great to see u after so long. You seem to back with bang .. 🙂

      i just send the mail .. check now!!

  2. 123 is good movie and I think successful also.

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