Reflecting on Kashyap’s PAANCH (Hindi, 2003)

The print/cut I saw was the same as the one shown at the Osiafan’s festival in 03!

Long before DEV D, GULAAL, NO SMOKING and BLACK FRIDAY there was a far darker beginning to the “brand” now known as AK or Anurag Kashyap. Long before Farhan Akhtar and co. decided to shout ROCK ON and sho we the angst of a teen band in a Urban city and furthermore, only shortly after Farhan Akhtar himself invented the genre with DIL CHAHTA HAI there was Anurag Kashyap’s PAANCH, a film so sharp that it cuts through the nerves, so hard-hitting it leaves the viewer completely gob-smacked, and so exhilarating it leaves the viewer breathless and completely shaken and eventually a revelation on the disintegration of the Urban Youth who’ve lost their way.

Read the rest from HERE

~ by prazzero00000 on April 6, 2010.

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