Bheja Fry : What are chances of Prince at box-office?

Q: What are pre-release reports of Ravana ? When movie will release ?

A: Ravana is slated for June, 2010 release. Dubbing of movie has completed. Pre-release buzz is fine. With first teaser in Mid April, movie is expected to garner excellent buzz (as per industry insiders). 

Q: Which movie is biggest hit of Mithun as solo hero?

A: Pyaar Zhukta Nahi is Mithun’s biggest hit as solo hero. Disco Dancer comes next. 

Q: What are chances of prince at box-office?

A: Promos has created mixed impact, movie is looking stylish and slick. Only weak link is lead star. if well made, can do decent business. Single screens should open better. 

Q: Which movie is biggest hit of Govinda ?

A: Ankhen(1993) is Govinda’s biggest Hit and also one of all time blockbusters. Movie was sold for just 2 Crore and collections was over 11 Crore.

Q: Which movie have more chances to fare better at box-office : Kites or houseful ?

A: Both movies are fetching decent pre release buzz. Audience is dying of  good entertainment. Houseful will take this advantage and surely going to get record opening all over. Kites will take excellent opening at multiplexes but single screens will be below par (due to urban settings).

Q : If we compare boxoffice of Ankhen (1993) and Bheja Fry (2007), with lesser cost Bheja Fry made same money as of Ankhen. Then why there is difference between their final verdicts ?

A : Ankhen was cost around 2 Crore in 1993 and collected 12+ Crore when average ticket was Rs. 10, hence given verdict ATBB. Bheja Fry was cost Rs. 60 Lakhs and collected 11+ Crore when average ticket price was Rs. 120+ (at multiplexes, it was released in plexes mainly), hence given verdict super hit.

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on March 31, 2010.

20 Responses to “Bheja Fry : What are chances of Prince at box-office?”

  1. Yakuza:Is Housefull music hit or not? And don’t u think tht Housefull is right movie for akshay (since his last yrs movie was not big success) and this year ,ipl is hitting the bollywood movie and since Housefull is releasing after the conclusion of IPL,ppl definately go 2 see movie without caring how bad akshay movie was in last yrs???

    • i guess houseful music is quite catchy and liked by audience. It will open huge .. i am damn sure …..

  2. Housefull is also in gap of around 5-6 months frm last released of akshay movie and after housefull,there r plently of akshay movie within gap of 2 month

  3. hi yakuza can u pls tell or make an article on first quarter boxoffice report and sucessful films.

  4. raavana will be the dark horse to hit the bulls eye as its music from ar rahman and filmed by one of India’s best maker ..manirathnam!!

    • raavan will be atleast blockbuster. its cost is just 55 crore for both languages. 28 crore for one version is not much higher. if it will collect 65 crore it will be easily super hit.

  5. Housefull will be blockbuster and I think will break the record of welcome.

  6. Prediction of Housefull:
    Fri 8 Sat 10 Sun 10
    Weekend 28 cr
    1st Week 42 cr
    2nd week 18 cr
    life time 70 cr
    Final Verdict Super Hit…
    Congratulatation Akki Fans, Akshay got 1 Super Hit after 5 movies.

  7. I think Prince will be a flop…there’s no buzz around it whatsoever. ppl are waiting for Housefull & Kites


    what is the cost of Prince?

  8. Yakuza , How come 40 cr budget. Who got this much fee ? Veer , Housefull , DDD and lots of more were in the range of 40-45 cr. But in Prince there is no Salman , no Akshay, Vivek has not worth of more than 3 cr. So where did producer invest his amount?

    • If you check promo, you can see sets, locales and special effects are world class. Investment always looked heavy to me when i checked promos. And now producers have confirmed this. But this much heavy investment is almost impossible to recover with vivek as main lead.

      • It would be a miracle if this even recovers its money.

        however if this movie is r.good (esp. with what Vivek is saying that he underwent 6months stunts training) then Wom will definately help.

  9. hi yakuza i have request u that can u pls tell or pasete an artticle on first quarter success films of this year.

  10. Vivek Oberoi sets the record straight about ‘Prince’
    Buzz Up
    Tue, Mar 23 10:29 AM
    Vivek Oberoi is pinning his hopes on ‘Prince’. It’s a crucial release for just everyone associated with this big-budget film. It’s a solo hero film and the general perception is, only Aamir, SRK, Akshay and Hrithik can pull off a solo hero fare. It’s a crucial release for debutante director Kookie Gulati. His career depends on how this film fares. It’s an acid test for producer Kumar Taurani, who has invested a really big figure [40 cr., is it?] on this film.

    Actually, people are wondering, would Vivek be able to pull off this 40 cr. gamble? “Yes, it’s a gamble. But I have full faith in Kumar-ji [Taurani] and Kookie’s abilities. They have made a fantastic film and I see no reason why this film wouldn’t be lapped up in a big way. It’s a paisa vasool entertainer, in my opinion,” Vivek says. Not many are aware, Vivek underwent a 6-month training in stunts to get it right on the screen. “Let me assure you, you haven’t seen something like this before. I didn’t want a stuntman to carry out those stunts. I wanted to do those myself, hence I decided to undergo the training for several months before we commenced filming. But, let me add, it’s not an ‘action fare’, it’s an entertainer with loads of thrills, interesting twists and turns and great music,” Vivek clarifies.

    There’s talk that the plotline is a mix of ‘The Bourne Supremacy’ and ‘Ghajini’. Vivek smiles, “It’s not. There’s no similarity with ‘The Bourne Supremacy’, nor is there anything remotely similar to ‘Ghajini’. It’s a novel thriller that doesn’t borrow from any film, past or present. It’s one of those films that we enjoyed watching in the 1970s and 1980s. It has that feel,” Vivek adds.

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