Sharmila Says : Rajnee thi…

Every time a non Rajni fan watches a Rajni movie their utter bewilderement is far more exaggerating than Rajni’s stunts themselves. But at this moment I think of Rajni’s block buster Sivaji which dealt with the subject of black money. My thoughts strayed towards superstar Rajni after watching some discussions on the subject of black money on Twitter initiated by Pritish Nandy. In the movie Sivaji, Rajni valiantly states while flipping chewing gum in the air that humongous amounts of wealth are stashed away in Swiss Bank accounts. I cannot recall the exact amount that he had said in his dramatic dialogue but it sounded exaggerated. However, reports as of April last year have stated that black money stashed away could be to the tune of 70 lakh crores ( I may have missed a zero too )and it was beginning to sound even more incredible than Rajni’s own incredibility.

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~ by prazzero00000 on March 29, 2010.

4 Responses to “Sharmila Says : Rajnee thi…”

  1. Rajni is a joker

    Yakuza – Is Atithi a clean yet? how much has it made so far?

    also is there any buzz for Prince yet? I’v seen the promos and they don’t inspire me much.

  2. Yakuza

    Is Atithi a clean hit yet?

    • KM, Atithi is little short of Hit at the moment. 32+ would have been Clear hit. But i guess it should end at 31-32. Not bad.

  3. lets hope Atithi gets there

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